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Full Transcript of Interview with Jaclyn Swartz

Here is the full transcript of the interview with "Bachelor Pad" contestant Jaclyn Swartz!

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Question:            So, I guess we wanted to find out, which former bachelor or Bachelorette contestant surprised you the most on Bachelor Pad?


Jaclyn Swartz:    The answer is definitely easy for me.  I think that Blakely definitely has surprised me thus far in the game.  I mean, you guys all obviously saw my reaction to her being in the house, then my reaction to what I thought of her as a friend.  And to be honest, coming into the house, I really just thought that we would completely butt heads and that I would want her out of the house immediately.


                And as I got to learn more and more about Blakely, as the game progress and, you know, up and – up through week three, I saw a side of her that I never saw before I this game, is pretty conniving.  And, you know, you have to lie a lot.  You have to be able to trust certain people and Blakely led me to believe that she is trustworthy.  So, our friendship definitely took a turn for the better.



Question:            Excellent.  And can you talk a little bit about your relationship with Ed and if we're really seeing on T.V. what that relationship is all about and if there's more to it?


Jaclyn Swartz:    So, Ed and I were partners from day one.  And the way that it happened, it was pretty as funny.  I mean, it was clearly a default partnership.  You know, it was like we were having fun and not really thinking about the next days challenge and then, it ended up being just kind of the two of us brought together. 


                And we're like, "So, hey, like I guess we're partners."  But, you know, as the weeks went on, we just clicked.  You know, our personality is just works really well together.  And, you know, last week’s challenge, we were going to be partners again and then, we had to switch.


                So, I mean, as you've seen, you know, weeks one through three, we've really just stepped together, whereas, a lot of other people are just kind of randomly tearing up.  And I think that, you know, you saw us get a little closer last episode.  And, you know, we'll see where that goes from here.


                You know, I mean, One-On-One Dates starts this week.  And I think that there's a huge difference between group hangs in the house and three on one date and One-On-One Dates because you don’t want to spend an entire day with someone that, you know, you don’t click with.


                So, I think you'll see a lot of relationships change and some stay so it's just kind of like a time will tell.


Jennifer Matarese:         Hi.  So, I was wondering, were you at all upset by Ed spending time with Sarah?


Jaclyn Swartz:    That was a really interesting situation because as far as I was concerned, Ed and I were just partners in the game and I was drawn to ED because I thought he was fun and cute.  You know, his personality is just like, you know, "What did I say?  Like you got personality for (inaudible) or something like that."


                I wasn't kidding but, you know, it's tough to see your partner hook with somebody else because, you know, at this point in the game, we don’t know if that’s going to be your partner in the end.  But eventually, if you're thinking long term, you want your partner to be someone who you want to go on dates with.


                So, if you're partner is hooking up with somebody else, you're not going to want to take them on a date if you win.  And that’s a problem.  So, it was definitely a concern in the back of my mind.  But Ed and I had a talk about it after they hooked and I was pretty clear that it wasn’t going to be happening again.


                And I would just; you know, I was eager to just see how it played out.  And I was a little bummed that Sarah made those comments about me after Ed and I hooked up.  I mean, that was pretty unfortunate, considering I never once badmouthed her after she hooked up with Ed.


                But again, it's like we got to see how it plays out and then, maybe we can see how Sarah would react to that down the road.  Like could it change, I don’t know, maybe she's over it or maybe she's not, like as you guys are seeing her say these things about me behind my back and so am I.


                And Sarah and I actually spoke after her Ed and hooked up and like, we were always great.  We were always on great terms.  And we had the same talk after Ed and I hooked up, so that was a shock for me to hear.


Jennifer Matarese:         And is there anyone else that, you know, that first day you wish you maybe would have gone after right away to partner off with instead of just kind of ending up with Ed?


Jaclyn Swartz:    Yes.  I think that I went into this game with 100 percent confidence that I was going to win.  I definitely – I've had friends that have been on Survivor and like, I've definitely got a great advice from them.  You know, just being like if you go into this game thinking you're going to win, you have a better chance of winning than if you go in thinking that, you know, you might not.


                So, I was playing the game from the minute that I walked into the house.  And I definitely spotted Kalon and Chris first.  And I had a little side conversation with them but, you know, then it's funny because I think Kalon maybe my partner in the end.


                And then, I see by watching these episodes that he was also telling, you know, seven other players that he was their partner too.  So, I feel like I had some back up plans that maybe weren't shown.  But, you know, Ed actually toughed it out in that first challenge.  And I was the one who (fell out of the heart first) and he could have stayed in there all day, like despite, you know his antics on the first night.


                And, you know, that gave me more reason to believe that I could stick with him and that he might be good at this physical challenges.  I happen to luck out with Chris as my partner on hot sludge funday but, you know, so far, it's still good. 


                So, there is no reason for me to change and at this point, I already am starting to trust Ed a lot.  And if you trust your partner, then you seriously should not make a move to leave them.


Question:            OK.  So, first I have to ask, do you – like is it loud hooking up, like his thing or is this like an exaggerated, "Like, oh, I'm going to make it funny for T.V. because it's pretty hilarious."  But I can imagine like being the person like sitting there next to him having to tap it might be somewhat, I don’t know, irritating.


Jaclyn Swartz:    I mean Ed noises are pretty epic.  And I think that it definitely caught a lot of people's attention.  I don’t recall hearing those that night but, you know, as you could see I might – neither of us maybe would have remembered that.


                No.  I don’t know, maybe it happened, maybe it didn't.  But honestly, I saw that and I could not stop laughing, I was purely entertained probably as much as you guys were.


Question:            But you would actually remember it happening that way?


Jaclyn Swartz:    I mean, yes, I mean that happened.  But I mean, the sounds, I don’t necessarily remember but I mean I don’t doubt that they are actually his voice, so, you the hell knows.


Question:            Do you – were you concerned at all about taking it because I mean, you did come in, like I want to play the game, I want to win the money.  And, you know, pretty you seemed very focused on winning.


Jaclyn Swartz:    Yes.


Question:            And, you know, to throw the wrench in the plan of like, "OK, now, we just, you know, casually hook up and, you know, go from there."  Were you worried at all, like, "Oh, did I just do the wrong thing?  Is this going to screw up our partnership in terms of winning?"


Jaclyn Swartz:    I didn't really think that us hooking up would ruin anything.  I mean, at this point, we worked really well as partners.  And we were having fun in the house.  We were doing our thing.  You know, so far it's just like us having some casual fun, if you will.


                And, you know, we're at least (two necks) I guess is in the cards somewhere.  And I think I would be happy either way, you know.  I wouldn’t have made a decision to hook up with my partner if I thought it was going to go somewhere really sour.  And, you know, I was thinking about every move at all times.


                And if I saw that would jeopardize something then, no, I wouldn't have gone there.  And I don’t think that he would have necessarily gone there either because we were partners.  It's not like him and Sarah hooking up, that’s a different situation because they weren't partners at that point.


                So, I'm sure she thought about it too.  And, you know, it was just casual fun and we were so normal and cool afterwards.  I mean, we live in the same house with each other and it's just like, he makes jokes of it, it's like, you know, you can't really escape the person.


                So, I think that everyone really needs to think about their every move.  And I think that that’s where we see Chris making some decisions with, you know, Jamie and Blakely.  I mean, you're stuck in a house with these people, so, if you, you know, get your feet wet with somebody and then, you're like, "Oh, you know, I shouldn't have done that, you're absolutely screwed.


Question:            OK.  And you see very upset about the Reid situation, even to the point of saying something at the Rose Ceremony.  I mean, was that really that upsetting to you or do you; I mean you have to understand too that it's also a game where everybody is lying to each other?


                So, did it – did that seem that much more personal to you than, you know, everybody else's lying and conniving?


Jaclyn Swartz:    I was really upset by Reid and his actions and his decisions and the way that he was playing the game.  And I've been called a hypocrite this week because everyone is like, "Oh, well, isn't that the same thing that you did to Blakely?"  And, no, it wasn't, in my opinion because I'm not trying to vote Blakely out.


                I actually was working with Blakely our relationship had changed since the first day.  And, you know, it's one of those things where Reid and Ed came into it and they were great friends.  You know, they've known each other for years and as far as I was concerned and as far as Ed was concerned, Reid was on our side.


                And then, you know, throughout the week I would catch Reid things, these really weird things that kind of weren’t in line with what we were doing.  And he would say stuff that was pretty cryptic like, "Oh, Jaclyn, you're fine this week."  And then, I would talk to him later and he was like, "But I never said Ed was fine this week."


                So, it's just – I started catching on a little bit and, you know, Reid pulled me aside to talk to me at the cocktail party and I hadn’t voted yet.  And I said to Reid, I was like, "What are you doing?  I haven't voted yet."  I even like tried to give him a warning.  And I just, I don’t know, that’s the whole that he went about it, it was very sneaky.


                And, you know, when you think that someone is working with you and really, they're working against you, I think its pretty – it is hurtful regardless of the fact that it's a game.  And I think it was more sad to see because Ed is clearly – he's sensitive, I mean he was going to leave.


                He just – he doesn't like lying.  I don’t think he signed up for this game thinking it was going to be like this.  And I just think that the whole – the way that whole thing went down was pretty shocking.  And the game just didn’t do good things for Reid.  And if Reid had just thought and relax and not try to pull these moves and shake up alliances, then he would have been smooth sailing.


                He – there was no way that I would have voted him off in a million years because I actually like Reid.  And to see what the game did to Reid, it was pretty unfortunate.


Question:            So, you know, on the topic of Reid, were you surprised that he was still that bitter over the situation with Jillian Harris and Ed during their Bachelorette season together?  Like do you think that Reid strategic game played to get rid of Ed was solely based upon their path together or do you think there were more factors involved?


Jaclyn Swartz:    I would hate to think that Reid is still not over the Jillian thing because it was a long time ago and that just would be kind of funny to think about.  But at the same time, I do think that maybe it has a little of something to do with it, in terms of the fact that maybe it would feel a little liberating for him to see Ed go before he goes, you know, as opposed to last time where he tries to come back and ultimately failed.


                I think, yes, I mean I guess it does have something to do with it.  I mean, it is a funny little play on that, you know, past vendetta but I could see Reid being happy seeing Ed leave before him.  You know, Ed loves to say he's never a lost a rose before.  So, maybe Reid just wanted to see him lose a rose.


Question:            Right, right.  And going into this week’s Rose Ceremony, were you convinced that Reid was going to be one going home after talking with your alliance?  Or did you have doubts about, you know, anyone's loyalty to you or the fact someone could potentially changed their minds or something like that?


Jaclyn Swartz:    Every single Rose Ceremony that we've gone into I've sat there thinking that it's in the books, this is so easy.  This is a floater week.  You know, we're getting rid of the fans.  And then, you know, we'll worry about getting rid of, you know, other people later.


                And then, someone throws a wrench into the mix and it gets all screwed up and everyone's is freaking out and running around like chickens with their head cut off.  And so, honestly, I did not put anything past the fact that, you know, Ed could be going home.


                And I'm never confident because it's Bachelor.  I mean you can never be confident in anything, it’s there's always changes, there's always twist and turns.  And I was sitting there in that Rose Ceremony freaking out.  And I absolutely was – I actually had a conversation with Rachel on the side, where I was like, "If Ed goes home what do I do?  Like, do I stay, do I go?"


                Because you get so invested in your partner that it's hard to imagine being in the game without them.  So, yes, I mean, I was mentally prepared for Ed to be, you know, eliminated.


Question:            OK.  And just to clarify if, you know, Reid ended up staying in the game, were you concerned or worried at all that you have a huge target on your back?  Like, did that cross your mind?


Jaclyn Swartz:    If Reid stayed in the game and his plan went the way that he wanted it to go, I would be next to go, for sure.  Because people were saying that I was part of the power alliance which in my opinion, I was at the time.  And I knew that people were gunning for me.


                And, you know, David was telling me since day one before he even knew me that I was in a power alliance with Blakely and Erica.  And I'm like, "David, what are you talking about?"  He wasn't even right but I think that just because I have such a strong personality that people automatically assumes that I'm leading the pack.


Question:            So, we were wondering besides the partnership.  Is there anything going on with you and Ed?


Jaclyn Swartz:    Ed and I are best friends.  And I think that we will be in each other’s lives for a long time and that’s that.


Question:            OK.  That’s cute.  And then, we were wondering also, have you or what have you, if anything, learned about yourself from watching the show?


Jaclyn Swartz:    I have learned a lot.  And I think that I'm really funny.  And I think that, you know, this whole experienced has really opened my eyes with so many things because I hate talking about trust and the feelings and this and that.  And I also don’t like opening myself up to people who I probably wouldn't come in contact within my day to day life.


                It's just the way that I am, I have my friends, I don’t necessarily need to make new friends.  And I think that living in this house has seriously opened up my eyes to a lot of people and a lot of new things.  And like, for instance, Blakely, she and I are just so different.


                And we ended up being so close from just living in this house and getting to learn so much more about each other than we knew of each other before we walked in.  And I am quick judge and, you know, that’s just me.  And I'm not going to sit here and apologize for it, I'm not going to change but, you know, at least I've learned and I think matured from this entire experience.


Question:            Hi, Jaclyn, just a couple of last questions.  What's your opinion of the whole Chris, Blakely and Jamie love triangle?  You know, did Chris's behavior surprise you or rub you the wrong way while you were on the show?


Jaclyn Swartz:    Chris and his love triangle are – is something that I definitely steered clear off.  I mean, I was shocked to see the way that things were panning out behind the scenes and I had no idea that he was giving Jamie that much of an impression, that he liked her.


                And I had no idea that him and Blakely had kissed.  So, this was all news to me.  And to be honest you're going to see another girl enter into this love triangle and it's going to become a love square.  So, I think that Chris is in like the year of Chris and he is just going for it.


                And I can never see myself as being part of it but hey, I kind of respect him.  I mean, he's like juggling these girls and they’re still coming back for more.  But you'll see partnerships and couplings and all that are going to change.  It's not going to stay the same, you know, like I said before, One-On-One Dates are coming up.


                And if you would rather, you know, watch paint dry and on a One-On-One date with some of these girls, you're going to have to make some serious decisions on who you want your partner to be in the end because ultimately that put – surprise, surprises are deep.


                So, I think that right now, it's been a little bit of musical chairs and like I've said before, we've seen a lot of people just randomly coupling up in challenges.  And I think that soon it's going to be, you know, it's going to game time where people are going to have to make some tough decisions and girls are going to be offended and, you know, people are going to be shocked and that all starts on Monday's episode.


Question:            OK.  So, while you're on the show, did you think that Chris was actually going to get away with juggling these girls?  Or did you kind of think it was kind of it was going to blow in his face eventually?  You know, what I mean?  Like what were your thoughts on that time?


Jaclyn Swartz:    Well, this is – this all comes to a head on Monday and I'm actually really excited to see it play out because decisions are going to have to be made on Monday.  And I knew that no matter what Chris did, especially another girl entering in his little love square, you know, two out of the three girls are going to be hurt.


                And when you think about these decisions that need to be made and girls who are really sensitive and girls who are voting off the guys, you know, it's going to affect Chris's game and I was really eager to see how it all played out.  And I mean you'll see things completely blow up and you'll see people get angry and upset and I was just so happy to not be a part of that.


                And be able to just be a bystander because let's face it, it's pretty entertaining.  You know, Jamie is in this love square and she's not my favorite person.  And as we saw on the teasers, she's, you know, talking about how I'm fake and because she's being damn honest, I think she said.


                And it's just so funny to me that she's saying those things within an interview room as opposed tom my face because I was nice to her the entire time I was there.  I was telling her how happy I was that she was there.  And then, you'll see during this challenge in these controversial questionnaires that Jamie just goes off on me.


                And it's pretty interesting how it all plays out and, you know, we're blindsided at the week three Rose Ceremony with these questionnaires for the next day’s challenge.  And I think that that’s something that’s really important to remember.  As you're watching this next episode is that during this game show when the questions are being read aloud, these answers were given, you know, six hours prior.


                So, if you say something bad about somebody, you can't be like, "Oh, you know, well, my feelings have changed since the first week, you know, I really like you now.  You've proven that you're different."  So, it's kind of like if you say something horrible about someone in this game show, you know what, you said it about me a few hours ago and that’s that.


                I mean, OK, you know, noted. 


                So, this week is definitely a pretty climactic week where things changed, people's feelings are exposed and partnerships will change.  And it's just crazy and I think this is going to be one of the best so far.


Question:            OK, awesome.  And what were your thoughts on Rachel and Michael's relationship while you were there.  Did you see it having the potential to last and be a real relationship down the road?  Or do you think it would just most likely a fling that was going to happen during the show?


Jaclyn Swartz:    I was shocked to see them together in the first place because we were all friends.  Rachel and I had met Michael at our women tell all week when we were in California.  And we were all – we all (stayed) like, you know, buddy-buddy.  So, when they started hooking up, I was a little shocked.


                But they got close pretty quickly and Michael was very vocal about having – I think, he used to say, "I’m crushing hard on Rachel."  And, you know, he was, I mean, just affectionate with her.  I mean, I saw them hitting it off.  I don’t know if I really understood it but, hey, you know, Rachel is my best friend and she seems happy, so I was on board with it.


                But I don’t know, I think that when you form relationships in the house, the way that they can translate into the real world is a gamble.  So, yes, I mean at this point, I see them being serious.  But I think that down the road things might change.


Question:            OK.  And did you compete on Bachelor Pad to find love, money or hopefully, both?


Jaclyn Swartz:    I went into this game wanting to win money.  And never in a million years I would think that it's a game for love.  And my main focus was just winning the money.



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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