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Jennifer Talks about her Elimination from 'The Bachelor'

Jennifer Fritsch was eliminated by Ben this past Monday, and today she took some time to talk about being on the show.


She said that as Ben walked her out he told her that he thought that she was feeling a little more for him than he was for her.  Jennifer said, other than that, she had no idea why he let her go.  She said that it was such a shock because they had a great conversation earlier and he had kissed her too.  She added that she thought he wrote nice things about her in his blog this past week and that provided a little clarity.


Jennifer said, "I liked Ben from the get go, I thought he was a really down to earth kind of guy."  She said that she thought the conversations they had showed that they had so much in common.


As for what she thinks of Courtney: "I’m not sure if it’s her personality she’s a little pushy, I didn’t think he would buy into that, but he did, and my opinion of her, I didn’t associate with her, I didn’t say hi or bye to her, I knew she wasn’t nice, that’s as far as I would take it.  After watching, I feel a little stronger that I don’t like her much."


She said that she would rather see Emily or Rachel end up with Ben.  She added that she liked Kacie B. a lot, but that she is a little young for him.


For people who think that Courtney is being edited to look bad, Jennifer said "She’s portrayed exactly the person she is."  If he picks Courtney, Jennifer said that she thinks their relationship is just based on that initial attraction and will probably only last a few months.


When asked if she had any advice for Ben if he did pick Courtney: "My advice would probably be run for the hills."


Yikes!  Anyway, I will have the full transcript of the interview tomorrow!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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