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Some Bachelors on Thin Ice with Emily in Bermuda

This week the guys and Emily headed to Bermuda! Emily was there with her daughter Ricki and they were having a great time together. Ricki gets to join her mother on all of her worldwide stops. The guys ride in like a bunch of losers on mopeds…that was really lame. Anyway they get to stay at a great house.


The first date card is waiting there and it was for Doug and said, “Let our senses lead the way.” Doug is excited but worried he won’t get a rose and have to go home. The guys all have a great time with that and push his buttons to get him more worried, especially Arie, it was pretty funny actually.

Emily shows up and Doug tells her that she looks pretty, but Emily senses the weird tension in the room. They take a walk around Bermuda and visit a glass shop, a perfumery, and apparently went to the rum cake factory because that’s what they were eating on the steps! This was particularly fun to watch because my husband and I took a cruise to Bermuda last year and it was great to see all the places we visited.


Emily was saying to Doug that she’s never seen them grumpy and he laughed and said well you walked in on a grumpy moment with the guys. She thought it was funny that he scolded the guys. Then they went to the moon gate and made a wish, held hands, and walked through it together.


Back at the hotel, the guys waited for the next date card. It was for the group date, “Let’s set sail”. Nate, John, and Alejandro are not on the group date so two of them will be on the two-on-one date where one of them will definitely get sent home.


On the one-on-one with Emily and Doug, they go to dinner and sitting on table is rose. Doug tells her he’s so touched that they wrote a postcard to his son. Emily said that she feels a little skeptical and said that he actually reminded her of Brad in that he always gives her the perfect answer. She tells him that she wants to know what his ex-girlfriend’s biggest complaints are about him and she doesn’t like his answers because she thinks they aren’t 100% honest. So then she starts to tell him her faults and he tells her those aren’t bad faults! They are kind of the same person!


So after realizing that she put him on the spot, kind of unfairly, she decides to give him the date rose! Emily says that the date had given her faith that there are great guys out there, and he was so happy! He said it was the best date he’s ever had. He wants to kiss her but he holds back because he just isn’t sure. Emily is sitting there, kind of waiting to be kissed, and it seemed awkward!



Group date guys
The next day, it was time for the group date. They break up into two teams to have a sailing race. The losing team will have to go back to the hotel while the winners get to spend time with Emily.



John and Nate learn that they are on the dreaded two-on-one date with a date card that read, “Let’s explore this Bermuda love triangle.”



Boat race
Then, the sailboat race starts. The guys were fast and furious out there! I was really impressed with how fast they learned how to maneuver the sail boats. The yellow team with Arie, Jef, Ryan, and Kalon won. Jef hurt his finger pretty bad while sailing on one of the ropes, but it looks like he’s going to be ok. The red team heads back to the hotel, and Charlie cried on the van ride!



Emily arie new
Ryan makes a toast to his “trophy wife” Emily and she seemed a little annoyed by that comment. Arie tells Emily that he missed her when they snuck away to chat. They end up kissing and he tells her that he can’t’ wait to spend more time with her and she tells him to be patient and hang in there.



Emily jef
Then Jef gets to spend some time with Emily too. He tells her that he likes who she is and tells her that he doesn’t know where he stands with her though. Emily liked that he opened up to her. He shows her his finger boo boo. She totally gave him the kiss vibe, but he didn’t take it! She says she didn’t mind, but I think she did!



Ryan talks to Emily and says that he’s not there to impress her but to make an impression upon her…ok. She says to him that she doesn’t like all of the comments he makes and he told her that God designed her to be a beautiful woman and to be a beautiful woman in response to her asking if he would still like her if she didn’t go to the gym. Ryan brings up her kissing Arie at the rose ceremony and said he had a hard time with that. She says that relationships go at different speeds and she apologizes for him having to see it. She says that she feels like he’s judging her.



Emily all guys
Emily decides to give the date rose to Jef! He was very excited and shocked that she gave the rose to him. He was happy that he made an impact on her and said he’s starting to fall for her. Arie was really bummed that he didn’t get the rose. Ryan said that giving it to Jef was a safe decision on her part.


At last, it was time for the dreaded two-on-one date. Nate and John packed their bags and got ready for the date. They head out on a boat to a big yacht where Emily was waiting.


Back at the hotel, Chris and Doug dispute the differences between guys at 25 or 35 and the maturity aspect. Chris said that he thinks Doug hides behind his mature age of 33. Tension is brewing!!!


On the yacht, Emily and the guys take a tour of the islands and then the pull up to a small island to do some cliff diving. It seemed like a fun time, but there was still the awkward two-on-one dinner to come.


Inside a cave, they go to dinner and talk about how quiet it is in there. Then they talk about quinoa and if they’ve ever had it before. Emily said it was so awkward and one of the worst dates of her life. Emily picks Nate to go talk to first. Nate tells her he was bummed at first that he was on a two-on-one but said that he understood why he was on that date, and he tells her he’s happy that he’s there, he wants kids, and he has a great family. He starts to cry when he talks about his friends and family, but the whole crying thing did not work out so great for Tony last week, so we’ll have to see how it plays out.

Later, she chats with John and he talks about how he’s not one to say “hey, look at me” but knew if he could get her alone, she might like him. Emily says that she likes that about him.


After talking to both of them, Emily decides that she’s going to keep John around. She tells Nate that she doesn’t see them together forever. She has to give John the rose right in front of him! How cold!


The night of the cocktail party started out pretty tense. The guys feel that basically anybody could go home. Ryan is overly confident about his connection with Emily and Arie thinks it’s a load of crap, I would have to agree. Alejandro wasn’t on any dates this week so he wants to talk to her right away. She reassures him that she can tell he’s a passionate person.

Ryan and Emily talk again and he calls her out for touching his leg in a creepy way. He’s really starting to irk me.


Arie decides to go rescue Emily from the situation. Emily seemed all too eager to jump up and get out of the room. He asks her what she really thinks about him and she says that she feels really comfortable around him and she can picture him in her everyday life. He was really happy with that answer.


Ryan is talking to Michael about how if Emily doesn’t pick him he wants to be the “Bachelor” and thinks it’s great that he’s in this position and thinks that it would be awesome for people to see. Um, no, I don’t think so. He is so full of himself!!!


Sean talks to Emily and she says that she was bummed his team lost the sailing competition. She admits that she feels strongly about him already. Sean tells her that he feels the same. He asks her how Ricki would react to her getting married and he was excited to hear that she would be excited about it and Emily added in again that she wants more children. Then they kissed! Woo!


Doug says that he thinks Emily is making a mistake keeping Chris around because he’s not mature enough to be a father. Chris talks to Emily about this and says that she has nothing to worry about and he’s looking forward to it. I think he did a good job explaining the situation without bringing up that it was Doug he had the problem with.


Chris talks to Doug about the age thing again and Doug tells him he thinks he’s being immature right now. He tells Chris that he’s insecure and Chris says that he’s overpowering in front of the whole group. Chris says that he doesn’t believe him in general, the way he is and the way he acts. He says he’s over the top humble and he doesn’t believe it. Doug just sat there and smiled as Chris got up and walked away.


Then it was time for roses! Doug, Jef, and John already have roses from their dates.


Also receiving roses were:



Travis (really?! I’m kind of surprised by this one)


Ryan (wow I’m surprised that she’s giving him one more chance)




Wow, Alejandro over Charlie? I’m shocked! I wonder if we’ll actually get to see some interaction between them next week. Michael and Charlie were sent home. Michael was very gracious; he told her that he hopes she finds someone who makes her happy.


The next stop for next week is London! How exciting! There’s going to be some great confrontations next week, I can’t wait!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese



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