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Chris Harrison Dishes 'Bachelor Pad' Details

The rosemaster, Chris Harrison, took some time out to talk about all things "Bachelor Pad" today!  

Chris harrison

I asked him if fans of Chris from this most recent "Bachelorette" season would still be fans of his after watching his bed hopping and he seems to think it might divide them a bit.  He says that his perceptions of what the fans will actually think aren't always correct so we'll have to watch and see for ourselves.  Harrison also thought that Kalon may come off a bit more likeable on this show than he did on "The Bachelorette" but then again, he thinks that Kalon always thinks that he's likeable despite many people not liking him.


He also said that the show "just lends itself to involving the fans" and that he loved seeing them in the mix.  In fact, he hopes that future "Bachelor Pad" seasons will also invite the fans to compete.

He said that although the fans were a bit behind the eight ball when they walked in the door, the cute girls seemed to have an easier time getting to know the guys and getting their game in gear.  Harrison also said that Chris, Kalon and Tony "might as well have been fans" because they hadn't been to any alumni parties and didn't know anyone because they were so new to the "Bachelor family".


Harrison added that the show allows for more opportunity for more couples and that there will definately be people leaving as couples!  Yay!  Whether or not they go the distance all the way to the alter like last season's Holly and Blake remains to be seen.More opportunity for couples and there are definitely some that are going to be leaving as couples!


As for Tony, he said that once he got home he must have gotten some perspective and seen that his son was fine without him and was being cared for just fine.  You remember he left "The Bachelorette" because he missed his son.  Well, he's over that and now he's back to try and win money that could make a difference in their lives.


Michael Stagliano, last season's winner, and Erica Rose, who could forget her, are back to compete again.  Chris Harrison said it's really interesting how Michael is treated like a celebrity in the house and as for Erica, he said that she makes for good TV.


Whatever you do, don't ask Harrison about internet rumors.  Rumors that he is romantically involved with Emily drew a sarcastic response.  He was also asked about Emily possibly moving to CA for a career on television and he told the reporter that they were a "better journalist than that" and basically that was that.


I hope they release a transcript of this call.  If they do, I'll have it for you tomorrow!  "Bachelor Pad" kicks off with a two-hour premiere on Monday, July 23rd at 8pm!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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