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Jef Calls First Kiss with Emily the Best Kiss of His Life!

Jef Holm spoke to reporters today in a conference call all about his relationship with Emily, and what we can expect to see between them in the upcoming episodes! 


Jef said that his and Emily's relationship took a while to develop because it started as a friendship first.  He told me that it was a strategy to keep Emily guessing and keep her on her toes when it came to his feelings at first.  He said that all of the other guys would jump up and get her drinks and fight for time with her, but he took a more laid back approach and he thinks it worked!


He said that the other guys thought he was falling behind and that he was shooting himself in the foot by going so slow, but he said the other guys couldn't see the looks that they shared with each other across the room.  Ooh, steamy! 


As for who his favorite guy in the house is, there's no doubt that it's Arie.  He said that they bonded over the fact that they found themselves to be very different from any of the other guys in the house.  He said that when they would talk about their dates with Emily they would talk about it as if they were dating different girls.  How on earth?  It just seems a little bit weird to not feel some feelings of jealousy!


I really think that Jef could be the last guy standing in the end.  Emily seems smitten with him and thinks that he is just "so cool".  Jef also said that although some relationships may have developed faster, but "If I could go back, I wouldn’t change a single thing."  He also said he is done with dating on tv and that he would not be the next "Bachelor" if he doesn't win Emily's heart.


You could tell he was in love with Emily just by the kind things he had to say about her.  He really couldn't say enough and when he described his first kiss with her he called it, "the best kiss of my entire life".  Aw!  That is too sweet!


He also revealed that there will be a big surprise elimination this coming Monday and that their relationship takes a big turn, but that's all he would say.


And, if you were wondering about his hairdo, he says up until three weeks before he went on the show, he had long hair and a ponytail!  He didn't want that to keep Emily from giving him a chance so he went and got his new edgy 'do.  I definitely like what he has now better than a ponytail!


I'll have much more once I get the transcript tomorrow, so stay tuned!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese 


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