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Utah Proves to be Tough Territory for the Ladies and Ben

This week, Ben and his 13 ladies are in Park City, Utah.  Ben says the outdoors are important to him because of the time he spent with his dad doing outdoor activities, so let’s see who can be a trooper and handle the elements.

Ladies in utah

 The first date card is for Rachel!  It says, “Let’s let nature take its course”.  Is it just me or is that kind of gross, reminds me of bathroom stuff or something, or perhaps, they say that when something dies…I think my second comment might not be far off.  The news of the date card brought Kacie B. to tears.  I hope she can hold it together because I like her!  Although if she keeps this up, she might become a little annoying.




Ben arrives and whisks Rachel off to her date in a helicopter.  They go for a canoe ride and talk about how romantic it is and seem to be having a good time.  Then they share a kiss.  Honestly, what is he thinking?  They have nothing to talk about so is he trying to fill the time with lip action?



Back at the house Kacie B and Monica have a little girl talk about how hard it is to all be dating the same guy.  Kacie likes when Ben comes to the house, but hates when he leaves with other girls, that’s no surprise.



Rachel thought part one of the date was fun, but now they are on the shore having some champagne and a picnic.  There’s all of this pressure for them to talk but it seems to be lacking in conversation.  Why doesn’t she ask him some questions instead of just complimenting him over and over?  This is clearly going nowhere.



At dinner, Ben is clearly having a rough time.  He’s trying to get to know her, but she’s not being very talkative.  She admits in the interview portion that she has troubles opening up.



A date card arrives and it’s for everyone except Jennifer, Monica, Elyse and of course Rachel because she had a one-on-one already.  “Let’s see if you’re a great catch” the card read.




Back on the date, Ben talks about relationships with Rachel and she realizes things aren’t going very well.  Ben tries to be clear about what he wants and is looking for, but she just comments on the fire being hot.  Seriously?!  She then kind of confesses to him that she’s not good at being open and encourages him to ask her questions.  Despite the slow start, Ben decides to give Rachel the rose!  Wow, I am really surprised!  I thought she would be going home after all of those awkward pauses.



The ladies then go on their group date with Ben where they go horseback riding with Ben.  I love how they say that it seemed like a movie…I guess it could be like “City Slickers” because in my mind, it would not be romantic to have all of those girls on my date!



After their ride, they put on some waders and grab a fishing pole and go fly fishing.  Courtney thinks that the girls are not even making any moves towards Ben and says they need to “Up their game”.  Kacie was happy because she got a little bit of alone time with her to show her how to fly fish for some trout.



Courtney catches wind of this and finds it incredibly annoying.  She steals Ben away and takes him down the river by telling him that there’s probably a better chance of catching a fish somewhere else.



Rachel, Emily and Monica are back at the house talking about what they think all of the other girls are doing on the date.  They hope that Courtney is sabotaging herself, but that is definitely not happening.



They fish together and she does a great job.  While the other girls drink wine, Courtney is having an extended one on one time with Ben.  Lindzi sees this going on so she hops back in the water and starts trying to catch a fish too.  But, to her dismay, Courtney catches a fish.  Lindzi thinks she is clearly more outdoorsy and can’t believe that Courtney got one before her.



Then it was time for some fun around a fire with Ben.  Casey S is the first to snag a little alone time.  They talk about how many times they’ve fallen in love and Ben says that he’s been in love 4 times and she thinks that’s kind of a lot.




Nicki goes to steal him away.  She knows she’s got to put herself out there right away and thanks him for bringing her out in each place even though it’s been on group dates.  She talks about how her dad died of a heart attack recently and he was only 49 years old.  So they clearly found a bond over their dads.  Ben shared that a friend died two days before he left for the show.  Then they shared a passionate kiss.



Samantha totally interrupted their passionate kiss and stole him away for some time.  She starts complaining about how she needs a one-on-one date with him.  She asks him what it means and what he is thinking.  She tells him that she needs longer on a date to see if they could fall in love.  He tells her that she’s been highly emotional on group dates and wonders if she’s there for him or what she’s doing.  She begs for a chance but he tells her that she’s not taking it seriously enough.  He said he doesn’t see it going much further.  He ends it with her right then and there.  Crazy! 



I really think it was kind of a little unfair.  She was saying that there wasn’t enough time for them and wanted that time with him, but he wouldn’t really give her a chance.  I found what he said to be a little cold, but at least he was clear with what he was feeling.  Emily is really sad for her because she knew that she liked Ben a lot and then there’s a girl like Courtney there that she believes isn’t around for the right reasons.



Jennifer, Monica, and Elyse are waiting for the date card and Jennifer gets the one-on-one date.  The card read “Let’s pick our love song.” Oooh!




On the never ending group date, Ben talks to Kacie B and tries to reassure her that they still have a connection.  He says that he wanted to kiss her so bad on the date but didn’t because of all of the other girls around and her to be able to get along with everyone.  So they kiss for a while and that puts a smile back on Kacie’s face.  He made a comment that he might actually end up with her!  Aww! 



Cue Courtney!  She’s on the prowl and Ben happens to find her.  They go sit by the fireplace and he can hardly spend 2 minutes without kissing her.  She says that she’s losing the faith a bit and Ben freaks out and tells her that his feelings for her haven’t gone anywhere and apologizes that she’s having a hard time.  He’s really concerned and I think she might have just stolen the rose away from Kacie B who seemed like a lock for that at this point.



Off Ben goes and don’t you know that Courtney gets her way!  She gets the date rose!  Honestly, she knows how to play him like a fiddle.  She accepts the rose and there is more kissing.  The girls are really upset about it, especially Kacie B.  She thought she shared a special moment with Ben but then the rose went to another girl.  She says she’s in it until the end and she’s going to wait it out.



Next, Jennifer and Ben are off on their one-on-one date.  They are going to climb down into a crater and then drop into the water.  She is freaking out!  I don’t blame her it was scary! 

Once climbing down they drop into the water and they swam around (with helmets on at first and then they took them off).  And of course, they kissed.



Later, they rode a ski lift without snow and looked quite cozy.  Then, they sat outdoors and ate some dinner.  She said that in her last relationship she loved him but he was not going to marry her so she had to walk away.  Ben talked about what his wants and needs are and tries to find out if she can handle a non-structured lifestyle.  She says that she thinks she can handle it.  All of a sudden it starts thundering and lightning and starts to pour!  They get drenched and run into the hotel.



Inside the ladies’ hotel room, Courtney brags about her abilities with getting any guy she wants, while Emily rants to some other girls as they dye her hair roots in the bathroom.  She’s basically says that she’s preparing to out Courtney to Ben for being a jerk.



Back on the one-on-one, Ben steps away and grabs the rose and said that he wasn’t sure what to expect but that he felt really comfortable with her and gives her the rose.  They kiss!  They go back on the ski lift and kiss some more.  At the bottom, they head to an outdoor concert by Clay Walker.  It was a little weird because there was a large crowd there and they got to stand on a special platform to watch in the back.  Ben seemed to really love his date with her, even if, let’s be honest, wasn’t it boring to watch?!



Going into the rose ceremony, Rachel, Courtney and Jennifer already have roses.  Emily takes some time to tell Ben that there’s someone who is very different around him than they are around them.  Ben basically says you’ll go crazy if you let this person consume everything that you are doing and don’t focus on their relationship.  It really bothers Emily that she feels he’s getting duped.  She feels bad that he took it kind of personally.



To Emily’s credit she never said Courtney.  Casey S. tries to defend Courtney and calls her one of the most genuine in the house.  Emily if flabbergasted.  She just can’t believe what she is hearing from Casey S because no one else feels that way.  So then Casey S. gets up and runs over to Courtney and tells her what happened.



Casey tells Courtney that Emily brought the situation up to Ben, but kind of in a backwards way because Emily never named names.  Courtney is furious and wants to “shave her eyebrows off”.  Yes talking about verbally assaulting someone and freaking out really shows what a nice person you are.  Doesn’t she realize how bad the stuff she says is making her look on TV?  I mean, sure there’s editing, but you can’t make someone say stuff like that!



As Ben and Nicki talk outside, it starts to snow!  It really was so gorgeous out.  He took the opportunity and kissed her.



Inside, Emily rolls her eyes at Courtney and just can’t stop herself from saying something and is about to boil over.  But then Kacie B. starts asking the girls what they learned about themselves.  So stupid.  Courtney starts talking about how well she knows about herself and Emily, and she starts laughing and Courtney says she’s laughing at her because “She knows why”.  She calls her out, and Emily says that they need to be adults.  She says “Winning” to Emily and says how greats she feels that she has a rose.  Emily is basically reduced to tears in the interview area.



At long last, time for roses!

Also receiving roses were:




Kacie B.


Blakeley (we hardly saw anything from her at all tonight!)

Casey S.



Going home were Monica and Samantha (who left earlier).  Monica had a very classy exit and said that it was nice to get to know him.  She cried a little in the limo and she said that it was hard that he didn’t feel how she felt.  She should buck up, maybe Blakely will get kicked off next week and they can run off together.



Next week, the 11 remaining women head to Puerto Rico.  It looks like Emily can’t stop talking to Ben about Courtney and she just really needs to stop!  Also, Courtney spends a little alone time with him and apparently it’s naked alone time!



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese





Dawn Engstrom

Where can I find the cute hat Blakeley was wearing in this episode? do they have their own accessories or does the show provide them?

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