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Full Transcript of Interview with Erica Rose

Here is the full transcript of the interview from last week's conference call with Erica Rose!


Question:            So, we wanted to sort of start by asking how – when did you suspect that Michael was lying to you and had you trusted him up to that point?


Erica Rose:          Yes.  I started suspecting that Michael was lying to me based on his reaction when – well, first of all, when he told me that Chris voted for me and then, Chris came up and he was like, "I haven't voted yet.  And I'll take you into the voting room right now, you know, and to show you that I'm not voting for you."


                And you know, I was like, OK, Michael is probably lying.  And then, when I came out to the voting room with Chris, I could tell Michael was really upset about it.  And so, then I knew something was up because, you know, if you hadn’t voted for me and you didn’t want me to leave then he wouldn’t care that Chris took me in the voting room.



Question:            Right.  So, now, do you (totally) accept the party line that you have to lie on The Bachelor Pad?  And if so, why were you so upset at Michael for lying to you?


Erica Rose:          I can understand that you might have to tell some lies but the reason I was so upset with Michael, in particular, lying to me is because like he even said, you know, and he's like, "Well, I'm going to try to get (you out) of my dear friend, Erica Rose."


                And we really were good friends or so I thought going into this because we are both on Bachelor Pad 2 together.  And aside from that, we hang out a lot over this past year.  And you know, we go out a lot on concerts and we're just doing different things that friends do.


                And also before the show, I literally have text messages from him saying, "I'm going to have your back and I'm going to help you win this time."  Like, "We're in this together.  I love you."  You know, all those stuff and so, that’s why it was so hurtful.


                If it was someone that I have just met, you know, at this season and who lied to me, like Ed or someone like that, I don’t take it as personally but because of my friendship with Michael and that’s why I felt so betrayed.


Question:            So, would you say was your closest ally in the game?


Erica Rose:          You know, my closest friend in the house is definitely Sarah Newlon because we were like really good friends going into the show and we're still, you know, and the whole thing has made us even closer even though we had to deal, you know, arguments and whatever.


                But actually in terms of being an ally, I would say, Nick was, you know, my closest ally and just because we would vote consistently together every single week.  And we had agreed on, you know, what girl or what guy to vote for and we’d always do it.  And you know, and we were going to be partners had I have not been eliminated because Rachel was going to be with Michael and I was going to be with Nick.


                So, he was probably and like the only person who would tell me, "This is who I'm voting for."  And he would always do that every single week and, you know, when I watch and I saw that he was always true to his word and I was always true to mine.


Question:            And then, when you left The Bachelor Pad, you definitely had some harsh words for Michael …


Erica Rose:          Yes.


Question:            … and I was wondering, did you feel bad about what you said afterwards or did you feel like he deserved it based on his actions towards you.


Erica Rose:          Yes.  That’s like the weird thing about it is, you know, I really spoke my mind in that and everything that I was thinking at the moment, you know, and the heat at that moment that came out.  And I still agree with the things I said but – and that’s, you know, and maybe you don’t always to say whatever you're thinking, you know what I mean? 


                And in that moment, I was thinking hearing, "Oh, my gosh, this was a mean thing to say to him."  Do I think Holly made the right decision with Blake?  Of course, a 100 percent and they couldn’t be happier.  And I do think that Blake is a more genuine and honest person than Michael as I've gotten to know them both very well.


                And while Michael can be friendly and fun and, you know, a good time he hasn’t proved to me that he is an honest, genuine person and that’s – I meant that.  You know, so it's hard for me to know on whether or not I should apologize because I do think the things I said are true.


                But I'm sure people always think certain things and they just don’t say them.  So, I cannot – and I'm not going to apologize for thinking them but I guess I could apologize for saying them.


Question:            So, you know, you believed Michael first when he was insisting …


Erica Rose:          Yes.


Question:            … that Chris was gunning to get you out of the house.


Erica Rose:          Yes.


Question:            However, you know, Chris brought into the voting room and that was a huge move which …


Erica Rose:          Yes.


Question:            … ultimately persuaded you to think Michael was actually the one lying.  And so, my question is although you were right in assuming Michael had betrayed you at that point, did you ever worry that Michael was actually telling you the truth the entire time and that Chris just decided last minute to show you that he was voting for Lindzi and kind of a last ditch effort to save himself in the game, like once he realized …?


Erica Rose:          Yes.


Question:            … you know.


Erica Rose:          And I definitely thought that that could be a possibility, because, you know, that if Lindzi was leaving and she'd take him with her.  And so, he was taking a huge gamble but – and I don’t know.


                I just – it's Michael's reaction to it and Chris wasn't behind the whole movement, you know what I mean?  If you watch it and Michael was really the one orchestrating it.  And at that point, Chris didn't have that much influence over the house, like, you know, he wasn't in the main alliance as Michael said.


                So, Michael is the one that, you know, could persuade Jaclyn and Ed and Rachel and Tony and Blakeley and Kalon and Lindzi.  And like he's the one that controls the entire house and masterminded that scheme and whereas, Chris probably thought, "OK, if that would be the best option for me, you know, because it would save me and Sarah."


                He wasn't like running around and masterminding it the same way that Michael was.


Question:            Right.  And so, it sounds like you …


Erica Rose:          And also like I said, like I felt the most betrayed by Michael because Chris was honest with me about it and he was like, "I haven't voted yet and yes, I did think of that possibility but I haven't voted yet." 


He never told me, "Oh, my God, I would never do that and like I never even thought about it, (inaudible)."  You know.


Question:            Right.  And so, you know, it sounds like you were pretty certain then that Michael was lying to you but since you did have that tiny bit of doubt that maybe he was telling the truth.  Were you kind of worried to unload on him before you left the house?  Like were you …


Erica Rose:          No because I knew and I'm really good at reading people.  And I mean, Michael is sometimes is a hard one to read because he is also a really good actor.  And, you know, he's hugging me and comforting me and that I think was one of the hardest things about it because he was like, you know, saying like, "Aw, girl, you're fine."


                But then, I could just tell by his expression after Chris brought me in the voting room and his reaction and I knew that he was behind it.  And so, at that point I had no problem telling him how I felt.


Question:            OK, sure.  And, you know, Monday night show presented it like Chris deliberately decided to take you into the voting booth, but in an interview he did this week, Chris Harrison suggested, Chris only mentioned it to you as a joke and it kind of snowballed from there.


                And do you mind just clarifying that quick, like was it a deliberate thing Chris had planned as the show suggested or did he mentioned it to you jokingly and then, you kind of put him up (anyway)?


Erica Rose:          I think he mentioned it to Kalon jokingly based on the conversation and Kalon, "Yes, you should totally do it."  And then, as I was talking to Michael and he came up to me and he's like, "Look, I'll prove to you that I have not voted for you yet, so Michael's lying and I'll vote for Lindzi."


                You know, so, he was just proving to me basically that Michael is lying because Michael said, "Chris has already voted for you."  And so, the fact that Michael would say when Chris hadn't voted yet and that was my first red flag that Michael was lying.


Question:            I wanted to ask you about Kalon because at the start of the show you mentioned that you didn't get along with him already.  But …


Erica Rose:          Right.


Question:            … did your opinion change in staying in Bachelor Pad with them?


Erica Rose:          And so, I thought, you know, we did get along well in Bachelor Pad and I thought that we were friends.  But then, when I watched it back, you know, and he said some pretty rude things about me …


Question:            Yes.


Erica Rose:          … and whether or not he was trying to be funny or whatever and like, in two different episodes he basically called me "fat."  And that was what our whole fight was about in the beginning, years ago.  And I just don’t understand why he has such a fixation on my appearance and like, Yes, I know and I'm not a size zero like Lindzi and that’s his type and that’s fine but I'm a size six and the average American woman is a size like 10 or something.


                And so, it's like by insulting me and calling me "fat" and you're basically calling half of American woman fat.  And I've never been around saying, "Oh, I'm so thin."  And you know, I'm not trying to be a model, I just graduated law and so, I'm going to be an attorney.


                So, I am not one that sits around fixating on my appearance.  And I'm happy with my appearance, like, you know, it's not a source of insecurity for me.  And so, I just don’t appreciate him constantly making jabs at it.  And so, I can't really think of someone as a friend, you know, and even if you think, "Oh, it’s all in good fun.


                And like it's not in good fun to me, I don’t think any girl would think those type’s of insults would be in good fun.  So, no, I don’t consider him a friend at this point, definitely not.


Question:            OK, that makes sense.  And we've been …


Erica Rose:          Yes.


Question:            … starting to see some relationships developing on the show.  And so, I wanted to get your or sort of take on them.  Do you think they’re genuine or are they’re just strategic?


Erica Rose:          I think a lot of them were strategic.  Like for example with Michael and Rachel, I personally definitely believe that that was strategic.  I'm not being (inaudible) that I know but everyone will see on what's going on with that relationship at the finale and to find out, you know, on whether or not I'm right.


                And I do think Blakeley and Tony and like they first partnered up and, you know, it's a strategic thing.  But now, I think they're relationship is definitely genuine (inaudible).


Question:            Yes.


Erica Rose:          And (though it is) surprising, like random couple but now completely make sense.  And then, Kalon and Lindzi, I know are still kind of seeing each other too.  And so, that will be interesting to see if that (blossomed).


Question:            And so, now that you've seen the episodes airing, is there anything that you kind of regret doing or saying?


Erica Rose:          No, not necessarily the things (inaudible) saying but I do regret trusting Michael so much …


Question:            Yes.


Erica Rose:          … because, you know, if I would have caught on earlier and to the fact that he was lying to me, I could have said, "And you know what Michael, if you eliminate I'm going to take you out with me."  And if I had told him that and then, he would have like scrambled his little alliance together and not voted for me and save (it).


Question:            OK.


Erica Rose:          Do you know what I'm saying?  So …


Question:            Yes.


Erica Rose:          … and that something and, you know, it was like, “Oh, if I would have caught on to that faster, you know, I could have probably prevented myself from going home.”  So, that was going to be like the only thing I regret and it's just really and honestly trusting Michael because he was one of the few people in the house who I did think that I could trust.


Question:            Great.  And my next question is, there's a lot of buzz online right now that fans wanting you to have your own reality show.  Is that …


Erica Rose:          Yes.


Question:            … something that you'd be interested in?


Erica Rose:          Yes, definitely, it's something I'd be interested in.  I think people say it every single season.  I have, you know, (inaudible) and pilots before in the past and nothings ever came to fruition but I would totally be open to it.  It's not the kind of thing that you can personally like pursue; you know what I mean …you have to be just be approached by a production company but I would love to do a kind of the Legally Blond reality show because I am – and I have gotten a job at a law firm recently.


And I'm going to start working.  And I think that it'd be cool just to do one and with me with my regular life like my family is interesting.  My dad is a plastic surgeon and he has operated three people now from The Bachelor world and his recent person was Trista.


                And my mom is like really entertaining too.  So, I definitely think there's great material there but just the right person has to come on and who know what to do with it.


Bill King:               So, at that time and, you know, you obviously didn’t know the extent of Michael's plan to get you out …


Erica Rose:          Yes.


Bill King:               … and make you think Chris was behind it …


Erica Rose:          Yes.


Bill King:               Did watching it and seeing how well thought out it was just, you know, pissed you off all over again?


Erica Rose:          Yes and because even at house and that night I didn’t know the extent of it.  I know I thought that I never even thought Michael masterminded it.  And you know what I'm saying?  I thought that Michael – it was enough for me to think that Michael had betrayed me or as a friend by being on board with such a plan but not – but the fact that, you know, he was the one that literally got everyone to do it.


                Because going into it and Blakeley and telling me, "Well, like I will probably going to vote for Sarah."  And you know what I mean?  And everyone was and no one even had my name out there and it was between Sarah and Lindzi really.  And so, the fact that Michael was the one that threw my out there and then, the fact that he was literally like ecstatic about it and like he's like, "Oh, yes, we’re dear friends."


                But, oh, my gosh, this one is devilish and he was like giddy with excitement over at like excited to be betraying a friend.  Like that’s what really got to me.  And you know, and that’s why everyone is like, oh, some people think I should apologize but it's really hard for me to want to apologize after seeing all that.


Bill King:               And how do you think you would have felt if you have taken the bait and taking Chris out with you and then, find out later that Michael …


Erica Rose:          Oh, my gosh …


Bill King:               … was the mastermind of it all.


Erica Rose:          … I would have felt like so stupid obviously and because I do think that, you know, Chris deserves to be there.  And just because he was playing the game and he broke off on the main alliance and which I respect and by becoming partners with Sarah and doing his own thing.


                And I appreciate that and respect that so much more than someone who just sticks through an alliance and can't think for themselves.  And you know, Michael control the game the same way last year and I knew that because he even told me like the deceitful things he did last year, like by letting everyone think that Kasey and Vienna were running things but really it was Michael, you know, behind the scenes doing it.


                And so, I just would have been so angry with myself if I let Michael get away with the same type of stuff again and make it to the finale again because I'd, you know, I'd rather someone – Chris was completely honest all the time in the game and that what pissed people off.


                I’d rather someone make it far out of honesty than dishonesty.


Question:            So, I guess my question is did you think that going on the show would have such a personal impact for you?  And did you think it would ruin this friendship that you had?


Erica Rose:          (To tell you) I honesty did not because like I said going into, I mean when Michael and I both found out we're doing it, we were so excited.  And I was like, "Oh, this just feel good.  I have one of my, you know, close friends in the house and we're going to have so much fun like we did last year."


                You know, and I decided about it and it's like you know it was best to go on and make a lot of new friends but you don’t expect to lose any.


Question:            Trying to be a bit more positive, what's next for you professionally and in your personal life?


Erica Rose:          Well, professionally, you know, I just graduated law school in May and I was planning on just taking just my bar exam this summer and working as an attorney.  And then, I got the offer to do The Bachelor Pad 3 and I can't – I don’t want to say that I regret it but nothing super positive came out of it for me.


                And so – and but the whole thing did make me realize, "You know what, I'm ready to focus on my law career."  So, I got a job at a law firm in Houston and I'm in – I've been in L.A. for the summer but I'm really ready to get back to Houston and just work at this law firm.


                My long term goal is, you know, once I work at the firm, I have to pass my bar exam.  And then, I really do want to have my own court show and it'll be like "Nancy Grace".  But all of them work before getting into that level.


                So, you know, I can’t just graduate law school and think that I'm ready to be Judge Judy, you know. 


Question:            Good.  So, who are you rooting for at this point, to win it all?


Erica Rose:          At this point, I'm definitely rooting for Sarah and Chris because and like I said, Sarah was my really good friend going into the house and I think we are even closer now.  And I really admire the way that Chris has played the game.  And I think he's the only one that took risk and he's the only the one that’s been thinking for himself.


                And you know, putting everything on the line, he's a risk taker.  And so, I would love to see someone who isn't and like I said – this would be the first if they won, that someone who wasn’t in the main alliance wins after, you know, all three seasons.  And so, I really want them to win.


Question:            That’s great.  And so, I know you're a veteran at this, if for any reason they ask you to come back again, would you do it?


Erica Rose:          Oh my gosh, I don’t think I would want to come back as a contestant because even in this season, I just realized, you know, this game isn’t for me.  Like I’m too honest of a person, I take friendships too seriously and I'm not all about alliances. 


                I do think I would turn back as a judge, you know.  And I'd love to judge a challenge or something fun like that but coming back as a contestant, I just – I'd rather move on with my life, you know?  I hope that maybe I'll be in a relationship by next summer, and you know what I mean?  Like, I'm not even trying to come again.


Question:            So, in Michael’s blog, he called you "abrasive and vindictive," and said "You're not a forgiving person nor do you have an even-keeled personality."  And you know, he claimed that those qualities are what actually got you on the show to begin with. 


                And so, I just wanted to give you the chance to respond to his comments.  You know, what are your thoughts on that …


Erica Rose:          Yes.


Question:            … and …


Erica Rose:          And well, I don’t think that – I mean, I do think that I'm even-keeled, because as you can see, I always like maintain my composure, I never like screaming or, you know, going off the rocker like a lot of people are.  So I don't get that one.


                But yes, I mean, in terms of being vindictive, I think when someone hurts me, I do, you know,  respond in a way to where maybe I want to get back at them.


                And so, yes, whereby saying the Holly and Blake comments, like that could've been a little bit vindictive and I get that.  But I don't think I'm like – I think he was vindictive in trying to eliminate me, you know what I'm saying?  Like, I don't know, I don't think that's what got me on Bachelor back in the day in the first place.


                I don't think I presented myself as vindictive.  I didn't come off as vindictive even last season on Bachelor Pad 2.  I can't recall anything I did that was vindictive, you know, so I think he's just saying that maybe the way that I responded to him was vindictive.  You know if it was, it's only because I was so shocked at that moment about his betrayal to me.


                And just as he could say I was vindictive, I can say that he was fake and phony and untrustworthy.  So, you know, everyone's going to have some qualities that aren't very good.


Question:            OK.  Sure.  You know, and he did say, however, that he would be open to reconcile with you.  How do you feel about that?  Do you have any desire to become friends with him again?  Has that thought crossed your mind?


Erica Rose:          I mean, I don't want to be enemies with him just because, you know; our paths do always cross in different ways because that's the world and whatever.  But, it's hard for me to say that I want to be friends with him, because I think that he and I have a very different definition of what a friendship is and you know what I mean?


                To me, a friend isn't someone that just says, "Oh, I'm your dear friend but I'm going to screw you over and then we'll still be friends."  Like that's just not what I think of as a friend and so, it'd be hard for me to just be like, "Oh, OK, let's be friends."  But I don't mind, like the possibility of reconciling to where we like don't hate each other, you know.


Question:            OK, got you.  And also in his blog, Michael noted that you weren't really winning challenges or, you know, forming allies and alliances in the game and such. 


Erica Rose:          Yes.


Question:            He kind of said you were quite a "loose cannon" in the house basically, so did you have any …


Erica Rose:          Yes, I don't know why I was like a loose cannon because it wasn't like I was running around being crazy.  And you know, I just kind of laying low and doing with my own thing, so I don't know what that means about loose cannon. 


                But yes, I didn't win any challenges.  But neither did Lindzi and neither did Kalon, and Sarah hadn't won a challenge yet either.  So, I agree I wasn't winning challenges, but half the people in his alliance weren't winning challenges either.


Question:            OK, so and just to clarify then, like would you mind talking about what your alliance or, you know, your plan in the near future, and like what was your strategy?  Did you kind of intentionally trying to lay low or?


Erica Rose:          No, I mean, I really was trying – I really felt like I could win the next challenge.  I just didn't know what it was.  But now that I know it's a spelling bee, I still think I could've maybe won it.  And I was waiting for like a challenge that I could possibly win, you know what I mean?  But I thought – you know I didn't realize that there was such like in a big alliance and that I wasn't part of it.


                But earlier on, I did think that I could see they're being couples and then people that weren't in a couple.  And so, I tried to bond with the other – with the other people that weren't, you know, part of a couple, but that kept dwindling down every single week.  So, it made it harder to feel like I have an alliance.


Question:            All right, sure.  And what were your thoughts of Ed and Jaclyn's relationship while you were on the show?  It seemed like they were getting along great up until the point when Ed kind of revealed to the house that he didn't want to get romantically involved with her, and she seemed pretty upset by that.


                And so, you know, what did you think of all that?


Erica Rose:          Well, I think for me, it was obvious that Jaclyn wanted more than Ed did, just because, you know, it's Ed and, you know, he hooked up with Sarah and then he hooked up with Jaclyn.


                And it was like and, you know, and I think it was obvious that Ed wasn't there to find love, you know, whereas Jaclyn maybe was.  And as much as that kind of thing, when you're like hooking up with someone and even though you're friends, one person is always going to get emotions involved, and that was Jaclyn.


Question:            OK and as far as Blakeley and Tony's relationship goes, Blakeley made a comment that she never thought she'd fall for Tony Pieper, it was something like that. 


Erica Rose:          Yes.


Question:            And Chris also was surprise that, you know, Tony "fell under her spell."  So, what was your opinion of that relationship when it started?  Like, were you surprised those two ended up hooking up based on their personalities …?


Erica Rose:          Yes.  And I mean and we were definitely surprised, do you know what I mean?  Like and we were just and kind of like, OK.  At first we thought it was Blakeley being like, "Well, Chris rejected me and Tony's here and he is single.  And so, I'll go with him."  But then, once it started happening, we were like, "OK, we can actually see them together, and, you know, the more we think about it, they are a good match and, you know, and their personalities go well together."


                Because Blakeley is very, very dominant and Tony's more laid-back and kind of lets her, I think, wear the pants in their relationship.  And so, I feel like they're a good combination together.


Question:            Awesome and my last question for you Erica is looking back, do you regret clashing with David and targeting the "Super Fans" instead of allying with them?


Erica Rose:          Yes, I mean, but the thing is, David targeted with me first by telling me he was going to vote me off.  So, it wasn't something that I instigated.  But, you know, it was only him that I clashed with.  And I didn't really clash with any of the other "Super Fans."  But it would've been good if, you know, he hadn't have done that, and we could have been on the same page for sure.  I think that would've been better.


Question:            So, which season did you enjoy being on more, this season or the last season?


Erica Rose:          Definitely the last season.  Just because – I don’t know, I like people overall better, like I just felt like it was more of the type of the people that I had want to be friends with, like we had some really cool people, like Jake and Gia and Michelle Money and Holly and Blake.


                And you know people that I am so really good friends with.  And this year, I thought like it was more of like kind of a snake den with so many deceitful people.  And it was just a completely different season.  Last year, there was not really that many couples there.  And so, and you know, there's a lot of people around to hang out with, whereas this season it was all about like couples and you know, I don’t know, I just definitely enjoyed the last season more.


Question:            And what was your favorite competition?


Erica Rose:          My favorite competition at this time was probably the "Hot Fudge Sunday" and just because that was like so funny and fun and just really like a unique challenge.


Question:            And then, out of the all of the people in the house, was there someone that you were surprisingly close too that you didn’t think that you would end up being close too?


Erica Rose:          Yes, I mean, I really like Jamie a lot.  And going into it, I thought, "Oh, this girl is like kind of weird."  And, you know, from (Ben) season but I think she's a really genuine kind person and a great girl and I really like her.


Question:            Hi again, Erica.  You just sort of mentioned about how you notice the couples was sort of taking over it and it's getting harder for you to stay in the show, so did you expect to be leaving soon even if you didn’t expect it this week?


Erica Rose:          Yes, I did feel though and it wasn't going to be next week.  But I felt like, "Oh, my God, OK, I finally have to win the next weeks challenge."  And I had a good feeling about it and it seems like, "OK, I can do it."  I'm (inaudible) in terms of the challenges, counting last year and this year and I was like a 11th, my lucky number starts to win in challenge 11.


                But I knew that if I didn’t – haven’t won that next challenge, I'd probably be going home.


Question:            And so, now you know that it's a spelling bee, do you think you would have been able to stay a lot longer?


Erica Rose:          Yes, I was an English major.  So, I think that I would have done well at that one.


Question:            Hi, Erica.  Just because I have time now, I wondered if we could ask you a quick beauty question.  You're known for caring about your parents and I just wondered what five beauty products you took with you to the house that you just can't live without even when you're out – away from your home?


Erica Rose:          Definitely, I like my Bobby Brown foundation and bronzer.  And then, I also wear eyelash extensions because I think that that’s nice to save you time from having to wear mascara.  And then, on top of that, I think like a good lip gloss is always really important.  And then, for hair, I like to use like a curling wand to do my hair.



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