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Heartbreaking Hometown Date Breakup

This week, Emily heads to the remaining four guys’ hometowns to meet their families. 

Emily bachelorette

First up was Chris in his hometown of Chicago.  He took Emily to a place that looked like a castle since they had visited a lot of castles on their travels.  He shared that his dad speaks Polish and his whole family is Polish so they went to a Polish bar to have a beer and chat.  It seemed a little awkward.  There was a weird awkward pause, but then they started to talk about all of the emotions they went though at the last rose ceremony when he pulled her aside.


After their drinks, they went to Chris’ house where Emily met his sisters and parents.  It was funny that for shooting purposes they were all sitting on one side of the table.  His dad was the first to pull Emily aside to find out what her intentions are.  Emily asked his dad if he thought Chris was ready to be a father and his dad said that Chris would do his very best for them.  He added that if she wants someone to love her unconditionally, he’s her guy.  He gave Emily his stamp of approval so that was nice.


Chris spoke with his mom one-on-one and she was so sweet.  She just wants him to be happy and find love.  His sister however, told Emily that if she didn’t like her brother, just end it “sooner rather than later” so that he doesn’t get his heart broken more than he needs to.  His dad tells Chris that Emily told him that she was falling in love with him and I don’t recall hearing that!  She may have said that off camera or his dad didn’t understand what was said.  As Emily was talking to Chris outside, he kissed her and told her that he loves her and is in love with her.  It was so sweet.  Of course Emily couldn’t say it back, but we’ll know for sure later if she is feeling that way if he is rewarded with a rose.  Back at the house, there was Polka dancers and Polka music!  It was so fun!


Emily’s second hometown visit was to Utah to see Jef and his siblings.  They have a ranch and it is completely amazing.  Emily said it was almost overwhelming.  They load up into a jeep or four-wheeler type vehicle and they took off down the dirt roads zipping and zooming along.  She liked that he is more country than she thought he was.  Then, they did some skeet shooting and Jef was really good at it!  Emily shot the skeet perfectly right on her first try!  She did a great job.  She told him that she takes gun lessons back home in Charlotte.


Later she got to meet some of Jef’s many brothers and sisters.  Emily was very worried that his family wouldn’t like her, but I (and Jef) had no doubt that they would like her a lot.  They sat down to eat outside and his brother Steve decided to pull Emily aside to learn more about her.  He tells her that he doesn’t doubt the fact that people could fall in love fast, but was looking to see if they had a love that could last.  Emily reassured him that she feels that she is asking the right questions and he told her that she would be the perfect kind of person to compliment Jef.  I’d have to say I agree!


Then, his gaggle of sisters took her aside and they had some girl talk about the whole situation.  Emily explains that she wants to build a family with whomever she picks and have more children.  She also explained that she would be willing to move to wherever that could happen.  Emily says that she learns something new about Jef every time they hang out.  His sisters really seemed to click with her!


His brother Steve told him that he wasn’t sure if he would be ready to be a dad and husband.  He told Steve that he feels that doing those things with Emily would just be the natural thing to do and he can see that with her.  Steve agreed after seeing them together and said that he hopes it would work out with them.


After meeting the family, Jef took Emily to sit and talk and he read her a letter where he told her he’s completely in love with everything about her.  She was totally feeling that!  I’m sorry but you can totally tell by the way she looks at him that she’s falling in love with him too (I think!)! 


Next, Emily went to see Arie in Phoenix.   He was driving around in his racecar when she arrived.  He got her to join him for a lap or two around the track.  She had a lot of fun!  After that they went for a walk in a park and he tells her that his parents are different than other parents and Emily is wondering why he is so concerned.


Well, she’s about to find out!  They walked in and met his parents, twin brothers and sister.  His parents talked about when his mother first came to the country and then all of a sudden, they all started speaking in Dutch!  She didn’t seem to like that at all.  Arie made them stop and then translated what was said.  Arie’s mother took her aside to chat and she asked her about what happened with Brad.  Emily explained that she did fall in love but said that she didn’t ask the questions that she should have to build a strong foundation and tried to assure her that she’s doing that this time around.  Emily asks his mother if he could balance racing and family and she said it’s difficult to answer that question but said that she loves her life and she and her husband are proof it can work.


After all of the conversations were done, they went outside and kissed.  Arie said that he’s ready right now to propose to her and thinks that he is definitely going to marry Emily!  Wow.  But…does Emily feel the same way?  We’ll see.


Sean was the last guy left.  Emily met up with him in his hometown of Dallas.  They took a walk through a field and sat down to have a chat.  They spoke about their past relationships and he tells Emily that he won’t ever allow a girl to give herself to him unless he feels the same way.  Sean tells her that he’s very excited about where their relationship is going. 


Then they went to his parents’ house where Emily met his parents, sister, brother-in-law, and niece and nephew.  In the backyard, they had an amazing playhouse for his niece, it was so cute.  Ricki would probably love that!  Sean then chose to admit in front of his entire family that he still lives at home with his parents.  She took it in stride in front of all of them, but in her interview she starts to rethink everything.  He takes her to his room and it’s full of his stuffed animals and food!  Ick!  It was so messy!  He says he wishes that his mom had cleaned up.  Emily says to him, “That’s alright, I can clean.”  No you can’t!  Don’t do it girl!  Then…Sean reveals that it was all a joke!!!! OMG! 


His mom apologized for the prank.  Thank goodness it wasn’t true!  Sean’s dad asks him what he likes about Emily and aside from the usual things he added that he has learned a lot about himself.  His dad was happy to hear that it has been a life changing experience for him and that he’s open to falling in love.  His dad took Emily inside to talk and she tells him that she loves how much he loves his family.  He tells Emily that he’s never seen his son so open.  His mom seemed really sweet too and it seemed that Emily fit in pretty well with all of them!  When saying goodbye she called him “Honey”, hmm!  He ran after her car and gave her another kiss goodbye because he wanted another one, ha ha!


Finally, it was time for the rose ceremony.  Emily was really struggling because she didn’t want the person she sends home to feel like it was a reflection of their family as the reason they weren’t picked.  She added that she really liked all of their families.


In the end, Emily handed out her three roses to: Arie, Jef, and Sean.  That meant poor Chris was eliminated.  He was clearly shocked and saddened, especially after his dad told him that she said she was falling in love with him.  Chris told her that he was shocked and she says there’s no explanation for it.  She says that her relationships with the other guys grew deeper and faster.  He said how much faster could it go, “I told you I loved you.”  Ouch!  She said, “Maybe I will wake up tomorrow and think I made a mistake but I have to follow my heart.”  He wished her the best…it was a classy exit overall. 


Next week they head to Curacao for their fantasy suite dates! 




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