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Emily Maynard Gets Engaged on 'The Bachelorette' Finale!

Emily’s journey has finally come to an end with the “dramatic” finale of “The Bachelorette”.  It began live with Chris Harrison introducing the pre-recorded part of the finale in Curacao.  Her parents and brother flew to Curacao to meet Arie and Jef and to try and help her make up her mind and decide who is best for her and Ricki.

Emily finale
Jef was up first to meet her family.  He told them all about her visit with his family.  Her mother pulled Jef aside to have a private talk first.  She wanted to know if he was really serious about her and he assured her that he was.  Emily’s mother also wanted to know if he was ready to be a father and Jef seemed to listen patiently and tried to reassure her that he wants the whole package.  Her mother said that she thought Jef was great and the things he said “made her heart happy”. 


Her brother was next, and Jef asked Ernie if she is ready to settle down and Ernie was like, “Emily won’t settle”…ok Ernie, settling down and settling are two different things!  Jef did a good job reassuring her brother of his feelings and Ernie said that he does believe him and thinks that Jef really loves his sister.


I expected her dad to be pretty skeptical after the whole “Brad” situation.  Jef wanted to get his blessing though.  Her dad said that if he sincerely wants to marry his daughter, then he gives his blessing.  That went as good as it could possibly go!  He was easy for Jef to win over.


Arie had a tough act to follow when he met Emily’s family.  Her dad even admitted that after Jef, Arie had his work cut out for him.  Arie started to ramble about fishing and then started talking all about his and Emily’s experiences because he talks when he’s nervous.  Arie took out a box that held all of the roses that Emily had given him on their journey and gave it to her in front of her family.  Her mom thought that Arie seemed a little too self-assured but then loved the gift.


Her mother spoke with Arie about his intentions and Arie told her that he wants Emily and Ricki to believe in their love and he hopes they can be a family.  Suzy thought that it would be tough for Emily to choose at the end of the day.


Ernie told Arie that he was a smooth talker and he wanted to make sure that Arie was in this for more than just the game.  Arie told him about how he dated a single mother and how they loved watching the kids grow together and how he misses that now.  Ernie found himself also feeling torn between Arie and Jef.


Dad seemed to be a little tougher on Arie.  Arie pulled out all of the stops though and told him that Emily is the love of his life and that he wants to marry her and asked for his blessing.  Her dad gave his blessing and Arie teared up!  Aww!


Emily then spoke to her parents about both of the guys to see which one they liked better.  True to form, her family said they really couldn’t decide.  I can’t believe it ever.  I mean, someone always is leaning a little bit towards someone else and I wish they would just be honest and say.  Too bad she can’t be a polygamist (just kidding!).  Her mother shared some of her concerns about Ricki though.  She feels that it’s not fair to get engaged without having Ricki involved or having had met the guy that she picks in the end.  Emily said that it made her question everything and you could see the pressure of the situation start to weigh down on her.


Emily got to have one final date with each of her final two guys.  Jef had his date first.  They met on the beach and had a serious talk.  He told her that he’s sorry that she stressed and that he isn’t really that stressed because he feels that she has everything he’s ever wanted in anybody.  He did mention that he wants to meet Ricki.  He asked Emily what she would think if she met the perfect person who had a kid and wouldn’t let them meet the kid and she admitted that she would have thought that it was weird.  Emily then said that she would take him to meet her.  His face just completely lit up and he was so excited.  I think that’s great, maybe there will be a proposal in the end after all now!


Jef went over to the house that Emily and her family were staying at.   Jef admitted that he was kind of freaking out and nervous, but they went right in and Ricki swam over in the pool to meet him.  He started up some little conversations with her and she showed off her pool tricks to him.  It was so sweet, little Ricki asked him if he would get in the pool with her and go swimming with her.  They were all practically acting like a family already!  Jef seemed to fall in love with little Ricki a little bit too!  They also went and set some little hermit crabs free on the beach that she had found earlier in the day.  At the end of the day they had a chat on the stairs outside their house and it was so cute.  They all have a great dynamic together.


Later, Jef and Emily got together in the evening for some drinks and another deep conversation.  Emily said that Ricki asked if Jef could come back tomorrow.  Ha!  Maybe!  I have to admit, I’m rooting for Jef.  It’s funny; they seem nervous, yet comfortable with each other at the same time.  Emily also couldn’t stop playing with her hair…I’m reading into all of her body language signals.  He gave her a gift and it was a book about Curacao and he said that it was to signify the big steps they took together there.  He drew little pictures inside the book of them so that it was more personal and it was quite funny too!  Emily said that its “cool they found each other”.  When they said goodbye for the night, Jef said that it was the worst goodbye yet because he knew Emily’s date with Arie was next and he hated that Emily could possibly see a future with him.


Chris Harrison came by the next day to talk to Emily.  She told Chris that she doesn’t know what to do.  She said that she thought there would be one person that she cared about by now and that there finally is.  She tells him that she introduced Ricki to Jef and that pushed it over the edge for her.  She said that she has feelings for Arie but she knows that Jef is the one.  She said that she can’t sit with Arie and have a date when she knows in her heart that he’s not the one.  She tells Chris that she needs to tell Arie that it’s over but she doesn’t even know how to start the conversation.  I give her a lot of credit, this is a “Bachelor/Bachelorette” first and I’m surprised it hasn’t happened on past seasons.  This is the first time we won’t see the two limos pull up and the loser get out first.  Poor Arie.  It’s never easy to break someone’s heart.


Arie was met by a woman who wanted to teach him how to make a love potion.  Yikes…this is so hard to watch.  Maybe he can fall in love with this woman native to the island.  Arie is running around picking flowers to make his love potion.  It’s so sad!  He’s a sweet guy.  He thinks it’s going to be great when Emily can express how she feels…no, sorry, it’s not, it’s going to suck Arie!!!


Then the black SUV of doom pulled dup with Emily inside and she got out looking all sad and nervous.  Too bad he can’t hear the ominous music playing like we all do.  He tells her he made a love potion right away for her and she says that it smells good, but that she needs to sit down and talk.  She starts crying right away and saying that she doesn’t know what to do or say.  You can tell he’s hoping this isn’t the breakup talk, but it is.  She tells him that she doesn’t know anymore that it could be the two of them in the end.  She said that her family loved him and everyone loved him but…she’s sorry.  Arie was so hurt.  She said it wasn’t anything he did.  Arie just sat there in silence for a while and then said that he was shocked because he thought they had something.  She said that she did think that she thought it would be them in the end but now she has more confidence with Jef.  He told her not to say anything and said that he would go.  He got up and said that there was nothing to say.  He said he doesn’t know what she wants but thanks for sparing him the embarrassment tomorrow.  They hugged and she walked him out and he said; well now I’m here and he got in the SUV of doom.


Inside the SUV, Arie sat in silence.  He then said that he was confused, and he felt stupid and naïve that he had a dream for them.  He said that he’s a loving person and he deserves that back.  Arie said he misjudged the situation and that he can’t believe it’s over. 


When the show came back, Ashley and JP were in the audience!  It was so great to see them!  They still seem very happy together.  DeAnna and her brother in law Michael Stagliano were sitting right next to them and Ashley S. was next to them.  Ashley S. was best friends with Ashley and Emily during their season of “The Bachelor” which was Brad’s 2nd time on the show.


Emily then got ready for her big reveal to Jef.  Jef didn’t know that Arie was no longer in the running.  Poor Jef is still nervous that it might not be him!  Jef met with Neil Lane.  He picked a beautiful emerald cut diamond ring…it was huge!


Emily stood on a beautiful platform in Curacao waiting for Jef and he strolled in looking very handsome!  He met with Chris Harrison who asked him how he was feeling and he said he felt great!  I can’t wait to see what Emily decides to do here!  Will she just offer him a relationship or her happily ever after?  She started by saying it was a long road but one that she could look back on and know that it was all worth it because he is everything she has looked for, for so long.  She said that she thinks he’s her soul mate and she revealed that she loves him and that Arie got dumped yesterday.


Then it was Jef’s turn to talk.  He told her that he loves everything about her basically and that her brother told him that he thought that she might give up on love and that he’s so grateful that she didn’t give up on them and that she tried one more time.  He told her that he’s found his everything and that he loves her.  Jef told her that he promises she’ll never feel lonely again and that what he’s asking her is a forever thing.  He asks her to marry him!  Emily said YES!  Then, she asked him if he would accept the final rose and he said YES!  Little Ricki ran out and met her new daddy!  Hopefully she’s not too overwhelmed and confused by meeting a guy one day and learning that he’s going to marry her mom the next.  That’s a lot to take in!


Right after the conclusion of their adventure in Curacao, it went right to the live show.  Emily came out and she looked fabulous!  She is like a real life Barbie Doll.  She says that she’s still in love and happy!  But, to add some drama, they had to address the whole Arie breakup.  Emily admitted that she’s not very good at being direct and being the bearer or bad news. 


Arie came out and gave Emily a hug.  Arie said that watching it at home helped because he could understand what he was up against basically.  He said that he has nothing but love for Emily.  He reiterated that he was completely taken by surprise by her breakup though.  He said he was shocked on that day.  He said he just wanted to know why because he didn’t understand her feelings for Jef.  Emily said that she was sorry and that she needs to be more direct.  He said that he wishes that she would have said what she said to Chris Harrison about the breakup to him. 


After he left, Arie booked a flight to go see Emily in Charlotte.  He said he couldn’t deal with the breakup.  He wanted closure or he wanted a beginning off camera.  He said that he didn’t think his story was over with her and the show knew nothing about it.  He got there and he didn’t want to put her in a weird situation and it didn’t feel right so he called her and they talked and that he would leave his journal and she could read everything.  He left it on her doorstep and went home.  Emily brought it with her…OMG.


Emily said that she didn’t read the journal.  She said that out of respect to Arie and Jef she felt like it wouldn’t help anything if she read it so she returned it to him.  Arie said it seems crazy now and that he is happy for her and for Jef and that he’s a great man.  At the moment he really wanted her to read it, but now he understands it wouldn’t have changed anything.  That’s so sad, I feel like Arie is a lot deeper than I ever gave him credit for.  Arie revealed that he and Jef talk on the phone and Jef actually helped him get over the breakup because he’s genuinely happy for Jef and Emily.  He said that he’s in a good place now.  How amazing!


Jef came out next to join Emily on stage.  He says it feels like they didn’t even meet on a show, it seems very normal.  Then he rattled off a laundry list of all of the things he loves about Emily.  He said that he, Emily and Ricki have gotten to hang out as a “family” quite a bit!  Emily says that he’s great as a dad so far.  Jef said that his role as a future step father is exactly what he thought it would be and more.


Then they reminisced about the proposal in Curacao.  The happy couple rewatched it and it was so sweet to see how happy it made them!  Emily said she never had someone say such sweet and genuine things from the heart to her.  Emily said that she was sorry that it took her so long to answer!  Emily said that it was such a blur but she was afraid to be the girl that gets engaged a bunch of times and never gets married.  She said that in that moment she just said YES!  Jef said that in the moment he never thought that she would say no but he thought ok well this is coming as a surprise to her, so he had hoped that’s what it was.  She also added that she wanted to take in the moment.


Chris Harrison then asked them about their future.  They said that first they wanted to share a long kiss and say “I love you”.  They also said they plan on doing a humanitarian trip to Africa with his family to build wells there.  Emily and Jef said that they plan on living in Charlotte because of Ricki.  Jef doesn’t want to uproot her from her school.  They also are going to work on planning their WEDDING!  They plan on living separately while they are in Charlotte as well until they are married.  There’s no set date for their wedding yet but Emily hinted that she would love a spring wedding.


So that’s that!  Emily and Jef are a happy couple and a happy family with Ricki.  Tomorrow is the season premiere of “Bachelor Pad 3” at 8 p.m. on ABC so stay tuned for more!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese










I am shocked that she didn’t pick Arie. I really thought he was going to be the one she picked in the end. I wasn’t able to watch it because I was working at Dish, so I had to wait until I got home to see how it ended. Luckily, for me since it was on Sunday instead of Monday I have the Hopper, which automatically records the local channels on the PrimeTime Anytime feature. After watching the finale, I think Jef is the perfect one for her. They seem so in love and happy together, and he was so good with Ricki when he met her. I think this one will last.

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