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Backstabbing Backfires on 'Bachelor Pad'

This week was a very physical one as far as challenges go, and a very unphysical one as far as Chris’ relationship with Jamie this week.  This episode started with the very end of last week’s with Reid laughing at all of the drama he caused, but at the same time showing some concern that it could be detrimental to him staying in the house.  Sarah was crying because she told Ed that she voted for him to be eliminated when she was interested in dating him.  She knows it’s pretty much over now.


Ed and Jaclyn have a talk about him staying on the show.  He said that he feels betrayed and he can’t handle all of the lying and he’s considering leaving.  Really Ed?  You seem to have no problem cheating on people (like Jillian) and isn’t that lying?  Jaclyn doesn’t want him to leave because that makes her a floater without a partner and a target for getting voted out.


Chris Harrison told the group this week that they would be competing as couples and they would have to leave the house to do it.  They all loaded up into a big limo bus and headed out to a big field.  It was an obstacle course!


It was called hot fudge sundae and the contestants had to get covered from head to toe in the ingredients for a sundae.  They had to wade through a vat of ice cream, slide down a chocolate slide, crab crawl through whipped cream, dump nuts on their head, and more disgusting stuff.  The contestants then learn that they will be competing with different partners!  They all have to step to the left and that’s their partner!  Yikes!  Kalon and Erica who hate each other are partnered up.


After the girls trudged through, the guys went at the course fast and furious.  It was a real close call between David and Michael!  The tape had to be reviewed to determine the winner.  The guys battled it out to try and not get in last place because the losers get a vote against them going into the elimination.


Chris and Ed battled it out for last place and poor Ed really had so much trouble.  He was exhausted and couldn’t scale the wall of chocolate syrup.  That meant Ed and Jamie got votes against them.


The winners of the competition after a video review were David and Rachel.  Michael was shocked!  I am so impressed that a fan is doing so well on this show!  Especially after the mistake he made of telling Erica that he was going to get her voted off the first week.


David’s date card said: “This is a night to remember, choose the three women you don’t want to forget”.  So, he chose Blakeley, Erica, and Jamie.  Chris said he’s happy that Blakeley and Jamie will both be out of the house so he can actually have fun for once.  How weird.


The foursome arrives on their date to a big empty ballroom that is decorated with balloons and a sign that says “Welcome to the prom”!  It’s kind of cool that it’s the prom, but how does that work with dancing?  The ladies get to pick out some dresses for the night and they look great.  Blakeley was upset that the girls started to ask her to just be friends and she didn’t want to hear anything about it.  She says she’s not there for love or friendship and she just wants to win the money.  Jamie asks for a truce but Blakeley won’t even do that.


Back at the house, the other contestants just throw limes at each other.  Reid starts to strategize and try to get Ed to think that they are friends when he secretly hates him.  He tries to tell Ed that he’s fine and that no one will vote for him this go around.  Ed feels like he’s a good friend and he couldn’t be more wrong!  Poor silly Ed.   It turns to party time and Ed and Jaclyn get wasted and start to hook up.  They are making all kinds of crazy noises in the bedroom and the rest of the house guests are getting annoyed and grossed out.


At the prom, there’s Katie Armiger a country band playing and a photo booth set up.  They danced a bit and then started taking pictures.  Blakeley notices that David is kissing Jamie here and there and doesn’t like it one bit!  David has a great conversation with Jamie where she spills her guts out about her past and he really feels touched and like he likes her a lot.  He decides to give Jamie the rose to save her since she has a vote against her already.  Blakeley is super upset and says he’s on her diarrhea list.  Jamie said it felt great to finally get the rose on the date because it’s the first time that ever happened to her on the show!  Erica made a comment to Blakeley about how they look cute together as a couple and she was like, you can’t be serious!


Rachel has her date next and her date card read, “Choose three guys to get famous.”  Rachel chose Nick, Tony, and Michael to go on her date.  Michael said that his reason for coming back on “Bachelor Pad” was to meet someone like Rachel.  Aww!


They go to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum.  They head into “The Bachelor Experience”.  The four get painted up to look like wax figures.  They have to stay perfectly still!  Then they break their hold and surprise people and scare the daylights out of them.  The fans talk about them right while they are there and they say that Tony is whiney and that Rachel and Michael are hot.  It was hilarious!  Even Chris Harrison got in on the act.


To bring the party back down to reality, Chris Harrison whipped out the rose.  Hmm…I wonder who Rachel will give it to.  Please, as if there was any doubt, she gives it to Michael!  Of course the other guys are bummed but they had to know!  It was funny that Tony said then Nick was his date and he hated that he was stuck in the limo with “Captain Protein Powder” ha-ha!


Rachel and Michael continued their date and strolled around the wax museum.  Rachel is scared by her feelings but really loves hanging out with Michael.  They lounge in a private area and do a lot of kissing!


At the house, Jamie is on a mission to go find Chris despite how well things went with David the day before.  Jamie says she wants to fall in love on TV and someday show her kids.  Poor Jamie, she approaches Chris and he says “Not tonight” and says “It’s not you, it’s me” and then refuses to hang out with her and talk to her.  How confusing after his previous behavior.  Chris says that he’s just telling her how it is and that’s all.  She leaves defeated.


Reid is back to his scheming at the house.  He says he wants to get Blakeley and Ed out of the “Bachelor Pad”.  Sarah goes to Ed and tells him what is up with Reid and how he’s talking to everyone.  Ed’s mind is blown!  He feels so betrayed.  Meantime, Donna is nervous because one alliance is trying to get her out; the other is trying to get Blakeley out.  With the guys, it’s down to either Ed and at the moment Chris, apparently.  Jaclyn is super upset that Reid is going after Ed so she goes after Reid and spreads the word to the other ladies.  Ed and Reid have it out and Reid basically tells him, hey, it’s just a game.  Let’s see if he feels that way if he gets voted out!


In the end, Blakeley and Ed got roses and Donna and Reid were eliminated!  Poor Donna.  She fell victim to being a fan.  Jaclyn gave a little speech about honesty and Reid said “I concur”.  I hope Jaclyn goes home soon because she kind of snotty.  Reid was just playing the game, oh well!  Anyway they all laughed at him as he left.  At least we get another week of Ed’s crazy antics.


Next week, it’s the awful questions and answer game.  That always brings out the tears.  It also looks like Chris moves on to Sarah…what a dog!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese 







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