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Chris Adds a Third Woman to His Bed-Hopping Mix

As per usual, this week started right where last week’s episode left off and David realizing he’s the only fan left on the show.  Ed also is freaked out that he came so close to elimination and was sharing how shocked he was at Reid.  Jaclyn says that she’s on cloud nine because she likes Ed and he’s getting to stay in the house.  David is hoping he can win the challenge to stay in the house and he tries making a deal with Jamie to get a rose if she wins the next challenge.



Chris harrison game
Chris Harrison announces that they all have to fill out surveys that have some very personal questions on them.  They all can tell that there is doom and tears on the way.  Kalon joked that every answer is either him or Erica, ha!



Ladies questions
Chris is such an idiot.  During the girls’ round of trivia, he is cheering for Sarah!  At first it was just general trivia.  Then the who said it round was hilarious!  It revealed that Nick thought that Blakeley has accomplished the least in life so far…yikes!  Kalon said that Erica would make the worst parent because she eats her hair ha!  Jaclyn won the girls’ round by guessing that David thought “sexy thoughts” when he first saw the girls in their rhythmic gymnastics outfits.  I kind of wish someone else won, but oh well!  We all know she’s just going to give Ed the rose.



Guys questions
During the guys’ round, it was so sad that it came out that Jamie revealed that she would rather sleep with Chris than her current partner.  Um, hello!  He already rejected you!  Then Jamie said that she thought that Jaclyn was fake and manipulative and Blakeley said that Jamie was annoying.  Jaclyn is now on a mission to get Jamie out of the house.  Rachel and David got votes against them because they had the worst scores.  A lot of people are annoyed at Jamie after this challenge though so we’ll see if Rachel’s one vote against her even matters.



Jamie rachel game
Despite Jaclyn and Ed already having roses, she picks Ed to go on her date with her.  She and Ed went just the two of them to Dodgers Stadium where they had bats, balls, gloves, hats, and jerseys waiting for them.  They made a mockery of the National Anthem…well, I guess at least they tried ha!  So they played some baseball and had a fun time.  I should mention before they left for their date Sarah (who he had previously hooked up with) was really upset!


Back at the house Sarah is upset that Ed isn’t around for her to hookup with him.  I think it’s gross that she is fighting for a guy who is just hooking up with multiple people…gross!  He gets away with it better than Chris because he comes of hapless and just like aloof.


On the Dodgers date, Jaclyn gets a rose and she is supposed to give it to some other guy and that guy gets to take someone on a date.  So they talk it over and have a hard time deciding between Kalon and Chris.  Ed loves Chris, but Jaclyn thinks he’s a disaster with all of his bed hoping.  They get put up on the kiss cam and so they kiss!  There was the usual fireworks display that they said they didn’t expect (how could they not?!).


Chris says that Blakeley is his partner and she is really, really getting on his nerves.  He says he can’t even stand being around her.  Meantime, Jamie is still trying to throw herself at him.  He is hooking up with her in the bedroom and then she tells him that she doesn’t want to get hurt and he said that she’s a yapper so he tries to shut her up by kissing her.  He said that there is no spark when he kisses her though.  It’s so sad because Jamie says that him kissing her makes her so happy.  She tells him to take his shorts off and he says, “Relax”.  Yeah, that’s what you want a guy to tell you when you say something like that.  Ugh, this is so awful to watch.  Poor Jamie, my heart is breaking for her and her naïveté.


Chris ends up getting the date rose and he decides to pick Sarah.  Blakeley and Jamie are so upset.  Jamie feels awful of course and Blakeley feels stabbed in the back and is in tears outside.  Chris tells Jamie it’s all about strategy and he’s coming right back home to her.  She of course, buys his lies.


Chris and Sarah had a great time on their date.  They zipped around in a car and went all around a parking garage and found out they would be doing a stunt date.  They did a lot of fun stunts and ended up kissing. Now he’s got a third girl that he’s working.  Chris found out that he didn’t have a rose to give out because he didn’t win the challenge, Ed did, so Ed will get to give a rose to a woman.  Chris tells her that if he had a rose he would have given it to her.


At the house, Ed picks Rachel to get the rose.  Meantime, Chris and Sarah are making out in the hot tub on their date and decide to go to a hotel and spend the night together.  Jamie is silly and trying to breakup Blakeley and Chris when she doesn’t realize he isn’t in to either of them.  She thinks that because Blakeley says that she doesn’t even want Chris as a partner anymore that he is hers for the taking, but Sarah is his new woman.


Then the negotiating began between everyone in the house for who is going to go home.  The ladies would love for Chris to go home but he is safe with a rose. So the ladies seem to be voting for David because he already has a vote for him, he’s a fan, so that means he’s the obvious choice.  Nick realizes that he could be in trouble too though because David can be persuasive.  He tries to rally the troops against Blakeley by telling Jamie that if she votes for David he’ll keep her safe. Jamie tells him that she will agree to go along with it.


After a lot of back and forth, it comes down to Jamie and Blakeley and David and Nick. Nick and Blakeley were safe meaning that Jamie and David were sent home.  Ha ha Chris!  Blakeley is still going to nag the heck out of you next week and make your life a living hell.  At least poor Jamie is out of her misery now.  I feel bad for David but he did a good job for a fan.  Maybe he’ll get to compete for the Bachelorette one day.  I was proud of Jamie for confronting Chris on her way out and seeing through his BS.  I hope she can find someone nice, but she totally needs to not throw herself at guys!  She’s too good for that.


Next week we finally get to see Kalon and Lindzi’s love blossom and Rachel and Michael’s love story too! Yay!  Also, it looks like Ed and Chris go from friends to enemies!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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