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Ben Gives His Final Rose To...

It’s hard to believe that it’s finally all over!  Ben’s journey had some ups and downs, and only time will tell what the future holds for him.



The finale starts with Ben’s sister and mother arriving in Switzerland.  He clearly has a lot of love for his family and it seems like he really needed to have them there to bring him back down to earth.  I really can’t wait to see how Ben’s family reacts to the two different women and what their take on Courtney will be.  His sister seemed intrigued by the fact that he kept around the one woman that all of the others did not get along with.



Lindzi is up first to meet Ben’s family.  Lindzi is so nervous she’s dropping her silverware!  His mom chats with her one-on-one and she tells his mom that she loves his compassion and never wants to stop talking to him.  Lindzi tells her that she loves her son and his mom says that Ben had a lot of sweet things to say about her.



Then with sis, Julia, she told Lindzi that she needs to open up more with Ben if she wants a shot at him.  It was interesting because Julia asked Lindzi for the dirt on Courtney.  She listened to what Lindzi had to say and basically agreed with her that Courtney should have tried to make friends rather than enemies in the house, and seemed to think that Lindzi would be a great match for Ben.



Courtney was up next and although his family had an open mind, they dove right into the topic of what happened with the other girls.  Courtney talks about how some of the girls were never going to like her and so she just gave up at some point.  Yeah, that totally explains those obnoxious on-camera interview segments…sure.



Julia asks her again about it during their on-on-one talk, she says she tried to become friends with people and was sick of trying to defend herself.  She said that it brought out a bad side of her and she said some things that she shouldn’t have.  Courtney tried to tell her that she loves Ben and that she would never hurt him.  Courtney does say that she really wants Julia to like her and she reminds her so much of Ben.



Courtney talks with his mom and she talks about all of the things she loves about him.  His mom talks about how he got his heart broken last time and how Ben takes proposing very seriously. 



Surprisingly, Julia says that she really liked Courtney and found her to be very sweet.  She said that she thought that she would fit into the family really well.  She says that she gives her approval for both of the ladies.  His mom thought that she believed that Courtney was in love with him and that she sees that Ben really cares about her too.  Julia tells Ben that she thinks Courtney is more of what he’s looking for as a wife.  He seems worried about the public’s perception of Courtney and how things will be if he proposes to her, but his mom says not to worry about other people and that she and Julia will stand by him.



The next day, Lindzi got to go on her final date with Ben.  They did a little bit of skiing and they also took a private gondola ride where they had a picnic aboard it.  Lindzi revealed her feelings for Ben and asked if he thought she was being more open and he said that he really thought that she was.  Lindzi was very happy when Ben said that he cared about her a lot and that he could see a future with her.  He said that he thought the hometown date and their date in San Francisco really was a preview of what their life would be like together.  He seems to really care about her a lot, but does he love her?  We’ll have to wait and see.



Lindzi then went in for the hard sell back at the lodge and they talked about how vulnerable they were for a long, long time.  She tells Ben that she loved him and he replied, “Good”.  I mean, come on Ben!  Even a “Thank you” would have been better than that!  He did thank her for opening up, but he didn’t look all ooey gooey when she said “I love you.”  He did say that he wanted to tell her that he loved her off camera, so that’s interesting!  Maybe it’s anybody’s game…even if I do see him leaning towards the “evil” Courtney.



Courtney went into her date with a Ben who was just coming off the high of a great date with Lindsay.  They went for a thrilling helicopter ride over the Matterhorn Mountain and then they got dropped off for a picnic with some spiced cider (I think).  After a talk about how much his mom and sister liked her, they went sledding .  They looked really funny, but I hate to admit, they are cute together at times. 



Back at the hotel, Ben visits Courtney’s room and after some lip action on the couch, she brings him into the bedroom to give him a gift.  No not that, get your mind out of the gutter, she gave him a photo album.  It documented all of their time together so far.  It also included a love letter that she wrote for him and read out loud for him.  He seemed to really like it a lot and he DID seem ooey gooey with her!  We’ll have to see if I am right or wrong with this. 


Then, Courtney brought up the whole thing with the ladies again!  I don’t know why she did this.  Ben basically told her I don’t know why you are bringing it up again, and she just acted very strange and said, well, “The rest is up to you.”  I think he may have left there slightly confused.



It’s now decision day for Ben and he’s got some tough news to break to one of these ladies.  Neil Lane meets him and says “This isn’t your first rodeo” ha!  It’s true, this is the second time he has picked out an engagement ring!  I really like the one that he picked though, it’s gorgeous!  I did like that Ben said that he was going into this with certainty and that he was only thinking of one woman as he looked at those engagement rings.  That’s how it should be!



This time, the ladies are making their way to Ben in a helicopter.  So who arrived first for their dumping in front of millions?  Poor Lindzi.  I knew it!  I hate this part!  She looked so beautiful walking towards Ben.  I don’t know how Chris Harrison keeps such a great poker face on as he sends the ladies on their way over to Ben.  Lindzi launched into a whole speech about how she is in love with him and what a great journey it has been.  She asked him how he was feeling, and then he started his let down speech.  He did something that was kind of a first I think, he did say that he loved her, but then said the big BUT.  He said that it was the moments that last a lifetime and that he found that with someone else and that he is “in love with someone else”. 


Lindzi didn’t say anything in return and he asked her if he could walk her out.  She just nodded her head and Ben said that he was still shaking and she told him “It’s ok”.   She added that she was “mad at herself”.  Wow, she told him, “If things don’t work out, call me”.  I cannot believe that!  I hope she takes that back later!  Sheesh!  As she walked out she said that if he does pick Courtney and wants to marry her, “He’ll look like a total fool.”  I have to agree with her there.



Then, Courtney swooped in on her helicopter and arrived in front of Ben.  He started talking about their journey together and their ups and downs and he said that he felt like they were on the same wavelength and future.  Then, he said BUT, I promised myself that I wouldn’t get down on one knee unless it was forever, and said that you are my forever.  He told her that he loved her and Courtney just started laughing and getting teary.  



He got down on one knee and asked her to marry him, and she said “YES! Of course I will, I love you so much!”  They told each other that they would love each other forever.  Let’s see if that’s true!  I hope for their sake they are both happy and in love.  Who doesn’t want people to be happy and in love despite their past actions.




Bachelor fans, he did give her the final rose!  And of course, Courtney accepted!  They ended by saying that they are the happiest people in the world.  I thought it was sweet that he told her, “I’ve loved you for a long time”.   That was sweet.



The “After the Final Rose” special started immediately after the “engagement”.  Things are about to get very intense. 




Ben came out first to chat with Chris Harrison in front of a live studio audience.  He said that he is still in love with Courtney, but that it has been a rough ride.  He said that the Courtney he saw on TV was not the Courtney who he knows and he hated seeing her “turn the screws” on the other women.  He admitted that while watching the show it became too much and he cracked and broke off the engagement and they didn’t talk at all.


Now to the photos of Ben with another woman, he said that he hasn’t kissed or hooked up with another woman, and some of them are past photos.  He maintains that he hasn’t cheated on Courtney.  He talked about how those photos came out and then she went out and tried on wedding dresses to divert the attention off of him.  Chris Harrison said they are so weird that it is messed up enough to actually work.



Courtney came out and it was so awkward because there was some booing!  People are not very forgiving are they?  She says that she and Ben were happy for about a month and he even came out to Arizona to have Thanksgiving with her family.  She said that he broke up with her right around Valentine’s Day.  She says that he didn’t send a card or flowers or anything.  She says she only wanted to be engaged once and it was a big shock.  She says that he was initially supportive of her and then he abandoned her.  She said that “Yes, we’re still together, I think” and then she said that she really didn’t know but that she did love him and she was willing to try.



Ben came back out and they sat and spoke with Chris Harrison together.  Ben said that they are engaged and in a good place.  He thinks that now that the show is over they can really get into their relationship.  Courtney says that she still doesn’t fully trust him, but that she wants to work things out.  Ben said that now that they can actually talk to each other and see each other and talk about those issues they are going to use their love to work through things.  Ben said that he loves her and that he promises to stand by her from here on out and he never should have taken a step back. 



They watched their proposal play out and they feel that it is such a shame that they had their beautiful proposal and experience soiled by the negative feedback from what Courtney said and did on the show.  Ben says that he still feels the same way and that it was such a great moment and he hopes they can remember how great that moment was. 



Chris Harrison awkwardly took out the engagement ring and asked Ben what he wanted to do with the ring.  Ben said that he very much so wanted her to have the ring and that she deserved to have it on her finger.  He said that he believes there will be a wedding and that they do not know when that will be though.  Let’s hope they take some time to get to know each better and do what’s best for themselves and this relationship.



Now, it’s time to get happy!  It’s Ashley and JP!  Hooray!   JP started by joking that Ashley was pregnant, but she’s NOT!  She’s now a dentist.  They’ve been together and engaged for almost a year now!  Time always flies.   JP says that Ashley has been sending him pictures of wedding rings.  Ashley said that they have started planning and they hope to have their big day within a year!  Yay, team cupcake!



Chris Harrison actually said that he would get ordained and actually marry them.  They said that they have talked about having children and they have names already picked out for their future children!  Aw!  They also revealed that they are moving to New Jersey and that they are going to be in the suburbs. 



Well I have to say that was so refreshing to see after all of the drama!  Feel free to leave your thoughts on tonight’s show and the blog for that matter by clicking comment below!


The new season of “The Bachelorette” with Emily Maynard begins on May 14th!



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese



So disappointed. Lindzi is more beautiful naturally. Courtney just in it for the fame & money!!!!! Ben's family did not see real Courtney too little time w/her. Oh well!!!

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