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Full transcript of interview with rejected Bachelor Joe

Joe Gendreau, who went on a one-on-one date with Emily and did not receive a rose, held a conference call Wednesday to discuss his brief time on "The Bachelorette."

It appears one of the prime reasons he went home was because of his hesitation when answering questions about being a father and where he sees himself in five years. He was very non-committal and played it kind of like "I'll see where life takes me." Emily, however, wants someone who wants kids right away and wants to step in and be a stepdad. So even though she had fun on the date, she let him go.

His attitude about the situation now basically remains the same. He says he was himself on the date and that they are in different places in their lives. He says he had a great time, but that he is single and free-spirited, while she is looking for someone more settled.

Joe said he put himself out there, but that they just didn't click or really hit it off. When asked why he went on the show, he said he thought it would be a great experience and that he was open to the possibility of a relationship and getting to know someone. Sorry, Joe, but that's not going to cut it with most marriage-hungry Bachelorettes, especially a 26-year-old single mom who wants more children and is in it to find love. And especially when these guys KNEW she was the one they were chasing after. The "I'll wing it and see if she likes me" attitude just isn't going to fly.

I asked him if he gave any thought to the specific type of guy Emily was looking for before his one-on-one date, and he said no, that he just went in being himself and would see what happens. He also said that, even knowing that one was question was so important, he wouldn't have done it any differently. He would still have answered truthfully and has no regrets.

As for his cold response to her decision, he said that he was content with her feelings and just wanted to move on. Once she made up her mind, he figured there wasn't much he could do to change it. He compared his attitude to Matthew McConaughey's, after Emily compared his appearance to the movie star's look.

He does think Emily had a bit of a home-field advantage, shooting in Charlotte. In addition to being more comfortable with producers and cameras, she also got to be on her one turf, in her own home, basically keeping up her daily activities. He said it was much more surreal for the guys, who were uprooted from across the country and thrown into a "castle."

He said he never had time to really develop any feelings for Emily, as he only knew her briefly. He has never been a viewer of the show before, but he met a lot of great people and doesn't know if being on the show will help him get dates or lead to a long-term thing, but he really didn't seem that concerned about his personal life.

Finally, he's pulling for Jef to win the thing. He feels like Jef is a great guy, and it seems like they'd be compatible because "he's got some money."

Here's the full transcript of Jeff's call. My questions are in blue.

Beth Kwiatkowski:     Hi, Joe.  How are you doing? 

Joe Gendreau:      Good.  How are you today? 

Beth Kwiatkowski:      Great, great.  My first question is, I guess, do you have any insight as to why you might have been eliminated and what reasoning you think might have gone into Emily’s decision to let you go so early on? 

Because I know Emily told you she didn’t think she and Ricki would fit into your life.  But I guess I’m asking what exactly do you think she meant by that and whether or not you agreed or disagreed with that? 

Joe Gendreau:      OK.  So, yes.  So, I believe we still really didn’t hit it off with each other.  We kind of are in different places in our lives.  I think, you know, I was a single, kind of, maybe free-spirited individual.  I think she was looking for someone more settled in a way, maybe more committed, and whether it be family or work or, you know, just looking for that. 

Beth Kwiatkowski:      OK, sure.  And although you were aware there was a rose up for grabs during your one-on-one date with Emily and that you had to earn it, did you really think there was a chance she would deny you the rose so early on?  Like, did you kind of just assume you’re going to be safe and get the rose as long as you had a good time together? 

Joe Gendreau:      Honestly, I tried to kind of keep the rose out of mind.  I didn’t really want to, you know, look at it as a challenge and commit and be like, “Oh, I really want to get that rose and stuff.”

                              I just wanted to see how my time was with her and entertain the idea of just being able to hit it off with her.  And ultimately, you know, it didn’t really work out, but, you know, it was – it was a great time though. 

Beth Kwiatkowski:      All right.  Thanks so much, Joe. 

Joe Gendreau:      All right, thank you. 

Operator:              Your next question comes from Carrie Bell from People Magazine. 

Carrie Bell:            Good morning. 

Joe Gendreau:      Hi.  Good morning, Carrie. 

Carrie Bell:            I was wondering now that you have seen, you know, the show and seen her comments and other guys and how she interacts with them, do you think that this was a good thing?  I mean, are you – do you feel like, “OK, this was the right decision.  We actually weren’t very compatible,” or, “It wasn’t going to work out”? 

Joe Gendreau:      Yes, you know, like, I think ultimately the decision she made was kind of, you know, it was on her choice and I went into it very open minded, entertaining the idea of possibly getting to know her more, which I guess we didn’t really quite hit it off and it didn’t work, as, you know, planned, 100 percent does hit it off. 

                              And, yes, you know, I mean whether she made the right decision or not, it’s kind of on her.  But for my part, I was really happy with everything that happened.  And I was able to put myself out there and just – we just didn’t really click well. 

Carrie Bell:            It seems like the sticking point really was this moment where she asked you, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” and you kind of – it seemed like you hesitated or stumbled and then sort of gave her an answer that maybe she didn’t think jive with where she saw herself. 

                              And then it seemed like the question of more children seems to be a stumbling block too.  And I don’t know if you see it that way or if you felt like your answer was fine, I mean, not that your answer was bad, I’m just saying it seemed like that was the moment where it was like, “Oh, wait.  OK, maybe we don’t jive.”

Joe Gendreau:      Yes.  I agree.  She had asked me where do I see myself in five years and to me I’m kind of, you know, one that you might call happy, and you know, what with no regrets.  And I think she was more looking for the, “I want to be here with these many kids,” maybe more in detail. 

                              And that kind of – that kind of ultimately, I think, maybe altered her decision.  So, you know, which was by all means, you know, I didn’t take offense by it or anything like that, you know.  I think she’s really trying to look for the word, you know, determined in what she wants and maybe she didn’t quite see that in me like as far as a specific role that she wants me to play or that a guy who wants to play for her. 

Carrie Bell:            OK.  So, can you clarify that your – were you anti sort of having a bunch of more kids or I mean just – 

Joe Gendreau:      What’s that? 

Carrie Bell:            Or was it just that you don’t like want to put a number on it and put the details on it. 

Joe Gendreau:      Yes.  You know, I’m definitely willing to have more kids or, you know, wanting to have kids in my life one day and, you know, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there and stuff.  But as, you know, I mean, as far as being open to it, absolutely. 

                              I was not close minded about, you know, having more kids or, you know, marriage and all that stuff.  Definitely I want to entertain the idea of all of that in my life. 

Carrie Bell:            OK, thank you. 

Joe Gendreau:      Yes. 

Operator:              Your next question comes from Hal Boedeker from the Orlando Sentinel. 

Hal Boedeker:       Hey, there.  I’m wondering how you would sum up the experience of being on this show and do you want to do more TV? 

Joe Gendreau:      No – no more TV.  Great experience, I’ve met a tremendous amount of great guys that were in that house, all the production staff, great people.  But I wouldn’t probably entertain the idea of doing more TV, but ultimately great experience, great time, really, really, you know, it will be a great memory I’ll have for the rest of my life. 

Hal Boedeker:       And why no more TV? 

Joe Gendreau:      Just personal, you know, just once was enough I guess you could say. 

Hal Boedeker:       OK.  You’re back in Orlando? 

Joe Gendreau:      Yes, I am.  I am. 

Hal Boedeker:       Can you talk about that? 

Joe Gendreau:      Yes.  A great opportunity arose for me to come to Orlando and work for a great company (inaudible) and I do quality control for them.  And the show kind of ultimately led me back to Orlando.  And it’s a – it’s a great opportunity. 

Hal Boedeker:       Thank you so much and congratulations. 

Joe Gendreau:      Thank you. 

Operator:              Your next question comes from Paige Feigenbaum from Entertainment Tonight. 

Paige Feigenbaum:     Good morning. 

Joe Gendreau:      Good morning. 

Paige Feigenbaum:     On your one-on-one date with Emily, you wrote a very sweet note that was directed personally at her, but when she read hers afterwards, it was a bit more generic.  Did you know at that point in time that maybe you weren’t going to get the rose that night? 

Joe Gendreau:      I’m sorry, I didn’t quite hear that.  What was, it was –? 

Paige Feigenbaum:     Oh, sure.  When you’re on your one-on-one date with Emily and you were writing notes for that love clock. 

Joe Gendreau:      Yes. 

Paige Feigenbaum:     Yours was written, directed at her.  But when she read the note she wrote to you, it was a bit more generic and maybe towards any of the guys in the running, not specifically you.  Did you know at that point in time that things may not have continued on for you in the competition? 

Joe Gendreau:      No, not really.  I felt that she was very aware of the love clock and kind of maybe planned out her wish –her wish, whereas I felt I was more put on the spot and they asked me, “Hey, make a wish.” And it was like, let it out right now, and it was really quick.  And that’s the best I could come up with, I was so on the spot.  So I think she had a little time to come up with hers and she ultimately kind of planned that. 

Paige Feigenbaum:     And what is your opinion of Kalon?  He’s definitely standing out as calling some (traits) amongst the guys so far. 

Joe Gendreau:      As far as Kalon, you know, he seems like a great guy.  I don’t really know him too well.  But I wish him the best. 

Paige Feigenbaum:     Great, thank you. 

Joe Gendreau:      Yes. 

Operator:              Your next question comes from Catriona Wightman from Digital Spy. 

Catriona Wightman:  Hi, Joe.  It’s great to speak with you today. 

Joe Gendreau:      Hi. 

Catriona Wightman:  Emily said on your date that she wished it had gone badly just so that you’d know that it was coming, that she was going to send you home.  Did you have any idea that it was – that she was going to send you home or do you think that it was going really well? 

Joe Gendreau:      Yes, I thought it was going well. 

Catriona Wightman:  OK.  And then the other men seemed quite surprised when you didn’t return.  Did you get on quite well with them? 

Joe Gendreau:      Yes, I did.  I did.  All the guys were great guys in the house.  And I got along really well with them. 

Catriona Wightman:  Brilliant.  And then just quickly, what can you say about, what did you make of Emily because she’s quite emotional afterwards, she’s quite upset and there was some tears.  What was it like watching that for you? 

Joe Gendreau:      Yes, you know, she is a great girl.  I wish her the best and she was very nice and very sweet.  And like I said, you know, I’m sure she’ll be able to find the right guy for her. 

Catriona Wightman:  OK, great.  Thank you so much. 

Joe Gendreau:      Yes. 

Operator:              Your next question comes from William King from WABC. 

William King:        Hey, how are you doing? 

Joe Gendreau:      Hey.  How’s it going? 

William King:        Good.  So, you know, in that moment when you’re on the date versus watching it back on TV, when she asked that question about the future and the kids, what did you think of your answer and did you realize that it was going to be such an important question at that time?  Like how did – how did you view it differently when you watched it back later? 

Joe Gendreau:      Yes.  You know, I mean that’s just me.  That was myself.  I answered it truthfully and I was just myself, you know, where I see myself five years.  I want to be happy with no regrets.  That’s something I’d like to achieve. 

William King:        And knowing that that might have been, you know the make or break question that kept you, that got you a rose or not, if you could do that over, would you still answer the same way or would you try and be maybe a little more appealing to what it’s evident that she’s looking for in someone else? 

Joe Gendreau:      No.  Like I said, I would still just be myself and answer it truthfully in a way that I felt, I – you know, the way that I’d like to answer it and how I did.  I wouldn’t – I wouldn’t change – I wouldn’t change my answer. 

William King:        All right, thanks a lot. 

Joe Gendreau:      Yes. 

Operator:              Your next question comes from Lauren Wang from KITV. 

Lauren Wang:      Hey, Joe.  How are you? 

Joe Gendreau:      Good.  How are you? 

Lauren Wang:      I’m good.  Would you have acted differently when she – I felt like your response to her when she let you go home – would you have tried to stay more or do you think you – you kind of just left which you didn’t put up a fight. 

                             Would you have done something differently after the – after she said that she didn’t feel the spark? 

Joe Gendreau:      No.  After she made her decision, I was content with that.  And, you know, I wanted to move on and I wish her the best.  No, I don’t think I would, you know – if anyone, someone feels they make up their mind emotionally, you know, that’s a decision that they feel is right, you know.  And I respect that. 

Lauren Wang:      OK.  And then do you have a favorite guy that you’re kind of pulling for? 

Joe Gendreau:      My money is on Jef. 

Lauren Wang:      OK, thank you. 

Joe Gendreau:      Yes. 

Operator:              You have a follow-up question from Hal Boedeker from the Orlando Sentinel. 

Hal Boedeker:       Yes.  I want to go back to the idea that the show led you back to Orlando.  I want you if you could expand on that. 

Joe Gendreau:      Yes.  Like I said, I got a great career opportunity with a friend of a family member.  And like I said, I actually had taken off some time before the show and came and saw some family before the show and they were – I got, you know, kind of a job offer and they said, “Hey, give me a call when you’re off the show.”

                              So, I did and they ultimately led me back here. 

Hal Boedeker:       Did being on the show, what did it do for you mentally? 

Joe Gendreau:      The show by all means didn’t have anything to do with the job at all or anything.  And mentally it was just a great experience.  It was, you know, it was kind of like a nice vacation. 

Hal Boedeker:       OK.  Hey, thanks so much. 

Joe Gendreau:      Yes, absolutely. 

Operator:              Your next question comes from Jordi Lippe from Life & Style. 

Jordi Lippe:           Hey, Joe.  Thanks for talking today. 

Joe Gendreau:      Hey, all right. 

Jordi Lippe:           I just want to know, you know, Emily kept Ryan in the car and you guys didn’t really interact with Ricki at all while they were doing the performance with the Muppets.  Do you think that Emily is being too over protective by keeping the guys away from Ricki? 

Joe Gendreau:      No, I don’t think so.  You know, single mother, I’m sure she wants to be really protective.  I understand that. 

Jordi Lippe:           And which of the guys do you think are ready and are not ready to be a father to a six-year old? 

Joe Gendreau:      I got my money on Jef as far as which ones not, I’m not too sure to be honest with you. 

Jordi Lippe:           Great, thank you. 

Operator:              Your next question is a follow up from Carrie Bell from People Magazine. 

Carrie Bell:            You said your money is on Jef and I’m just wondering why? 

Joe Gendreau:      I would say maybe, you know, he seems like a great guy. 

Carrie Bell:            OK.  And you think he seems like he could be compatible with her? 

Joe Gendreau:      Yes, yes, I think so, maybe and he’s got some money. 

Carrie Bell:            OK. 

Joe Gendreau:      I’m sure that’s going to put me in a dog house somewhere. 

Carrie Bell:            Well, it does make the world go round as they say. 

Joe Gendreau:      Yes.  But no, you know, I hope maybe that was off the record I hope. 

Carrie Bell:            What do you think if – do you think that her filming in her hometown sort of changed the experience?  I think, you said you were living in Los Angeles at one point and, you know, that’s been the place where they’ve all started. 

                              So, I don’t know if you think that that sort of changed things or made because I mean you have – I mean you, of all people, got the more Bachelorette experience kind of date.  But do you think it sort of changed the way she entered the game because she’s on her home turf and she’s still doing her mom duties as she says, like during the day and going to the guys at night?  Or do you think that it was pretty much – 

Joe Gendreau:      Yes.  I mean it’s probably not as surreal for her I guess you could say as far as like the guy, shipped from all over the country, it’s much more surreal for them probably. 

                              All of us being put in a castle or a house, so I definitely think for her it could probably, you know, while it was happening and filming was going on, it probably wasn’t as big of a deal to her, you know, I guess you could say as compared to some of the guys that it was more like surreal to them. 

                              And, you know, this was round two for her.  So she was more comfortable probably with producers and cameras in her face compared to the guys.  So she definitely – I feel like it had a little bit of an advantage. 

Carrie Bell:            All right, cool.  Thanks. 

Joe Gendreau:      Yes. 

Operator:              Your next question is a follow up from Beth Kwiatkowski from Reality TV World. 

Beth Kwiatkowski:      Hey, Joe. 

Joe Gendreau:      Hey, what’s up? 

Beth Kwiatkowski:      So, how familiar were you with previous Bachelor and Bachelorette season?  Like I think this is the first time a Bachelorette kind of, you know, let a guy go on, their first one-on-one date so early in the season. 

                              So, I mean what are your thoughts on that?  Did you feel a little robbed of the experience and were you surprised to be cut at that point in the competition? 

Joe Gendreau:      No.  I thought it was a great experience.  I enjoyed every minute and as far as my knowledge of previous seasons and anything, I’ve never really watched the show before. 

Beth Kwiatkowski:      OK, sure.  And now, that you’ve been on The Bachelorette, do you think it will be easier to find a date and at the same time I guess do you worry that in a similar way that you know the people like the way they go on to The Bachelor and The Bachelorette for the wrong reasons that they might end up wanting to go out with you for the wrong reason, like do you know what I’m saying? 

Joe Gendreau:      Yes.  No, only time can tell. 

Beth Kwiatkowski:      OK, fair enough.  And you were only in the house a few days, but would you say you were starting to develop any feelings for Emily? 

Joe Gendreau:      No, I knew her very briefly. 

Beth Kwiatkowski:      Sure, sure.  And my last question for you, Joe is, you know, why did you originally go on to the Bachelorette? Was it really to find love and if so, why were you hoping to find love with Emily in particular? 

Joe Gendreau:      You know, we’re on the show to entertain the idea of possibly of a relationship and get to know someone.  So, that’s, you know, I wanted to do wherever it took me, but ultimately what happened and like I said, great experience. 

Beth Kwiatkowski:      OK, thanks a lot. 

Joe Gendreau:      Yes. 

Operator:              Your next question is a follow up from Catriona Wightman from Digital Spy. 

Catriona Wightman:  Hi, again, Joe.  I just wanted to ask you, Emily said that she was quite looking forward to the date because she thought you looked like Matthew McConaughey.  I just wanted to know if you’ve had that before and what you thought about that. 

Joe Gendreau:      I’ve gotten the Matthew McConaughey look alike comment before.  I think it is a compliment.  He’s a good looking guy, so what can I say?  And as far as, you know, his attitude, I kind of like to say I have a little bit of a similar attitude.  I’m a laid-back guy who likes to have a good time. 

Catriona Wightman:  Brilliant.  Thank you so much. 

Joe Gendreau:      All right. 

Operator:              Your next question is a follow up from William King from WABC. 

William King:        I was just wondering, if before you went on that one-on-one date, if you thought at all or if you had any conversation with the other guys about, you know, what you guys thought she would be specifically looking for in, you know, in you guys – whether like, she’s definitely going to want someone who wants to be a dad or who’s ready to take on that role. Or if you just kind of went in and said, “I’m going to be myself and whatever happens happened”? 


Joe Gendreau:      Yes, yes, I mean as far as talking with the guys and stuff, we, you know, I really didn’t give it much of a thought as a type of guy she was looking for.  I just went into it as being myself 100 percent and see if it would work out. 

William King:        OK, thanks. 

Operator:              Your next question is a follow up from Jordi Lippe from Life & Style. 

Jordi Lippe:           Hey, I just wanted to know, you brought up Jef a couple of times what qualities in him you think would make a good father? 

Joe Gendreau:      He seems like a caring individual and very financially stable. 

Jordi Lippe:           And have you – did you know if he got the chance to talk to Emily about Ricki at all?  Did they have a conversation? 

Joe Gendreau:      I’m not too sure to be honest. 

Jordi Lippe:           OK, thank you. 

Operator:              Your next question is a follow up from Paige Feigenbaum from Entertainment Tonight. 

Paige Feigenbaum:     I think I may have already know the answer to this, but just be clear, did you feel any more chemistry with Emily than she felt towards you? 

Joe Gendreau:      No, not really. 

Paige Feigenbaum:     OK, thank you very much. 

Joe Gendreau:      Yes. 

Operator:              And you have a follow up from Beth Kwiatkowski from Reality TV World. 

Beth Kwiatkowski:      Hey, Joe, just two last quick questions.  Kyle and Aaron were the other two guys who didn’t receive roses during the same episode you were eliminated.  How well did you know the two of them and what were your impressions of them?  Like, did you have any idea why Emily might have eliminated them as well? 

Joe Gendreau:      I think, I didn’t really know them super well.  I think one of them, the Canadian, is a biology teacher, right? 

Beth Kwiatkowski:      One is a biology teacher yes. 

Joe Gendreau:      Yes.  I didn’t really get a change to know him very well.  Kyle, you know, I didn’t really get to – I didn’t really get to know him very well.  Maybe, you know, I guess Emily didn’t really either.  Maybe didn’t, you know, not – yes.  Sorry, I got nothing to worry on that one. 

Beth Kwiatkowski:      OK, no prob. 

Joe Gendreau:      And I guess ultimately she never really got the opportunity to get to know them very well. 

Beth Kwiatkowski:      Sure, I got you.  And I know you mention Jef.  So, besides Jef I guess, were there any guys that sit out on your mind for being really pulled together, solid, matches for Emily?  Like who do you think would probably stick around for awhile while you were on the show? 

Joe Gendreau:      Definitely Arie, Arie will stick around.  Sean will stick around, those guys.  They’ll be around for awhile.  And then maybe Doug to, the guy who got the first impression rose. 

Beth Kwiatkowski:      OK, do you have any reasoning as to why you think that? 

Joe Gendreau:      Just solid good guys, you know good character. 

Beth Kwiatkowski:      OK, thanks Joe. 

Joe Gendreau:      Yes. 

Joe Gendreau:      All right, thank you.  Bye. 

-Bill King


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