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Erica Rose talks about her Bachelor Pad elimination

The latest castoff from the third season of Bachelor Pad spoke via conference call Thursday afternoon. Erica Rose was the victim of house leader Michael Stagliano's diabolical plot to take her out while convincing her that man-slut Chris Bukowski was behind it. But Stags' plan backfired when Chris took Erica into the voting room so she could see for herself that he was casting his ballot for Lindzi.


Chris' smart move both saved his skin and revealed Michael's lies, and Erica took aim at the biggest gun in the house, taking Stags out of the game with her. She also had some harsh words before she left, telling Michael that he was manipulative and dishonest, and that the best move Holly ever made was dumping his loser ass and marrying a real man like Blake. Ouch. Michael just looked on, stunned, and said, "This is not going well."

Even days or weeks or months or however long it's been since the event actually happened, Erica still isn't over it and didn't mince words as to how she feels about Michael. I asked her about the fact that even when she was eliminated she didn't know the extent of Michael's plan, and if watching it and realizing how well thought-through it was pissed her off all over again.

She said she never imagined that Michael masterminded the whole thing, even after she left, and just thought that he had been on board with it. But to find out that he was the one who got everyone to do it was devastating to her.

"The fact that he threw my name out there and the fact that he was ecstatic about it...that's what really got to me," she said.

I asked her how she would've felt if she had taken the bait and eliminated Chris, and then found out that Michael was behind the whole thing.

"Oh my gosh, I would've felt so stupid, honestly," she said. "I would've been so angry with myself if I let that happen."

Erica said she knew from Michael's reaction after Chris took her into the voting room that he wasn't telling the truth. She understands that some lying is necessary in the game, especially from people you're just meeting, but that she didn't expect it from Michael, who she considered her dear friend. She said that after being on Bachelor Pad 2 together, they grew close and hung out a lot over the past year. She said she also has voicemails from him prior to the show in which he promises he'll have her back and that he would help her win.

As for her elimination tirade, she says she spoke her mind and what she was thinking at the moment. It's hard for her to know if she should apologize, because she still agrees with what she said. But she also acknowledged that maybe she doesn't always have to say what she's thinking. She still thinks Holly made the right choice and that Blake is more of a genuine person than Michael. So she won't apologize for thinking what she said, but she might apologize for saying it.

Erica also has some beef left with Kalon. She thought they were getting along better in the house, but then saw his comments about her weight. She doesn't get him and doesn't consider him a friend.

And as for the relationships in the house, she thinks Michael and Rachel are more of a strategic couple and expects we'll find out if she's right after the season is over. She says Blakely and Tony, while an odd couple initially, are real, as are Kalon and Lindzi. She also commented on Ed and Jaclyn and their unfortunate union. She said she could tell all along that Ed wasn't interested in anything serious, and that Jaclyn was clearly more emotionally invested and may have gone on the show in an effort to find love as opposed to winning the money.

The only thing she regrets is trusting Michael. If she knew his intentions earlier, she would've threatened to take him out with her and, in turn, saved herself. She is also interested in having her own reality show about her regular life, and said her dad is a plastic surgeon who has operated on three Bachelor(ette) alum, most recently Trista. 

Stay tuned tomorrow for the full transcript of Erica's call!


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