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Courtney on 'The Women Tell All', Real Apology or Crocodile Tears?

This week it was time for “The Women Tell All” special.  It kicked off by showing a lot of making out in Las Vegas at a “Bachelor” reunion.  They recapped what was going on with Ed and totally set it up as a person to appear on this upcoming season of “Bachelor Pad”.  Let’s hope so!  Ryan P. was also featured.  All of the girls want to be with him because he’s as sweet as can be! 


It was also time to catch up with Ali.  She and Roberto were on the show for 18 months.  She spoke a bit about their breakup, basically just saying that it didn’t work out.  Funny enough, it didn’t work out for Frank and the woman he left Ali for on the show.  They reconnected at the reunion.  Ali seemed pretty open to talking to him again!  A lot of people are seeing a connection between them.  They were also talked about as possibly appearing on “Bachelor Pad”!  Wow!


Then, it was time for the ladies to come out.  They chatted about what it was like that first night.  They basically all said they were nervous and very intense.  Then they all started attacking Blakeley about how she didn’t want to be friends with them.  It got pretty ridiculous, you could hardly understand what any of them were saying.



Brittney talked about why she left and the main reason, no attraction to Ben!  Also, how annoying is Samantha?!  She first attacks Blakeley and then Brittney!  She tells her that she didn’t leave for that reason, she left because she was being bullied by Blakeley.  Brittney basically denies that is the reason and then finally snaps back at Samantha and calls her a Chihuahua and tells her to “shut up”!  The audience broke out in applause! Ha!



Shawntel came back out next to talk about what happened when she came on the show to see if Ben would be interested in dating her.  Most of the girls apologized to her, but some of them basically defended calling her awful names and said she brought it on herself by going on the show the way she did.  It was just awful and there is no excuse.



Gorgeous Emily was up next to talk about all of the controversy about the things she said to Ben about Courtney.  She reiterated the point that she wouldn’t want to be with someone who would want to be with someone like Courtney.  She added that she didn’t like that Ben skinny-dipped with Courtney while he had 10 women still in Puerto Rico.  She also said that the “tread lightly” comment did not sit well with her after the fact. 



Nicki talked about how she fell in love with Ben and how it was so great to take him home to meet her family.  She said that she’s ready to find love again and that she knows she didn’t do anything wrong when it came to how she acted around Ben.



Kacie B., America’s sweetheart, came out and talked about how devastated she felt when she left.  She kind of felt like the rug got pulled out from under her when Ben didn’t pick her after the hometown dates.  She talked about sitting down with Ben in Switzerland and how that was able to provide some closure for her.  She really needed it after she was so shocked after going home she admitted she really didn’t listen to what he was saying because she was so shocked by her sadness.



Chris Harrison told Courtney that the women are “understandably pissed” when she came out for her portion of the show.  She talked about how it was difficult to live in a house with women who didn’t like her.  She said that she wished she would have accepted Emily’s apology instead of throwing it back in her face.  Then there was a bunch of yelling and Emily just sat there and smiled.  Emily basically told her there was no excuse for the way that Courtney acted and Courtney got teary eyed and just sat there.  Do I feel bad for her, nope, because she did that to pretty much all of those girls and all Emily is doing is speaking the truth. (Harsh, I know!)



After the commercial, Courtney apologized again to the ladies.  She said that it’s been pretty hard on her family and that she regrets how she acted.  Emily asked her if she is expecting them to accept her apology after she wouldn’t accept hers, and Courtney said that she didn’t expect that.  Once all of the ladies started talking at once, she gave a real heartfelt apology with tears (I think they are real) and said that she really didn’t think everything through and didn’t expect the tabloids to come after her and her family.  Chris H. took control of the situation and ended it with “There isn’t much else she can apologize for” and that was it.  She walked right off the set and into a waiting car.  She couldn’t get out of there fast enough.  Hopefully this changes the way she treats people in the future.



Ben came out next.  He started the interview by saying, “Welcome to my nightmare”.  He apologized to Casey for the way that he let her go and not being warm enough to her in that moment.  Jamie said that she still thought that he is fabulous and said if it doesn’t work out with whoever he picks, she’d be interested in getting to know him better.  HA!  Not after that gross kissing experience Jamie!



Then they did the recap of Lindzi vs. Courtney.  It all ended with a preview of the big finale next week.  It looks like Ben’s heart is torn between Lindzi and Courtney.  It also looks like he’s got the ring and he’s at least considering proposing to whomever he picks.  I can’t wait to watch!!!



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese




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