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Emily Selects Her Final Two and Breaks Another Heart

It was finally time for Emily to get to know her final three better on three amazing fantasy dates in Curacao. 

Emily rose

Sean was up first and Emily was waiting to see if he would tell her that he loves her.  He’s the only guy remaining who hasn’t said those three little words.  He says that he is in love with her and he’s just waiting for the right time to say it.  Their date starts off by them going on a helicopter ride over Curacao, and it was truly amazing.  It didn’t seem like they did a lot of talking on the helicopter ride, but when they did, Emily told him they were going to spend the day on their own private island.


Once they were on the island, Sean spoke to Emily about her time with his family.  He explained all about his past relationship and how he put his poor ex off about marriage all the time.  Yikes, that’s a little bit of a red flag Emily.  Sean says that there is something different about Emily and she shouldn’t worry about the way he treated his ex basically, but I don’t know if she totally buys what he is saying.  After their semi-awkward talk, they went snorkeling and did some kissing in the water.


Later, they went to a private moonlight beach dinner just for the two of them.  Emily tells him that she’s always wondering about how he is feeling.  He tells her that no one he has dated has measured up to her.  He added that he’s ready to be a dad and he takes out a letter that he wrote to Ricki.  It was incredibly sweet.  Honestly, I probably would have married him on the spot if I were Emily.  She clearly liked it a lot, but I’m not sure she had the same gleaming look in her eye that she had with Jef the other week with his letter.  Finally, after a lot of jibber jabber, he reveals to Emily that he has fallen in love with her.  She tells him that she is so happy to hear that and she kisses him.  She says that all of her answers about him were answered that night. 


Then it was time for Chris Harrison’s creepy letter that tells them they can forgo their individual rooms and stay as a couple in the fantasy suite.  They agree to go to the suite and get to know each other better.  Emily even admitted that she can’t keep her hands off of him! Woo!  However, she sent him packing after a while and didn’t let him spend the night.


The next day, Jef had his turn at trying to win Emily’s heart over.  They went on a giant sailboat to go explore Curacao.  Jef tells her that his family totally approved of her and even told her that his parents really want to meet her after all of the great things that his brothers and sisters had to say about her.  Emily tells him that she’ll keep him out of trouble and he’ll get her into trouble so they’ll have a lot of fun with their relationship.  She’s always talking about how they balance each other out.  They did a little cliff diving and then of course some making out!  This was the perfect date for these adventurous two!


At dinner, they discussed what their life would be like together if she picked him.  They also spoke about where they would live, and Emily says that she would move for him because they would all be getting a fresh start and Jef agreed and said the same.  He also asked her why things hadn’t worked out with other guys and Emily says that there wasn’t a special something there and she thinks that she has that with Jef and he gives her a self confidence that she has been missing.  Then it was time for the most important question, would he be a good fit for Ricki?  Emily says that the first thing that popped into her head in Charlotte while getting Ricki’s lunch ready was Jef and him being there in their lives.  The fantasy date card from Chris then made its appearance.  Jef said that he would love to, but their families will be watching this so he declined.  Emily thanked him for being such a gentleman and says that she would just like to hang out there and then go back to their individual rooms and he agreed.  She admitted that she was a teeny bit disappointed that he turned her down even though she was going to turn him down anyway ha-ha!


Finally, Arie got his chance to have a date with Emily.  He met her on a boat that took them out to swim with the dolphins!  How amazing!  The dolphins were just swimming up to them and rubbing up against them, it was so awesome!  Back on the boat they had some drinks and did some flirting.  It seemed like they weren’t as deep into their relationship as Emily is with Jef and Sean, but there’s still dinner to come and maybe they’ll have a deep conversation there.


Emily talked about how they have a very physical relationship but she wants to try to figure out if there is more to their connection.  She tells him she doesn’t know what he does on a daily basis, and Arie says that he feels the same way about her.  He tells her that he gets up around 9 and then goes into the shop sometimes and later around 6 he will usually go to dinner with friends.  He says he goes out almost every meal because he hates being alone.  Then they spoke about how life would be after the show, and Emily said she doesn’t have all of the answers.  She did tell him she would move to Scottsdale for him.  She also really liked how Arie described how he would become a father figure to Ricki.  She tells him that he has made the whole process of being on the show easier for her.  Emily decided that she wasn’t going to give him the fantasy date card because she didn’t trust herself because he’s too hot for her!  They still spent a lot of time walking around and kissing, but she didn’t take him back to the private room.


My husband made a keen observation during Chris Harrison’s talk with Emily…he was no longer wearing his wedding ring.   How sad!  I feel so sad about his separation/impending divorce.  They chatted about all of the guys and how she was going to have to make this really tough decision.  There was something from the past that we finally got to see again…video messages from the guys to Emily!  In Sean’s video he tells her he loves her and wants to spend his whole life with her and have more kids too.  Jef also told her that he was completely in love with her and that he can’t wait to meet Ricki and hopes to become a family together with her.  In Arie’s video, he told her how great it felt to kiss her in Dollywood and that he loves her and that he wants to spend the rest of his life telling her how great she is and that he loves her so much.  Wow…she is going to devastate one of these guys!


At long last, it was time for the rose ceremony.  The first spot in the finale went to Jef.  The second spot went to Arie!  Wow!  I did not see this coming…Sean was sent home.  He gave it his best shot for sure.  I can’t believe it; I really thought Arie was going to go home.  Sean said that he didn’t see it coming and that this really hurt him.  Emily cried and said that she would miss him more than he knows.  Sean said that he cared about her and if this is what was best for her than he understood.  Once inside the car, Sean cried a little and said that he knew without a doubt when he saw her that night that he wanted to marry her and it hurts.  He said that he didn’t think that he was going to be the one to go home.


Next week it’s “The Men Tell All” episode.  You’ll hear from Ryan, Chris, and Kalon!  Sean returns to confront Emily about their breakup.  Then on SUNDAY July 22nd, it’s the big finale…who will Emily pick?  Arie or Jef?  After the finale, there will be a live “After the Final Rose” special! “Bachelor Pad 3” begins on Monday July 23rd.


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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