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Tense Moments During 'The Men Tell All'

This week, there were no dates or roses to hand out.  That’s because it’s “The Men Tell All” episode.   First, Emily and Chris Harrison went over some of the unforgettable moments of the season.  They recapped her experiences with the controversial characters like Ryan and Kalon.  Then, Chris made her relive the horrible, awkward experience of Doug kissing her while Emily was breaking up with him.  How embarrasing!


Emily then revealed some of the moments that ended up on the cutting room floor, until now.  On Joe’s date at the grand estate, Emily spilled wine all over her dress and she swore in front of her date!  Emily also put “Shelly” Travis’ egg to bed and they sang it “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”.  So stupid!  On Arie’s hometown date, his brothers were apparently spying on them making out!  Ick!  They also showed a clip of Chris dancing really poorly on one of their dates.  She also tried to teach him how to two-step on one of their beach dates. 


Then Chris Harrison showed a preview of what’s coming up next Monday on “Bachelor Pad”.  There’s lots of crying, making out, betrayals, and of course heartbreak.  They also showed off some of the fans that are going to be competing on the show and they seem to quickly form an alliance together, but is it enough to stay in the house? 


Finally it was time for some in studio chatting with the guys!  The guys talked about their first impressions of Emily and what it was like when they first stepped out of the limo to meet her.  Then they played a bunch of clips of the guys talking about each other and then were like, hey what did you think of all of that?  They bounced around between Chris, Ryan and Kalon and there wasn’t anything really surprising. 


The first guy to hop into the hot seat was Kalon.  Really?  We need to hear more from him?  Yes, because he’s on “Bachelor Pad” and his 15 minutes of fame have been extended.  He says he didn’t know Emily was going to be the “Bachelorette” initially, but when he found out, he didn’t want to back out of it.  He still refused to apologize for the baggage comment and said that he should have sugar coated it more.  Sheesh.


Ryan was up next.  He looked all too happy to be the center of attention.  How is it that he isn’t on “Bachelor Pad”?  Ryan said that he’s confident and he feels that if you are going to be successful in life you have to be confident in yourself.  All of the guys seemed to roll their eyes as he tried to explain himself.  Ryan wouldn’t even let Chris (Bachelor Chris not host Chris) get a word out for a while, and then he finally asked him if he had real feelings for Emily.  Ryan also addressed comments about how he spoke to the guys about becoming the next “Bachelor” and he said that it was if he was in the finals the worst thing that would happen with not getting picked by Emily would be that they would probably become the next “Bachelor”.  He also stood by his comment that if Emily sat around and ate cheeseburgers and gained 25 pounds, then he would love her but he wouldn’t love on her as much.  Ick.  Chris Harrison assured the audience that Ryan would NOT be the next “Bachelor” ha!


Chris took his turn in the hot seat.  He clearly felt quite emotional watching the clips of him and Emily together and their breakup.  Thank goodness he has “Bachelor Pad” and the debauchery in there to help him rebound.  He said that now he is looking forward to falling in love with the right girl. 


The guy all of the girls were waiting for, Sean, was up next.  Sean teared up after watching the clips of him and Emily and how emotional it was when it all ended.  He said that he still has feelings for her and that he really wanted to marry her and be her husband and Ricki’s father.  He said that he’s still getting over it and he hopes he can meet his future wife soon.  I hope so too!


It was then Emily’s turn to come out and face the men she dumped.  First off, she looked fabulous!  Her makeup looked great and very natural.  She said that she felt like she was falling in love with Sean and it was a really tough breakup.  She told him that when she watched the episode she did the “ugly cry” and that her feelings were real.  He told her that he is now hopeful for his future.  Chris told her that she opened his eyes to whether or not he could fall in love and he can and he hopes that she finds who is right for her.  She told Doug that their kiss was awkward but she obviously handled it weirdly too.  Then, she addressed the Kalon comment and he apologized to her, but Emily said that it was a load of crap because she saw posts by him on the internet.  She said she wouldn’t accept his apology.  He just basically sat there after he realized there was no apologizing to her.


Emily explained that she found Ryan to be very good looking and said that he’s a sweet talker.  She admitted that she really liked him and Ryan, like a weirdo, kept winking at her the whole time!  After some bloopers, Chris Harrison said he would normally ask how things are going with her now, but he teased that people would have to watch on Sunday to see during the big finale.


Lastly, we saw a look back at Emily’s relationships with the final two guys, Arie and Jef.  Then we got a little sneak peek of Sunday’s finale!  It seems like Emily is really torn!  Her mom tells her to wait on getting engaged.  There’s going to be a lot of crying, get your tissues ready!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese



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