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It's Super Fans vs. 'Bachelor' Alumni on 'Bachelor Pad 3'

“Bachelor Pad 3” kicked off with some familiar faces like Chris from Emily’s season of “The Bachelorette”!  How could we forget, it was just the other week that Emily sent him packing.  Well he is back and ready to find love or money on “Bachelor Pad”.  He said he’s looking forward to meeting Lindzi Cox.  She lost out to Courtney on Ben’s season of “The Bachelor” and she is in the “Pad” as well. 


Reid is on “Bachelor Pad”! Yay!  I still can’t believe Jillian didn’t pick him!  He’s a sweetheart and I can’t wait to see how he plays the game.  Of course, the guy he lost out to, Ed, is on the show!  He was engaged to Jillian for a year but he cheated on her and now he’s single. 


Blakeley from Ben’s season of “The Bachelor” says that she’s grown as a person and she’s ready to win some money!  She waxes people for a living.  Jaclyn, also from Ben’s season, said that she is “frenemies” with Blakeley. 


The guy everyone loves to hate, Kalon, from Emily’s season is back.  He called little Ricki baggage and now everyone hates him.  He’s hoping to win the money and work his charm over on some of the ladies. 


After those brief intros, Chris Harrison introduced us to the super fans! 

Paige from New York got picked and she is really looking forward to meeting Chris from Emily’s season and Michael Stagliano.  She seems sweet.


Chris is a super fan and squad officer!  He secretly loves to watch “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette”!  It was so funny they showed him sipping wine on his couch watching the shows alone!  He really wants to find love.

Donna loves to work out and has a body like you wouldn’t believe.  She plans to live in her bikini 24/7.  She said that she has a massive crush on Michael Stagliano. 


David is a “Bachelor” fan and he said he wants to meet Lindzi and Blakeley.  He’s an MMA fighter!  So he should do pretty well in the physical challenges.


Brittney and Erica are twins and they count as one vote.  They’re cute girls but they have different taste in guys.  They seem to have it out for Erica Rose and Blakeley already.  One of them likes Kalon and one doesn’t.  Also Erica is a virgin and Brittney totally isn’t, so that’s interesting.


So that’s the fans!  Now let’s get down to it!  The limos started arriving and as Chris Harrison said, “Let the journey begin!”



Chris entrance
Chris arrived first and he looked great!  I totally have a little crush on him. 

Lindzi entrance
Lindzi was out next, this time, just out of a regular limo and not on a horse.  They chatted a little bit inside and were off to a good start. 

Ed entrance
Ed came out next and he was wearing a weird looking suit.  Nick was into the house after Ed and then Rachel from the same season as Lindzi followed.  Sarah from Brad’s first season came into the house and she only lasted three seasons.  Ryan from DeAnna’s season entered the house and revealed he is a 32 year old virgin.  Reid came into the house and gave Ed a hug despite their rivalry…but you could see the tension when Ed talked to everyone, right in front of Reid, about Reid returning during their season to try to win Jillian away.


Then Jaclyn came in and I have to say, I just don’t find her that attractive. 

Tony chris
Next in was Tony who just couldn’t be away from his son, but now feels like he can for $250,000 apparently.  Blakeley entered next and she looked great, but Jaclyn was already laying the groundwork to get her out or at least use her to her benefit.


Jamie came in next and Chris recognized her as the crazy kisser.  Then, Mr. Celebrity, Michael Stagliano, came back to “Bachelor Pad” hoping to maybe find some love and win some more money.  He says he’s here for love this time, so we’ll see! 

Everyone was so excited to meet him though.  Also from last season, was Erica Rose! 

Erica rose
She’s back to provide some more of her famous one liners.  Erica revealed that she knows Kalon, went to the tabloids about him, and he hates her!



Kalon entrance
Kalon then pulled up in his fancy car and strutted inside.  He said, “Thanks for all of the love in the tabloids” and she asked him to stop attacking her appearance.  They had a back and forth about the tabloids and we’ll see if there’s more that will come up about that later.


Then the super fans started to arrive.  Donna was first, and she looked great! 

Superfan donna
She was super excited to meet Chris Harrison and then it was on to the house.  She kind of has a Kim Kardashian butt going on.  She made a beeline right for Michael.  The girls immediately thought she looked slutty. 



Superfan chris
Fan Chris came up and took a picture with Chris Harrison. 



Superfan paige
Paige was next and once she was in the house she told Chris from Emily’s season that she had a big crush on him.  Well, she put it out there right away! 



Superfan david
Then David came in and he was so excited to meet everyone! 



Superfan twins
The twins came out of the limo, walked up to Chris Harrison and linked arms together.  They are playing as one contestant so that’s really weird.  Sarah hated all of the fans immediately.


Once the introductions were done, they started drinking!  Ed stripped down to his tighty whiteys and he jumped into the pool…with his socks on. 

Ed naked swimming
Then he was naked.  Chris Harrison walked into the mayhem and the girls told Ed to get it together.  He welcomed everyone to the show and then went over the rules. 

Chris welcomes bp3
He said that if you win a competition you get a rose and get to go on a date.  You are also safe from elimination that week.  Before he was even done explaining, Ed jumped up and went right back into the pool.  Chris made him get out of the pool again and said that the first competition is the next day and they needed to pick a partner to compete with.


Paige and Reid partnered up.  Erica picked Nick.  Chris asked Blakeley to be his partner and it seemed like he started to regret it once she started to try to control him.  Jaclyn partnered with Ed because he was the only guy still available apparently and he started saying the most inappropriate things to her like, “take off your shirt”.  He was SO drunk.  They had to blur his crotch out because you could see through his white underwear as he yelled, “Where’s the heat?!”


Ed was of course super hung over the next day.  Fan Dave is partnered with the twins which is cool for him.  The first competition was a feat of strength.  They had to hang inside a heart with their partner.  It was called “Falling for Love”.  There were two roses up for grabs.  The couple that stays inside the heart longest as it tilts forward wins.  The first couple who falls out will get an immediate vote against them going into the elimination.


This challenge looked hard!  People were struggling right off the bat!  Erica and Nick were out first.  That sucks for them!  They have a vote against them going into the elimination challenge.  One by one the couples fell out of the hearts.  The final two left were Brittney and David and Paige and Reid.  But, Paige and Reid fell down and then David and Brittney were the winners!  That means David and the twins get to go out on dates.  David, Brittney, and Erica got a date card that said “Come peer into your future”.


David and the girls got into a limo and as fans were so excited to go on their very own fantasy date!  It was funny how inside the limo they were talking about all of the dates they watched during past seasons.  They went to a theme park and had a great time.  Later, they went on the beach and were talking to each other under the signature blankets and then they decided to go skinny dipping!  Woo!


Inside the house, Blakeley started to doubt her trust in Chris a little bit.  She says that if he breaks her trust she will punch him in the throat.  Chris and Jamie started talking though and they went into a room for more privacy away from the rest of the group.  After some talking they started making out, of course!  Would you expect anything less?  It seemed kind of sweet actually!  He was like, “This is great”! 


Jaclyn tells Blakeley that Jamie took Chris somewhere to have a private talk.  Blakely was not happy about that at all.  She goes looking for him and busts in with Jaclyn on them.  Blakeley tells Jamie that she looks worse than she did on her season.  Wow that’s mean!  Chris starts saying that he didn’t do anything wrong!  Blakeley ends up crying.  I wish she would go cry behind some suitcases like she did in Ben’s season!


David and the twins plot for who they need to vote off.  The easy targets are Nick and Erica because they already have votes against them.  They need to get the alumni out.  He admits to Erica that she’s probably going to get ganged up on.  Fan Chris is upset because he knows as a fan he is up for elimination too.  David shared his plan with too many people and all of the alumni are ganging up on the fans and trying to go against that.  Michael told Erica she’s fine though and his strategy is to stay under the radar and just lie to people when need be.  Erica meantime goes up to David and tells him he’s “an ugly loser”.  Erica said that he would never be on the regular show and he didn’t deserve to be there and if he does stay she’s going to make his life a living hell.  Ha!


David was so stupid for telling his plan.  There are only two fan guys and there are three fan girls.  The girls have it a bit easier because poor fan Chris is definitely in trouble.  He walks around and tries to win the alumni girls over.  None of the girls would give him a real answer.  Dave totally screwed him over.


Reid tried to assure Paige that she would be ok, and she totally is developing feelings for him.  It would be sweet if he was into her too, but he may just want to be just friends.  She needs to stop telling the guys what big crushes she has on them though!  It comes of kind of pathetic!  However, Michael breaks the news that the guys are going after Paige.  He said that the guys like the way Donna looks better so they are trying to keep her instead.  So, Reid tries really hard to save Paige and throw Erica under the bus but it didn’t seem to be working so well.  His last hope is Kalon who already hates Erica, so he tells Reid he’ll save Paige.  We’ll see if he sticks with his word to him.


In the end, fan Chris and Paige (also a fan) were voted off.  They can thank David for that one.  Erica and Nick were saved by their alumni friends.  I hated how David and the twins were standing there saying "congratulations" to the people getting roses in such a dorky way.  Oh well, I have a feeling they won't last that long at all (once again, thanks to David).  I felt so bad for Chris, he had such genuine reasons for wanting to do the show.  Also, Paige was super sweet and it seemed like there could have been some potential for romance between her and Reid...now we'll never know what could have really happened!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese 





David is a really nice guy. Your just upset he's playing the game right. Chris seemed like a looser.


I cannot believe Erica Rose is back and Michael. Hopefully this season Michael can find someone to fall in love with. This season is definitely going to be good with the cast that they chose for it. I missed the premiere last night, so I am glad the Hopper records the primetime shows automatically on PrimeTime Anytime, because I completely forgot that it was on. This morning is when I watched it before heading to work at Dish and it was full of excitement. It is sad how they are treating the fans and how they think they are better then them. It makes me want one of the fans to win.

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