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Chris Bukowski Talks About 'Bachelor Pad'

Chris Bukowski spoke about his relationships on "Bachelor Pad" (if you can call them that) and what we can expect to see coming up on the show.


He said that he's aware that there is a lot of backlash from his bedhopping ways but doesn't really seem to understand why.  He said that he is just playing the game and that he wasn't there for love.  In fact he said, "'The Bachelorette' is for love, 'Bachelor Pad' is a game show".  He claims that Jamie and Blakeley knew that he felt this way but some how ended up getting their feelings involved any way.


I think that Chris doesn't understand how women work.  I mean, if you have feelings for someone the rules kind of change, and for him, that never happened.  He said that he finds Jamie extremely attractive and he did not regret partnering up with Blakeley initially, but he didn't want the kind of relationship that they wanted.


Chris said that he didn't want anyone to get hurt but he realizes that they probably did.  Well of course they did!  I agree that he was clear with Jamie as far as turning her down several times.  At a certain point it was her own fault.  But when asked why  he was so harsh to her when she confronted him as she left, he admitted that he didn't see that coming and then couldn't give a very clear answer in my opinion.  I think he knows that what he said was wrong but seems to think it's OK to tell lies as long as it's in the context of the game.


If he could do it all over again and he had to pick a different partner on day 1, knowing now what he knows he says he would have picked Rachel or Sarah.  It's no secret that he really likes Sarah (at least at this point on the show) and some online blogs have shown him hanging out in New York City with Rachel and Jaclyn although I'm not sure there's any romance there, I think they are all just friends.


His main message for those interviewing him was, "In my real life, I am not a mean guy.  I was presented with an opportunity to win a lot of money, so I wanted to win the money."  He said that his family doesn't really like seeing how he acts on the show, but they love him anyway, and he tried to prepare them for what they would see on the show.


I'll have the full transcript of his interview tomorrow!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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