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Emily Sends Some Guys Packing Before the Rose Ceremony!

This week began with Emily getting served breakfast in bed by her mother, and Ricki being a little out of sorts because her mamma has been gone in the evenings.  It’s tough work being “The Bachelorette”.




Chris Harrison dropped off the first date card which read “Love is a steady climb” for Chris.  He seems like a great guy and I’m glad he’s getting the chance at a one-on-one date.  She mentioned again right off the bat on the date how good looking she thinks he is.  Sounds promising!  She takes him to a restaurant with the best view, which is high up, and she surprises him with the fact that they will be climbing the building!  Then it starts thundering and lightning and Emily was really scared but Chris helped her through it.  He chickened out at giving her a kiss, but gave her a high five instead.  Ha, yes Chris, that’s just as good.



It was really windy out for their rooftop dinner and she needed a hair thing.  I'm guessing someone behind the scenes saw that and got her one.  Emily reveals to him that she thinks he would be too good looking for her to approach and he says that he would have worked up the courage to go talk to her because he wouldn’t be able to resist, aww.  He said that his last relationship lasted six years, and he’s only 25 years old.  Emily saw that as a red flag, but I really think she needs to base her opinions on the person and not their age.



Tony was back at the house talking to his son and he’s getting second thoughts about being away it seems.  Meantime, a date card for the group date arrives and it says, “Let’s play”.  Tony decides to refocus his attentions on winning the rose on the group date.



Back on the one-on-one date, Chris does his best to tell Emily that family comes first, he’s experienced a lot, and he wants to start a life with someone and that she should not let his age bother her.  She decides that she wants to follow her heart and she cares about him and gives him the rose!  Then, they go and watch Luke Brian, a country music star, perform in their own semi-private concert.  While dancing they kiss!  He seems like he’s a good kisser fortunately!  Chris says that he feels like he’s starting to fall in love with Emily and that this was a top moment in his life!  Aww!  I love him already!  Emily says that she’s starting to fall for him too!



Next, it was time for the group date.  Ryan is on this group date and he’s going in confident after having a one-on-one with her last week.  Meantime, Doug and Sean talk about how they are glad they didn’t aggressively approach her…um ok.  Then Emily leaves and goes to get her group of girlfriends.  They are going to grill the guys on if they are right for Emily and right for Ricki.  Tony talked about his son with her friends and so did Doug.  The friends really liked Doug.  They were surprised by Travis and his disgusting egg.  John “Wolf” says that he never cheated on a girlfriend, and let’s hope he was telling them the truth!  Then, Stevie started dancing and so did Tony.  It was very weird.  Ryan did pushups for them and they seemed semi-impressed by it.  Sean tells the friends that they have connected on a few points and that his family is centered around their faith and that he’s prepared for having a daughter and her friends love, love, loved him!  They even tried flirting with him!  He takes off his shirt for them and does pushups with one of her friend sitting on him!



After the interrogation, Emily blows a whistle and a whole bunch of kids show up.  The guys all play with them at the playground and Emily thought Doug and Tony were great with the kids because they were dads and Jef played with the kids like a kid.  Ryan decides to break away from the pack and talk to Emily and her friends.  He made the mistake of saying that he’d still love her if she got fat after they got married and Emily did not like that AT ALL.  Yikes Ryan.



Later at a cocktail party, based on her friends’ assessments, she takes some time to talk to Sean and Doug.  Sean talks to her about how he comes from a family where his parents are still in love and go on date nights.  With Doug she looks to find out more about him other than the fact that he’s a father.  He talks about how his dad raised he and his sister, and how they ended up in a foster home and how he and his sister were split up for a while.  Emily thinks he’s very strong and a great person despite everything he’s been through and such a positive guy.


Tony is again obsessing about whether or not to stay on the show because he misses his son so much.  He does get some time with Emily and talks to her about how much he misses his son.  He tears up and she tries to console him.  She tells him not to feel bad because it’s harder on him than it is on his son.  She tells him that she hopes that he can hang in there.



Back at the house, another date card arrives.  This time it’s for Arie.  It said, “Love is a wild ride.”  I wonder if they will be doing something with racing since he’s a race car driver.



Jef tells her that he’s got a major crush on her, and I bet she was super excited to hear that since she thinks he is “so cool”.  Meantime, in a back alley, Doug tries to talk some sense into Tony who is considering going home.  They have a dad to dad talk.  He still has a tough time though anyway and thinks that his son won’t understand the fact that he’s looking for love.  Emily finds him crying outside again.  She tells him about how much she missed Ricki while she was on “The Bachelor”.  She says that if Brad knew that she wasn’t for him she would have wanted him to send her home.  She says that she can’t keep him longer because she doesn’t want to be the one keeping him from her son and she doesn’t think that he’s probably the one for her in the end so she sends him home.  If he was using his son as a strategy to win the rose on this date, that sure backfired!  Tony left with no tears about her sending him home because he says he was so happy to get back to his son.



Emily decides to give the group date rose to Sean!  It’s nice that we finally got to know more about him and apparently the stuff that Emily learned about him she really liked a lot.  I think it would be great to see them on a one-on-one.



Arie got picked up by Emily for his one-on-one date in a limo.  She takes him to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee on a private plane.  She says that she likes how “chill” he is.  They go to Dollywood!  They play some carnival games and then ride the WildEagle rollercoaster.  Emily hates rollercoasters and has never been on a serious one!  She rides on it anyway with Arie and makes it through.



Later, they head to the theater at the park and they write a love song.  Then, as a special surprise Dolly Parton comes out!  Emily freaks out because she loves her so much!  Dolly wrote a song especially for them and then they dance while she sings. It was really cute!  Dolly tells Arie to make himself scarce so that they can have some girl talk.  She says that she and her husband have been married almost 46 years so she knows love can last.  Dolly says that she knows all about Emily’s past and hopes she finds true love because she deserves it.  Then Dolly sings a love song she wrote for her husband in case everything works out for Emily and Arie.  Dolly thinks that they seem into each other! 



They didn’t get to do a lot of talking to each other, so Emily and Arie sit down to a private dinner in the park.  Arie says that he dated a woman with two children and the breakup was tough because he became very attached to the children.  Arie said that he wanted to have children and his ex did not and that was a breaking point in the relationship.  Arie asks her about her relationship with Brad and Emily says that he wasn’t as ready for marriage and kids as he thought he was.  Arie says that he was totally ready for that next step and admitted that he is scared that his busy schedule would be bad for them.  Emily says that she likes her space but she wants to make sure that when he is away he is thinking about her.  She had a great time overall on their date so she gives him the rose after messing with him and saying “but”!  They take a carousel ride together on one of the bench seats and do some kissing!  Going around and around on that thing would make me sick!  Good thing it didn’t for Emily that sure would have wrecked the mood!



Emily is then back at her house getting ready for the cocktail party with her daughter Ricki who sprayed a lot of perfume on her!  At least she’ll smell extra good now ha ha!  Kalon gets pulled aside first at the cocktail party to chat because he didn’t get to go on any dates this week.  He says that he took it personally when he didn’t get a date with her this week.  She asks him how he feels about being a father to Ricki possibly, and then he cuts her off during his answer when she tried to interrupt him.  He talks himself into a deep hole.  She hated when he said that to her and she found it condescending.  That’s a HUGE red flag Emily, send his butt packing!



Travis says that if you love something you need to set it free so he asks her to set “Shelly” free and they smash his ostrich egg.  He says it’s kind of sad but he wanted to get beyond the egg and really get to know her.  Back around the campfire, the guys toast “Shelly” and pour a little of their drinks out in the egg’s honor.  How weird.



Alessandro and Emily chat and he says that although he doesn’t have experience with children he’s willing to learn.  Then he tells Emily that having her and a daughter in his life would be a “compromise”.  She’s really uncomfortable with his answer to her question and she thinks that it should be an honor for whoever she picks to have Ricki in their life and it should be an honor to be her step-father.  Honestly, what kind of answer was that, he just came of like a total jerk.  I’m fairly certain we’ve seen the last of him.  Sean added that Alessandro told her friends that he cheated on an ex and that he’s had a one night stand.  She does send him packing immediately!  Alessandro admits that he couldn’t give Emily and Ricki what they need out of life.



Emily comes back really upset.  She goes to Arie to get comforted.  She tells him about Alessandro and he says just think about our date because it was great.  He gives her a hug and then kisses her.  The other guys spy that happening and Ryan gets upset.  He says he never saw a guy like Arie as competition for some reason.



Sean says that he hated having to wait two days to talk to her again because that’s not the way he operates in the real world.  He says he would have texted her that night.  Sean says that when he was talking to her friends he told then that his dad has taught him to be a perfect dad and he would want Ricki to be his daughter and she can call him whatever she wants but she would be his daughter.  That was exactly what Emily needed to hear and then she and Sean kiss! 



Then it was time to hand out roses!  Arie, Sean and Chris already had roses.  Additional roses were given to:




Michael (long hair, when will we get to know more about him?)

Travis (sans egg)


Ryan (even with the fat comment?  I guess it wasn’t too bad)

John “Wolf”

Kalon (no freaking way!  I never would have given him one; in fact, I would have escorted him to a cab right then and there!)



So Stevie, the dancing entertainer, was the only one eliminated at the rose ceremony.  Tony and Alessandro were eliminated earlier.  Stevie said that he really liked her but she obviously saw more in the other guys. 


Next week, Emily takes the guys on their first location to Bermuda!  It looks like she and Arie are going to do some more kissing while Jef will get some kind of alone time on a date with Emily.  It looks like someone gets hurt on a group date and some of the guys go after Ryan while Chris and Doug face off against each other.  It should get interesting! 


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