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New Interview with Charlie and Sean

Charlie and Sean took some time out to chat about pursuing Emily on "The Bachelorette".  Charlie was eliminated Monday night, but Sean is still on the show.  This is one of the first times that ABC is allowing a bachelor who is still on the show to talk about their experience and preview some of the things that are coming up.  We'll start with Charlie's part of the interview.


Charlie said that he felt like he had enough time with Emily on group dates despite not having a one-on-one but maybe that fact was his downfall after all.  He did say that he was shocked he was sent home because the guys who were left were maybe not as suitable for her as he was.


He did address crying in the van on the way home from the sailing competition and he said, "I think all of us guys were all upset because we all have this competitive side to us, I never really cried during a loss growing up."  He thinks he was more disappointed because he thought they had those guys beat.  "I don’t remember being that upset, it was a long drive back," he said.


As for the "evil" Ryan, Charlie said that he actually got along with Ryan and found him to be a decent guy.  When it comes to Kalon, he said that he didn't really get along with him as much as the other guys because he was kind of standoffish, he wouldn't play games with the guys and would never would take part in conversations.  "Maybe he thought he didn’t fit in, I’m learning more about him by watching the show," Charlie said.


Charlie says that since his accident a year and a half ago, he is still going to speech therapy.  He says there are still a lot of words he can’t pronounce.  He said that, "if there are three or four syllables I have to sound it out."  He said that his rehearsal with John during the Muppets group date made him go talk to her because he was afraid he might be made a fool of.


Charlie also said that he met Emily years ago and found her to be different.  He said that she has a kind of "persona" for the show and said that the conversation flowed on his end but not so much on hers.  She did remember Charlie's face and he had to remind her that they had met at a party.  He said their conversation about it was never shown.  Interesting!


Since being on the show he says that he has been requested to speak to children at children’s hospitals and he's so happy to have the opportunity to do that.



Now let's get to Sean's half of the interview.  Sean gave a little preview of what would happen on his one-on-one date with Emily.  He said that "Up until London I knew she was a great girl and we had connected on other levels, I’m not afraid to say it was one of the best dates of my life."  It sounds like someone will be sticking around for quite a while!  They apparently see the sights and take a double decker bus ride.  He said that after that date he knew he had really strong feelings for her.


Sean said that going into this season, he knew it was Emily and knew she had a daughter and he was up for that.  He said that he never really thought that he would be someones step-father but after connecting with Emily in London he was open to that and it became a real possibility.


Now, we all know the big "Baggage" comment made by one of the guys regarding Emily's daughter Ricki is coming up next Monday.  Sean says it all happened on the group date that he wasn't on and that Doug tells Emily about it.  He said that his hat is off to Doug for letting Emily know about it because if he had heard that he would have told her too to protect her.


Also he said that, "It didn’t surprise me that this person said that."  Ouch!  He added that once the guys came home from the group date it was all they could talk about and they loved Emily's strong reaction to that as well.


I'll have the full transcript of the interviews tomorrow!  Have a great day!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese 


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