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Hometown Dates Seem to Provide Clarity to Ben

“The Bachelor” this week kicked off in Ocala, Florida with Lindzi’s hometown date.  It looks so beautiful there with the horse ranch.  She entered by riding in on a horse on the track. 

He greeted her with a kiss and they were off to go on the date that she had planned.  She got a harness and hooked up a cart to the horse and they took a ride around the track.  It looked like a lot of fun!




Then, they sat down to a little picnic and they talked about her past relationship and how it has affected the way she approaches relationships.  Ben really appreciated how comfortable she was in telling him everything about how she thought she was going to marry her ex, and he felt closer to her than ever before.



When he meets Lindzi parents they seem to hit it off right away by bonding over their love of terriers.  Then, they learned that Lindzi’s parents got married in City Hall in San Francisco, and that’s where Lindzi and Ben had their first date!  Could it be a sign of things to come?  



They decide to do some carriage racing which looks fun, but the cheesy music during this segment kind of ruined it for me.  It seemed super lame.  Lindzi and Ben lost the race so they had to pull her parents in the carriage back to the house for dinner.



Inside the house, Lindzi’s mom says that she really likes Ben a lot but worries about her getting her heart broken again.  Lindzi confesses that she sees a forever future with Ben and is falling for him.  So, mom goes to talk to Ben.  She tells him that Lindzi has moved on from her ex and she believes Lindzi is ready to get married and engaged.  Meantime, he talks to the dad about how he’s not ready to propose yet and says to him that he really cares for her and wants to continue dating her.  Her dad jokes that he’s a good racer and hopes they can keep things going. 

He says he sees those same salt of the earth qualities in her dad that he had in his own and that may fill a void in his life that he has from when his father died. 



Next, we traveled to Clarksville, Tennessee to Kacie B’s hometown!  She just looks cuter than ever.  Ben meets Kacie at a football field with a high school marching band.  Kacie comes out twirling a baton with the band and greets him with a big hug and kiss.  She tells him that the field was actually named after her grandfather! 



They have a chat on the bleachers about her past and family history.  Her grandfather was very involved in the community and that’s why they named the field after him.  She talks about what an inspiration to her he was.  She says her grandparents were so in love that her grandmother didn’t live very long once her grandma died.  Ben was a little upset when he learned about Kacie B’s dad not drinking alcohol.  This does pose a little bit of a problem because as we all know, Ben’s a wine maker!  He is totally nervous to meet her dad!  He warns her not to worry if he doesn’t kiss her because he is so worried about disrespecting them in some way.



Ben meets her parents and sister Allison, who is also cute as a button.  Her sister helps provide a little clarity to the situation for Kacie.  She realizes that she loves Ben and is happier than she has ever been.



Ben talks to Kacie’s dad and says that he really likes how much Kacie surprises her and talks about the great conversations they have had.  Her dad admits that he is skeptical and says that marriage is very serious and says for him to not rush into anything.  He assures her dad that it would be a process and that he would not have a quickie wedding with her.  He says that he has strong feelings for a few of the women and her dad says well as soon as you know, cut her loose because I don’t want her getting hurt more than she would be later on.  Aww.



Kacie’s mom lets Ben know that she would not approve of Kacie moving out to California and her living with him before marriage.  He said that he would ask her mother’s permission to marry her daughter before he made any big decisions about that.  Then he complimented them on how she was raised.  Ben felt a little uneasy about whether or not he could really gain their approval, but overall, I think that they did actually like him.



In Nicki’s hometown of Fort Worth, Texas, she took Ben to get some cowboy gear and they got fully outfitted with some boots and hats.  They really had a great time!  I can’t believe we haven’t really even seen a true one-on-one with these two.  They went to a saloon and had some drinks.  Things seem really light and fun with the two of them which could be a good thing, or it could be just that they don’t know enough about each other to get deeper.



After shopping, they went outside to have a talk and Nicki talked all about her ex-husband.  She said that she kept waiting for him and the situation to change, but it just never happened.  Ben seemed pretty accepting of the whole thing.



Ben meets her parents, who are divorced, and her brother, Ben.  It’s great that her parents could come together for their daughter on this special day for her!  They seem like a nice family.  Ha, did you see the look on dad’s face when Ben’s hand was on Nicki’s leg?  Her mom seems to think that there is a great connection between Ben and Nicki.  She tells her mother that she’s falling in love with him and just about how she wants the fairytale ending that she didn’t get the first time around.  She thinks that he would be a good father and husband.



Nicki’s dad said that he felt like he didn’t ask enough questions the first time around when she dated her ex-husband and he felt like he let her down!  Aww!  What a sweet dad!  He is really concerned that he could give her hand in marriage to the wrong guy again.  He had tears in his eyes when he said that he wanted to protect her forever.



At dinner, her dad said he would be disappointed if they didn’t end up together and that he wouldn’t be mad at Ben if they didn’t ha-ha.  Her parents basically gave them their blessing to be together and even her brother said, “I actually like the guy!”  Her dad said, “I do too!” 



Nicki steals Ben away to chat and she reveals to him that she is in love with him and that she wants to be with him in San Francisco.  Ben left saying that he has really good gut feelings about Nicki and her ability to make him happy.  Um, BEN HELLO!!!  That is not what love is!  It’s you loving someone so much you just want to make THEM happy!  Of course you need to worry about your own happiness, but he does not seem to be focusing right or something.



Now for the one you have been waiting for, Courtney’s hometown date in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Courtney starts off by actually saying she’s a little disappointed in herself for how she treated the other girls.  Do you think she’s sincere?  I’m not sure.  They start off by meeting her parents and her sister, and her showing off her parents’ home to Ben. 

Her dad is a good looking older guy!  That’s where she gets her looks from. 

Although, she gets her skeptical smile from her mother.



Courtney’s sister steals her away for a little to talk about Ben.  Her sis says that Ben seems really great.



Meantime, Ben is outside chatting with her dad.  He talks about how marriage is like gambling and he says to her dad that he’s ready to be in a serious committed relationship but not for marriage just yet.  He compliments Courtney’s strength.  Her dad says that he is glad that Ben is there and that he is ready for a son-in-law and more importantly, grandkids! 



Courtney later confesses to her mother that she is falling in love with Ben and describes how Ben makes her feel.  She says that he treats her well and makes her feel so special.  She even admits that she would be ready to say yes pretty soon to a marriage proposal from him!  Wow!  Mom tells her that she actually likes him too and approves.



Later, they headed off for a picnic at a special place where Courtney has always wanted to get married at!  She lays is on the line and tells Ben that she’s ready for that next step in life and she sees it with him.  Ben confides that he is ready for marriage someday and it’s basically not something that she needs to worry about with him.



They walk over to where there is a wedding set up and Ben thinks it looks really nice, but wonders how far she is planning on taking this.  He starts sweating when she asks him to write some vows and pulls out a bow tie for him.  He was able to rattle off a quite long list of things that he really likes about her.  This is a guy who is in love!  I would be really surprised if he picks anyone else at this point.



Courtney and Ben go up to a preacher who lets them recite their vows to each other.  Aww!  I can’t believe I just aww’ed about them, don’t hate me.  He really seems to care about her and I hope that her feelings are genuine.  I think in her vows she kind of stole a line from “Sex and the City”.  But, she did get to a genuine part and she revealed that she loves him.  It made his face light up and his eyes were just so full love.  They actually did rings!  This is so crazy!  The pastor said it wasn’t a real wedding but that they could still kiss.  I really think this got Ben in proposal mode. 



It’s time at last to see who will make up the final three who are:





That means that America’s sweetheart, Kacie B., was eliminated!  Oh my goodness.  I think her overprotective parents were just a little too much for him. 



He walks her out and she does her best not to cry, but cannot help it.  She tells him she doesn’t want him to be broken hearted!  Oh gosh, she is just too nice.  He tells her that he is so sorry.  She told him that she wishes him the best and that was that.  I can’t believe she didn’t ask why!  I would want to know if I were her.  Maybe it just doesn’t matter to her.  The point is, he saw something more with the other girls.



It was one of the most heartbreaking limo rides I ever had to watch.  She had to tell herself that it wasn’t her and that she was stupid for thinking that she would still be there.  She said she wanted to know why she wasn’t good enough for him.  UGH!  You are better than him girl!  I hate seeing her so hurt like that.



Next week, the remaining three and Ben head to Switzerland.  A former contestant shows up to talk to Ben and dish some dirt on the other women.  That should be interesting.



Also, it looks like we are getting a sneak peek of Emily’s first date on “The Bachelorette” who hoo!  I’m excited to see that!



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese








that has got to be the dumbest choice he has ever made. choosing courtney of kacie. wow. and i actually thought ben might have been a decent guy. instead he like trashy ms. slut slut courtney. he is a complete turn off now. that just shows what kind of women he really like. kacie is too good for him.

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