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'The Bachelorette' Takes on 'The Muppets' and Some Tough Dates

The show started with the first date card coming for Ryan!  He’s a cutie!  He’s the former pro-football player.  Emily tells him not to expect an amazing adventurous date, rather, they will be spending their afternoon making chocolate-chip cookies because she’s the snack mom that day for Ricki’s soccer team.  He puts on the frilly apron and is a great sport about the whole thing.  He says he loves seeing Emily in that atmosphere and respected her decision to not introduce him to her daughter when they drop the snacks off.  I hope he means it!



Then, they headed to dinner, where a kind of lame group of fans assembled outside a restaurant that was emptied out just for them.  They have an in depth conversation about life, children and what they both want.  If he is telling the truth, he really could be a great match for Emily.   She tends to think that he may be too good to be true because he says all of the right things, but she decides to give him the rose anyway.


They walk back out through the lame crowd of fans down a red carpet to a tiny platform where they dance while the band “Gloriana” performed.  It was weird because everyone was taking pictures of them while they were trying to dance and have a romantic moment.  It would have been way more romantic if it had been a private concert.  There was a lot of cheek kissing and hugging, but no real kissing yet!



Bachelorette muppets 2
The next day, it was time for the big group date.  13 guys and Emily were off to meet the Muppets!  The guys learn that they will be singing, dancing and doing comedy to benefit her former fiance’s charity at the children’s hospital.  Tony does a hilarious impression of Miss Piggy!  His sense of humor is great!  Then, the guys are broken into groups where a few will dance, a few will sing, and a few will do some comedy for the audience.  Charlie is freaking out because he had a brain injury and he’s still recovering some of his speech.  He decides to go talk to Emily about his feelings and insecurities. 



Back at the house, the guys are talking about Charlie and his injury and how he was in a coma.  He’s relearned how to read and talk and do basically everything.



Bachelorette muppets 1
Emily of course is very understanding and tells him he doesn’t have to go in front of the crowd.  She tells him that she had no idea he was having any problems with anything and he says it is basically his insecurities getting in the way.  He decides that he will join the singing group instead.  Emily is happy that he will get to have some fun instead of freaking out all day.



Emily is nervous that her mom and daughter are in the audience.  Ricki was truly delighted to see her mom on stage.  The dance number goes swimmingly, and then it as time for the standup comedy section.  It was  pretty lame.  Then Aaron, Jef and Charlie do a little dating game type segment with Miss Piggy…I guess poor Charlie had to do more than just sing.  He was asked what do you tell a woman when you want to impress her and he had a great answer about how he would tell her everyday how special she is.  Even the other guys were impressed!



Piggy kermit
Lastly, little Ricki came up and sang “Rainbow Connection” with her mom and Kermit and Miss Piggy.  It was a really sweet moment and even the guys were touched too.  For the grand finale everyone came out and sang “Rainbow Connection”.  Such a great song!



After the show, the guys headed to a lounge to hang out with Emily.  They notice right away there is a date rose up for grabs.  Chris takes some time to talk to Emily and they talk about what they like about each other and apparently Emily loves that he’s really attractive and isn’t full of himself. 



Emily tells Jef that she’s bummed that he didn’t come up and talk to her and she’s wondering if he’s playing hard to get.  He says he swears he didn’t notice her checking him out and he’s actually been waiting for it because he can’t differentiate her looks between the guys. 



Back at the house, another date card arrives.  This time, it is for Joe!  He’s the guy who reminds me of “Joey Gladstone” from “Full House”.  He’s the guy who yelled “Emily!” a million times in the promos.



Steven and Emily chat and have a middle school type dance moment.  Charlie spies on them and then brings the other guys over to look on and make fun of Steven. 



Kalon goes over to interrupt and he says that he isn’t used to having to work to talk to a girl.  Ok, he is way too full of himself!  Aaron interrupts and he asks for two more minutes but Aaron says no!  What a jerk!  He should have given him the two minutes and if I were Emily I would have told Aaron to come back in a bit.  Stevie calls out Kalon for doing the same thing on the first night and then they have a confrontation and Stevie tells him that he doesn’t like him.  Kalon says, “I wouldn’t like me either if I were you.”  Oooh!  Snap Stevie!



Emily decides to give the date rose to Jef!  He seems surprised and like he wasn’t even paying attention when she was talking!  Chris is so genuine and he is so upset that he didn’t get the date rose.  The problem is I think Emily is for some reason extremely attracted to Jef and while she thinks Chris is good looking, finds him to be too safe or something.



Joe leaves in a limo to meet Emily for their one-on-one date.  She is waiting for him outside a private jet.  Even his shirts are like Joey Gladstone!  They hop on the jet and head for West Virginia.  They ride in an old vintage car to The Greenbrier.  It’s a resort that offers horseback riding, archery, golf, and a great spa.  It looks like a lot of fun!  They go swimming in the pool and in a side note, how cute was Emily’s black, white and pink button bikini?!  Love it!



Kalon talks about how he’s not sure about being a stepdad and how he wasn’t sure about having a child that wasn’t his as his first child.  Kalon and Doug get into a disagreement when Kalon basically tells Doug that he put being a father to his son on hold to be on the show.  Doug says that he’s never put being a dad on hold and that he’s really offended.  He also gets offended when he talks about Emily putting being a mom on hold and keeps telling him to “check it”.  Yikes.



Meantime, back in West Virginia, Emily descends down a staircase at the hotel in a stunning ball gown.  She literally took Joe’s breath away.  However, she says that she thinks a spark is missing at this point and is still trying to look for something.  She finds him really sweet and likes how he makes her comfortable at dinner.  They chat about where their lives will be in five years.  He has a hard time answering her questions about where their lives would be.  They write some little love notes anyway and put them inside the “love clock” and wait to see if their wishes come true. 



Poor Joe!  Emily is crying because she realizes that she had a great time but she doesn’t feel a spark.  He’s so concerned about her crying and says that “is there a ‘but’ coming in here” and says that she doesn’t know where they would fit in, in their life and he says he gets it and she says they weren’t looking for the same thing.  He graciously bows out and leaves.  He would make a great bachelor…he seems like someone who is really looking for love.  Then, dramatically Emily watches fireworks go off all by herself.  Aww.



After breaking Joe’s heart, Emily has to go break some more hearts at the rose ceremony.  Arie who didn’t have a date this week got some time to talk to Emily.  He talks about his life in Scottsdale and she talks about her life a little bit in Charlotte.  He actually dated a woman who had two children once and said that he loves kids. 



Ryan gives Emily a gift and he has a rose already.  Poor Tony is standing there reading a letter that Ryan gave her!  It was so awkward!!!  Jef found it hilarious.  He looked like he wished he could teleport himself anywhere else in the world!  Tony said that there was no way he was going to leave because he wanted to get his time with Emily!  Awkward!!!  Emily said that she wished he had picked a different time to give her such a long letter.



Tony wants to talk to her about his son.  He has a 5-year-old son named Taylor.  He said that he wishes he could have brought his son to share in the Muppets experience and talks about how hard it is to be away from his child.  They seemed to have a great conversation.



Kalon tries to handle some damage control with Emily and what was said with the guys the other day.  He talks about how great she is and blah, blah, blah.  “I’m an old man trapped in a young man’s body.”  Please.  The rest of the guys just talk about how much they hate him.



Roses went to:



Kalon (ick)

Arie (yay)

Michael (ugly long hair!)

Nate (who?)


Chris (good one!)


Travis (the egg guy)


John (wolf)




Stevie (seriously?!)



Aaron, Kyle, and earlier Joe were sent packing.  I think Aaron should have rethought wearing those hipster glasses perhaps.  Next week they go to a theme park (Dollywood?) and Dolly Parton performs.  It looks like Chris gets a one-on-one!  Also, the ostrich egg gets broken!  I don’t know what that is all about!



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