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July 2012


Partners Betrayed and New Romances Form on 'Bachelor Pad'

This week on “Bachelor Pad” the remaining fans tried their hardest to stay in the game by winning the competition.  The episode picked up right back where it left off with Erica sharing her relief and everyone talking about how David has a huge bullseye on himself because he told Erica that he was going to try and get her voted out.


Then the twins were arguing with each other about a bunch of nonsense and the rest of the cast has just been laughing at them.  Are they acting this way to get more air time?  You can hardly understand them because they are so drunk! 

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Emily & Jef, Arie Talk About Life After 'The Bachelorette'

Now that "The Bachelorette" has aired and it's been revealed that Jef and Emily are engaged, the happy couple took some time to talk to reporters.  Also, Arie joined the call after Jef and Emily were done and filled us all in on how he is doing.  But, before we get to that, ABC released some amazing details about Emily's engagement ring: 

ABC: For those of you who are interested about the ring, which is amazing and gorgeous, it is a handmade ring designed and signed by Neil Lane.  It is a platinum and diamond ring set with a central emerald-cut diamond weighing 2.5 carats.  It's accented with 87 smaller round-cut diamonds and the approximate total weight is 3.5 carats.  So, for those of you who like to dream, there's that.

Emily jef
Now to the conference call interview...

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Full transcript of interview with Emily Maynard and Jef Holm




Here is the full transcript of the interview with Emily and Jef after their appearance on Live with Kelly! They discussed everything from wedding planning to a humanitarian trip to Africa!



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It's Super Fans vs. 'Bachelor' Alumni on 'Bachelor Pad 3'

“Bachelor Pad 3” kicked off with some familiar faces like Chris from Emily’s season of “The Bachelorette”!  How could we forget, it was just the other week that Emily sent him packing.  Well he is back and ready to find love or money on “Bachelor Pad”.  He said he’s looking forward to meeting Lindzi Cox.  She lost out to Courtney on Ben’s season of “The Bachelor” and she is in the “Pad” as well. 


Reid is on “Bachelor Pad”! Yay!  I still can’t believe Jillian didn’t pick him!  He’s a sweetheart and I can’t wait to see how he plays the game.  Of course, the guy he lost out to, Ed, is on the show!  He was engaged to Jillian for a year but he cheated on her and now he’s single. 


Blakeley from Ben’s season of “The Bachelor” says that she’s grown as a person and she’s ready to win some money!  She waxes people for a living.  Jaclyn, also from Ben’s season, said that she is “frenemies” with Blakeley. 

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Emily Maynard Gets Engaged on 'The Bachelorette' Finale!

Emily’s journey has finally come to an end with the “dramatic” finale of “The Bachelorette”.  It began live with Chris Harrison introducing the pre-recorded part of the finale in Curacao.  Her parents and brother flew to Curacao to meet Arie and Jef and to try and help her make up her mind and decide who is best for her and Ricki.

Emily finale
Jef was up first to meet her family.  He told them all about her visit with his family.  Her mother pulled Jef aside to have a private talk first.  She wanted to know if he was really serious about her and he assured her that he was.  Emily’s mother also wanted to know if he was ready to be a father and Jef seemed to listen patiently and tried to reassure her that he wants the whole package.  Her mother said that she thought Jef was great and the things he said “made her heart happy”. 

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Chris Harrison Dishes 'Bachelor Pad' Details

The rosemaster, Chris Harrison, took some time out to talk about all things "Bachelor Pad" today!  

Chris harrison

I asked him if fans of Chris from this most recent "Bachelorette" season would still be fans of his after watching his bed hopping and he seems to think it might divide them a bit.  He says that his perceptions of what the fans will actually think aren't always correct so we'll have to watch and see for ourselves.  Harrison also thought that Kalon may come off a bit more likeable on this show than he did on "The Bachelorette" but then again, he thinks that Kalon always thinks that he's likeable despite many people not liking him.


He also said that the show "just lends itself to involving the fans" and that he loved seeing them in the mix.  In fact, he hopes that future "Bachelor Pad" seasons will also invite the fans to compete.

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Tense Moments During 'The Men Tell All'

This week, there were no dates or roses to hand out.  That’s because it’s “The Men Tell All” episode.   First, Emily and Chris Harrison went over some of the unforgettable moments of the season.  They recapped her experiences with the controversial characters like Ryan and Kalon.  Then, Chris made her relive the horrible, awkward experience of Doug kissing her while Emily was breaking up with him.  How embarrasing!


Emily then revealed some of the moments that ended up on the cutting room floor, until now.  On Joe’s date at the grand estate, Emily spilled wine all over her dress and she swore in front of her date!  Emily also put “Shelly” Travis’ egg to bed and they sang it “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”.  So stupid!  On Arie’s hometown date, his brothers were apparently spying on them making out!  Ick!  They also showed a clip of Chris dancing really poorly on one of their dates.  She also tried to teach him how to two-step on one of their beach dates. 

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Full Transcript of Interview with Sean

Here is the full transcript of the conference call interview with Sean Lowe!


Question:         So, I’m wondering what’s the biggest thing you’ve learned from watching the episodes back, or from reading things online – what’s been the biggest shock or surprise to you?


Sean Lowe:     Honestly, I don’t think that there’s been any big shocks or surprises, but the one thing that has happened that I wasn’t really expected was, you know, watching her relationships with Jef and Arie in particular, it’s been pretty therapeutic for me.  You know, obviously it was tough for me to go through all of that stuff, and ultimately, I had my heart broken there at the end.  But, to go back and watch her interact with these other guys, I think it was healthy for me as far as getting over the relationship and everything.  So, that was kind of surprising, and ultimately, I think that was good for me to see.


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Sean Lowe: 'First Time I Experienced Heartbreak in My Life'

"The Bachelorette's" Sean Lowe says that Emily eliminating him from the show was the first time he had ever experienced heartbreak in his life!  He added, "I think she ultimately made the right decision".  


I had asked him if he was relieved after the fact that he was eliminated because he wouldn't have to be engaged and sign on to be a stepfather, and he said although he was ready to step up and do those things she's not the one that he is meant to be with so he's glad she made the decision that she did.

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Emily Selects Her Final Two and Breaks Another Heart

It was finally time for Emily to get to know her final three better on three amazing fantasy dates in Curacao. 

Emily rose

Sean was up first and Emily was waiting to see if he would tell her that he loves her.  He’s the only guy remaining who hasn’t said those three little words.  He says that he is in love with her and he’s just waiting for the right time to say it.  Their date starts off by them going on a helicopter ride over Curacao, and it was truly amazing.  It didn’t seem like they did a lot of talking on the helicopter ride, but when they did, Emily told him they were going to spend the day on their own private island.

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