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Full transcript of interview with Emily Maynard and Jef Holm




Here is the full transcript of the interview with Emily and Jef after their appearance on Live with Kelly! They discussed everything from wedding planning to a humanitarian trip to Africa!




Question: First off, Emily and Jef, congratulations! Emily, what was it about Jef’s proposal that sealed the deal for you?


Emily: I think that it was a combination of his proposal obviously, and a million other things. But the way that he spoke, and just how genuine and sweet and thoughtful it was – it wasn’t generic. He took the time to really be specific about things, and that really meant a lot.

Question: Are you any closer to picking a date for the wedding? I know in ‘After the Final Rose’, you had mentioned springtime.

 Emily: No – even though we got engaged back in May, it feels like we just got engaged all over again.

Question: Have you begun planning the wedding yet, or any aspect of it?

 Emily: No, just looking online at different places.

 Jef: But we’re getting excited about it.

 Question: Jef, do you have any say in anything that’s taking place?

 Jef: I say “yes!”

 Question: Did you ever consider asking Jef to date exclusively instead of getting engaged?

Emily: You know, I came into this with an open mind, and I just said I was going to be in each moment, and you know, not worry about what’s going to happen later on. I’m really glad I did.

Question: Now Jef, you have a friendship with Arie – will you always be friends? Would you want to stay friends with any of the other guys?

 Jef: Yeah, I’m friends with Arie. I think he’s a great guy. We developed a really good friendship right off the bat – we really connected with each other. We would come home from dates and talk about our dates that we had with Emily. You think that would be weird, but it wasn’t weird – we just separated the fact that we were dating the same girl and stayed friends. We knew we were on a dating show.

Emily: It’s like they were dating two different girls.

Jef: Yeah, it really was.

Question: Is Arie going to come to the wedding, you think? Would you invite any of the other guys?

Jef: I don’t know – we’ll have to see.

Emily: I think for the most part, most of my guys were really great. So, I hope they would want to be my friend afterwards.

Jef: Yeah, and I don’t think either of us have any hard feelings towards the guys. I’m not threatened by any guys, and I would love to invite any of them to the wedding.  

Question: Emily, what was your family’s first reaction when you said you got engaged?

 They were really happy for me – I think that my Mom’s only reservation  on the show about me getting engaged was she saw me go through everything last time, and you know, no Mom wants to see her little girl go through that. I’m a Mom, and that would break my heart. She just wanted to make sure that I had taken it seriously, and she loves Jef, so she’s happy for us.

Question: Now I know you mentioned a humanitarian trip to Africa, do you have any plans on when you are going to do that, and will Ricki come with you as well?

Emily: My very first conversation with Jef talked about how I wanted to take a trip to Africa once this was all over, and just kind of, like, regroup. All this stuff can really start to mess with your head after awhile – just get away and remind myself of what’s important. I’ve wanted to do it forever, and then we talked about it, and then, it just so happened that his company had a trip planned for the end of July!


Jef: Yeah, so we’re headed there then in July, to Africa. A few days actually! 



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