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New Interview with Kacie B. and Nicki

Kacie B and Nicki took some time to chat with reporters today about their eliminations by Ben on "The Bachelor".  Kacie B. was up first, and she really does seem exactly the same person on the show that she is off.


Kacie said, "I think that coming to my hometown and coming to the south really showed him a different world, I think it influenced his decision."  She said that Tennessee and California are like two different worlds and she didn't think that it was where he could see himself.


As for how he took the news of what she thought about Courtney when she made her surprise visit to Switzerland, she said that she didn't think he reacted coldly, she said, "I think he’s processing what you are saying," and basically that he was making sure he was hearing everything correctly and thinking of follow up questions to ask.


I was surprised at what she had to say about he and Courtney possibly ending up together, "For his happiness and compatibility it seems like he and Courtney get along great".  Sure they do, but that doesn't have to mean that you are rooting them on! 


However, she is still not a fan of Courtney.   So what bothers Kacie about her, "I think for me personally it was the little jabs and comments under her breath and how she would position herself to be noticed more.  I think she has two sides, the side in the house, and side around Ben, I have a problem with a person with two different sides."


Next up, Nicki took her turn to talk about her experience on the show, and I'll say this, she really did seem to genuinely love Ben.


She says that she didn't think the fact that she didn't get a lot of one-on-one time with Ben influenced his decision about her.  Nicki thinks that the time they spent together was "Meaningful" and "enough" and that it was really a compliment to her that he took her so far without having as much time as he did with some of the others.


As for falling in love, "I absolutely knew that I was in love with him and it may seem like a fantasy world, but I did get to know him very well, and they were true and deep feelings and he’s a great person, I don’t regret falling fast at all, it hurts to see it now, but in that situation you get to know someone quicker than on the normal dating scene."


She says that watching the show back has helped her understand the feelings that Ben has had for the other ladies, because she didn't get to see everything obviously.  She didn't understand his connection with Lindzi, but she says she does now.  She also thought the things that Courtney said were horrible.


Nicki said that in the end, "I see him more so with Lindzi.  Their sense of humors are compatible, my hope is that he picks her.  I think it would be a mistake if he picks Courtney, I think he made a mistake by sending me home, and it would be a mistake to pick her."


I'll have the full transcript of the interviews tomorrow!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese




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