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New Interview with Chris Harrison and Lindzi Cox on 'Bachelor' Finale

Chris Harrison and Lindzi Cox took part in a conference call interview with reporters this afternoon.  


It was interesting to hear Chris' perspective on what went down on the "After the Final Rose" special.  Lindzi elaborated a little bit more on her feelings, and shared that she was actually at the "After the Final Rose" taping but never came out because she, Chris, and the producers felt that things got so intense with Ben and Courtney, it would have been weird to rehash their whole situation too.  Plus Lindzi says that she didn't have any more questions for Ben and she feels like she got sufficient closure.


Lindzi also spoke about her "dumpsville" ex-boyfriend who broke up with her in a text message, and said that despite the rumors, they DID NOT get back together, and would only say, "It's amazing what people will do to make a dollar".


I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Lindzi on "Bachelor Pad".  She really seems to want to do the show and she was so popular, I would be amazed if they didn't pick her.  She also admitted that she does have a crush on a few past "Bachelors" and contestants although she wouldn't reveal who they are!  She wants to keep some mystery going.


Meantime, Chris Harrison said that he really didn't know what to expect at that "After the Final Rose" taping.  He said he's always known if the couple was together or broken up before hand and no one, not even the couple, knew what was going on in their relationship.


I asked him if it was awkward having to take out the ring and ask Ben what he wanted to do with it, but he was relieved to see that they wanted to work things out.  He's hoping that lasts.  Chris says that Ben and Courtney do not currently have plans to move in together, rather they are going to travel back and forth to each other's cities before doing anything permanent.  Chris said that is fine, but if they don't actual spend quality time together the tabloids and the distance will rip them apart.


It was funny, because Chris was asked about the whole Tim Tebow being "The Bachelor" rumor and he laughed and said that he takes full responsibility for starting that.  It turned out it was just a joke that got picked up and went out of control.  Tebow said that he wouldn't have time to be "The Bachelor" but Chris did admit that he thought he would be a good one.  He also thought if George Clooney were single again he would make a great one too, ha ha!


Finally, let's talk a little more "Bachelor Pad 3".  This year they are going to have fans on the show!  Chris said it will probably be at least one man and one woman although there is the potential to have more.  It all depends on how many past contestants they choose and who agrees to take part.  I asked if he saw potential for the contestants to just gang up on their poor fans right away and get them out of the house, but Chris said it really could go any way because maybe the guy or girl will be really hot and join some kind of alliance.  I guess we will have to wait and see what they decide to do with it!


Update: Although I hoped to have the full transcript Wednesday, it looks like I will be getting it Thursday morning sometime...so sorry for the delay!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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