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Lots of Rules Broken on this Week's 'The Bachelorette'

This week Emily and her final eight guys traveled to Dubrovnik, Croatia.  Ricki went back home to Charlotte with her babysitter so she’s not here this week.  Emily stopped in to the guys’ hotel to say hello and drop of the date card herself!  She handed it to Travis and it said, “Travis, let’s look for love beyond the walls.”  He was so happy that the date was finally for just him.  Let’s see if there’s more to him than just the egg, ha-ha.


He met up with her outside and they went through Old Dubrovnik.  They got to go explore the area.  Travis was once engaged and it didn’t work out…hopefully we’ll get to hear more about what actually happened there.  While they were walking around they stood on the balancing stone, which legend has if you stand on it and take off your shirt or jacket you will be lucky in love.  Travis stood on it, but didn’t take off his shirt which disappointed Emily!  She liked that he could get down and dance to the music played by a street performer. 



Back at the hotel, Ryan says that Emily doesn’t have a big enough personality to be with a guy like Travis which was a super weird thing to say.  The other guys seem split on whether or not they think Travis has what it takes to get a rose from Emily.


Later, Emily and Travis headed to dinner.  Travis told Emily how great it was to open up and be around her, and then he spoke about his engagement.  All he said was that neither of them did something wrong, so I’m not quite sure who called it off.  He waited two years to date again so it might have been him who was the dumpee.


The group date card arrived at the hotel saying “Lasting love requires bravery.”  The guys going on the group date are John, Doug, Sean, Jef, Chris and Arie.  That meant that Ryan was going to go on another one-on-one and that rubbed all the other guys the wrong way.


On Emily and Travis’ date, Emily picked up the rose sitting on the table and dropped the F word…friendship.  She said that they have a great friendship foundation, but said that there was a spark missing for her.  I felt so bad for him!  He looks a bit like John Corbet at times, anyone else see it?  He has those sensitive “Aiden” eyes from “Sex and the City”.  Anyway, Travis left in the rain.  He walked with the umbrella for a while and then threw it in the street and just walked with the rain pouring down on him.  AWW!


On the group date, the guys went with Emily to see an early screening of the movie “Brave”.  They seemed to enjoy themselves.  After the movie, the guys learn they will compete in their own Highland Games.  They have to put on kilts and the guys are not too thrilled about that!  I have to say, Doug’s muscles are crazy big!!!



Emily guys in kilts
The six guys ride donkeys because they are going into battle.  It looks like Scotland but wait, it’s Croatia!  Weird!  The first event they compete in is archery. 

Chris archery
I loved how Chris stood all funny while he shot the bow and arrow and completely missed the target!  Then, they did a caber toss.  Poor Chris tried to toss it but it didn’t go over so he got disqualified.  Jef couldn’t do it either though! 

Chris and doug
The third activity was the maid leash where the guys had to pull the other guy towards them holding a stick.  It’s hard to describe.  Chris picked Doug, a huge guy, to go up against and lost of course.  He should have picked Jef! 

Emily hangs out with guys
Emily had a bravery cup that she decided to award to Chris!  He offered to go first with the caber toss and picked a big guy to go up against so she thought that was brave of him.  Sweet!


He got to go talk to Emily first as his reward and they had a nice conversation and shared some kisses!  Later they had a little cocktail party and the rose was still up for grabs.  Emily told Sean that she had a lot of fun watching him during the competition.  She also reassured him of her feelings for him and told her to keep that in mind when things get harder.  Arie tried to reassure her about his feelings for her and apologized for what happened in London with Kalon.  While they were walking, he stopped her against a brick wall and laid a big ol’ make out kiss on her.   Woo Arie!  That was a hot move for sure.


The date card arrived back at the hotel for Ryan and it read, “The whole world is our oyster.”  Hm…wonder what that could be.  Ryan talked about how good looking he was and blah blah blah.


On the group date, Jef gave Emily his jacket because it was cold out and covered her with a blanket.  He talked about how he has feelings for her that people write novels about and that he sees something with her.  She asked him why he took so long to kiss her and he told her it was because he was scared to.  She said she thought it was part of his “game” and he said well if it worked then “maybe” ha.  They did some more kissing and it seems like these two have a cute little relationship!


Chris talks to her about how he could fall in love with her and if he does he will love her forever.  He said that if she gives him the chance to fall in love with her he’s going to take it.  She leaves for a minute and gets the date rose!  She decides to give it to Chris because he gave her butterflies that day!  Aw!  Arie was disappointed and said that whenever he thinks he’s going to get one he doesn’t.  I think Chris would make a good “Bachelor” as would Arie if Emily doesn’t pick them.  We didn’t get to see her time with John at all!


All of the guys think Ryan is a jackass and Chris says that he shaves his legs and plucks his finger hairs and it’s weird.  That is weird, I agree!  Emily arrives and Ryan lays some lines on her and Arie can’t believe what he hears!  He said he was embarrassed for him!  They all say they hope they never have to see him again.


Ryan and Emily go on a road trip for their date.  They sight see and take pictures.  Cars keep passing them on the road which is funny.  They end up on a boat and they actually get some oysters and Emily tries one and has to spit it out.  They have a talk and Ryan again brought up her being a trophy wife!  Seriously, what’s wrong with him?!  He said he means it that she’s wonderful.  She says she goes back and forth on him hourly. 


At dinner Ryan tries to explain that the trophy is not what you are wearing or what you look like but what’s on the inside.  He also tells her that she has what he’s looking for.  He wrote down 12 qualities that he’s looking for in a wife, loyal, logical, encourager, faithful, nurturer, confident, magnetic, someone people are drawn to, loves to laugh, puts family above self, beautiful, loves to catch my eye…there’s a few missing there but you get the gist.  Emily tells him that she finds the need to be perfect all the time around him, she tells him that on the top of her list is a loving family and it wasn’t on his list.  She decides not to give him the rose.  Ryan says it’s very shocking and he didn’t see it coming.  He tells her that he thinks that she’s making the wrong decision and that it needs more time.  She tells him that she doesn’t know if it’s the right choice.  He asks her to keep him around to see the man that he can be.  He’s not going down without a fight!  She says that she doesn’t know that she’s the one who could make him happy.


At the hotel, the guys rejoiced!  They were so happy, high fiving, hugging, and laughing that Ryan was gone.  Poor Ryan thought that he made good friendships with those guys…guess not.  They all said they were proud of Emily for seeing through him.


Arie says that he wants to be there for Emily after she had to send two guys home after long dates.  He goes to her condo to visit her.  She invites him upstairs.  I wonder if the other guys are wondering where he went.  He wanted to tell her that she’s a good judge of character and tells her she made the right choice and to have no doubts.  She gives him Ryan’s rose, but she plans on giving him a “real” one the following night.  They made out in her room for a while and Emily said that her heart felt happy.  She’s going to need some chapstick after that night!  Arie left saying that he now loves Emily.  Wow!


Before you knew it, it was time for another rose ceremony.  She said that John and Doug were on the bubble for her.  She said that she’s lacking something deeper with John.  They have a conversation about him being closed off and he says that in his wallet he has his grandparents’ funeral cards and that their love was incredible and broke down crying.  He also reveals it was nine years ago to the day that his grandfather had his heart attack.  Sheesh Emily, now you are going to send him home?  Emily says that she has now seen so much more in him and ends up kissing him.


She takes Doug aside to talk and he tells her that he doesn’t want to go home and that he knows he’s running behind with the other guys.  She pulls him in and puts his arm around her and tells him to stop being shy.  She tells him that she wants to be pursued a little bit.  Even the other guys know that he has to make a move or he’s gone.  He does his best to talk himself up and ends the conversation with a hug.  Goodness Doug!  That girl was begging to be kissed!  Now I want him to be the next “Bachelor”!  I love so many of these guys this season.


So far, only Chris has a rose.  Emily has four more roses to give out.  She gives roses to:





With one rose left, Emily finds that she just can’t decide what to do.  So, she leaves the room and goes and finds Chris Harrison.  Doug and John are left in agony.  She returns and tells Doug and Sean that she is second guessing her decisions and she can’t hand out the final rose, because she needs one more!  She keeps both John and Doug.  Hooray!  Add them to our list of rose recipients! 


Next week, the final six head to Prague!  It also will come up about Arie and his ex-girlfriend who is one of Emily’s producers and friends…yikes.


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese



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