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Ben Makes his Hometown Choices, Down to the Final Four Now

This week Ben and the ladies are at the Coco Beach Resort in Belize!  It looks absolutely beautiful there!  We’re down to the final six.  This is a really pivotal episode because this is when Ben picks his final four ladies and he will go and visit their hometowns.

Chris Harrison shows up and hands off the first date card.  Courtney reads that the first date card gives Lindzi the first one-on-one in Belize.  It read: “Lindzi, two halves make a whole”.



Nicki was really upset because she really likes Ben, but has yet to have a one-on-one date.  Other girls are getting two of them before she’s even had one.  That’s not really fair!



Ben swings by and picks up Lindzi in a helicopter.  I’m sorry but there are just way too many helicopter pickups this season.  It’s getting ridiculous!  Lindzi and Ben jump out of the helicopter into “The Blue Hole”.  It’s supposed to have some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world there.



Later, they went to a pier to have dinner and there was a lot of kissing before they were even sitting down!  Ben seems really optimistic and tells her how great things are going for.  He asked her if she is ready to bring him home to meet her family because “it’s a two-way street.”  Finally, it was so nice to hear him say something like that.



Back at the hotel, another date card came.  It said: “Emily, Do you Belize in love?”  Courtney is super upset and crying.  Poor Nicki, she has to be bummed about that too.



Lindzi tells Ben that she would love to bring him home to meet her parents.  She also reveals to him that she’s falling for him!  That’s a really big step and thing to say!  Then, Ben and Lindzi write a letter and send it off in a bottle.  It’s very metaphoric as they draw a silly picture of them jumping out of the helicopter on one side and on the other they write the fairytale version of their story with each other.  So they send it off into the water.



Emily takes a biplane to meet Ben.  He surprises her with bicycles to ride through town on.  They had a fun time shopping, playing, and just walking around through town.  They meet a lobster fisherman who takes the happy couple on his boat to go diving for lobsters.  You have to hook the lobster by its tail, and then they squirm and jump and run away!  Can you blame them?  They don’t want to be dinner!



Courtney is back at the hotel crying about how Ben took Emily out and how he doesn’t have her back by doing that.  She thinks that Emily is terrible and said terrible things about her and treated her like crap.  Well, that’s funny because it totally seemed the other way around.  She says that if she doesn’t get a one-on-one she won’t accept a rose from him.  Yeah right.



Emily and Ben meantime are cutting a rug with the locals.  They are at an outdoor bar dancing and having fun and then they walk over to a private area to have a nice dinner.  Their lobsters have been prepared and cooked amazingly for them!  She says to him that the whole Courtney thing has kind of made them miss out on getting to know each other, but that the date was so great that she does feel ready to bring him home.



Another date card comes: “Courtney let’s take the next steps in our relationship.”  Courtney gloats in front of all of the other girls, including Nicki.  Kacie is super upset with all of the comments that she says and she just wants to lash out at her. 



Courtney arrives on a tiny plane to meet Ben for her one-on-one.  He took her for another hike through some woods where they find a Mayan Temple from 100BC.  They climb up a ton of stairs.  She tells Ben that she wouldn’t have accepted a rose if she didn’t get a one-on-one and that she’s still not sure about bringing him home.  His face completely fell.  She told him that she “lost the spark babe”.  He just tries to tell her that he has noticed her along the way and that he would be sad if she left.  He’s totally falling for her and says that he wants a woman with a little bit of edge and who’s weird.  He tells her that he wants to meet her family.  Up at the top of the temple, they kiss…barf.



Ben talks about his dad and how when he sees something amazing he says “Oh my dad.”  He says that he feels certain about her and sees himself spending his life with her.  She says that she has refound her spark for him.



At dinner, they talk about what it would be like to meet her family.  She says that she would love to take him home.  She wanted him to not bring up marriage to her dad unless he was serious about it because she doesn’t want to put her family through that if it’s not an option.  You have to respect that.



One more date card arrives for the ladies and it reads: “Rachel, Nicki and Kacie let’s sea whose family I will meet.”  There is a date rose on the line with this group date.



Back with Courtney and Ben, she says 100% she has tried to win the girls over and complimented them and they don’t want to know anyone about her.  She tells Ben they are into themselves and they are very “vanilla”.  She admits to Ben that she has more guy friends than girl friends.  Ben says that he fears being with a woman that he loves that no one else likes.  Ding, ding, ding!  Hello, Ben!  That’s exactly what you have right here!



Ben sneaks in the ladies’ hotel room and wakes them all up with a flashlight.  He tells them to meet him out on the dock when they are ready.  They are all really freaking out and trying to shave their legs as quick as they can.  Rachel, Kacie, and Nicki go with Ben on a catamaran to go swim with the sharks!  Rachel is freaking out!  She’s really afraid of sharks.  I don’t blame her, while this date is cool, it would scare me too.  The other girls are a little annoyed though because she is kind of monopolizing his time with her fear.



Later, they all head to a resort to lounge by the pool.  The date rose is sitting on the table staring the ladies in the face.  He spends some time talking with each of them and there were no disasters, he seems to enjoy spending time with all of them.  It was weird because he said something nice about each of the ladies, and then offered the rose to Kacie B.  He probably should have done that in private.



Then, Nicki, Kacie B. and Rachel all warn Ben about Courtney.  They tell him to tread lightly.  Ben says that now he is starting to wonder if she is there for the “right reasons”.



All of the ladies head to the cocktail party.  When Emily mentioned that it will be hard to say goodbye to friends that they have made and how they have made good friendships, Courtney made her typical sour face.  She then went on about how she is in Belize and has a pina colada so she’s all set. 



Chris Harrison walks in and surprises everyone by saying that Ben knows what he wants to do and there will be no cocktail party. 



Ben asks to talk to Courtney before the rose ceremony begins.  He asks her if she’s really in it for him, and she says that the only reason she is there for him and not to make friends.



Time for roses: Nicki, Lindzi, and Courtney make up the final four with Kacie.



Emily and Rachel were eliminated. He just tells Rachel, take care, goodbye, and that was it!  No walk out or anything.  Poor Rachel!  She’s a sweet girl. 



Then Emily said goodbye and Courtney said, “See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya”.  How freaking rude!  It’s so not fair!  But then again, I guess it is.  If he can’t see through it and listen to what all of these other girls are saying, he deserves whatever he gets.  If she ends up being great for him, great!  If not, then that’s what it is.



Next week, it looks like these hometowns get pretty intense!  The girls’ dads have some pretty serious questions for Ben, we’ll have to wait and see how he handles it all!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese







I'm with the writer above -- after tonight's episode, I'm done with the show. It's no fun to watch a mean old wench gloat and manipulate the other women's feelings. Emily -- you are far too smart and classy for Ben!

Eva MacDonald

I agree with Karen. How stupid or self centered can you be when 3 or 4 women who want to be with Ben tell him about 1 other women and he seems to think it's jealousy! Wake up, if those girls were just jealous they would be each telling him to watch out for all the girls that are left not just one. Oh, wasn't that what Courtney did!! But to make him look even more stupid was when he took Courtney aside to ask if she was serious about this and believed her when she said yes. What else do you think she was going to say, no, and then her publicity would be over?? It almost looks like Ben is more interested in girls who want to skinny dip and break the rules. Maybe the other girls would do the same thing but are too worried that they would be kicked off. Someone get a grip!!!

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