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Full Transcript of Interview with Chris Harrison

Here is the full transcript of the interview with Chris Harrison!  He talks all about the big "Bachelor" finale of course, but also gets into some details about the upcoming season of "The Bachelorette", "Bachelor Pad 3", and the possibility of a televised wedding with JP and Ashley!  I've highlighted my portion of the conference call in PURPLE.

Chris harrison

Jennifer Matarese:         Hi, Chris. 


Chris Harrison:   Hey, how is it going? 


Jennifer Matarese:         Good, how are you?  I was wondering if you are – if you feel like you’re rooting Ben and Courtney on to stay together as a couple or do you think they’re not right for each other. 


Chris Harrison:   No, of course I’m rooting them on.  You know why, wouldn’t you?  I mean I know that she wasn’t the most popular choice and that if you put it to America’s vote maybe she wouldn’t have been in it but I think the important thing and the great thing about the show is that was Ben’s choice.  And so why not respect that and who am I not to respect that and so of course I wish them the best and the million dollar question, will they make it?  Who knows, who’s to say which couples make it in life?  But I do, I wish them the very best. 



Jennifer Matarese:         OK and was it awkward for you to take out that ring during the “After the Final Rose” special, I saw you pull it out of your pocket you kind of looked to it, like “OK, what’s going to happen? “


Chris Harrison:   Yes, you know in 10 years of doing this show that’s never happened before.  Usually, the couples either broken up or they’re together and you know definitively one way or the other and really for the first time I did not know how that show was going to go. 


                So, it was very awkward holding that ring and handing it to him and even in handing it to him I wasn’t sure it was going to happen.  It was really awkward moment but I think it was a pivotal of moment and showing them, their proposal again, and getting them back in that space and remembering what it was all about and how happy they were and then putting the ring back on her finger it was a – turned out to be a beautiful moment.  But I guess it could have gone the opposite direction. 


Jennifer Matarese:         OK, thank you so much. 


Question:            So this is not the first time in Bachelor history that a bachelor has sort of have been left with the bad girl, kind of sexy girl and then the nice sweet girl.  Why do you think they always almost pick the bad girl and does picking the bad girl ever work? 


Chris Harrison:   Maybe cause guys are dumb.  I think we’ve been found out that we’re not very smart animals.  If you go back to, like, Jake and Vienna season I was trying to think if there were any others of the top of my head or there was kind of the good versus evil so to speak but this season I think more than that.  When you look at Ben and Courtney I think the kind of profound moment in the interview was when we both kind of talked about how quirky they are and they are. 


                They’re both kind of quirky people and in a weird way they very much fit.  He really liked the way that Courtney challenged him and she never took what he called the Ben peel and just went with the status quo.  She always challenged the whole thing and he really liked that about her.  And I think that it was something that didn’t quite come across on television and obviously we were all kind of caught up in the emotion of Courtney in what she was doing. 


Question:            All right and how hard was it for you to sit there last night with Ben and Courtney being so upset and the audience had like daggers shooting out of their eyes. 


Chris Harrison:   Wow, that was a really interesting situation when you bring someone out, you kind of just assume that those are going to be the obligatory applause and there was more applause - I mean there was more smattering of boos than there were applause. 


                So it was really awkward.  I felt kind of bad for her and not that they maybe she didn’t deserve it to a certain extent and she didn’t bring it on herself, but you still feel bad when this happy couple or supposedly happy couple walks out and people are booing them.  It was – it’s tough and it just go to show what accord this show strikes and how emotional it is for everybody involved.  Not just people on it but the viewers as well. 


Question:            So now that the season is over and you got to talk to both Ben and Courtney during the “After the Final Rose” special do you think Courtney and Ben have a good chance at lasting and eventually getting married?  And you know based on all the drama they went through together were you surprised that Ben decided to put that engagement ring back on Courtney’s finger? 


Chris Harrison:   No, I mean – I mean I guess yes and no.  I mean, I didn’t know which way it was going to go.  I didn’t know if he would actually put the ring back on her finger.  I thought they would at the very least continue to see each other and try and make this work. 


                But again, you go back to that big question like will it work and who knows.  I mean maybe it is crazy enough to work between the two of them.  The easy thing to say is no.  I mean that – it’s low hanging fruit and it’s very simple to say that any couple anywhere in the world like, oh, they’ll never last.


                And so that is the easy thing and it’s the more bold and daring thing is to say maybe they will work.  Maybe they’ll have a chance of making it and it’s really up to them now.  I mean that’s where nobody can say if it is going to work or not because you can all depend on the efforts they give.  What are they going to put into this now?  How hard do they’re going to try to see each other, to be in the same city because if they are apart a lot then the tabloids, the stories and all that will drift apart again.  So it’s really up to them to kind of write the rest of the story and it’s really up to them to put the effort in. 


Question:            OK, sure and during that same special you asked Ben about the US Weekly photos in which he was shown kissing other women and he kind of gave a hard to believe answer that what was shown in the photos wasn’t kissing even though it kind of seemed to be very clear that that’s what was happening.  So had you not actually seen those photos before you talked to Ben or was there some other reason why you didn’t ask him to elaborate on his explanation?  Did you . . .


Chris Harrison:   No. 


Question:            … actually ask but maybe it just was just cut during the editing like what happened. 


Chris Harrison:   Sadly enough and maybe I probably should have but I don’t - and this is maybe a bad thing to admit or more in a conference call.  I don’t really look at those magazines.  I don’t read any magazines.  I mean especially like tabloid stuff.  Honestly I read like Men’s Health and Golf Digest and that’s about it as far as magazines go.


                So I don’t - I never saw the pictures.  I don’t really, I didn’t care.  I’ve seen them since.  Someone gave them to me when I hosted Access Live the other day and it did.  It looked, I mean it looked very compelling and it looked – it was – put him in a bad light.  I mean I see why everybody was so upset. 


                But I also know that and I don’t know the explanation whether it’s true, false or not and I’ll take Ben at his word but I also know that one picture in a moment in time captured his …  God, I mean there by the grace of God, it could’ve happened to me a million times over the last 10 years while I’ve been hosting this show.  She’s apparently a very good friend of his, is what he said and whatever explanation he gave.  So I’ll take his word for it but no, I finally just saw it well after the show.  I didn’t know – I didn’t know about the wedding dress pictures either.  I mean I’ve heard about them but I’d never seen them.


Question:            OK.  You’ve moderated some very dramatic scenarios.  You’ve seen Jason, Melissa and Molly, and we almost could have seen that happen again last night and then, of course, between Jake and Vienna, and then yesterday, between Courtney and Ben.  Which was the hardest for you to moderate out of all those dramatic scenarios? 


Chris Harrison:   Probably one of the most difficult things I’ve ever handled and done was the Jason and Molly and Melissa situation.  This one is very different.  This was more emotional and they’re all different.  They all have a very different feel and I treat them differently depending on what the situation is. 


                With this one, I kind of – the best analogy I can give is kind of wading into the water slowly not sure of if I would’ve been drop off and fall or if we were going to keep on wading because I just wasn’t sure I was going to go.  So I kind of delicately led them in that direction to see where it would take us and I’m glad it ended up in a good place.  But I just wasn’t sure.  So that way – that wasn’t as much trepidation as it was just kind of delicately walking through and finding out what we were going to get. 


Question:            Understandable and can you further elaborate -  Lindzi touched on it just a moments ago but what was the decision for not including her in “After the Final Rose” and she was backstage the entire time. 


Chris Harrison:   Yes, I mean I was sorry she didn’t come out but – Lindzi probably had a good explanation as well but – and I talked to her after the show and one of the mistakes I think we made to go back to Jason, Molly and Melissa is that we kind of forgot about our audience in the journey they were taking and this time we didn’t make that mistake.  We took the approach of, OK, we’re coming off this proposal.  We need to keep the story going and that story was Ben and Courtney, and we kept that story going forward, you, especially the audience I’m talking about. 


                And I talked to Ben, I talked to Courtney and then when we brought them out together and you had that emotional scene and they’re crying.  To go then back to Lindzi would – it just made no sense and it left her nowhere to go and it would have put her in a bad light, put her in uncomfortable awkward situation. 


                And so we talked to her and she understood and so she felt she really didn’t have any – a questions unanswered.  She really didn’t have any issues and so all that being said, why put her out there in kind of a “no-win” situation and so we all agreed to kind of just say, “you know what let’s just – let’s put Ashley and JP on and we’ll end on a high note”.  Because after Courtney and Ben were together and he puts the ring back on to kind of go backwards now would have been – it just didn’t make any TV sense and it didn’t make sense for Lindzi. 


Question:            Thanks for talking to us today.  I know that you said this season was darker and you certainly had to do your fair share kind of defending Ben and Courtney.  Were you a Lindzi fan the whole way and do you think that maybe now it’s better off that’s she’s not with Ben or were you reading from her in the end.


Chris Harrison:   Yes, it’s impossible not to be a Lindzi fan.  She was my daughter’s favorite too.  So I kind of have this other fan at home.  My little eight-year-old girl who – doesn’t watch the show and really has never known a character on the show ever.  But for some reason she must have been walking through that first night and she saw Lindzi ride up on a horse and that was it.  So all of a sudden she was a Lindzi fan and then we were in Belize and my family was in Belize and met Lindzi and just fell - because she’s blonde, looks like my daughter and so my – just fell in love with her. 


                Lindzi was kind of a family favorite for us that season.  And so she was so sweet and so easy to get along with, and she was great but I don’t – not so much to say that Ben made the wrong choice.  I mean Ben made the right choice for him and I had my times where I got along fine with Courtney as well, but Lindzi was just such a loving, lovable person.  She was easy to go – get along with. 


Question:            And do you think that you guys will plan any kind of TV update for Ben and Courtney.  I think there has been such fan interest that we’d love to see three months from now are they still together, what’s the plan, have you guys talked to about any of that? 


Chris Harrison:   We haven’t talked about it.  We will see how things play out but obviously looking at the specials that we have coming up will be Emily’s “Men Tell All” and Emily’s “After the Final Rose” then into “Bachelor Pad” three where we had kind of at the end where’s there’s chances to update people. 


                So yes, if there’s something of interest and that’s the great thing about this show is that it really is the modern day soap opera.  And these stories will continue to play their way out in the media and the public eye.  And so, of course, if there’s something big whether it’s a proposal or I guess a marriage because there are already engaged, marriage plans or anything significant then, yes, absolutely we’ll update the fans. 


Question:            I’m just curious.  Did you know about Courtney’s behavior or did you watch it unfold like everyone else did on T.V.? 


Chris Harrison:   A little bit of both.  I guess I’m more in the Ben camp then the viewer’s camp.  You know, I didn’t see and hear everything but I heard and saw a lot, and I hear and saw enough and so did Ben.  When people are saying - I even talked to Ben about this why didn’t you warn Ben.  I’m like there was nothing to warn him about.  He knew he was making that choice. 


                And he made that choice to maybe not ignore those things but maybe look pass those things and propose and he struggled with it all the way to interlock.  And when (Kacie B.) came back and that really threw him for a tailspin.  So he knew.  He may not have heard 100 percent of everything but he knew plenty to make his decision.  


                And so did I.  I mean I knew what was going on and I knew enough to question him in just about every deliberation we had but he, again, decided to look pass it and on move on.  At some point I’ve passed the point of being the good guy and bringing something up and now I’m just pestering him.  So at some point it’s got to be a big boy and he made his own decision. 


Question:            And then last night, I know you probably got close with Ben.  He’s been on two seasons now.  Was it hard to watch him get teary-eyed and really emotional about the spoiled engagement and everything? 


Chris Harrison:   Yes and no.  Part of it, and this sounds weird, part of it was – I was actually happy to see.  I think it was the culmination of them just being exhausted and they just – they’ve been beaten up just left and right by the press, the fans and it’s a lot.  Even the – even the fans that were in our live studio audience, who were kind of booing and giving the cat calls that and that it’s tough, and it was kind of nice to see that both he and Courtney let down their guard and you saw a very real emotion from them. 


                And I was happy to see that they have that in them together and that when they were together that’s when it happened because that means a lot.  That it happened when they felt safe together and they came together and that’s when that real emotion came out. 


                I know that maybe a little deep and little too psychological to get in an interview but I was relieved to see that and I was happy to see that. 


Question:            No and I agree.  And then one last thing, you know Courtney now on a different level, do you see the sweet side that Ben sees the genuine side.  Do you think she really was genuine when she apologized to the girls and to Ben about what she did? 


Chris Harrison:   Yes, I see – I do see genuine side of Courtney.  I see a very vulnerable side and again, I know like I can hear the fans in my head right now booing and saying, “oh, you’re drinking the Courtney Kool-Aid.”  I’m not.  I’m not justifying anything.  I’m not saying she’s Mother Theresa, and I’m not saying she’s the greatest woman in the world. 


                But what I do know about her is, this situation got the best of her.  She did not handle it well but in the end there’s this very vulnerable scared girl that I saw on my couch two weeks in a row crying and that was sincere and that was real. 


                What reason – the reason she was driven to that emotion was it because she fully feels bad and wishes she could do it over, I don’t know.  But I do know that you know that there was definite real emotion there and she does care for Ben.  Good or bad that’s the most important thing that I can see as far as Ben and her leaving and going off to live their life. 


Question:            I was just wondering were you surprised by the level of reaction to Courtney throughout the show. 


Chris Harrison:   Yes and no.  I mean I think that it’s easy to see how one begets the other and there’s this tidal wave of emotion and then the press picks up on it and then that drives the fervor even further – the emotion even further so I see how it happened.  I’ve seen it before.  Where once you get this momentum going it’s hard to turn it around and even though she’s had the chance the last couple weeks to do a 180, and she kind of has, it’s still taking a lot to turn around public opinion. 


                And I think deservingly so she really made some mistakes and she really did some inappropriate things and said some inappropriate things.  And so whether the entire anger and resentment towards her is justified, I don’t know but I do understand it. 


                That’s the great thing about our show.  That’s the fans’ choice.  That’s their prerogative and we all have to deal with our own actions and she’s definitely dealing with it now. 


Question:            Definitely and do you think Ben and Courtney have a bit of chance now that everything is in the open, now that the finale’s aired and everything? 


Chris Harrison:   Definitely.  I mean that the distance and the time betweens shows is always the tough part for any couple even if you’re happy but to deal with all the tabloid rumors and stories and all of that and to watch the show, to watch this – Ben was hearing a lot of – a lot more than he had heard even before. 


                It was tough for him just to try and talk (inaudible) and have their time every now and then and that’s definitely would drove them to breakup in the middle of all this.  And so definitely, if they put the effort in, if they put the time in and really spend time together and see each other, then this will be infinitely easier than the last couple of months. 


Question:            So how did you discover that Ben and Courtney had already broken up once during the season and were you shocked or not when you found out? 


Chris Harrison:   You know, I wasn’t shocked.  I was a little disappointed and I was disappointed to hear that I mean - well first of all let me backup because your first question how did I find out.  Some of the producers told me.  They keep in touch and they’re the ones who help with the rendezvous and put everything together. 


                I mean somebody called and told me that they’re not doing very well and maybe we’re kind of - Ben wasn’t responding very well.  And that was really my question was what’s going on and they said Ben is really the one that’s backed off and the one that’s really not responding to her.  And I was definitely surprised and a little bit disappointed to hear that he was the one that had backed away. 


                Although understandable, I know he got caught up in it all and he was listening to Courtney’s - watching the show and watching what Courtney was saying and then reading the tabloid and then it was tough for him too.  And I just wished he had chosen to go the opposite direction and let it bond them together and circle the wagons and unfortunately they went their separate ways in the middle, but he apologized and he’s kind of seen the error of his ways and hopefully they’ll be the stronger for it later. 


Question:            Sure and during the “After the Final Rose” taping Ben said a big issue we had during the season was that he wasn’t able to talk his problems back with Courtney face to face.  But now that they’re going to remain together, we didn’t see you ask anything about whether Courtney plans on moving to San Francisco or anything like that.  So could you clarify that now?  Are you aware of any plans? 


Chris Harrison:   You bet.  No what their plan right now and this where the big question comes in.  They’re not – they’re not moving in together per se.  They’re going – he’s keeping his place.  Obviously he works up in Sonoma in San Francisco and she’s down in Santa Monica.  And so they’re going to kind of go back and forth when she’s in Santa Monica he’ll be down there a lot and when he’s up in San Francisco and has to work she’ll be going up there.  So they’re going to kind of split between the two cities. 


                And again, the big question is that’s fine but as long as they are going to put in the work and the time and the effort and actually be together.  Than this will work and they have a great shot.  Again, if they take time and spend it apart and keep separating then they’ll drift apart and this will (inaudible) further – further apart than they are so again, it’s up to them to kind of write their own story that’s how about do they want this and we’ll see.  Only time will tell.


Question:            OK, absolutely.  And lastly, it’s unprecedented what The Bachelorette is doing next season in choosing Emily Maynard as the next star of the show instead of a girl –from the most recent season.  So what made you decide that Emily would be a better Bachelorette and say Linzi, Casey, Emily or one of the other girls from Ben’s season?


Chris Harrison:   Yes.  When we made the decision we really weren’t comparing them to Lindzi or Casey because at that time we didn’t even who the – whose a good story, who the frontliners would be for Ben because we made this decision a long time ago and it was really just knowing that Emily was lightning in a bottle.  She is just such a compelling story and an amazing woman and has so much to offer in the way of just a great – just great story telling.  I think it is going to be very compelling for - and I don’t know if it’s the same reason that people see. 


                I mean, I think people see this beautiful, blonde and she was on Brad’s season, but what I see is this single mom and we’ve never done that before.  And that’s really what I find interesting.  When the double standard, when you had Jason Mesnick and all of them like it goes, oh, look at this sweet single dad, it’s so cute.  We’ll, Emily is not really getting the same reaction. 


                Why doesn’t she deserve the ohs and ahs?  Instead it’s a “what is she doing coming back” and “what she do with her kid” and “nice - nice parenting” and so the double standard against the single mom is very compelling to me and as we head into these dates these guys are going to have to realize, this isn’t a front house. 


This is a single mom, it is – this is a family and we’re going to incorporate that into the show like her daily life and what she has to do and that’s not always pretty.  I mean I have two kids.  I tell you right now it’s not always sexy and it’s not always fun.  So it will be interesting to see some of these guys get into this and say, hey, this is of what I signed up or I’m out of here.  And I’ll be interested to see if we don’t ask some fallout in the middle of the season. 


Question:            Let’s scroll back up to the top.  Tim Tebow has officially turned down the offer to be on The Bachelor.  Are there any other celebrities you’d like to see on the show in the future? 


Chris Harrison:   Okay first of all, Tim Tebow did not officially turn down the offer because there was no offer.  I take full responsibility for that horrible rumor that I accidentally started on Access Live last week.  I was thrown in for Billy Bush and we were showing this to Tebow and I was trying to tell the story that I’d run into Tim like a year-and-a-half ago at the ESPY Awards in Los Angeles and I was joking about it. 


                Only the story never got finished and we moved on.  And so I didn’t think much of it and so I’m the one that started the story and it was a total joke that I – Tim was actually never really approached.  Never offered him the job, I mean not that he would be a great Bachelor.  He’d be fine if he wants to do it. 


                But it was just – that was just me joking with Tim because we were standing together inevitably when I’m with a great looking single celeb people always yell, “Hey, you should be the Bachelor.”  So that’s how all that started so apologies to Tim Tebow for ruining his last week. 


Question:            Say, yeah the second part of my question, are there any other celebrities that you would, maybe like to throw in the mix? 


Chris Harrison:   Oh – well I mean if Clooney dumps Stacy Keibler, yes.  I think he’d be great. 

Who else?  Yes, here’s the – here’s the thing now.  Whether it’s a celebrity or not.  In all seriousness, the main thing and we’ve talked to athletes, we’ve talked to other athletes as well, in all seriousness, in the NFL, NBA and stuff like that but you have to be sincere and while the show seems fun to these guys and hey, I’ll come on, that’d be great. 


                But when we really sit down and have our conversations say, look you need to be sincere about why you’re coming on the show and what this is going to lead to and hopefully that is a real relationship.  And that’s usually when we lose them and it’s like, “oh no, I was just coming on to have fun.”  And we’re like no, no, this is a serious show.  So whoever it is whether their a celebrity or not it’s really about the sincerity and how serious they are about doing this.


Question:            Yeah and you know, an athlete that would definitely draw in ratings would be Kris Humphreys with the whole Kardashian fall out. 


Chris Harrison:   I know exactly that would – he would be good and obviously he’s ready to get married.  It’s just, could we make it longer than 72 days that would be the big question. 


Question:            Yes, not a tough record to break though. 


Chris Harrison:   Yes, I know exactly.  They didn’t set the bar too high. 


Question:            No and how is the Bachelorette going to be different?  I know it’s set to be in South Carolina to be closer to home for Emily, but will you be taking the show on the road and traveling the world or will just be set in that one city?


Chris Harrison:   No, we’ll continue to travel the world.  I think it’s something that the fans have gotten to love it.  It’s a bit of – it’s part of the escapism.  It’s part of the soap opera that we have now become and I think we take people to places that they only dream of going or hope to go one day, and we take you there and show you the greatest parts of it.  And so you look at that proposal with Ben on the top of this mountain in Zermatt with the Matterhorn in the background it’s stunning.  You can’t get that anywhere else and unfortunately we kind of set the bar so high that now we have to keep going.


                I think to just go back and be in LA or on a beach just like back in a hotel room it would be – it’d be difficult to backtrack.  So we have to keep it up and we’ll definitely keep traveling but a lot in the way we’re definitely going to incorporate how different this show is going to feel with Emily as a single mom and she definitely has – different concerns than say what Ali and Ashley and what the other girls have had in the past.  Her life isn’t her own anymore, it’s all about (inaudible) and the guy has to understand that. 


Question:            And real quick on that question, you kind of started a rumor off the cuff yesterday on “After the Final Rose” about being ordained to possibly officiate Bachelor weddings starting with Ashley and J.P.  Before more rumors start to whirl do you want to elaborate on that? 


Chris Harrison:   No, I would do it.  Although for them.  They are – well at least J.P. is Jewish so I would have to somehow become a Rabbi.  I don’t know if that’s possible but I would definitely.  They could bring a Rabbi in to bless them and then I could do my part as the justice of the peace but I would definitely bless them and be a part of their wedding.  In any way they would have me I’d be honored to. 


                As the host to this show, I know I have this (inaudible) role but as a friend of theirs and the person who was there when they proposed and was there when they were falling in love and was there when Ashley was crying, when things were going really poorly.  I get to know - I really get to know these people and I really care for them and it’s been interesting aspect of my job for the last 10 years to have this growing family of friends that I talked quite a bit.


                And when I’m in New York I called them and we have dinner.  Whether – it’s great, I still keep in touch for a lot of people from the past.  If they will have me I would be honored to be a part of their wedding in any way of course. 


Jennifer Matarese:         We all saw the promos for Bachelor Pad recruiting fans to be a part of the show.  Do you anything about how that’s going to work and if it’s going to like fans versus like favorites or I mean as a sort of . . .


Chris Harrison:   Well that – the way – the way this came about was we’d been talking about just the culture of the Bachelor and the kind of fans that we have and it’s kind of unlike any other show and to that extent the last season, a couple of times we went and showed up at somebody’s watching parties.  Because we have such rabid fans and they’re so devoted. 


                And so we were talking about this and we thought you know what, it’d be fun to bring a couple of men to Bachelor Pad and let them compete.  And so it was kind of an idea that was thrown out and we started kind of stewing it over and we thought, you know what, that could work.  And our show really lends itself to opening up it up to these uber fans and so we will bring fans in and they will compete for the $250,000.


                And I think it’s going to be a great aspect to have these people that have watched the show and know these people from television to all of a sudden be right alongside them competing and living with them and being a part of the show.  And so it’s kind of an homage to our fans and a big thank you but it’s also I think going to be a great television moment. 


Jennifer Matarese:         Do you how many fans will be in there? 


Chris Harrison:   I’m not – I’m not positive yet.  No, I don’t know. 

                I know there will be a man, at least one man and at least one woman but maybe more than that so I’m not sure.  A lot of things have been drawn around depending on the number of cast members and all that because we haven’t cast the show yet.  Once we get our cast set, we realize how many people we want or have total then we’ll fill the rest with fans so all that hasn’t been dialed in yet. 


Jennifer Matarese:         I’m just thinking that if there’s only a few of them it will be really easy for the cast members, so right away, say, OK, we’re getting rid of these people.  And team up against them.  Yes, and it’s like oh and that will be heartbreaking for those fans. 


Chris Harrison:   But what happens if say a cute guy comes in or a cute girl …


Jennifer Matarese:         That’s true. 


Chris Harrison:   … and immediately hooks up with one of the other competitor and all of a sudden they get saved or they win a competition.  I mean, again, it’s – anything can happen.


Jennifer Matarese:         That’s true. 


Chris Harrison:   I think it will be – one thing I see as you mentioned is right away they’re going to have to get over the fandom and get into playing the game and make some alliances and make some friends.  If they are just kind of the annoying person and you’d have – they’ll be voted out quickly but it will be interesting to see how they play the game.  And maybe they’re smarter.  They’ve seen enough of these shows.  Maybe they’ll outsmart and outplay them. 


Jennifer Matarese:         Very true, thank you so much. 


Question:            I have question, would you – would ABC ever televise Ashley and J.P.’s wedding?


Chris Harrison:   They might.  I mean, of course that’s not up to me. 


Question:            Right. 


Chris Harrison:   But I mean a lot of it goes into – unfortunately it’s not as easy as just saying we’d like to and ABC saying sure.  It’s like you actually have to find a hole in the primetime lineup to actually do like a two hour wedding and obviously ABC long in advance fills that – fills that lineup.  It’s not like week-to-week where you can just throw something on TV.  So if they could find a whole in their lineup and that works with J.P. and Ashley and that works with the location that you’re using. 


                So a lot of things have to come together it seems easy.  When we say hey, we’re televising a wedding but a lot things have to align to make those happened.  And they have to agree to do it and all that.  There’s a lot to be done, but hopefully we will. 


Question:            Right and one more question.  Is it – do you have any insight as to what caused Roberto and Ally to breakup.  I mean, you read like it goes she wanted the same and he didn’t.  I mean is any of that true? 


Chris Harrison:   I don’t know.  I mean I have talked to both of them and I think it was just one of those things that they are definitely two – the more they got together I think they’re just from two different lifestyles.  And it was kind of you go back to like Dan and Casey B. where Roberto is definitely more of a conservative, low key guy. 


                Ali is more of a free spirit and does love the limelight and wants to be a television host, obviously because I guess she’s chasing down jobs.  I think that definitely did create a divide where he kind of wanted to slow down and settle down and she wanted to speed up and continue this life in the limelight.  So I’m sure that was part of it, not all of it but you’d have to talk to them to get the details but . . . 

I’m sure that lifestyles and their choices definitely play a huge part.  



I hope you enjoyed all of the interviews this season and will bring you more when they become available!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese 


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