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Sean Lowe: 'First Time I Experienced Heartbreak in My Life'

"The Bachelorette's" Sean Lowe says that Emily eliminating him from the show was the first time he had ever experienced heartbreak in his life!  He added, "I think she ultimately made the right decision".  


I had asked him if he was relieved after the fact that he was eliminated because he wouldn't have to be engaged and sign on to be a stepfather, and he said although he was ready to step up and do those things she's not the one that he is meant to be with so he's glad she made the decision that she did.


Sean said that watching the show now has helped him deal with the break up and made him realize that Emily has a strong bond with Jef and Arie and one that is just as strong if not stronger than what they had.  He thought he built the relationship up in his head a bit.  He added a little later in the interview that he wishes her the best and that he doesn't regret telling her that he loved her because he did at the time.


If Emily were to come back to him and ask him for a date he would turn her down because "Emily had doubts and I don't fault her at all for that, she's not the one for me."  He did add that she showed him what he wants to get out of life and that he wants to find love that will last forever.  "I hope it comes around sooner rather than later," Sean added.


As for if Sean would consider being "The Bachelor" he said it's hard to think about it at this point in time, he hasn't be asked, but he thinks it would be difficult considering all of the emotions that get involved so he isn't sure.  He was later asked for three reasons he would make a good "Bachelor" and he said because he is "genuine, loving, and wants to find love".


I'll have the full transcript of the interview tomorrow!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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