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Lindzi Cox Talks About Her 'Bachelor' Experience

Right after "Live with Kelly", Lindzi Cox took some time to speak to me in the green room about her time on "The Bachelor" and what she really thinks about Ben and her feelings about Courtney.


She seemed very happy and like the time away from the show has given her some new perspectives.  Especially being able to watch the show along with America and see how Ben was with the other girls and with Courtney, she realizes now, that maybe he wasn't the best match for her.



I'm sure a lot of you heard her tell Ben "Call me" as he walked her out after letting her go, but she says that was just a joke!  Interestingly enough, she didn't seem completely closed off to the idea of rekindling something later on.  She kind of went back and forth on that, but the girl does love to kid, so maybe that was just some more joking around.


She had a lot to say about how Courtney conducted herself and for the most part, was bothered by the fact that she called her "boring" because she says if there is one thing she isn't it's boring!  I have to agree.  Lindzi seems like the kind of girl anyone would love to be friends with and go out with.  I think Courtney mostly said that because she knew she was her only real threat when it came to Ben.


I'll have more from Courtney later in a conference-call style interview and also, during that call, the rosemaster himself, Chris Harrison, will also take some time to answer questions, so I'll have that as well!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


Joan Jamison

Lindzi Cox is a total class act. She is who we want our daughters to be like. Courtney is who we pray our daughters are not like. The show is a joke. The message is be total trash and you will win. Lindzi is way too good for him, her or the show. We are all so proud of this young lady. We are so ashamed of Courtney and Ben. Let's all smile when this falls apart in a week and say we told you so. Let's all pray Lindzi never goes back to him.

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