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Full Transcript of Interview With Jennifer

Here is the full transcript from the interview with Jennifer Fritsch, one of the women that Ben eliminated this past Monday. My portion of the interview is in PURPLE.


Question:         So, obviously your elimination was very surprising, not just to you, but to all of us watching as well.  And it didn’t seem like you got much of an explanation before you left.  So, I was wondering if there was anything that we didn’t see or if you got any kind of closure or explanation?


Jennifer Fritsch:          As far as him walking out, he kind of said something to the effect of “I was feeling a little bit more than he was for me.”  I didn’t really think it was a good answer just because I didn’t pick up that vibe from him at all.  Other than that, the only closure I’ve had is from his blog that he does every week on People.  And I thought it was a nice blog.  And it kind of makes sense to me and definitely helps me now. 


Question:         Did it bother you that he eliminated you on the same night of the cocktail party where he was just kissing you earlier?


Jennifer Fritsch:          Yes.  I was very frustrated because I, after the time I had with him, I have gone and done an interview.  And I swore up and down there was no way I was going home.  I’d also heard you know how some other people’s time, some other girls, their time went with him.  And so I definitely thought there was no way.  So I had the rug pulled out from under me for sure. 


Jennifer Matarese:       Hi.  So, I was wondering what you thought of Ben and why you liked him.


Jennifer Fritsch:          I liked Ben from the get go.  I thought he was a really down to earth kind of guy.  And just from the conversations that we were able to have the first couple of weeks, I thought that we had so much in common.  Definitely from my one-on-one date, we loved music; we kind of shared that passion for it.  And I just thought he was a really sweet guy.  Getting sent home so soon, I may have changed my opinion a little bit. 


Jennifer Matarese:       OK.  And I was wondering what your opinion of Courtney is and why you think you know she’s been able to win him over so easily?


Jennifer Fritsch:          I’m not sure if it’s her personality that’s so just, she’s a little pushy.  And I didn’t think that he would buy into that so easily but it looks as though he is.  And my opinion of her on when I was there, I didn’t associate with her.  She wasn’t a person that I said “hi” to or “bye” to or anything like that.  I knew she wasn’t nice.  And so that was as far as I would take it.  Until now watching, I definitely feel a little stronger that I don’t like her much. 


Question:         So looking back how strong would you say your connection with Ben really was.  Like would you say you were falling in love with him or actually was in love with him?  And to what extent do you think Ben reciprocated those feelings towards you before you surprisingly got eliminated?


Jennifer Fritsch:          I definitely think I was on the track to falling in love with him.  I wasn’t in love with him by any means at that point.  But I did have a really strong connection and I felt strongly for him.  Coming off of my date I thought we felt the same and had no questions of it. 


            Definitely in Puerto Rico, going on the group date I knew and it’s not winning the baseball that I would have to fight for time kind of at the cocktail party.  And after we talked I almost felt like he reassured me that of his feelings.  Because you just, I mean not that he exactly said that but just in our conversation, just how you see it was to have a conversation with him. 


Question:         OK would you mind elaborating a little bit on what Ben told you during that conversation?  Like was there anything else the viewers didn’t get to see before that rose ceremony when he decided to send you home.  Or did you notice anything being a little off about him or something like that?


Jennifer Fritsch:          There was nothing off.  Like I, that’s why it was such a shocker for me to look back on it because everything was right.  It seemed like the conversation was so easy, it was so natural. 


            You know, I’m thinking from my date last week and how, you know, I loved being in kind of his environment in Puerto Rico playing baseball and that’s something that -- I’m athletic, that’s what I like to do.  He was like great, you know.  And then [he] proceeded to kiss me.  So definitely I walked away going, I got this in the bag.  You know, I’m getting a rose.


Question:         Sure.  And you leave what Ben “perfect” during Monday night’s episode.  Looking back on your relationship with him and now that you’ve gotten to watch some of the episodes from home and observe his relationships with some of the other bachelorettes, would you still stand by that statement or have you changed your mind?


Jennifer Fritsch:          That’s a broad question.  I have changed my mind, yes for sure.  I obviously left having no idea that he had gone skinny dipping.  And with Courtney and had you know, I wondered when I saw the promo, I was thinking, “Oh my gosh, if the other girls find out.”  Because it changes things a little bit.  There were nine, well there were 10 of us there.  And to think that he would go as far as to skinny dip with one of them it just, yes it definitely change things for me that he was no longer “perfect.”


Question:         I am wondering, just listening to what you just said about him not being “perfect,” the skinny dipping thing.  It makes we wonder you think that he has already narrowed it down so that, you know, to one or two people and so the rest of you are kind of like, “I just get rid one of them or two of them a week.”  You know and just then it becomes less of an issue for him?  (Inaudible) feel so strongly about somewhat else or do you think?


Jennifer Fritsch:          I knew he had a connection with Courtney and Kacie B. and Lindzi obviously.  They were, you know, some of his favorites.  I thought I was a favorite too but as I’m watching it now, I kind of feel he sent me home when he did because maybe I was a little bit, maybe I was too real. 


            And I think he had feelings for me, but at the same time there were people there like Blakeley and Casey S. and Jaime who I think would be easier for him to let go, you know, in a couple more weeks versus letting me go in a couple more weeks when he would have to like feel bad about it.  So I mean, that’s kind of how I justify it in my mind. 


Question:         Do you think that the Courtney being, you know, it seems like next week if (inaudible) comes to a head.  And you know I know one girl has sort of Emily or whatever sort of already confronted him about her.  And I’m wondering if you feel like, if more of you confronted him if about her earlier, if it would made a difference and how things played out for say you for instance?


Jennifer Fritsch:          No, I don’t think anything would have been different if someone had said something earlier on and Emily confronted Ben, you know, the first week and said, “Courtney’s not right for you.”  I don’t think it would have changed anything. 


            And I can say that because of watching now, it seems like no matter what warning he’s getting he continually proves over and over again that she’s one of his favorites.  So to me it’s kind of a moot point whether it was brought up, you know, in Monday’s episode or if it would have been brought up the first time.  It wouldn’t have changed anything. 


Question:         You think that she’s there for the right reasons?  I mean do you think that she is really trying to “win”?  Or do you think that she likes him too?


Jennifer Fritsch:          I think she is definitely all about winning.  And maybe she likes Ben a little bit.  And I heard someone use the term, the “Ben pill” and she definitely took it.  As far as whether that's like real feelings, I don’t know.  I definitely, she’s in a different career to where yes she could come out ahead.  You know, she gets a lot of exposure and it just for her to use ‘winning’ all the time, it just makes sense that she’s there more to be seen. 


Question:         So when talking a lot about Courtney and maybe she’s not quite right for him, who in your opinion out of the remaining girls would be a good match for Ben?


Jennifer Fritsch:          I definitely think Emily would be a good match for him.  And I loved Rachel.  I think if he was definitely, since they had an awkward one on one date yes but I think the connection between them runs deeper.  I liked Kacie B.  She’s a favorite.  I just think she’s a little young maybe for him and doesn’t have a lot of like life experience or relationship history to be someone for him.


Question:         And has this whole experience taught you anything about what you’re actually looking for in a relationship.  Do you know more what you want what you don’t want and are you annoyed, you know, kind of over Ben and ready to look out for?


Jennifer Fritsch:          I laugh and I say, what I’m going to do differently in my next relationship is not date a guy that’s dating 24 other women.  But no, I really went into this already knowing what I’m looking for.  And because I’m a long term commitment kind of person and I dated the wrong guys for a long time.  And through that I think I started this process already knowing.  And whether Ben would have been right or not been right, I think at the end it would have been proven.


Qusetion:         And you’re over him and ready to start dating again?


Jennifer Fritsch:          Oh yes, definitely over him. 



Question:         But you know a few weeks ago we talked to Shawntel and she said that when she showed up that night, you were the only girl that was really nice to her and the only one that didn’t say something catty to the camera’s behind their backs.  So what was your reaction when Shawntel showed up that night?


Jennifer Fritsch:          You know, I was surprised.  I was actually beyond surprised.  But in Bachelor world, you know, things happen.  They can throw those kinds of thing at you and you’re not expecting it.  But to me how I viewed it was I was already there with 15 other women.  And to me it wouldn’t have changed anything about whether he was going to bring on about what I was feeling for him and vice versa. 


            And honestly she had, it’s not that I didn’t view her as a threat.  I mean she’s gorgeous but I just, I just looked at it as just another person being there to date him.  And I didn’t ever think that she deserved to be treated badly.  I did wish that maybe she’d just started from the beginning like everyone else.  I mean I think that’s more what it said to all girls than just having her show up.  I mean if she had been there from day one, it would be a different story.


Question:         Right.  And then it looks from the, excuse me, from the previews of the, you know, the rest of the season that the remaining girls at some point are going to stage an intervention with Ben and tell him how they really feel about Courtney.  If you stuck around, is that something you would have considered doing or do you kind of feel like he’s on his own to make the choice good or bad?


Jennifer Fritsch:          Yes.  No, it’s not something I would have done.  I obviously saw her for who she was too on the other side of things but I would have never said anything to him if you he’s going to make his choices.  And if he can’t see through her, then I don’t think he deserves to have anyone tell him or any different.


Question:         I think you touched on this briefly, but when you are in a circle in a couch with the other girls, I believe it was you that mentioned that you find skinny dipping freeing, right?


Jennifer Fritsch:          Yes.  I did.


Question:         Yes.  So was it too early in you all’s relationship with Ben in Puerto Rico, they’re all in the ocean or was it OK to just go for it?


Jennifer Fritsch:          I think that, it was a little early in the relationship but at the same time what I said earlier, there were still 10 women there.  And if to me it’s like if you would do it with one, he would do it with nine other people.  And I’m not saying that I’m perfect, but it would be a different story if maybe there were only four women left and they went skinny dipping.  I don’t know but that’s how I’ve kind of looked at it.  So yes, I definitely thought it was a little early for him to take such a big leap with one of the girls. 


Question:         And my second question is what would have been your dream one-on-one date with Ben that would have made you shine to your fullest potential and completely have won him over?


Jennifer Fritsch:          I actually think I was really lucky with what I had.  You know like the first great date in Sonoma with the kids and being able to put on a costume.  Like that’s just me.  I’m in my element just doing, I’m a funny person and I don’t think about what anyone else thinks about me.  And so, I love seeing, having him see that side of me. 


            And then definitely in Park City, I mean, it was a perfect date for him to see me shine because live music and concert, that’s something that I love doing.  And I honestly was there and felt like it was just us.  So I think that the dates that I had pretty much nailed what I was looking for.


Question:         So I’m going to touch back upon the skinny dipping question again.  I just want to know what do you think about Courtney using her sex appeal to kind of catch Ben and blind him?


Jennifer Fritsch:          You know, if that’s her tactic, that’s her tactic.  I just, you know, some people use it to their advantage and some people have better qualities and I don’t think she has a much better side than her looks.  So if that’s what she has to work with, that’s what she uses.


Question:         Now I feel like there’s so much more, some other women that are much more deserving of his love but Ben seems to really be falling for her, why do you think Ben is falling for someone like her?


Jennifer Fritsch:          I do think, he’s caught in her web and that’s looking like watching the episodes from you know this side.  That’s exactly I, she’s sucked him in and there’s no escaping.


Question:         So going back to like kind of elaborating on everybody else, do you really think Ben was blindsided by Courtney and has never seen the real side of her.  And how do you feel about her and what do you think the other contestants felt when she took him skinny dipping?


Jennifer Fritsch:          What I thought about Courtney, like I said, it’s watching now I have so much of a stronger opinion of her when I was there.  I just knew I didn’t like her.  I wasn’t mean to her.  I had to live with her and that’s my personality. 


            So there I didn’t feel as strongly the dislike as I feel now for her.  As far as the other contestants go and knowing that she skinny dips, I think it proves her character and I think we all see that.  So and it’s not a good one. 


Question:         Right.  And like everybody else we were all surprised to see you go.  Looking back is there anything you wish; maybe you could have done differently or said differently to Ben that maybe would have kept you there longer?


Jennifer Fritsch:          No, I wouldn’t change anything.  Like I, I came off that great one on one day, got the rose.  In Puerto Rico I had zero time with him.  I couldn’t help the fact that we lost the baseball game and I didn’t get to go on the beach portion of the date. 


            And then at the cocktail party we had a great one on one conversation.  And I wouldn’t change anything about it.  He knew how I was feeling and I didn’t shy away from that.  So if he sent me home based on, you know, the fact that he didn’t feel it, then that’s fine because he knew exactly where I was at. 


Question:         So you mentioned that you thought it was a little too early in the season for Courtney to go skinny dipping for you to find it appropriate, or you did make it clear during your conversation with her and the other girls that you generally approve of skinny dipping. 


Jennifer Fritsch:          Yes.


Question:         Under what circumstances I guess do you think it would have been OK for Courtney to do it and basically if you were in her shoes when would you find it appropriate?  Like would it be just if cameras weren’t around or what circumstances would?


Jennifer Fritsch:          Yes.  I mean definitely cameras would not be around is probably way more appropriate.  And that’s why even though I said that you wouldn’t have never seen it from me.  But as far as it being so early, I mean maybe they have just such a deep connection and no one else sees it, I don’t know. 


            But it just bothers me at the point that there still 10 women there.  And but he just went along with in.  And he could have said no, he could have said you know it’s too early but I think he kind of made his bed because whoever he does chose in the end, if it’s not Courtney, I wish him all the luck -- because he’d be facing a lot of questions.


Question:         Sure.  And what do you think Courtney’s decision to go skinny dipping with Ben says about Ben and what he’s potentially looking for in a partner.  Or do you think it just doesn’t really say anything at all and the critics might be reading a little too much into it.


Jennifer Fritsch:          You know, I get that, like you know like said (inaudible).  The thing is, I’m OK with it but there’s a time for it and also a place for it and I don’t think neither one of those would have fit in that situation.  But for Ben to go for it like he did, it’s just, it does bother me and I think everyone has the right to be bothered by it as well. 


Question:         OK.  In Ben’s People blog this week, he said he wasn’t thinking about the other women’s feelings when he decided to go skinny dipping with Courtney.  I mean what are your thoughts about that?  Like you take that shows he might just kind of care more about Courtney than how he’s decision would impact his bachelorette? 


            Like did you take offense to that at all because he ultimately chose to send Shawntel (inaudible) home earlier in the season so as not hurt the girls’ feelings?  So it kind of seems a little inconsistent I guess.


Jennifer Fritsch:          Oh yes, absolutely.  When I saw the promo, I was thinking he doesn’t care about what anyone thinks, especially the people who are potentially falling in love with him.  So, and I had never thought of the points but, yes, he sent Shawntel because, you know, people were upset or sent her home, too. 


            We didn’t like it I guess, but it’s definitely inconsistent and I think I’m interested to see how the rest of the season plays out as far as what else happens between that. 


Question:         OK and just one last question on the skinny dipping issue.  You seem to be the one who was leading the conversation about the skinny dipping with Courtney and a couple of the other girls before the rose ceremony. 


            So after you watched the episode back, were you shocked that Courtney didn’t admit that she went skinny dipping with Ben to you guys right then and there.  Like what was your reaction that you had had discussed it and she never really came clean about it I guess. 


Jennifer Fritsch:          Oh yes.  I could not believe watching it play out that I had heard the conversation like that and little did I know that she had been.  I honestly think she didn’t admit it because she knew of the repercussions.  She, everybody, not only, I mean they already didn’t like her.  So and to me I just felt like maybe she was a little scared to openly admit that. 


Question:         OK and lastly Ben said during this week’s episode after Blakeley opened up to him before the rose ceremony that she was one girl who was “really unsure” about going into the evening.  And then he did a total 180.  So what’s your response to that comment?  Do you think you were a shoo-in to get a rose, and Blakeley was going to be the one going home instead of you until Ben had that conversation with her?


Jennifer Fritsch:          Yes, yes.  I for sure thought Blakeley was going to be going home other than the fact that she did great at the baseball game.  But, you know, like me she hadn’t had any other time.  But I also thought it could be Casey S. or Jaime.  To me those three were up in the air for me and anyone of them could have gone before I was going to go. 


Question:         So because I got late into this conference call.  Can you just, what are your thoughts on Courtney in taking all the heat from America.  Because you guys seem to just you know clash on points of views and classiness?


Jennifer Fritsch:          Courtney and I never really had an (out) or anything like that.  We had a conversation I think like the second week.  And then again in (inaudible) that, you know, I don’t know anything about her, she doesn’t know anything about me and that’s fine.  We were OK with that.  And not that we agreed to not mess with each other but we just kind of agreed to, you know, we weren’t going to be friends. 


            So as far as in the house, I knew she wasn’t nice, but if she’s taking heat from America, that’s her.  I feel like she’s portrayed exactly the person she is.  So, you know, if she’s taking heat from America over it, then so be it.


Question:         And do you think she has any redeeming qualities.  I mean she’s beautiful.  And is there anything that we don’t see behind the scenes that you saw?


Jennifer Fritsch:          No.


Question:         No?


Jennifer Fritsch:          No.  I don’t think I have one good thing to say about her. 


Question:         And you know anything from behind the scenes that seem to surprise you about any of the other girls.  Or Ben reacting privately than on TV?


Jennifer Fritsch:          No, not at all.  You know I was shocked to see him and Emily’s conversation in Puerto Rico about telling her to tread lightly when she was just trying to warn him, you know, and kind of like clear the air.  But other than that, no. 


Question:         Do you think girls like Courtney will succeed in the end?  The nature of the beast to be seen with their true colors?


Jennifer Fritsch:          It’s so funny because sometimes you know the girls like the bad guys and maybe guys like bad girls.  And he’s getting exactly that if that’s who he picks.  Then if he takes her to the end so she can what she wants to win, then that’s how it’s going to be. 


Question:         And you know it is a competition, and if there’s anything that you could do to change maybe something he said or something you did, would you?


Jennifer Fritsch:          No, no not at all.  I think what you see of me is exactly what you get in person.  So I wouldn’t change a thing. 


Question:         My first question was what is the one standout moment of the show for you?


Jennifer Fritsch:          The standout moment was the Clay Walker concert.


Question:         OK and how do, you know, he’s not Ben what you know now about what happened during the show, would you still want to stay on it or would you just have walked out?  Before any skinny dipping issue.


Jennifer Fritsch:          No.  I was, like watching now, I am glad that he sent me home when he did because maybe he knew in fact that I would be one of the persons that would, girls that would be upset over the skinny dipping issue.  As far as, you know, proceeding if he didn’t send me home, you know, I think only, it’s all if. 


            And you just don’t know.  But I would like to think that if I’ve gone further that maybe it could have worked out but I definitely would have had a lot of questions and I think that’s what all the other girls are going to have as well.


Question:         Hi Jennifer again.  I’m so sorry to keep talking to you about Courtney.  I guess you’re so tired of talking about her now.  But if Ben does end up taking her in the end, do you see them forming a lasting and meaningful relationship.


Jennifer Fritsch:          Lasting and meaningful, no, I don’t think so.  I think it’s an initial attraction and it might last a few months but I think for the long haul, I don’t think it would work.


Question:         And do you think that Ben is probably getting as mad and upset about what he’s seeing on the TV since he’s never seen this side of things that Courtney is doing the other girls are getting.


Jennifer Fritsch:          I don’t know that he’s getting mad and upset.  Maybe I, I mean if it was me, I’d be embarrassed because you’re actually seeing what everyone has been telling you the whole time. 


Question:         That’s very true.


Jennifer Fritsch:          So I don’t know if it’s a matter of upset, but definitely embarrassed because he does kind of look like a fool.


Question:         And my last question is, what’s your advice to him if he does pick here, like what’s your advice for his future with this woman?. 


Jennifer Fritsch:          Oh, my advice for him if he’s with Courtney would be to, I don’t know that I have any good advice for him.


Question:         It doesn’t have to be positive. 


Jennifer Fritsch:          I don’t even think I could wish him luck because I just, because my advice would probably be, run for the hills.  But I don’t know how much that would –


Question:         That would help.  OK, that’s perfect.  Thank you so much.


Jennifer Fritsch:          Thank you.


Question:         Oh no, wait, wait, wait.  And what was it like to kiss Ben. 


Jennifer Fritsch:          He was a good kisser.


Question:         He was?


Jennifer Fritsch:          Yes for sure. 


Question:         I actually (inaudible) to ask.  You know to be on national TV and have someone declare you the best kisser of the group when he’s obviously kissed a lot of people, how does that make you feel and are you kind of like, “yes well at least I have that quality part going back into the dating world.”


Jennifer Fritsch:          Yes, right.  He may have sent me home, but I definitely have a badge of honor to carry around with me.  I was so shocked when he told me that and again looking back I’m like “God I hope the person he picks is you know either I hope they’re a good kisser.”  And they might have issue with it but no, it’s definitely been fun to come home and get to relish in the fact that I’m the best kisser. 


Question:         I think you should wear it well.  I know that you, you know, obviously people are focusing on if you pick Courtney, could they last.  But I think you said something earlier and correct me if I’m wrong about Casey; how you liken her to be the favorite, but do you think she’s young for him?


Jennifer Fritsch:          Yes.  You know to me last week, he sent Elyse home who was also younger.  And I don’t know like Kacie B. to me seems the same.  It’s just the same situation I guess.  She’s young and I don’t think she’s had a lot of relationship experience.  And as far as you’re on The Bachelor and you’re going through this whole experience and you’re possibly getting to be engaged. 


            And if you have no idea how relationships works, I could imagine it being very, very tough to have a successful relationship out of this.  And like I said I think she’s a great person, great girl and just not ready for what maybe the end was going to bring. 


Question:         Seeing that’s a little bit I don’t know maybe something that the show is (guilty) of because you know they often put a lot of very young women.  And I personally think when I was 23 or 22 or 24 even that I wouldn’t have been ready to be married and have kids.  Yet they always seem to pair these sort of 30 something dudes with like these girls who say they’re all ready.  But it always seems kind of like, hmmm.


Jennifer Fritsch:          Right I look back and think, “Thank God I didn’t person I was dating when I was 23.”  So not that I’ve changed a whole lot but I’ve definitely changed my opinion of who I want to spend my life with.  So I was definitely nervous coming into the show because being 28 I was like am I going to be like the old one, you know because so often it’s the 23 year olds and the 24 years old. 


            But you know, I thought for his age, I thought he was looking for something different too.  And to me even if he picks Courtney, whether it was Courtney or Kacie B. to me they’re sure at the same maturity level.  I think Courtney’s shown over and over again.


Question:         No I think that was (inaudible) by accident.  But now that I have you on the phone, you know, just to follow-up on that question.  You know, I think the show gives the impression to women that you kind of come on the show and you’re going to fall in love. 


            Do you think that being on the show kind of alters it to more of like a competition and you kind of lose your morals just to I mean your moral view.  You know, the way you go about being in a relationship and become more competitive?


Jennifer Fritsch:          No, I actually, I think that is possible to fall in love on the show.


Question:         It’s very hard.  Others have been there, I’m sure. 


Jennifer Fritsch:          Yes.  I just, you know and it’s so funny, looking back on it because people always, you know, or like, oh, were you jealous.  And I guess in the moment I didn’t really think about it as much as because I’m not watching it.  And so, you know, watching now every Monday night is definitely a little bit harder knowing what I was doing on that same day that he was on a date with Kacie B. 


            So looking back is definitely difficult.  In a moment I think you know it’s easy to fall to love.  But as far as competitive, I don’t think it.  That’s people’s personality that just I think clash.  And as far as winning and, you know, just being at the end, that’s all they want.  And then there are some real genuine people there for the right reasons. 


Qusetion:         I mean do you think that while Ben is with you he’s 100 percent genuine.  I mean he’s probably torn between -- obviously there are so many personalities of women, so many great qualities.  How did he stay unique to every single one, you know what I mean?  Does it ever like, do you feel like he was the same way with you as with another girl, I mean?


Jennifer Fritsch:          You know I looked again at Kacie B.’s dates and they had a different -- a completely different -- date than I had with him as far as, you know, the personal level goes.  You know, I didn’t ever talk to Ben about his father. 


            And so that creates a definitely deep connection and I think when he comes on my date with me, you know, and not talking about that it does, it stings a little bit because you’re like is he not comfortable enough to talk about those kind of things with me or did he just want wants to have our date and get it over with.  You know, I mean you do kind of question those things.  But I think in the moment from what I get from Ben that he was genuine every single time I talked to him. 


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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