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Ben Breaks Another Heart, Chooses His Final Two

Ben starts things out this week by talking about his feelings and about how he does have a fear of picking the wrong person.  However, he seems optimistic that he is there to find love and is determined to do so.



Nicki is up first in beautiful Switzerland!  Surprise, surprise another helicopter shows up.  Nicki and Ben climb aboard for a special tour of the area to take in the breathtaking views.  After their thrilling helicopter ride, they sat down outside, on top of a mountain, and had a talk about how things went with her family.  It seems like Ben likes her, but I can’t be sure how much.  I guess it’s enough to spend an overnight together because he said in his on camera interview that he hopes she says yes to that later.



Later, they went to a log cabin for a special romantic dinner by a roaring fire.  My one complaint with Nicki is that I don’t feel like she’s able to be herself around Ben yet.  When I hear her talk to him, it kind of sounds like she’s talking to a little kid or something.  She’s a super sweet girl, but I wish we could see more of who she really is.  They talked about how many kids they want someday.  Ben said he wants four, Nicki said she always thought more along the lines of two but she would reconsider.  Hmm.  They also spoke about how her dad reminded Ben of his dad.  She also gave him the hard sell towards the end of the date about how she could make him “so happy”. 



They ended the date by heading up to their fantasy suite where there was a hot tub full of bubbles waiting for them.  Nicki said, “This just feels so right”.  We’ll see!



Next up is Lindzi.  She goes with Ben to a big rock gorge where they rappel down a really far distance.  It looks more uncomfortable and stressful than fun to me, but they do seem to be bonding during this experience.  He said, “Oh my dad” again.  Then they also made a little stop to kiss.  Once they make it to the bottom they hug and kiss.



They walk over to a clearing where they find a hot tub and picnic waiting for them.  It’s very beautiful there with another log cabin looking raised lodge.  They were looking quite cozy in that hot tub!  Ben said on camera that he “Loves Lindzi”, wow!  I don’t know that I’ve ever really heard another Bachelor say that at this point, even if it wasn’t to her face.



They later headed to a gorgeous hotel where they had a private fireside dinner.  They had a lengthy conversation about how much more open Lindzi is these days and how hard it was for her.  I have to say it was pretty boring…that was until Lindzi dropped the L-bomb.  She added that she would like to see it end with a proposal at the end.  Ben said again that as soon as she said that he thought to himself how he was “really starting to love this woman”, aww!



Lindzi accepted the fantasy suite card, forgoing her individual room, and it was worth it.  That room was incredible!  It even had a huge balcony with a great view of Switzerland.  They got right to kissing, and then moved their kissing inside to the bed!  Whoa, ok, things got horizontal and you could totally see her bottom!  Or you would have if his hand wasn’t covering it!



Last, but certainly not least, Courtney meets up with a concerned Ben.  He says that he does have some questions about how she has treated the other women.  They board a train that takes them through some quaint villages that are very picturesque.  They get off the train and talk a walk through a little town to do some shopping.


Later they sit down for a picnic and he talks to Courtney about her bad behavior.  She tries to say that she treated the other girls the way that she did because of the unique situation this show put her in.  He told her that regardless of the situation “it’s pretty messed up”.  Courtney gets really upset and Ben decides to talk to her more about it later and drop it for the time being.



They sit by a fire inside later that evening and Courtney gives a very long apology for the way she has acted and tells Ben that she was immature and she would try to do better in the future.  Ben seemed to accept her apology and offered her the fantasy suite card.



Once inside, you guessed it, it was time for more hot tub action!  You can guess what happened once the cameras were off.



 It was time for a preview of Emily’s season of “The Bachelorette”.  They show her and little Ricki back at their normal lives after her breakup with Brad.  She met up with Ali and Ashley for some advice on how to be “The Bachelorette”.  They go over pinning on the roses, how to be yourself as “The Bachelorette” and finding who is best for you.  It was funny that Ashley admitted that she wasn’t swooning over J.P. right off the bat!



They gave Emily a date card to go see a screening of “Titanic in 3D” with the two of them.  This part was weird, they were talking about how they want Emily to experience the same kind of love that the characters in “Titanic” had.



Then, it was back down to business.  Ben took some time to reflect and he thought he was feeling good about where things were at with Courtney, when a special visitor came knocking at his door.  Guess who, it’s Kacie B!  She said that she came back because she needed an explanation from him about why she was let go.  Ben said that they were worlds apart in their backgrounds and where they came from.  He didn’t think he could have given her everything that her family wanted for her because that’s not the way he saw his life going.  He admits he didn’t see her in the end and he didn’t want to drag it out longer to make it worse for her.  He told her that she didn’t do anything wrong.  She reinforced that the whole “not living together thing” was her parents’ wishes, not necessarily hers and she wishes she could have talked to him about what they said after that day.




After she got her answers about their situation, she admitted that there was more she needed to say.  She says that she does care about him and she doesn’t want him to get his heart broken again.  She tells him that if he chooses Courtney she sees him getting her heart broken again.  Kacie tells him the comments Courtney made about “other fish in the sea” if Ben doesn’t pick her.  Ben said that he didn’t know what to say about what she had to say and that he needs to process it all. 




Ben talks to Chris Harrison about how he’s feeling about Courtney after talking to Kacie B.  He says that he doesn’t question how he feels about Courtney but he feels “cloudy” about what to do.  He said that he’s uncertain about the decisions he’s made.  Chris asks him if he would like to have Kacie in the rose ceremony, but Ben says no, he’s got too much going on at this point with the others to bring someone else back.



At the rose ceremony Ben decides his final two will be Lindzi and Courtney.  Poor Nicki is sent packing.  He tells Nicki it has nothing to do with her.  Well it must a little?  He says that he’s enjoyed every single moment with her.  She’s really gracious and tells him that she hopes he finds love and that he deserves to be happy.



Next week is “The Women Tell All”.  Nicki, Kacie B, Blakeley, and even Shawntel will all be there!



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese






I usually don't ever put my comments up, but I just had to say it this time... HE HAS TO BE THEE DUMBEST BACHELOR EVER! Seriously if I got that many people telling me about a certain someone i would be a little concerned, but I guess his Hair is to long that it's blocking his eyes. Goodness Sake Ben, get a hair cut. weighing your brain down and blinding you!


he's a fool, searching for love in the wrong place. and all you did was break hearts. courtney is selfish, manipulative and decietful and devidvery . it's a game for her, and if she is sincere looking for love in the wrong place. girls and guys its a reality show what people want to see. if its meant to be , the two of you would be all over each other. Rules of the show.

Cindy Bellomo

Did anyone catch what Courtney whispered to Nicki when she left the rose ceremony ??? I couldn't understand what she said ! Thanks

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