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Partners Betrayed and New Romances Form on 'Bachelor Pad'

This week on “Bachelor Pad” the remaining fans tried their hardest to stay in the game by winning the competition.  The episode picked up right back where it left off with Erica sharing her relief and everyone talking about how David has a huge bullseye on himself because he told Erica that he was going to try and get her voted out.


Then the twins were arguing with each other about a bunch of nonsense and the rest of the cast has just been laughing at them.  Are they acting this way to get more air time?  You can hardly understand them because they are so drunk! 


Chris Harrison welcomed the remaining contestants to week two and told them all to prepare for the next competition.  Chris said that he is staying partners with Blakeley but he’s really interested in Jamie so he has a fine line to walk.



Bp competition
Meantime, outside there’s a bunch of rhythmic gymnasts performing.  They all quickly learn that they will have to compete against each other and do a routine.  The best man and the best woman will win dates and safety roses.  The worst performers will get a point against them heading into the elimination. 



Bp guys practice
During their rehearsals the guys struggle with just about everything, especially the hula hoops.  The girls do not fare much better trying to learn a routine with ribbons.  Erica Rose wore a dress and you can see her underwear whenever she does any kind of move.  She’s also terribly uncoordinated and cannot even do a cartwheel.  Donna meantime, is amazing!  She took gymnastics from a very young age.


Michael is a choreographer so he’s actually quite good and he is helping to make the routine for the guys groups.    It seems like a head to head battle between Michael and fan David.  Michael is also seen as a big threat to the other guys since he actually won last year.



Bp judges
The judges were Ashley and  JP!  Hooray!  I always love seeing them!  Ashley loves to dance so she’s a great judge.   An Olympic medalist in rhythmic gymnastics also helped judge the competition.



Bp girls perform
The girls were up first and they had a hard time getting around without getting tangled up in their ribbons.  Erica pretty much looked the worst and that’s saying a lot because they were all awful!  That horrible performance made the guys feel a lot better.



Bp guys perform
The guys also danced with their ribbons.  The guys were actually looking much more coordinated than the girls were!  I was very impressed!  They even used the hoops!  I would give that extra credit.  Michael said he really wanted to win because he has girls in mind that he would want to take on the date.


The worst girl was Erica Rose, no surprise there.  On the guys’ side, the worst guy was Ed!  Yikes!  I don’t want him to leave so soon, so we’ll see if the girls keep him around.  The best girl was Blakeley.  Wow, I really thought that Donna was going to win; I’m kind of disappointed that Blakeley won.  The best guy was Michael!  Yay!  Now we get to see him go on a date!  I’m really excited about this.  Chris says that he just has to man up and go on a date with Blakeley and try to get the rose on the date.


Back at the house, the guys and girls start buzzing around trying to get Blakeley and Michael to ask them out.  Donna admits that she really has a big thing for Michael and she hopes he’s going to ask her.  Erica is freaking out and she’s hoping that Michael will ask her out on the date and save her.  He made her think that he was going to ask her which was really unfair of him!  He should have just been honest to her!


Michael’s date card said: “Please choose three ladies to rock the night away.”  He chose Lindzi, Donna and Rachel to go on his date.  Erica was so upset!  I can understand why, I mean, that’s just so dishonest. 


They all head out in a limo and arrive at a big theater where their names are on the marquee.  When they walk inside and Adelitas Way is playing "Alive".  They sounded great!  Donna was having the time of her life!  By the way, who are these other people at the concert?  It’s not a really huge group…I mean, are they production assistants and their friends?  As I contemplated this, Michael and Rachel started to spark things up!  Rachel went in for a kiss and Michael was really in to it!  Donna was devastated!  She just stood there and shook her head.


Back at the house, Ryan left a happy birthday message for Jamie on her bunk and decorated it in candy for her.  It was really sweet.  Too bad she only has eyes for Chris right now.  Jamie thinks that Chris will change partners for her, but that’s not going to happen now that Blakeley has a date up for grabs and a safety rose! 


Donna is upset that Michael’s time is being monopolized by Rachel.  So maybe she didn’t see them making out just a few feet away from her.  Donna finally get a few minutes alone with him and she shows him a creepy portrait she drew of him and so Michael says he will fulfill her fantasy and starts making out with her.  Two girls on one date?!  Wow Michael!


Chris tells Jamie he’s not interested in Blakeley romantically but he needs to stay with Blakeley right now for strategy purposes.  They end up kissing and Chris basically seems like he’s trying to keep all of these relationships in his back pocket…but I think this may backfire on him.


They showed Lindzi on the date and it was like, oh yeah, I forgot she was even there.  She is totally not going to get the rose.  So who does Michael decide to give the rose to…Rachel!  Donna was so bummed. 


Blakeley and Chris talk and he tells Blakeley that he’s not into Jamie and he’s just manipulating her.  Hmm.  He ends up going to bed with her which is just so gross!  Ick!  The night vision camera showed them kissing.  Barf!  I’m just losing so much respect for Chris…I thought he was a sweet guy but nope!  Jamie finds him in bed with Blakeley kissing her.  She just stands there and cries.  Poor girl!  She’s so sweet and deserves to find a nice guy.  OMG, she sleeps in the bunk above them?!  That’s insane!


The next day, Chris and Blakeley started to talk strategy.  He tells her that the girls should get rid of David because he’s a fan.  Blakeley isn’t so sure just yet.


Then the date card arrives for Blakeley.  Her date card says, “Please choose three men to make this day racy.”  Blakeley chose Chris, David and Ed.  I think those are some interesting choices!  She says she chose David to show Chris that she has just as much power as he does in this game. 


They go do some soap box derby racing.  They decorate their little cars and then race them down the hill.  Ed won with his “In a pickle” car.  Later, the guys all get some alone time with Blakeley to chat with her and try to convince her to give them the rose.  They go back to the bachelor/bachelorette house that they stay in while they are filming the show.  Chris just can’t help but be annoyed by everything that David does, but David gets to talk with Blakeley first.  He tells her that he admired the way she acted on her season and he’s looking for her help now to defend him against the rest of the guys.  She tells him that she will consider it.


Ed and Chris talk in the pool and they both admit that they are in it for the game and not the girls.  When Chris talks to Blakeley though it’s another story.  He tells her that he’s in it until the end with her and beyond.  Blakeley doesn’t think he’s very serious though and that’s exasperating to Chris. 


Blakeley rambles on a bit about why she decided to make the decision that she did and gives the rose to Chris.  Oh what a freaking surprise.  Blah!  It’s just so gross.


Once they are all back at the house.  There’s a lot of drinking going on.  I think Erica and Donna were kissing at one point.  Lindzi and Kalon start hooking up, Michael and Rachel are hooking up, David and a twin are hooking up, and then Ed is off the wall drunk.  Jaclyn takes advantage of Ed’s drunkenness and starts kissing him.  Sarah feels left out because there’s no one in the hot tub to hook up with so she decides to steal Ed away.  She takes him off to bed and he starts yelling about his pickle as she does who knows what to him under the covers.  It all ends with him saying “God bless America”.  You can deduce for yourself what actually happened in there.


Nick is talking with the twins and then twins just started to argue with each other.  Tony sits there and he doesn’t know what to say either.  Now the guys just want to get rid of them because they are annoying to everyone.  Everyone is sleeping and all you hear is yelling between the twins.  How are they even still awake?  They wake everyone up with their arguing and the girls are like shut up!  When Erica calls you crazy…you are really crazy!  Brittney wants to leave and the other one doesn’t want to apparently.


The sun is coming up and they are still arguing!  Erica the twin has a crush on David and wants to stay but Brittney wants to leave.  Lindzi and Kalon are in bed laughing at them as they argue outside their door.  Erica goes to say goodbye to David and says I hope we can hang out after this and he basically yawns, rolls over, and goes back to sleep.  The twins get into a car and continue to argue as it drives away.


Now that the nonsense is over, the rest of the people in the house get up and can’t believe how quiet it is.  They are all so happy.  Now the guys don’t know who to vote off because they were going to vote them off.  David said he didn’t know that the twins left despite one of them coming to say goodbye to him.  Clearly, he wasn’t awake.


Chris Harrison announces to the ladies that because the twins left, they are all safe tonight!  That means that only a guy will be voted off.  The guys will not get to vote, just the girls.  That’s good news for the guys too in a way because they all think Donna is hot stuff!


Kalon starts to campaign with Lindzi to rally the girls to get rid of Ryan because he’s annoying to him.  Lindzi seems to be pretty good at schmoozing the ladies to her way of thinking.  Kalon is so proud of himself too.  I can’t believe that David may survive another week!  We’ll see if they can rally the troops.  Reid tries to get the rest of the girls to vote against Ed because he has a vote against him already and he doesn’t think it is fair for Ryan to leave.


Sarah is upset to find out that Ed, Chris and Jaclyn have formed an alliance and didn’t include her.  She felt like they needed to include her because she hooked up with Ed.  She does tell Ed that it looked bad that the three of them were walking around and secretly talking to each other and then reveals that she voted for him.  Then Ed starts packing and Sarah starts crying because she hurt his feelings and wishes she could take her vote back.


At the rose ceremony, Sarah is still crying about voting for Ed.  In the end, Ryan was sent home.  Phew!  I feel bad for Ryan but Ed is more fun to watch.  Sarah is relieved, but we’ll see if Ed will ever forgive her.  Ryan was totally backstabbed by Jamie…even after his birthday candy tribute to her.  Guess that wasn’t enough to stay.  Ed is upset that his name was even brought up, we’ll see how long it take for him to figure out that it was Reid that started that whole thing. 


Next week looks great!  Chris rejects Jamie a bunch of times one drunken night and Reid and Ed have it out big time!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese












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