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Full Transcript of Interviews with Charlie and Sean

Here is the full transcript of the conference call interview with Charlie and Sean!  I've highlighted my portions of the interview in PURPLE.


Gina Scarpa:       So, my question for you is that when watching the show, it seems really obvious who Emily has gotten close to over the weeks.  She didn't get to spend a lot of time with you, John, Michael, Alejandro, so many people.  So I was wondering if you felt that way when you were there, and if that put a lot of pressure on you.


Charlie Grogan: You know what, not really, because I did spend some time with her on the group dates, and obviously they can't show everything that they record, but I did, I had my fair share of time with her, it was just, you know, those guys really pick and choose what they want to show, because obviously the time limit of each episode, but I mean, it's - I mean again, to answer your question, I felt like I spent enough time on the group dates to where I should maybe kind of still be hanging around, but I never really did have that opportunity to have that one-on-one intimate time with her, so maybe that was my downfall with getting eliminated.


Gina Scarpa:       And then looking at your elimination this week, do you understand why she sent you home, and do you think that she was a good match for you?


Charlie Grogan: You know, it's hard to tell because I really don't know what was going through her mind.  I know that she maybe had some favorites going into that evening.  So again, that's a hard question.  That's something that maybe she could probably answer for you.  


But yes, I don't know.  I felt comfortable going into that evening, because it's just the time that I did spend with her, and the conversations we did have.  So yes, it was a shocker to me, getting sent home, because some of the guys that were left, I didn't feel were as suitable for her, than maybe I could have been.  So it was a shock for me, absolutely.


Gina Scarpa:       Well, thank you so much.


Charlie Grogan: Well, thank you.


Operator:            Your next question comes from Jennifer Matarese from WABC-TV.


Jennifer Matarese:         Hi, Charlie.


Charlie Grogan: Hi, Jennifer.


Jennifer Matarese:         So I was wondering, you seemed really upset after you guys lost the boat competition, and what was going through your mind at that point, and do you think you like were over-reacting, or do you think, you know, maybe that was appropriate, because you did end up getting sent home?


Charlie Grogan: No, you know, I think all of us guys, me, Sean, Travis and Chris, I think we were all upset because we all have this competitive side to us.  I played sports my whole life, and I had never really cried during a loss, you know, growing up, so I think I was more disappointed with myself, because I knew on paper we had the guys beat.  And it was just kind of like a testosterone male thing.  You know, I really don't remember being that upset on the ride home.  I know it was late at night, and it was like a 45-minute drive back to the hotel.  I know I was upset, but I just don't know if I can say I was that upset.



Jennifer Matarese:         OK.


Charlie Grogan: If that makes any sense.


Jennifer Matarese:         And I was wondering what your thoughts on, two of the more kind of like controversial guys, Kalon and Ryan, what your thoughts are about the two of them.


Charlie Grogan: Say that again, I'm sorry?


Jennifer Matarese:         Oh, I was wondering what your thoughts are about Kalon and Ryan, because they're kind of seen as more controversial choices for Emily.


Charlie Grogan: Yes, it's - I mean, I get along with Ryan a lot off camera.  We kind of you know, had some conversations back and forth that made me feel that he was a good guy.  Again, I wasn't there when - you know, other things were happening, I just never was the guy to get involved with all the controversies in the house, because it was starting - a lot of things were starting to brew, because a lot of the guys were starting to have feelings for her.  I just stayed out of it.  You know, I was there for the experience, and you know, for the journey.


Kalon, I never really - I never really got along with him as much as the other guys.  He just - he was very standoffish, he never really - wouldn't hang out with a lot of the guys off camera, and we were playing, you know, games or conversations, he never really was the guy to come get involved.  I don't know if he just didn't feel that he fit in with us, but I can definitely tell that he has had a lot more going on than we all knew.  So I'm learning a lot more about him, watching the show myself, than I did before.  So your guess is as good as mine.


Jennifer Matarese:         OK, thank you so much.


Charlie Grogan: No, thank you, Jennifer.


Operator:            Your next question comes from Beth Kwiatkowski, from Reality TV World. 


Beth Kwiatkowski:           Hi, Charlie, how are you?


Charlie Grogan: Great, how are you?


Beth Kwiatkowski:           Good, good.  So, do you think if your team had won the sailboat race, and you got to spend that extra time with Emily at night, that maybe you would have gotten a rose and stuck around longer?  Like in other words, do you think that race kind of sealed your fate?


Charlie Grogan: I'm not really sure, but I think I probably could have talked to her more about more personal things, because every time we did have conversations, you know, it was never like a time or place to really get into those things.  I mean, I didn't really know a lot about her background, her story.  I mean obviously I can go on line now and read about it.  But going into "The Bachelorette," I didn't really know too much about her story, because I wanted to learn it from her.  


And I think that the Bermuda surroundings and atmosphere would have been a more intimate environment for me to kind of pick her brain a little bit more, and maybe the same for her.  She could have picked my brain a little bit more, and learned a little bit more about my story and what I've gone through.  And I think that definitely would have carried me on into, you know, the next, I guess, round.


But yes, I mean, it is what it is.  And again, I never really had that one-on-one intimate type of opportunity to really share, you know, those kinds of stories.  It was always more group dates or a lounge or you know, maybe a bar, and again there's a time and place to share those kinds of feelings, and I just didn't really feel that those were it.  And I was just hoping that maybe I would eventually get that opportunity to kind of get that time, but I never did.  And, you know, it's all right.


Beth Kwiatkowski:           Sure, absolutely.  And during "The Muppet Show" group date, you told Emily you were uncomfortable doing comedy in front of everyone, because you had been undergoing speech therapy and everything following your accident.


Charlie Grogan: Right.


Beth Kwiatkowski:           Do you mind elaborating on that a little more, like how long had you been working on your speech prior to that moment, and how much further did you feel like you had to go before you could feel comfortable speaking in front of an audience?


Charlie Grogan: Well, it's a good question.  To this day, I still go to speech therapy.  There's still a lot of things that I have to work on.  There's a lot of words that I can't still pronounce.  If there's anything more than three or four syllables in it, I have a hard time pronouncing it, I have to like kind of sound it out.  So that was difficult.  


And then what made me decide to go and approach her was the fact that me and Wolf were kind of rehearsing what we'd written down so far, and I was having a hard time really pronouncing, I guess, the punch lines, when it came to the joke.  And you know, it was stressing me out, because I don't want to be the guy to ruin like such an important event for Emily and Ricki and for the show, so I didn't want to be that guy to go on stage and kind of bite my tongue, and the audience is kind of like, who is this guy and what's wrong with him, you know?


Because they don't know my story.  I mean, everyone that's been around since my accident has known what happened to me and what I've gone through, so we kind of laugh about it, if I maybe fumble on a word, or I can't really pronounce something.  It's kind of funny to us now, because I've learned to laugh about it.  


But I just wasn't ready because again, it happened a year and a half ago, and to be thrown in front of a 500-people audience, plus the millions on, you know, national television, to be my first time to actually talk around a lot of people without - if messing up, not being like made a fool of - I think that was my insecurity the most, more than anything else.


And then also, I got called on stage for the Miss Piggy thing, and geez.


Beth Kwiatkowski:           Yes.


Charlie Grogan: I pulled it off, but I - whew, that was a little tough.


Beth Kwiatkowski:           Tough, huh?  All right, well thank you very much, Charlie.


Charlie Grogan: Thank you.


Operator:            Your next question comes from Paige Feigenbaum, from Entertainment Tonight.  


Paige Feigenbaum:         Good morning, Charlie.


Charlie Grogan: Hi, Paige.


Paige Feigenbaum:         You know, you mentioned that you believe there were some men in the cast that deserved to go home instead of you.  Can you give us some names?


Charlie Grogan: I really can't.  I mean, again, I was the guy on the show that never really named names.  I mean, I think when the Men Tell-All episode comes out, then you know, I'll be a little bit more adamant, to you know, kind of point fingers and say, "dude, come on, you know, you're a jackass."  But you know, again, I just - I don't want to name names, I don't want to get - stir the pot.  


But I think we can all have in mind who we like and who we don't like, and who we kind of find fake and who we don't find fake, and just times that by 100 when the camera's off, and you know, that's my answer.  So again, I'm not going to be the guy to name names, because I never was like that to begin with, so -


Paige Feigenbaum:         And you also said that you had some moments with Emily that didn't make the broadcast.  Can you share one special moment that you had with her that we didn't get to see?


Charlie Grogan: Geez, well, I mean I kind of sat down and talked to her, even that night that I got eliminated, I sat down and talked with her, and I, you know, I mentioned to her that I appreciated this opportunity, and you know, I'm definitely in this for, you know, the long haul.  You know, I'm a little scared, because you know, I miss home, you know, I miss my family; I miss my friends.  


I mean, basically I packed up and left everything I had behind for, you know, this journey.  So I'll be here for as long as she will allow me to be here, because eventually I'd like to, you know, form a friendship with her, and then hopefully that friendship could maybe turn into something else, and you know, kind of see what happens.


I was never the kind of guy who could just fall in love at first sight.  I never have.  I'm sure a lot of these guys on the show now are feeling that way.  You know, again I can't get in their minds, but in my mind, it wasn't like love at first sight.  It was like "wow, OK, she's attractive. OK, let me get to know her personality.  OK, wow, she's cool. OK, now let me see if we can form as like friends, we can joke around and we can do this and that, great, perfect, wow," then this is, you know, let's see if a relationship can form out of this.  


So I mean I was - I was kind of going in baby steps, obviously with how fast everything goes with the show, I may need to kind of skip a couple steps, but you know, it's - I live and learn.  I've never seen the show before, so I kind of went into it with no expectations.  I kind of went in with my head high and just a big smile, and I was going to enjoy the ride and see where it takes me, and would I go back and do it again?  A hundred times, yes, absolutely.  Would I do it differently?  Probably.


Operator:            Your next question comes from Catriona Wightman from "Digital Spy."


Catriona Wightman:        Hi, Charlie, it's great to speak with you today.


Charlie Grogan: Hi, Catriona, I like your accent.


Catriona Wightman:        Thank you.  You just said, then, that you are not one to (inaudible) and that kind of thing, but at the end of the show, when Emily sent you home, you were quite upset.  Can you talk through how you were feeling at that moment?


Charlie Grogan: Yes, I was upset for - I think I was more proud of myself, upset I'm going home, because of how much fun - of a journey it was, and I wanted to experience what else it had to offer.  You know, I was - I was missing home, I was very proud of myself because you guys never knew what I went through from the day of my accident to where I am today, it's just an absolute miracle.  


And I think it was just kind of myself kind of patting myself on the back, just like, you made it this far, like all within a year-and-a-half.  I mean, you were basically in a hospital bed, dying, having to re-learn how to do things over again, but now, you know, you're in Bermuda and you're on a TV show, and you met all these great people, and it's like, I mean, who does this ever happen to?


So I just had a lot of emotions running through my body at one time, and to be honest, I was upset that I got sent home.  Because again, I think I was a lot better of a person than a lot of those guys in the house, and it was upsetting, because I wanted to continue on with the journey, I wanted to see where it was going to lead me.  Yes, it was - it was a bunch of different emotions all built up in one.


Catriona Wightman:        OK, well that makes sense.  So, if you could go back and do it again, is there anything that you would do differently?  Would you maybe have sort of met with - spoken about more personal things earlier, in the bar or whatever?


Charlie Grogan: Yes, I think I would have maybe have laid it on a little bit more thicker.  I wouldn't have been as, you know, as like, hey, let's be friends, kind of like pull your pigtails in the schoolyard, like run around like kind of, you know, like pulling laughs and jokes, but I would have taken it a little more serious, in regards to just wanting to open up more.  I mean, I was - I think I was starting to open up towards me leaving, and I just, I would have done that maybe from the beginning.  


I was more just trying to be myself and - let her know who I am as a person, but then I didn't realize like how much limited time we had to spend with her.  So that was again, that was all new to me, and that was something I would do over.  I would just kind of - the time I did spend, I would make sure it would be more effective than just, you know, (inaudible) and giggles and poking and laughing, and just, you know, trying to be friendly - like a friendly flirt.


Catriona Wightman:        Absolutely.  Thank you so much.


Charlie Grogan: Thank you.


Operator:            Your next question comes from Lauren Wang from KITV.


Lauren Wang:    Hi, Charlie, how are you?


Charlie Grogan: Hi, I'm good.


Lauren Wang:    Good.  So, what was the best part of being on the show?


Charlie Grogan: Gosh, it's - I think the experience and learning a lot about myself.  I mean, I really learned so much about myself.  I'm a lot different person now, I learned how to like express my feelings more, because I mean, every day, all the time, it's like how do you feel, what do you feel about this, how do you feel about that, what do you feel about this, how do you feel about this?  And I never did that before.  I never talked about my feelings to anybody.  So it was very therapeutic for me.


Obviously, the Muppet date was a huge one for me, because that was a demon that I've been trying to overcome for years and years and years, and then finally with, you know, my speech impediment and then being thrown out there, and I finally did it, and it was like a huge lift off my shoulders, and I felt like I could do anything.  I just felt rebirth, because I climbed that hill that I never thought I could ever climb.  And for me to do it on such a grand stage that I did, I mean, I feel like, you know, I could do anything.


Lauren Wang:    Good for you.


Charlie Grogan: I would definitely say it was my experience, and then you know, the people I've met.  I mean, talking to you guys today, and the producers of the show, and just everybody that got in on the - on the show as well, the guys at the house.  I mean, you know, I've met - I've made two great friends out of it, and you know, I'm just excited because of the benefits now, I'm heavily involved with the children's hospital, I'm getting requests all the time to go visit kids at the children's hospital, and I love it.  It's amazing.


Lauren Wang:    Well speaking of, who were the two great guys that you were closest to?


Charlie Grogan: I was - I was good buddies with Travis.  We actually - he was the first guy I met in the hotel, getting into the limo, and he's from Mississippi, so he just reminded me of all of my buddies back home in Tennessee, and we just hit it off.  I mean, he just has this outgoing, you know, fun-loving personality such as myself, and we just never had an awkward moment.  And it was just great.


And then I would say Wolf.  Wolf was the other guy, me and him, I mean I had like a really good man cry one night.  I mean, I was like really just like, do I want to be here, you know, because I gave up a lot, you know, to come here, to come to this show.  And you know - but the great thing about it is, I came back with so much more than I left with, so - but I mean, me and him, you know, we had like a really good guy-to-guy talk, and we just found out that, you know, we're kind of "brothers from like another mother," and we just - we just - it was like an alliance.


I mean - plus, I mean those two guys never really got involved with all the petty b.s. and all the drama and, you know, all that was about to unfold, and I was over it.  Like I'm not - I'm not, you know, about this.


Lauren Wang:    OK, thank you so much.


Charlie Grogan: Well, thank you.


Operator:            Your next question comes from Caley Skinner from TV Guide Canada.  Ms. Skinner, your line is open.  You may proceed with your question.  That question has been withdrawn.  Your next question is a follow-up from Beth Kwiatkowski.


Beth Kwiatkowski:           Hi, Charlie.


Charlie Grogan: Beth, hi.


Beth Kwiatkowski:           So during Monday night's episode, there was a lot of discussion amongst the bachelors about age.  Like Chris, who's 25, apparently thought Doug, who is 33, was a little condescending towards him, as Doug was saying maybe Chris wasn't mature enough to date Emily and take on a daughter and things like that.


Charlie Grogan: Right.


Beth Kwiatkowski:           So with you being 32 and all, what are your thoughts on the argument?  Would you - you know, would you agree with Doug? Chris? Were you aware of the conflict while you were on the show?


Charlie Grogan: Yes, I was - I was actually there in the room when they were having that conversation at the hotel, and it could kind of go either way.  Because I was on Doug's side with regards to that you have more experience by age, but then at the same time, I agree with Chris, because, he's right.  I mean, he's very mature at his age.  I know at 25 I was nowhere near close to his maturity level.  


Again, I don't know him outside of just being on sets, which has only been, you know, maybe close to a month, but you know, the argument could go either way.  I mean, it all depends on your experience in life and how you take those experiences, is how you mature, no matter if you're 18 or if you're 38.  I mean, an 18-year-old can go through a lot more stuff in his time of 18 years than, you know, a 28-year-old can go on his time of being 28.  


So, again, it's all about experiences.  And I know at 33, I've gone through a lot in life, and I think I'm very mature for my age.  But I think I'm a lot more mature than my friends, because I have a lot of friends that are my age, and they haven't experienced anywhere close to what I have.  So you know, it can go either way.  I mean, I agree with both parties.


Beth Kwiatkowski::         OK.  And I know you talked a little bit about which guys in the house you were closest with, but out of the remaining guys, who did you think might be the best man for Emily while you were on the show?  Did any of the bachelors really stand out in your mind for any reason?


Charlie Grogan: Yes, I think just knowing them on and off, and just seeing how people act when you know, cameras, lights and action are on, how people act when they're not, I don't - me, I thought from day one, you know, I met - I thought Sean was a great guy.  


I mean, he was - I don't know, again I don't know what him and Emily's one-on-one times were like, or what their conversations were like, but you know, from my point of view, I thought Sean was a great guy.  If I had to pick one, I mean that would be the one.  But I've got, you know, a lot in mind.  I mean, Travis is a great guy, Wolf's a great guy.  You know, I can't really be -


Beth Kwiatkowski:OK, all right, no problem.


Charlie Grogan: I can't find the word, but yes, I mean if I was to pick one when I left, I think Sean was a pretty good - a pretty good dude.


Beth Kwiatkowski:           OK, great.  And when we talked to Tony last week, he said he thought there were some guys in the house who claimed they were ready to step into a father role, but probably weren't in real life.  So would you agree or disagree with Tony, and if you agree, who do you think wasn't ready to be a dad?


Charlie Grogan: I get the feeling that there were a lot of guys there for just - for other things, opportunities that maybe can come out of just being on a TV show.  You know, like for myself, I don't - I don't act, I don't sing, I don't dance, you know, I don't model.  So you know, I was going on there for just the experience alone.  You know, so when I'm 60, I can just you know, talk to my kids like, your grandpa or your dad was on a TV show.  It was great.  The experience was wonderful.


But I think there was a lot of guys that were on the show for other intentions.  Again, I'm not that guy to name names.  Again, if the tell-all episode ever got filmed and aired, I might be sort of a little bit more in a position to maybe call them out, but you know right now, I think it's still too early, and I don't want to, you know, name names or throw anybody under the bus, because who knows, you know, it might - their minds might have changed.  


I mean, again, I wasn't there for the remainder of the taping.  It might have changed their life, and they might have had a different outlook on, you know, everything because of maybe, you know, their passion for her and, you know, the experience in life.  So I don't know, I'm sorry, I wish I could answer that question, but I can't.


Beth Kwiatkowski:           No, that's perfect.  And besides you, Michael and Nate also didn't receive roses during Monday night's episode.  Do you have any insight as to why Emily let them go, and what do you think of those two guys?  Like, what were your impressions of them?


Charlie Grogan: You know what, I don't really - Nate was - Nate was one of my roommates in the house.  He was great, fun-loving - again, he was 25.  I mean, Nate being 25 and Chris being 25, again, the maturity level - I mean, you can tell Chris was a little bit more mature than Nate.  I mean, not to say that Nate was immature, but just, you can tell by talking with Chris, and hanging out with Chris, you never would have guessed he was 25.  


But with Nate, you could - oh, yes, you know, still a little wet, you know, behind the ears.  And you know, Nate was great.  He was awesome.  But I don't know why - that's why Emily maybe sent him home, because she maybe saw that, you know, that kind of like not quite so, you know, the maturity level she's looking for.  Granted, she's only 26, but she has a kid, she's gone through a lot.  You know, her maturity level is going to be a lot higher.


Mike, great dude, quiet.  I'm not really sure he really had a lot of time to spend with her, so that may be his downfall.  But I became pretty close with Mike in the house, and you know, he's a great dude.  I mean, I don't know why she would send him home.  I don't know why she would send me home, but that's hers.


Beth Kwiatkowski:           Gotcha.  And my last question for you, Charlie, is what were your overall impressions of Emily while you were on the show?  Like, did she turn out to be everything you had anticipated, did anything disappoint you at all?


Charlie Grogan: You know, again, it's like - it's so hard to tell, because of the cameras and life and all the people sitting around.  I mean, your comfort - your comfort zone just isn't really there.  Because I met her way before the show.  I met her years and years and years ago, here in Nashville, with mutual friends.  We have mutual friends who live here.  And you know, I would have to say that she acted a lot different then than she did, obviously, on the show.  You know, she has to have this persona that she has to keep.  


I don't know.  I mean, at some times I felt, again, maybe there just wasn't a spark between us, but sometimes it just - it felt like the conversations just weren't really flowing.  I mean, they were flowing on my end, but on hers, it was kind of just like I was just like talking to the wall.  And I don't know, again just maybe it was just - I don't know.  I mean, I can't - I can't answer that.  I mean, I feel comfortable talking to her.  


Now, if she felt comfortable talking to me, I really can't answer that.  I mean, at the end, every conversation we've had was great.  It ended, you know, perfectly.  Again, I don't think I really got too much into the intimate side of me or the true personal side of me, and that could have been my downfall, because I waited until the last minute to start bringing that out.  So I have no idea.


Beth Kwiatkowski:           OK, and you made a comment that you actually met Emily before going on the show.  Do you mind elaborating on that a little bit, like did she remember you once she saw you on The Bachelorette, and I guess you know, how were you cast on the show?  Did that go into your decision to apply?


Charlie Grogan: No, actually, I got - I got casted by a girlfriend of mine that I went to college with, on line.  Actually, when ABC called me, I thought it was a prank call.  I thought it was a bill collector, so I didn't answer for like two or three days, and I finally picked it up and I was like "who is this and what do you want?"  But yes - no, she remembered me.  


I mean, she said the moment I stepped out of the limo, she looked at me and she was like, "damn, I think I know this guy."  And that was kind of a really cute conversation we had together, because she didn't know how she remembered me, but she knows she's seen me before, and, you know, this and that, and I was like yes, you know, I've met you at, you know, through mutual friends, at a birthday party, and you know, we had a good time.  And she knew my face and she remembered me, but she just didn't really know how and when.


So yes, again, that was like really a cute conversation that we had together, that was never shown, but it's understandable because obviously, you know, you have to put so much into an episode.


Beth Kwiatkowski:           Sure.


Charlie Grogan: She definitely remembered me.


Beth Kwiatkowski:           OK, awesome.  Thank you very much, Charlie.


Charlie Grogan: Yes, ma'am.


Operator:            And I show no further questions at this time.


Cathy Rehl:         Thank you, everybody, don't go anywhere.  Charlie, thank you for your time today, and -


Charlie Grogan: My pleasure, guys.  Thank you so much.  I appreciate it, thank you.


Cathy Rehl:         And, have a nice day, and we'll talk to you later.


Charlie Grogan: Yes, ma'am.  Bye bye.


Cathy Rehl:         And give us a minute, and we'll put Sean on the line with everybody.  Again, one question and a follow-up, OK?  Thanks.  We can begin now.


Sean Lowe:         OK, cool.  


Operator:            Ladies and gentlemen, to ask a question, please press star then the number one on your telephone keypads.  Again, star one to ask a question.  Your first question is from Jennifer Matarese from WABC TV.


Jennifer Matarese:         Hi, Sean.


Sean Lowe:         Hi.


Jennifer Matarese:         Hi.  So, I was wondering if you could give us a little bit of a preview of what your one-on-one time was like with Emily, and if it was like what you thought it would be, and all that.


Sean Lowe:         Yes, sure.  So, up until London, I knew that Emily was a great girl, and I knew that we had connected on several different levels, and that was the first opportunity I had to spend the entire day with her, and, you know, I'm not ashamed to say it was one of the best days of my life.  


Like, we did some really cool things, we did some things that the normal tourist isn't able to do, and, you know, we got to tour the city I a double-decker tour bus, and, you know, it was really awesome.  And I think London was - that particular day was the day that I knew that I had really strong feelings for Emily.


Jennifer Matarese:         OK, and based on your conversations that you had with Emily, it seems like, you know, you're ready to take on the role of a stepfather and all that.  Did you realize when you went on this show that it was Emily, and that she had a daughter, or did you not learn that she had a daughter until speaking with her?


Sean Lowe:         Yes, no I knew going into the show that Emily was going to be the Bachelorette, and I knew that she had a daughter.  I didn't watch her season, but of course, friends and family were quick to fill me in on the situation, and honestly, that was nothing that I had ever thought about, you know, entertaining in my life.  I never imagined that I would have the opportunity to possibly be a stepfather one day.  But after getting to know Emily, and especially after we connected in London, you know, that seemed like it was a very real possibility, and I was certainly open to it.


Jennifer Matarese:         OK, thank you so much.


Sean Lowe:         You're welcome.


Operator:            Your next question comes from Carrie Bell, from People magazine.


Carrie Bell:          Good morning, Sean.


Sean Lowe:         Hi, Carrie.


Carrie Bell:          I was wondering, it seems like there's sort of an explosive moment or a couple of explosive moments on the Monday episode with someone referring to her daughter as "baggage."


Sean Lowe:         Right.


Carrie Bell:          And then a discussion about whether someone should tell, and then it looks like Doug does tell.  I'm assuming it wasn't you, because of your last answer.  So can you kind of talk about the discussion of, you know, how you guys decided it would be Doug, or was Doug the only one that thought you guys should tell?


Sean Lowe:         Well, you know, in that particular instance, that occurred on the group date, and since I had the one-on-one date that week, I was not there.  But I - I mean my hat's off to Doug, because Doug, you know - and Doug, he's a father and he knows what it's like to obviously to raise a child, and to protect that child, and he felt like it was his place to step in and tell Emily the truth that hey, this guy is saying this over here, and I think Doug was trying to protect her.


So like I said, my hats off to Doug, and I think the person who said it, you know, he was - he was kind of revealed to, you know, be the guy that he is.  I think maybe he fooled Emily for the first few weeks, but his true colors showed that day.


Carrie Bell:          OK, so you weren't - so the actual statement gets made on the group date, and the reveal gets made on the group date?


Sean Lowe:         You know, I'm not sure when the statement was made.  I know I wasn't around when it was made.


Carrie Bell:          OK.


Sean Lowe:         But yes, it was revealed on the group date, so I was not there.


Carrie Bell:          OK.  Do you think that - did it surprise you when you heard that this person made the statement?


Sean Lowe:         You know, I wish I could say it did surprise me, but it really didn't.  And you know, I got a good feeling for the guys that were there for the right reasons, who wanted to get to know Emily and know more about her and connect with her.  And then there were guys that simply weren't there to do that.  So I think he was just - you know, he revealed himself as one of those guys who was not there for the right reasons.


Carrie Bell:          Great, thank you.


Sean Lowe:         You're welcome.


Operator:            Your next question comes from Catriona Wightman, from "Digital Spy."


Catriona Wightman:        Hi, Sean, it's great to speak with you today.


Sean Lowe:         Hi, great to speak to you, too.


Catriona Wightman:        On this week's show, Emily, when she was speaking to Chris Harrison, she said that some of the guys had warned her about other guys, but without naming names.  I just wondered why you thought that like none of you had given her any names up to that point.


Sean Lowe:         You know, that's a really good question.  I think that if I overheard a guy say something as strongly as, you know, I think "Ricki's baggage," I definitely would have told Emily.  And there's also a lot of chatter among guys that, you know, you can call it locker room talk, call it whatever you want, that I think you have to take with a grain of salt, and a lot of guys might say something that they don't necessarily mean, or they're joking around in the moment, but if I - if I felt like someone said something that would be ultimately harmful to Emily, if she were to develop feelings for that person, I would definitely step in and say something.


Catriona Wightman:        OK, that makes sense.  And obviously we've seen the lovely, sweet side of Emily up to this point, but obviously, understandably, she gets really angry in next week's episode.  What was it like seeing that side of her?


Sean Lowe:         Well, like I said, I wasn't on the date, so I didn't get to see that side of her but, you know, the guys came home and they would not stop talking about it.  I think - I think like everyone was really impressed with the way she handled it, and they liked seeing that side of her.  You know, she kind of went into the - she played that protector role for her daughter, obviously, and you know I think that - can you hear me OK?


Catriona Wightman:        You broke up a little bit.


Sean Lowe:         OK.  Yes, a little static on the line.  But yes, I think the guys loved seeing that side of her.  You know, you can only be cheery and happy for so long and eventually you're going to have to show that you have this other side, and Emily certainly did that that night.


Catriona Wightman:        Brilliant.  Thank you so much.


Sean Lowe:         Thank you.


Operator:            Your next question comes from Paige Feigenbaum, from "Entertainment Tonight."


Paige Feigenbaum:         Good morning.


Sean Lowe:         Good morning.


Paige Feigenbaum:         So just a few minutes ago, Charlie gave his endorsement that he thinks you would be the best fit for Emily.  Do you have a reaction to that?


Sean Lowe:         You know, I'm humbled and I'm very flattered, and I know everybody thought it was a shock that Charlie went home, because I thought Charlie was such a great guy, and he had such a good heart and he's got so many great things going for him.  It surprised me when he went home in Bermuda.  But you know, as for that comment, I'm definitely flattered and humbled, and, you know, I think a lot of Charlie as well.


Paige Feigenbaum:         Great, and also, if I remember correctly from a few weeks back, you really won over her friends back in Charlotte.  Do you think that that's influenced her decision?


Sean Lowe:         I think it probably influenced her decision a little bit more.  You know, I think your friends are a reflection of who you are, and so since I made a good impression on her friends, I think that she can trust their opinion, and if they told her good things about me, I think she probably took that to heart.  So yes, I think that probably influenced her a little bit.


Paige Feigenbaum:         Thanks.  


Sean Lowe:         You're welcome.


Operator:            Your next question comes from Lauren Wang, from KITV.


Lauren Wang:    Hi, Sean, how are you?


Sean Lowe:         I'm good, how are you?


Lauren Wang:    I'm good.  So, just two quick questions.  How strong are your feelings for Emily right now?


Sean Lowe:         Before my London date, you know, I knew that we had connected on a couple different levels, and I knew that she was a great girl and possessed all these great qualities, but London - it really all comes together, and that's where I start to develop like these real feelings, and that's the first time, I think, that I pictured myself being with her in the future.  And that was - you know, that was awesome.  That was great, that was like the kickoff, so to speak, of our relationship.


Lauren Wang:    Nice.  There does seem to be a lot of drama in the house, but you seem to kind of stay out of it.  How did you manage to do that?  


Sean Lowe:         You know, that's a good question.  I - going into it, I kind of had a game plan of, I didn't want to tell guys any of my intimate details that I have with Emily, or about any of the intimate moments that we shared, and I really didn't want to listen to any from other guys, because I feel like the time Emily and I had together was a special time, and I almost feel like it's - you know, you take away from that if you share it with all the guys in the house.  And so with that being said, you know, I didn't get involved in that side of the drama with the guys, if it pertained to Emily.


And then outside of that, I'm just not - I'm not a dramatic guy, and I'm the type of guy that I pretty much get along with everybody, so you know, I just - I'm level-headed and I feel like I'm a cool guy that's laid back and you know, drama's just not my thing, so I didn't get entangled in it too much.


Lauren Wang:    OK, thanks, Sean.


Sean Lowe:         Thank you.


Operator:            Your next question comes from Caley Skinner from TV Guide Canada.


Caley Skinner:   Hi, Sean.


Sean Lowe:         Hi.


Caley Skinner:   Hi, I'm huge fan of you on the show, you're my favorite.


Sean Lowe:         Thank you so much.


Caley Skinner:   You're welcome.  I'm wondering if you could tell us about what you feel like you have in common with Emily, what values do you two share?


Sean Lowe:         I think we have a lot in common.  I mean, my priorities are faith and family, those are the top two, and I believe those are the top two for Emily as well.  And I think that's something we've bonded over.  And I - you know, I let her know from the very beginning that, you know, I'm not here for my "15 minutes of fame," by any means, and you know ultimately I want to live a simple life.  


And simple to me is just being surrounded by loved ones and you know, raising a family together, and loving my wife forever.  And I think she could tell from the very beginning, when I said those words, that I was being genuine and I meant it.  And you know, I've mentioned my family several times, and I feel like that's the kind of life they live, and you know, that's what I want to model my life after.


So on those two points, I think that's what we really connected on.


Caley Skinner:   Wow, that's great.  And I'm wondering, out of the guys in the house, are there any that you feel don't share those values with Emily?


Sean Lowe:         You know, I don't - I don't know if I can speak on anybody's faith, but as far as family values goes, I think there's a lot of great guys who share those same values, and there's probably some in the house that don't.  And I think those guys will be revealed as the season goes on, but you know, you've got great guys in the house like Doug, who - Doug definitely puts his family first, and John Wolfner is the same way, and Charlie was the same way as well, and Travis, and Alejandro.  I think there's a lot of people that share that - that same outlook.


Caley Skinner:   OK, thanks a lot, Sean.


Sean Lowe:         Thank you.


Operator:            Your next question comes from Beth Kwiatkowski, from Reality TV World.


Beth Kwiatkowski:           Hi, Sean, how are you?


Sean Lowe:         Hi, I'm great, how are you?


Beth Kwiatkowski:           Great.  So when the call began, Cathy mentioned that you could tease a little bit of the drama coming up in the season, and I don't know how much you can reveal, but could you talk a little bit about that, like is there anything else besides the "baggage" incident that you can talk a little bit about?


Sean Lowe:         I mean, outside of the "baggage" incident, I don't know about any other guy drama.  I can say that Monday is going to be an awesome day.  It's going to be awesome for me to go back and watch it, because you know, like I was mentioning earlier, this is where I think you're going to start to see sparks fly between Emily and me, and this is kind of where we kick off our relationship.  And that's what I'm most excited to see.


And yes, like I said, as far as the guys go, I know everyone was kind of fired up over the "baggage" comment, but I don't know if there's any other guy drama outside of that.


Beth Kwiatkowski:           OK, sure.  And during Monday night's episode, there was a lot of discussion amongst the bachelors about age.  Chris, who is 25, apparently thought Doug, who is 33, was a little condescending towards him, and Doug was saying maybe Chris wasn't mature enough to date Emily and take on a daughter.  But since you're 28, what are your thoughts on the argument?  Were you aware of the conflict between Doug and Chris while you were there, and I guess whose side would you be on?


Sean Lowe:         Yes, I was - I was kind of sitting in the middle of that conversation, and you know, I kind of lean towards Chris' side.  I believe your age is not necessarily indicative of how mature you are.  At the same time, I think Chris probably could have handled that whole situation a little better than he did, which may be an indication of his immaturity, you know?


So I - you know, for the most part, I stayed out of it, but I don't believe because you're older necessarily makes you wiser.  I think I made the comment in the episode that we should just have a bunch of guys who are 40, because they might be more wise than everybody here, you know, so - I would probably lean towards Chris' side of the argument.


Beth Kwiatkowski:           OK, thank you very much, Sean.


Sean Lowe:         Thank you.


Operator:            Your next question is a follow-up from Paige Feigenbaum, from Entertainment Tonight.


Paige Feigenbaum:         Hi, thanks for taking one more question from me.


Sean Lowe:         Yes, sure.


Paige Feigenbaum:         You keep saying how special London is, and the start of your relationship, and love is certainly in the air there with the royal wedding and William and Kate.  Is that a place you would want to go back to, maybe hold your wedding there if you wind up with Emily, or go on a honeymoon with her there?


Sean Lowe:         You know, I would absolutely go back to London.  London was so romantic, and it's just full of so much culture and history.  You know, I could - I could see a wedding there, if that were in the future, or a honeymoon, sure.


Paige Feigenbaum:         Great, thanks.


Sean Lowe:         Thank you.


Operator:            Your next question is a follow-up from Beth Kwiatkowski, from Reality TV World.


Beth Kwiatkowski:           Hey, Sean, just another question.  When we talked to Tony last week, he said he thought there were some guys in the house who claimed they were ready to step into a father role, but probably weren't in real life.  Would you agree or disagree with Tony, and if you do agree, do you think the guy who made the "baggage" comment is the only one not ready, or do you think that there were also others?


Sean Lowe:         I definitely think the guy who made the "baggage" comment is not ready, by any means.  And you know, that's a tough question.  It's hard to say whether someone's going to be ready or not.  You know, you really have to get down to the root of the man to figure that out, and I'm not sure if I can say this guy's ready and this guy's not, because there may be some guys that appear ready, who if put into that situation, could buckle under the pressure, I'm not sure.


But I think - I think most guys have the right intentions, and they honestly believe that they could step into that role if they were called.


Beth Kwiatkowski:           OK.  And do you think any of the guys on the show were there for the wrong reasons?  Like what about Ryan for example.  He's been shown talking about how he would like to become the next The Bachelor star, and he felt destined for bigger things than just being one of Emily's suitors.  So what are your thoughts on that?


Sean Lowe:         You know, Ryan is such an interesting guy, and when we first moved into the house in Charlotte, Ryan and I bonded right off the bat.  You know, we have a lot of things in common, we're, you know, both from the South and we grew up playing football, and, you know, we bonded.


And you know, after spending time with Ryan, I think he may be a little bit misunderstood.  I know he's got strong opinions and he often sticks his foot in his mouth, and there's no excuse for that.  But at the same time, I think his heart's in the right place.  Maybe he just doesn't know the best way to express how he's feeling or what he's thinking.  


But ultimately, I think, you know, is he there for the right reasons?  I don't know.  I don't know, I think we might have to watch, and I'm anxious to see some of the behind the scenes stuff, as far as what Ryan's saying in his interviews and so forth, to really get a better feel for whether or not he was there for the right reasons.


Beth Kwiatkowski:           OK, gotcha.  And lastly, how did you decide to go on The Bachelorette in the first place?  Was it to find love with Emily in particular?


Sean Lowe:         Yes, you know, my sister and my brother-in-law, they submitted my name, and I got a call from the casting department, and at first, I was totally against it, and I didn't think I was going to do it.  And the casting director said, "well, why don't you just send in your video that you have to send in, and if you change your mind, you know, you can always - you can always go forward."  


So I sent in the video, and not soon - not longer after that, I should say, I found out it was Emily.  And that was the tipping point for me.  When I found out it was Emily, you know, I'd heard so many good things about her, that's when I decided to do the show.


Beth Kwiatkowski:           OK, great, thank you so much, Sean.


Sean Lowe:         Thank you.


Operator:            And your final question comes from Carrie Bell, from "People" magazine.


Carrie Bell:          Hey, Sean, I know this is - this is probably a hard question to answer, considering your feelings, but if it can't be you, who do you think is the best guy for her, of this show?


Sean Lowe:         You're right, that's a tough question.  I think there are a lot of - a lot of great guys in the house.  I would say, you know, Doug has such a sweet, genuine heart that he could easily step into that situation, and ultimately make her happy.  You know, I think Arie's a great guy, I think Jef's a great guy, I think John Wolfner's a great guy.  Obviously, I'm a little biased, I think I might be the best, but there are - there are some really good guys there.


Carrie Bell:          OK, great, thank you.


Sean Lowe:         Thank you.


I hope you enjoyed the interviews!  Stay tuned for much more to come!  Don't forget this coming Monday is the big blow up episode.


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese 


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