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Courtney Takes Off Her Clothes...AGAIN

Courtney just can't seem to keep her clothes on!


This coming Monday in Panama, the ladies dress up in some traditional garb.  While the others keep their bathing suits on...Courtney strips down and bares it all.  Even the little kids standing there look a little surprised by her behavior.


She will stop at nothing to get all the attention on her!  So far, it seems to be working.  (Keep reading for another preview)


I'm not quite sure why this conversation happens, but for some reason, Emily apologizes to Courtney.


Such a classless response!  Well I guess we all know who the bigger person is in this situation, as if there was any kind of doubt.


I'll have more previews and interviews to come!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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