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Emily Makes her Debut as 'The Bachelorette'

It’s finally here!  It’s the new season of “The Bachelorette” with Emily Maynard.  This show will follow Emily and her journey for love along with a step-father for her daughter Ricki.  The show recapped how her fiancé Ricky Hendrick died in a plane crash.  She found out she was pregnant just days later.  Emily is just 26 years old, but already seems more mature and beyond her years.  It also looked back at her engagement with Brad Womack during his season of “The Bachelor”. 


Chris Harrison kicked off the season from Charlotte, North Carolina.  The show then picked a few Bachelors to tell us more about.  Bachelor Kalon says that he’s changed his womanizing ways and he’s now looking for love.  He’s 27 and he says that he’s looking for a wife, but we’ll have to wait and see. 


Ryan was a pro football player for quite some time and now he spends his time working with children. He has a really cute dog!  There are points for that!


Tony is a fitness buff and a father to a 5-year-old son.  Maybe he and Emily will bond over their children.  He found out that his college-sweetheart had met someone else, so they ended up getting divorced.


Lerone is a Bachelor of color.  There’s been a lot of talk about this and there not being enough diversity on the show.  We’ll see how far he makes it.  Maybe if America falls in love with him, he can be our first “Bachelor” with a different ethnic background.  It would be great to see!


Singer/songwriter David from New York City thinks that he’s the perfect match for Emily, but I doubt it.  I mean, he would have to give up the city to be a dad to Emily’s daughter.


Charlie was in a horrible accident when a friend’s balcony collapsed during a party.  He actually suffered a traumatic brain injury and had some brain damage.  He says he wants to experience true love now that he’s got a second chance at live. 

Jef from Salt Lake City is the CEO of a bottled water company that helps out people in third world countries.  I think she’ll like that!



Arie is a racecar driver.  I wonder if Emily will be able to cope with that.  She already lost one love as he was on his way to a race, I don’t know if she will want to go back down that road again.  We’ll have to see what she thinks of him once she knows what he does.


Then, they showed Emily at home getting ready for her big night with her daughter Ricki.  The next thing you know, she pulls into the mansion and Chris Harrison greets her.  They have a heart to heart for a while and then, it’s time for the limos to arrive!


Let’s break it down by limo, guy, and their introduction:


Limo #1

Sean, 28, from Texas says that he can’t wait to talk to Emily and get to know her a bit, pretty run of the mill as far as introductions go.

David, 33, from NYC asks her about why she chose Charlotte for the show.

Doug, 33, from Seattle says that he’s a hugger and talks about how he left his 11-year-old son at home and asks about how Ricki is doing.  I think Emily really enjoyed talking to him and can relate to him.

Jackson, 29, from Illinois gets down on one knee and says “Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but the number of moments that take your breath away.” Gag.

Joe, 27, from LA is the annoying guy in the promo that yells “EMILY!” and he reminds me of a sitcom character or something.


Limo #2

Arie, 30, from Arizona is the race car driver who says that he’s excited to meet her and can’t wait to talk to her later.

Kyle, 29, from California says that he couldn’t wait to meet her and he finds her stunning.

Chris, 25, from Chicago says that he feels blessed to be standing there with her and tells Emily about his parents’ marriage and their advice to him.  She said that she thought he was so sweet.

Aaron, 36, is a biology teacher from Long Beach and says he is there to find Chemistry there with her…lame.

Alessandro, 30, from St. Paul, MN is originally from Brazil and tells her how gorgeous she is in Spanish.


Limo #3

Jef rides in holding on to the back of the limo on a skateboard.  He’s 27 and from Salt Lake City.  Emily tells him that he smells really good.

Lerone, 29, from LA tells her that being a single mom is one of the most attractive things about her and she says that helped calm her nerves for the night.

Stevie, 26, from New Jersey comes in dancing 70’s style and they talk about how he’s an entertainer.

Charlie, 32, from Nashville talks about how he was worried about tripping and falling and how they can get through the night together.

Tony, 31, from Oregon comes in like Prince Charming with a glass slipper and asks Emily to try it on.  You know he researched that shoe size!  There’s no way he would have risked that not fitting!


Limo #4

Randy, 30, from California pretends to be a grandma and even dresses the part only to rip of the costume and show his true self.

Nate, 25, California is an accountant who Emily tells that he smells good and says he’s so cute.

Brent, 41, is from California and asks for a hug and then puts on a name tag.  He asks her to take it off of him once she remembers his name.

John, 30, from St. Louis tells her that all of his friends call him “Wolf”, um ok.

Travis, 30, from Madison, WS brings in an ostrich egg and says that he will take care of the egg like he would take care of her and Ricki.  The guys cannot believe that he brought the egg with him.


Limo #5

Long hair
Michael, 26, from TX has really long hair and he gives her a guitar pick.

Jean-Paul, 35, is a marine biologist from Seattle.  He says that he doesn’t know much about her but he’s excited to learn more.

Alejandro, 24, is a mushroom farmer from California who enters speaking Spanish and explains that he is originally from Colombia.

Ryan, 31, is the sports trainer from Georgia who used to play pro football.  He took out a piece of paper that said “You’re so beautiful” and “I’m so nervous”.


Then, a helicopter flew in and Kalon stepped out.  The guys had been worried that it was Brad or Bentley.  Kalon is 27 and from Houston, TX.  I think the guys are going to hate him already.  He doesn’t really explain the helicopter and apologizes for being late but promises to be worth the wait.


Chris Harrison kicks off the extended first cocktail party and reminds Emily that there is a first impression rose on the line.  She says so far, she doesn’t know what she wants to do with it.  Emily welcomes the guys there and says that she’s blown away by all of them and the helicopter entrance! 


Chris gets a little time alone with Emily and gives her a bobble head of himself and one of Emily.  It’s pretty cute.  They play with the bobble heads like someone would play with Barbie’s and they talk about how there is a spark there.  Cute!


Then the other guys pass around Travis’ ostrich egg.  He cushions it with pillows, how adorable.


Jef chats with Emily who admits off camera that he makes her feel like a nerd because he comes off with a cool guy.  They seem to have a nice conversation though!  He wasn’t someone I would have picked right off the bat for her but she left hoping that he would like her too.

Doug is a single dad and he again brings up Ricki and explains how he has custody of his son.  He gives her a note from his son.  It was a really cute note and Emily says that she likes Doug and thinks that he’s a great dad and hopes to someday meet his son Austin.


Chris Harrison then brings out the first impression rose and all of the guys start to get grabby for Emily and start trying to steal her away.  They also start talking about how they don’t like Kalon and they start making fun of his helicopter.  It didn’t really faze him. 

He spoke to Emily about how he hopes she doesn’t think he’s insincere because of his grand entrance.  He’s in the middle of talking about his single mother, and makes things really awkward for Sean who tries to interrupt. Stevie, the DJ from Jersey basically had the first confrontation of the season when he calls Kalon out for not stepping aside when Sean asked for some time with Emily.  The tension is hanging in the air!


Arie and Emily chat about how he is also a racecar driver.  She said that she’s totally ok with it because she loves racing and has a lot of great memories at the race track and in fact it’s one of the only sports she actually knows things about!  I was worried that it might not be a good idea for him to bring that up right away, but it went well for him.



Emily grabbed the first impression rose and went and found Doug!  Yay!  I really like him and I think that he could be a really great match for her.  He’s also a really cute guy.  She says that he makes her feel comfortable and he gladly accepted the first impression rose.  I kind of feel bad for the guy a little because that rose puts a target on your back as far as the rest of the guys are concerned.



1)      Doug already has the first impression rose

2)      Chris

3)      Ryan

4)      Kalon

5)      Arie

6)      Charlie

7)      Jef

8)      Nate (so serious!)

9)      Sean

10)   Joe (EMILY yeller)

11)   Kyle

12)   Aaron

13)   Alejandro

14)   John (Wolf, will she actually call you that?)

15)   Alessandro

16)   Michael (eww long hair)

17)   Stevie (the DJ entertainer)

18)   Tony

19)   Travis


Out of that lot of guys, I think I am rooting for Doug, Chris, Arie, Travis and Tony.  Of course that could all change as we learn more about their personalities.  Emily was so gracious and told the guys that she really did think that they were amazing people.  Can you believe Brent has six kids?!  I thought that was a joke when he mentioned it earlier in the show! 


On this season of “The Bachelorette” they travel the world!  She definitely gets some prime time kissing time.  She says that she doesn’t plan on getting to intimate so we’ll see if she sticks with that.  They totally set Kalon up as the villain.  Someone in the house apparently refers to Ricki as baggage and she sends him packing.  There will be a LOT of man tears shed this season.  It’s going to be an amazing season!  I hope she finds what she’s looking for!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


PS – I’ll post more pictures soon!



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