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The Truth About Arie and Six become Four on 'The Bachelorette'

There should be just five guys left, but there are six because as you remember, Emily decided to keep them all to get to know them better.  There are no roses on this week’s one-on-one dates, but there is a rose up for grabs on the group date.


The first date card was for Arie and it said “Let’s Czech out Prague together.”  Emily shows up for their date at the hotel, picks him up and they took a walk through the city to sightsee.  Arie says that he is definitely falling in love with her!  Emily says that she knows that Arie dated her producer and she is upset that he didn’t talk to her about it.  She is waiting for him to talk to her about it but he’s just not bringing it up!


Chris Harrison explains that Arie had a brief relationship with producer Cassie Lambert several years ago.  Cassie told Emily about her past relationship when she saw things getting serious between them.  Cassie interviewed Emily about the subject.  She says that she’s only seen him twice in the past 10 years and doesn’t want Emily associating her with him.  Emily says that she wishes she would have known right off the bat.  Emily says she feels like an idiot because she is the only one who was left in the dark and Cassie tries to assure her it’s not a “thing”.


Emily asks him if he feels like he is open with her and he’s says “Oh yeah, totally”.  He admits that he has a tattoo of an ex’s name on him, but that’s not the secret Emily wants to know Arie!  Chris Harrison then tells us that there was an off-camera talk between Arie, Cassie and Emily about the past.  Arie says he thought it was insignificant and didn’t want to bring it up.  It was like two dates ten years ago.  Emily basically ends up agreeing with Arie and decides to continue on with their relationship.


At dinner on a boat, Emily writes it off as a misunderstanding and she even says she should have given him the benefit of the doubt.  Then there was more kissing!  Guess it’s all water under the bridge now. 


Back at the hotel, another date card arrives.  It’s for John!  The date card read: “In Prague, all you need is love.”  Chris was super disappointed!


On Emily and Arie’s date he reassures her that his family would love her if she goes home to meet his family.  Then, Arie tells her that he loves her and he has since Croatia!  WOW!  L-Bomb!  Emily said to him, “That makes me really, really happy.”  She said it scared her a tiny bit because it changed everything.  Of course, then fireworks went off, that always seems to happen on this show!  Someone drops an L-bomb, cue the fireworks!



Emily john boat
The next day, Emily and John go on a boat ride and they talk about their families a bit.  Off of the boat, they see the John Lennon wall and they paint their own little special area. 

Emily john wall
They draw a boat and write, “All you need is love” aww. 

Emily john locks
They find a gate while walking that has locks all over it.  So they lock in their love with a lock with their initials on it.  It was so funny because John couldn’t get the lock to close!  That’s not a good sign!


Back at the hotel, Chris starts to lose it.  They are analyzing John’s possible date outcomes and Chris is basically getting angry.  So, he gets up and makes himself a drink, ha!



Emily john dinner
On John and Emily’s date, they walk through a castle and stop at a mattress or something to have dinner.  He’s very laid back!  He seems like a normal guy although he comes off kind of dry on the show.  He tells Emily his sad story about how his ex cheated on him and how she turned her phone off for three days and he was worried sick about her!  He says that now he knows what he wants and he tells her that he could fall in love with her.  Emily said that she knows why he was slow at opening up now and she seems to actually like him, but is it too little too late?  John says that she would be like “two peas in a pod” with his mom.  They also did some kissing!  Yay John!  An interesting point about John, basically any of the other guys when asked about who they were friends with in the house in the conference call interviews, they all said John was a cool guy that they liked a lot!


Time for another date card!  It was a group date card for Sean, Doug, and Chris.  Chris was devastated.  Just then, John came back from his one-on-one date and said that his date was a 10 and he’s pretty confident that he’s going to get a hometown date.  This means the last one-on-one date will go to Jef.


Sean takes a stroll to go find Emily and starts yelling in the streets for her.  He’s running around like crazy yelling her name.  Someone had to have told him which direction to go in.  He actually finds her and told her that he just had to see her and kissed her.  He takes her to a restaurant and Emily settles in for another drink.  She apologized for putting him on the group date and he tells her he’s happy to just get five minutes alone with her.


The next morning the guys saddled up for a carriage ride with Emily on their group date.  Chris complains about how he might as well be with 10 other guys.  Boo-hoo.  Doug gave a very sweet toast to Emily right in front of all of the other guys when they got to the inside of a castle.  She takes him away for a little walk to see if she can generate some chemistry with him.  He thanked her for keeping him around they talked about what would happen on a hometown date with him. He accidentally touched her hand and apologized!  Sheesh!  Dude, get close and kiss her!  What is wrong with you?!  She tells him that she’s been fighting for him and for some reason she can’t tell if he likes her, and so he gives her a kiss.  She says um, thank you for that.  She goes on to tell him that he isn’t fighting for her…after the kiss!  Yikes that is so awkward.  She tells him that he is too much of a gentleman. So she sends him packing right then and there.  He says he feels stupid for kissing her.  She says sorry please don’t feel that way, and he thanks her and says, “See ya, take care.”  The poor guy did not see that coming!  He says his girl radar is totally broken.  Aw!  He just moved way, way too slow!  Aw muscles, I hope you meet someone great!


So a three-on-one becomes a two-on-one making it even more awkward.  She gives Sean and Chris two big keys and Sean opens up a room to have a chat with Emily, apparently Chris’ key opened nothing.  Sean tells her how important family is to him and said it would be natural for her to meet his family next and says that she will love them.  Chris is waiting for Emily and it’s driving him crazy wondering what’s going on between her and Sean.


“Jef, this is your chance to pull at my heart strings,” is what the last date card said.  Jef is really excited.  They are worried that Chris could get the rose and rub it in all of their faces.


Back on the two-on-one, Chris gets his chance to talk to Emily.  He asks her why he didn’t get a one-on-one.  She said that a two-on-one is second best to a one-on-one and he says, “Well, it’s pretty weird” and she says I love that you always make the best of things.  Ha, well I guess he does sometimes.  He kisses her and they head back to the main area where Sean is.  Don’t forget there’s a date rose!  Emily decides to give it to Sean.  Poor Chris!  She tells him not to take it personally.  He is totally insulted though.


The following day, it was time for Jef’s date.  She awkwardly gave each of the guys a hug at the hotel and then Jef and Emily took a walk through town.  They played with marionettes and bought two that they thought looked like each other and Jef went in and bought a little one for Ricki!  So cute!  Emily was really touched that he thought of her daughter. 


They then found their way into an amazing ornate library.  They decided to put on their own little marionette show of their relationship so far.  Kind of lame, but cute.  Jef is really funny though!  He’s oddly good at controlling the marionette.  It was like therapy puppets or something because he could spill his heart out through the puppet.  He reveals to her that he is IN LOVE with her!  These are some of the earliest “I love you’s” I can ever remember on the show!  Usually people wait until the hometowns or even the fantasy dates.


Jef tells her about his parents being in South Carolina so they won’t be in Utah for his hometown, but a lot of his siblings will be.  She seems OK with that.  She loved hearing Jef talk about his family holidays and what he wants for a family someday.  He said that he broke up with a girl once because his family made her nervous.


Chris is now feeling like a jerk for overreacting about not getting the rose and he wants to make sure Emily knows that.  John was like, “Yeah, I’d be more nervous if our date hadn’t gone so well.”  Way to rub it in John!  What the heck!


Jef asks her if she would want to live together before they got married and she says no.  Jef says that he feels the same way.  Emily says that she wants kids right away and Jef says that he does too and he wants to be a “fun dad”.  She thinks that they would fight because he would be too laid back sometimes with the kids.  He says that he wouldn’t be totally and it was so real.  I mean, that is a real deep conversation and they totally are on the same level.


To Chris’ horror, Emily says that she doesn’t want to have a cocktail party and just wants to give out the roses.  He freaks out!  He cries and feels that he’s taken this week for granted and will pay the price with a ticket home.  I don’t think so.  She thinks he’s way to good looking to do that.  I’m betting John is leaving, but let’s see how this plays out.


She tells the guys that she has all of her questions answered and feels good about her decisions and starts to give out the roses.  Jef gets the first rose.  The second rose goes to Arie.  Then, with just one rose left, Chris interrupts her and tells her that he needs to talk to her.  They go off to chat and the rest of the guys are just left standing there dumbfounded.  Chris apologizes for letting the situation on their date get the better of him and he also apologizes for taking that week for granted and be the man that she and Ricki deserves.  He also drops the L-bomb and says he is falling in love with her.  She tells him that she is grateful that he is putting himself out there and he goes on to say that he’s not ready for it to end.


Emily picks up the final rose and gives it to…CHRIS!  John is so upset.  Chris accepts the rose that I’m pretty sure he was going to get all along.  His speech to her only confirmed her feelings about him.


John gets walked out by Emily and she tells him that the other relationships moved much faster and she’s sorry she can’t meet his family.  He says that he feels that they had something and that he’s shocked.  She thanks him and there he goes!  John “Wolf” is history.


Next week, it’s time for the hometown dates!  These are the best!  Emily will face some tough questions from these guys’ families.  It’s going to be a tough job to send one of those guys home after meeting their families and from the preview it really seems to tear her apart.



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese 


Bachelor Blogger

How sweet is Jef! It's going to be a sad limo ride home if (or when) Emily sends him home. Sniff.

Geri McCormick

I fell asleep watching Mondays show and I finally got to read your summation of the show. I was very good and I appreciate the chance to catch up....Thanks much!!!

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