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March 2012


Full Transcript of Interview with Chris Harrison

Here is the full transcript of the interview with Chris Harrison!  He talks all about the big "Bachelor" finale of course, but also gets into some details about the upcoming season of "The Bachelorette", "Bachelor Pad 3", and the possibility of a televised wedding with JP and Ashley!  I've highlighted my portion of the conference call in PURPLE.

Chris harrison

Jennifer Matarese:         Hi, Chris. 


Chris Harrison:   Hey, how is it going? 


Jennifer Matarese:         Good, how are you?  I was wondering if you are – if you feel like you’re rooting Ben and Courtney on to stay together as a couple or do you think they’re not right for each other. 


Chris Harrison:   No, of course I’m rooting them on.  You know why, wouldn’t you?  I mean I know that she wasn’t the most popular choice and that if you put it to America’s vote maybe she wouldn’t have been in it but I think the important thing and the great thing about the show is that was Ben’s choice.  And so why not respect that and who am I not to respect that and so of course I wish them the best and the million dollar question, will they make it?  Who knows, who’s to say which couples make it in life?  But I do, I wish them the very best. 


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Full Transcript of Interview with Lindzi Cox

Here is the full transcript of the interview with Lindzi Cox.  I had hoped to have it yesterday, but the transcription service had technical difficulties apparently.  


Question:            So we were kind of wondering when you were talking to Ben’s mother, you really took the high road when they were asking you about Courtney.  Why did you – why were you – and do you wish you had said more? 


Lindzi Cox:           Your phone broke up a little bit.  Did you say why did I take the high road and do I wish I said more? 


Question:            Exactly. 


Lindzi Cox:           OK.  You know, I think in talking to both Ben’s mom and sister, you know, I said how I – how I felt about Courtney.  And, you know, when I was there in the house with her I didn’t – I didn’t really have anything that negative at all to say about her.  So, you know, I just kind of stated the obvious.  That her and I are a bit… two very different people and I don’t regret saying that and if I said more I would have been just of making things up. 


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New Interview with Chris Harrison and Lindzi Cox on 'Bachelor' Finale

Chris Harrison and Lindzi Cox took part in a conference call interview with reporters this afternoon.  


It was interesting to hear Chris' perspective on what went down on the "After the Final Rose" special.  Lindzi elaborated a little bit more on her feelings, and shared that she was actually at the "After the Final Rose" taping but never came out because she, Chris, and the producers felt that things got so intense with Ben and Courtney, it would have been weird to rehash their whole situation too.  Plus Lindzi says that she didn't have any more questions for Ben and she feels like she got sufficient closure.

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Lindzi Cox Talks About Her 'Bachelor' Experience

Right after "Live with Kelly", Lindzi Cox took some time to speak to me in the green room about her time on "The Bachelor" and what she really thinks about Ben and her feelings about Courtney.


She seemed very happy and like the time away from the show has given her some new perspectives.  Especially being able to watch the show along with America and see how Ben was with the other girls and with Courtney, she realizes now, that maybe he wasn't the best match for her.



I'm sure a lot of you heard her tell Ben "Call me" as he walked her out after letting her go, but she says that was just a joke!  Interestingly enough, she didn't seem completely closed off to the idea of rekindling something later on.  She kind of went back and forth on that, but the girl does love to kid, so maybe that was just some more joking around.

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Ben Gives His Final Rose To...

It’s hard to believe that it’s finally all over!  Ben’s journey had some ups and downs, and only time will tell what the future holds for him.



The finale starts with Ben’s sister and mother arriving in Switzerland.  He clearly has a lot of love for his family and it seems like he really needed to have them there to bring him back down to earth.  I really can’t wait to see how Ben’s family reacts to the two different women and what their take on Courtney will be.  His sister seemed intrigued by the fact that he kept around the one woman that all of the others did not get along with.

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Preview of Lindzi's Finale Date, and Ben Talks with Courtney...AGAIN

Apparently, Ben and Courtney can't stop talking about her mean ways.  So, they chat about it again during their last evening together before decision time.



Also, it looks like Ben and Lindzi have some fun!  They get a private picnic on a gondola up on the slopes!



The big finale takes place Monday night at 8 p.m. on ABC!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


Preview of Courtney's Finale Date with Ben

We've got a couple of preview clips now of Ben and Courtney's last date before his big decision!  They apparently take a helicopter ride and have some fun in the snow.



The fun begins Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


'Bachelor' Finale Preview!

This looks like it is going to be one juicy finale on "The Bachelor"!  The rumor mill is churning hard out there!  I will be surprised if he doesn't pick Courtney, but you never know.  There are rumors that if he did pick her they are already broken up so is there still hope for Lindzi, kind of like the Jason Mesnick/Molly success story?  

Ben reunites with his family who will meet the final two women and, hopefully, will be able to help him find clarity about which bachelorette is right for him. When Ben's mother and sister find out that one of the women didn't get along well with the other ladies, it immediately raises a red flag for them, but Ben pleads with them to keep an open mind.

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Courtney on 'The Women Tell All', Real Apology or Crocodile Tears?

This week it was time for “The Women Tell All” special.  It kicked off by showing a lot of making out in Las Vegas at a “Bachelor” reunion.  They recapped what was going on with Ed and totally set it up as a person to appear on this upcoming season of “Bachelor Pad”.  Let’s hope so!  Ryan P. was also featured.  All of the girls want to be with him because he’s as sweet as can be! 


It was also time to catch up with Ali.  She and Roberto were on the show for 18 months.  She spoke a bit about their breakup, basically just saying that it didn’t work out.  Funny enough, it didn’t work out for Frank and the woman he left Ali for on the show.  They reconnected at the reunion.  Ali seemed pretty open to talking to him again!  A lot of people are seeing a connection between them.  They were also talked about as possibly appearing on “Bachelor Pad”!  Wow!

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Full Transcript of Interviews with Kacie and Nicki

Here is the full transcript of the conference call with Kacie and Nicki. I've highlighted my portion of the call in PURPLE.


Question: So, when you had your conversation with Ben on this past week's episode he said he felt like you were worlds apart. Do you feel like your hometown date had a lot to do with it with him meeting your family and do you think prior to that he was planning on keeping you around?


Kacie Boguskie: I think that coming to my hometown and to the South which is unfamiliar to him -- it was the first he had ever been down this way -- really showed him a different world. As much as I'd like to think that, you know, California and Tennessee aren't that different, they are. And so I think it influenced his decision.

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