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New Interview with Emily, and Changing Public Opinion of Ben?

Today Emily did a conference call interview and if one thing is for sure, a lot of these women now have changing opinions about Ben, and it seems viewers do too.  I'll admit, I wasn't the most excited when I found out Ben was "The Bachelor" but I was willing to give it a chance.  I hate to say it but I just don't like the way he speaks to the women sometimes and I personally would have never dated him.  Phew.  That feels good to get off my chest.  Is this to say he's a bad person, not at all!  He definitely does seem to care about his family and his dog, so he has that going for him, but when it comes down to it, Emily is totally better off not being with Ben and she totally realizes that.


In fact, Emily said, "I have to be honest, I won’t be happy if Ben ends up with Lindzi, Nicki or Kacie.  They deserve someone different, someone who is a little more on their level and grounded.  I’m not sure that they (Ben and Courtney) deserve each other, but I think they are what each other is looking for, so if they end up together they may be happy with each other we’ll have to wait and see."  That's the second woman to say that!  Monica said something similar too.


As for Emily, I asked her why she didn't give Ben a piece of her mind or walk out when he told her to "tread lightly" when she was warning him about Courtney.  She said that in the moment, she thought that she might have actually done something wrong and was kind of embarrassed that she brought it up.  She said that she was in disbelief in that moment because she thought things had been going pretty well between them and did not expect that response.  Emily said, "That conversation should have been a red flag to me, he didn’t respect what I was saying."  I was so happy to hear her say that.  She's a very smart woman and I had to figure that if the circumstances had been different she wouldn't allow someone to belittle her like that.


She said that it wasn't a bad thing that she was sent home.  She enjoyed her time with him but her respect for him has gone down since seeing the show air.  She said, "People say I dodged a bullet, others say I dodged a locomotive with a nuclear bomb attached."  She said she doesn't necessarily agree with the locomotive comment but that it's confirmed in her mind that they weren't right for each other.


Also, if you were expecting her to bust Courtney down and say mean things about her.  That never happened during the interview.  She was honest on her thoughts about her, but said that Courtney is still human and has feelings and it can't be easy for her right now to read all of the stuff that people are saying about her and hear the harsh opinions.  Wow, that is so sensitive of her! 


Emily says she is dating and working on her disertation so she's very busy right now.  I hope she finds someone great and worthy of her love!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese



It has to be difficult to find "love" to the point of wanting to marry someone in such a short amountof time.I respect all of what Emily said, glad to read she is dating and genuinely hope all the other girls who were in the last bunch are to.

I am sorry Ben is a fake. The whole Bachelor this go around seemed staged. Attempt at rating boost were at an all time low in dealing with people's emotions, lousy diggging to the barrel ABC.

In no way do I believe Ben was ever genuninely in this for the right reasons. I believe her was out to get over Ashley treated the ladies that gave their heart and soul to him exactly how he was dealt with when Ashley said 'No." He was a completely different person on this show, demonstrating completely different values he aspired to having during the last show and what he said he values in this show.

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