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Emily Explodes Over 'Baggage' Comment on 'The Bachelorette'

This week Emily and her remaining men traveled to London on her journey to love.  She also brought along little Ricki again and mother and daughter got to take in the sights together.  This is the chance of a lifetime for Ricki too!  What a great experience to travel the world at her young age.


Chris Harrison informs the guys that there will be a group date and two one-on-one dates this week.  If you don’t get a rose on your one-on-one you are sent packing.  A date card arrives for Sean and it read, “Love takes no prisoners”.  He is super excited and Jef is very bummed because he still hasn’t had a one-on-one date.


Emily and Sean meet up for their date and he learns he’ll be going on a tour of London on their own private double decker bus.  They see Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and St. Paul’s Cathedral.  They have a great time seeing the sights together and taking pictures all over town.  They take a picture in front of Buckingham Palace and kiss!  It was very smooth of Sean to suggest that.


Kalon made a comment to the guys back at the hotel that every date is a group date with Emily because Ricki will always be around.  Yikes.


Back on the one-on-one, Emily asks Sean about his last date and said that it was a bad one because the girl didn’t have the qualities he was looking for.  They both agree that good guys and girls are hard to come by.  Emily thinks that good looking guys are really boring usually and reassures him that he’s a lot of fun and she’s having a great time with him.  They end up in “Speakers Corner” where Sean gets on a platform where he talks about what he thinks about love and says that he’s hopeful that there could be love there.  Emily said that it was really “hot” watching him.   WOW!  I think she is really falling for this guy!


Later that evening, they have dinner at a prison tower!  It was actually really beautiful.  It should be noted that this whole time Emily is talking she is sounding quite hoarse.  I hope she isn’t actually sick because that would put a damper on things.  Emily asks him if he has “any bombs to drop on her” and he says no “what you see is what you get”.  They are so cute together.


Another date card arrives at the hotel and this time it’s a group date card reading, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  On the group date will be Chris, Arie, Ryan, Doug, Alejandro, John, and Kalon.  That means that Jef is getting the one-on-one date!  Kalon was really upset that he got a group date and said it didn’t smell like roses it smelled like “bleep”.


Back on Sean and Emily’s dinner date she talks about her daughter and her needing to adjust.  Sean said that he would probably like around two kids, but maybe more.  Emily liked his answer a lot.  She tells him that she had the best day ever and she gives him the date rose!  He accepted it and they kissed!



Guys rehearse

The next day in Stratford on Avon, the guys meet up with Emily for their group date.  The guys are dreading doing scenes of Romeo and Juliet with Emily.  There are these Shakespeare experts there to coach them and all of the guys are just terrified for their auditions in front of them.  Four guys get to play Romeo and the others get to play the nurse because in Shakespeare’s plays men played women. 


Ryan emily kiss
After rehearsing for a while, the guys put on tights and put on a show for a crowd of people.  The guys all do a great job, but then Ryan gets a kissing scene with Emily and he does give her a pretty respectful kiss, but he jokes and says that he’s not dead yet and starts to make out with her!  What?!  That’s gutsy to do in front of all of the other guys.  Emily though, didn’t mind one bit, and told him that he’s a good kisser…eww.



Emily arie
In the evening, they head to a tavern for some beers.  Arie was first up to chat with Emily outside.  They barely talk and basically make out the majority of their time together.


Then, Ryan takes Emily aside and takes her to a room where he closes the curtains.  He tells her he has a surprise for her and he gives her a necklace.  He tells her that he wants her to know that he is taking a “real” approach to this process.


Kalon is sitting around talking about Emily and Ricki and just sulking.  Chris and Arie talk about how he called Ricki baggage during one of the conversations.  They try to decide on whether or not to rat him out or not.  Then, they speak to Doug and some of the other guys about it.  Doug confronts Kalon about it and said he’s not retracting it and said that baggage means a responsibility, and the rest of the guys get really upset.  Doug decides Emily needs to know what was said.  She’s instantly furious.  She says she wants to rip his limbs off and beat them with him. 


Doug asks all the guys to sit down and admits to all of them that he told Emily what Kalon said.  Kalon said it came up with a negative connotation and said that it’s a responsibility.  Emily said that it’s a blessing, and Kalon tried to interrupt and Emily said that “She loves to hear him talk but now it’s her turn to talk and that she got that line from him,” SNAP!  She said that anyone who thinks that way doesn’t deserve to be there.  Emily tells him to “get the F*** out!”  Yikes, she tells him “how dare he” because he has a single mother.  He tried to apologize in a way, but he did say what he said so she sent him home.


In the limo ride, he said that he did say it and he meant it but it was taken out of context.  He said that he’s probably not right for her in the end and she deserves someone who can take that all on.


Emily is mad that no one else told her.  The guys say that they thought she would come to that conclusion on her own.  She does not hand out the group date rose and decides to go home to her sweet girl instead.  She said she doesn’t know if someone there has her back and it’s like “hello?  What about Doug?”


Next, Jef has to take Emily out after that disastrous group date.  They are going for afternoon tea.  They also learn that they will be taking an etiquette class.  Jef hates that they have to have Jean around during their date correcting every little move they make.  So, they ditch Jean and go for a walk instead to a pub where they get some beer and fish and chips.  Jef reveals that he was there when Kalon made the baggage comment.  He tells Emily that he confronted him about it.  He also reassures her that if Ricki is baggage she’s a Chloe handbag he wants to have forever or some Louis Vuitton.  Ha!  Very cute.


Then they head to the London Eye, which is a big ferris wheel with giant glass eggs that you sit in and they get to have dinner inside of it!  She says that Jef makes he feel great and she really likes him.  He tells her that he’s impressed with how she dealt with the Kalon situation.  He tells her that he really likes her a lot and he thinks that there is potential there for something really special.  Emily of course decides that she wants to give him the date rose and he accepts!  They walk outside and have a talk by the water and he tells her that he was so upset that he didn’t kiss her in Bermuda and he just had to kiss her now, and he did!  He seems to really be falling for her and that’s great to see since she is SO into him!


The next day it was time for the cocktail party and rose ceremony.  She chats with the guys and they all try to tell her that they have her back, but she doesn’t seem to be buying it.  Arie gets into a conversation with Emily about this and she tells him that she felt alone in the situation because he didn’t tell her about it.  He explains that he’s trying to focus on them and didn’t want to focus on other people during their short time together.  He leaves the conversation feeling that it didn’t go very well.


Ryan says that he wants to lighten the mood, so he runs downstairs and performs some more Shakespeare for her.  She found it to be really sweet and she says that she’s finding herself liking him more and more.  He is putting in effort, but his motives seem a little off.


Emily already handed out roses to Sean and Jeff.  She then gave roses during the rose ceremony to:







Alejandro did not receive a rose and as you remember, Kalon was already eliminated.  Alejandro instantly got tears in his eyes.  Aw!  I feel  bad it didn’t work out for him, he had a very classy exit. 


Next week they all head to Croatia!  Stay tuned…

Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese



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