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Hidden Feelings and Feelings Put on Display on 'The Bachelor'

It’s really getting serious this week on “The Bachelor” and feelings for all are deeply involved at this point.  No one wants to go home.  The ladies and Ben are in Panama City, Panama!

Courtney is already crazy.  She starts off by talking about how she really wants to go skinny dipping again with Ben.  Keep your clothes on girl, or don’t, because you probably can’t according to the previews.  I know we’ll at least be seeing some blurring and a black bar over the top half of her body.



Ben stops by to drop off the first date card and it reads: “Kacie B. will our love survive, pack three things.”  Kacie B. is getting a second one-on-one despite already having one and other girls not having a chance for a one-on-one yet.



Kacie B. and Ben travel by helicopter (what else would they take, this is “The Bachelor?!) to a deserted island.  Ben says he fears that they might have run out of things to talk about, but I doubt that, she seems like a chatty gal.  She packed a monkey man, a corkscrew with a knife, and a bag of candy.  Ben brought a machete, fishing net, and matches.



They start off by searching for coconuts and then start to try to assemble some kind of shelter.  Kacie and Ben don’t have too much luck fishing, so they go back to cracking coconuts.  Kacie finds this all hilarious…she’s a little giggly but I still really like her. 



Eventually, they catch some poor fish out there and have a meal of fish and coconut.  It seems like they actually are doing a pretty good job.  Ben says that it was a great day and they are a good team.  I guess they don’t spend the night there because they take off in a helicopter before dark.



Kacie ben
Later, they have a romantic dinner, and poor Kacie’s hair is experiencing a little frizz.  She still looks fabulous though.  They talk about what it is like during their day to day life but she senses that they need the conversation to go deeper.



Another date card comes for Emily, Nicki, Lindzi, Casey S, Courtney and Jamie and says “Let’s get lost.”  Blakeley and Rachel realize they are the ones going on the two-on-one date.  Rachel is really worried and Blakeley is excited because she thinks that it’s more time with Ben and she’s just going to shine.



Back to Kacie and Ben.  She talks about being more mature than others her age and reveals to Ben that she had an eating disorder for about a year in high school.  She was bulimic and anorexic.  She says it took a long time to come out of it, but she’s healthy now.  Ben provided a good listening ear and no surprise he gives her the rose and they kiss!



The ladies are all off on a river ride for their group date with Ben.  They all seem to think it’s quite sexy the way he drives an ugly long boat.  So it starts raining in the rain forest and the ladies are getting drenched.  They come upon a group of kids playing soccer, so they pull the boat over and they follow the kids to a village. 



The villagers come out with jewelry and adornments for the ladies.  The ladies are grabbed by the village women and whisked away into huts where they are dressed in traditional attire.  The village ladies go topless, with the beads on top, but Courtney is the only one who decides to partake in it.



Emily finds it disgusting and Courtney shakes her ta-tas all around.  She also took her pants off too underneath a sarong.  So then, Ben comes out with a chief wearing a loin cloth.  Ben says he appreciated Courtney going full on with the tradition in more than one way…eww.



Then all of the kids bring the ladies bowls of paint and they get body painted up.  Courtney writes B + C + heart and she says she needs to mark her territory.  Honestly, why doesn’t she just pee on him or something, Emily was so annoyed by that too.  All of the other girls are just so bothered by Courtney and they don’t understand why she needs to be naked and flaunt herself in front of Ben.  Easy answer there, who is Ben hanging out with?  Courtney!



The two-on-one date card read: “Blakeley and Rachel save the last dance for me.”  Rachel for some reason is sharing all her insecurities with Blakeley and Blakeley is just super pumped, making Rachel even more upset.



Later, by a pool, Ben and Lindzi share a special moment together and kiss.  It seemed like they had a really great connection.



Then, Ben steals Courtney away for some alone time.  She invites Ben back to her room, but we’ll see if he takes her up on her offer.  Doesn’t she share a room with the other girls?



Jamie says that she feels bad that she doesn’t “show” Ben enough that she likes him.  That’s code for, she hasn’t jammed her tongue down his throat yet, she just talks him to death.  Courtney meantime, saddles up and is spying on them, but it doesn’t go unnoticed by Jamie.



Courtney is so crazy.  She’s wandering around in the pool behind them in her bikini with a glass of wine.  He’s trying so hard to just talk to Jamie but it’s so distracting.  She’s annoyed; honestly, I don’t know I would probably tell Courtney to get lost for a while!  She’s acting totally rude!  But then again, she’s kind of a master at this game!



Emily and Ben have some alone time and she tricked him into thinking that there was another man in her life, but she was joking because it was the chief from the tribe.  He brought up the whole Courtney thing and she said that her mind is in the right place and she’s letting it go.  Then they make out.



Emily confronts Courtney and she apologizes and says that she shouldn’t have made a rash judgment and says she is sorry.  Courtney says she appreciates the acknowledges that but says that she has lost all respect for her, but says that she will never be friends with her because she doesn’t forgive and forget.  Emily hated the way she reacted to her apology.



Ben comes by and steals Lindzi to give her the date rose!  Courtney could spit nails she is so mad!  Ben says that he is giving her the rose because he wants to give her confirmation of his feelings for her and that he sees a potential future with her.



Courtney, back at the hotel, dolls herself up, hoping that Ben comes by that night.  She sits there and waits and she feels taken for granted.  I actually felt a little teensy bit bad for her, but proud of Ben for being honorable.



Time for the dreaded two-on-one date!  Blakeley, Rachel and Ben head off to a dance club to learn some Salsa dancing.  Blakeley is being very aggressive while Rachel is a little standoffish and not a very good dancer.  She clearly isn’t having a lot fun.  I sense trouble for Rachel!



Rachel and Blakeley tell Ben that they both want to have some alone time with him.  Rachel and Ben go chat first.  She tries to convince Ben that she really wants to be there and that she’s into him and it can be better if he gives her more time.  Ben kisses her and says he doesn’t know what he’s going to do.



Blakeley talks about how nervous she feels but says that she really feels something for him.  She reveals a creepy scrapbook that she made all about Ben.  It’s a lot of magazine cutouts…kind of like a ransom note.  Very weird.  I wonder if Ben is turned on or creeped out…it’s hard to tell.



Back at the dinner table, Ben gives the rose to Rachel and poor Blakeley drops her head and he walks her out.  She doesn’t even want to hear his explanation, but he tells her that he has relationships that are too far advanced for theirs to even catch up.  She cries a lot and he puts her into a van.



Chris Harrison shows up and asks to talk to Casey S. privately.  He says it was brought to his attention back in the US by three different people that she is in love with someone else named Michael.  She says he’s an ex-boyfriend.  He says that from Michael’s perspective they are still in a relationship and practically living together.  She says that it is not true.  Casey says Michael told her that he didn’t want to get married and she says she’s not totally over that fact, but she wants to fall in love with Ben. 



She says she wants to give up hope that Michael will chance, but she still has that hope, she doesn’t know what she feels.  She doesn’t want to be in love with Michael but she is.  Chris Harrison tells her that she needs to talk with Ben.



They head to his hotel room, and Ben is surprised that Casey S. is at his door.  She says to Ben that she came into this wanting to get over a guy who didn’t want to get married.  She explains that she’s not completely over him.  She doesn’t think he’s holding her that much back, but Ben says that he feels that she’s standoffish and that is probably the reason.



She cries and says that she doesn’t want to be with someone who doesn’t want to get married; she wants to be with someone like Ben.  She says to him that she hopes he’s not mad and that she hopes he knows where she is coming from.  He says I don’t sugar coat things and he says, “I think that you should go home.”  Sheesh that is freaking harsh! 



I feel so bad for Casey.  First, this stupid Michael guy doesn’t want to marry her and then Ben sends her packing!  He could have been a little more sensitive.  Chris Harrison comes back and tells the ladies what happened and tells the ladies that they need to be open to finding love.



At the cocktail party, Ben and Nicki have a nice little chat and kiss outside.  They seem to have a pretty decent relationship cooking.



Jamie talks about the things she wants to do with Ben and then straddles him and starts making out with him.  Ben says this is “A-ok” she says that she’s acting “fancy” with him.   Weird.  Jamie couldn’t stop giggling and it was totally making him weirded out.  She says that she envisioned it going differently.  He offers her to try one more town.  Then she starts instructing him on how to kiss.  He says, “You’re not the first woman I’ve kissed.”  No kidding Ben, really?  This is so weird.  He says he can’t handle her instruction manual.



Time for roses!  Kacie, Lindzi, and Rachel already have roses.  The remaining three went to:






That means that Jamie is going home.  She was sad to leave, but I don’t think they were right for each other.



Next week, the final six and Ben head to Belize!  This is the week before the hometown dates.  The other women try to warn Ben about Courtney, and it looks like Ben is finally going to at least try to have a talk with Courtney about her split personality.



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese







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