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Full Transcript of Interview with Kalon McMahon from 'Bachelor Pad'

Here is the full transcript of the interview with Kalon McMahon from "Bachelor Pad"!  If you didn't like him on "The Bachelorette" I think your opinion of him may change after the combination of watching "Bachelor Pad" and this interview!  He was very candid, open and honest.


Question:            OK, so during your season of “The Bachlorette”, obviously a lot of people had a strong reaction to you and did like you very much, but you were extremely likable on Bachelor Pad.  So I'm wondering if you wanted to change your strategy coming in or do you think Lindzi brought out the best in you?


Kalon McMahon:              Well, to be completely honest I don't know if it was necessarily either.  I can't say that I had a specific strategy going to either show.  We filmed them very, very close so I was still the same person.  It was just a very different environment.  I was much more comfortable, much happier, much more outgoing on The Bachelor Pad just because simply of the dynamics.



                And then obviously, I had a much, much better connection with Lindzi than I ever did with family so naturally I am going to be a happier person.  I'm going to be myself.  Bachelorette was my first experience in TV so it was a little bit overwhelming and I just think by the time we filmed Bachelor Pad I was little more comfortable.  I was aware of what was going on and obviously just in the state where I could absolutely enjoy myself and specifically my time with Lindzi much, much more.


                So I guess I just came across, I guess that obviously came across on camera.


Question:            Yes, you guys are a really great couple and very unexpected.  Can you tell us the status of your relationship now?  Or will we find that out as we watched the rest of the season of Bachelor Pad?


Kalon McMahon:              Absolutely.  I can tell you what you focusing.  As it is with the show I went into, we actually stayed in Santa Monica for a few days and then I went up to Seattle to visit her and then she's been down to Southern California to visit me.  So it is frustrating that we live in different cities but every weekend we have an opportunity to see each other if we absolutely try so phone calls every single day, visiting each other on the weekends whenever we can.  So it's certainly a long-distance relationship but we are doing everything we can to make a healthy one.



Jennifer Matarese:         So I was wondering if, it might be a little early but you guys have any plans to try to relocate near each other?


Kalon McMahon:              We’re taking baby steps.  It was frustrating me being in Texas and Lindzi being in Seattle.  For a number of reasons I'm going to be in California for the next couple of months.  So at least now were in the same time zone so that helps.  And obviously a two-hour flight to see each other is much more feasible than a foreign half hour flight to see each other. 


                Lindzi has some friends in the area to hear, so I think she is a little bit more willing to pop down here on weekends so we are going to see how it goes from here and we have had that chat and Lindzi will be the first one to admit that she doesn't necessarily want to live in Seattle for the rest of her life so I probably wouldn't necessarily consider moving to Seattle so let's see may be someone else that we could both, would be accommodating to our lifestyle before we took that step into living together.


Jennifer Matarese:         We only got to see a little bit of your time together in the house and on a date --


Kalon McMahon:              I know that was frustrating right?


Jennifer Matarese:         I know, it was because I really liked seeing you two fall in love and everything but I was wondering if you guys talked any more about your time on “The Bachelorette” and maybe the comment you made about Ricki and then did you feel that she was fully over her time with Ben and ready for a serious relationship?


Kalon McMahon:              Oh, absolutely.  And to be honest that's how I immediately knew I liked Lindzi because the very, very first night in the house she walked up to me after everyone obviously kind of gave me the third degree; they were interested in what happened but that's the beautiful part being around people that have been on the show is they are completely aware what it's like to be filmed and have things taken out of context and turned around and used against you.


                So they are a little more understanding and willing to hear what it was when to say so Lindsey was the very first one to come up to me and say you know what, I get it.  I understand kind of what you meant.  Maybe you didn't say it the way you intended to but you're kind of right.  I get what you were trying to convey. 


                So she really put me at ease and made me feel comfortable and then we kind of had a long-winded conversation about it over the next couple days and she filled me in on her season with Ben because obviously once I found out I was doing A Bachelorette with Emily their season was going on solicited watching it to kind of see what I was getting myself into.


                So I did watch her kind of fall in love on TV with this other guy which was a little weird now that I was completely crushing on her.  At the same time, I understand how the show was made so I get it and we were sympathetic towards each other in both regards and it absolutely did not hinder our relationship whatsoever and we have developed extremely quickly in that environment.


                And that's what was so frustrating because our relationship kind of developed backwards.  We went from essentially living together and playing house and getting to wake up to each other every single day to once we left me living in Texas her living in Seattle and relying on phone calls and face time.


                So it's certainly a backwards way to start a relationship but we are doing our best to make a healthy one.


Jennifer Matarese:         Great.  I wish you guys the best of luck.


Kalon McMahon:              Thank you so much.  I appreciate it.


Question:            So you tried very hard to rally votes in your favor before the rose ceremony in which you and Lindzi get eliminated.  How confident were you going into that ceremony that you were going to stick around longer and did it surprise you that any couple in particular shows Rachel and Nick over you two?


Kalon McMahon:              No, to be completely honest Lindzi and I were pretty much aware that we were going on that day.  We had mentally prepared ourselves.  Lindzi -- we were kind of -- but we were OK with it.  As much as we wanted to be there and to win the money, we saw kind of how ugly the game was starting to get and we both promised each other that we weren’t going to be that emotional couple running around the house throwing ourselves at people lobbying for votes because we knew that when we left the house, as sad and frustrating that it might be, then that was going to be the start of our real relationship because we were the first people to acknowledge that your relationship in the house is going to be very different than your relationship in the real world and we’d grown so close to each other in the house that we were honestly kind of ready to take that next step and we realized that the chances of us actually winning the money in the end were probably slim.


                We were very upfront and honest with everyone the entire time, so we kind of knew the dynamic that was forming that they were ready for us to get out of the house because I think everyone realized that if we did end up in the finals with them that we were so well liked in the house that no one was going to win against us.


                So I think they kind of collaboratively determined that its safer for everyone to get us out of the house that we weren’t necessarily going to be devastated by it because that means, hey, you know what, we get to go back to the real world and see if this whole relationship thing is going to work and so we were absolutely OK with that.


Question:            OK, sure.  And you seemed to click with Lindzi pretty much right of the bat and you too apparently spend most of your time on the show together.  Do you mind talking little bit about --


Kalon McMahon:              Yes, once we were -- I'm sorry, go ahead.  Finish your question.


Question:            Oh, no problem.  So would you mind talking little bit about how Lindzi was different from Emily in your eyes because you mentioned once during Bachelor Pad that you had to quote unquote force it with Emily but your relationship developed so naturally and quickly with Lindzi.  So I just wanted to see what the difference was there for you.


Kalon McMahon:              I can talk all day about that one but I'll try to keep it brief for you guys.  They're obviously very, very different people.  As we are all very, very different people.  You know when you are put in a situation to meet a stranger and two of you can develop a relationship with them that can be very awkward unless you already do have a lot in common and unfortunately, Emily and I did not have a lot in common but given the circumstances I was absolutely willing to make a genuine effort to see if anything could happen.


                Lindzi on the other hand it was just natural.  Lindzi was that girl that if I would have run into in real life I borrowed a friend’s house or wherever I believe that we would absolutely join together striking up conversation and something would probably organically formed.


                Emily on the other hand I probably wouldn't have my way to pursue in real life.  Given the circumstances are put in a situation where you kind of have to see if there's anything there.


                The thing with Lindzi was it was literally effortless.  We kind of just hanging out and talking and before we knew it we looked around and realize wow, we’re kind of a couple but this is awesome and I wouldn't have changed for anything.


Question:            Good.  And you mentioned that you fared much better in the Bachelor Pad environment and than that of “The Bachelorette”.  Just considering the format of both of those shows do you think had Lindzi been “The Bachelorette” you would have experienced the same outcome relationship wise or do you think the format would have made that much of a difference?


Kalon McMahon:              I don't know.  It's hard to say.  Obviously I would hope that it would have done better because I was very, very attracted to Lindzi and many, many ways.  But it's so funny.  ABC sets out to form these couples and let people fall in love but as crazy as it may seem that the Bachelor Pad is actually a much, much healthier environment for that.


                I know that's hard to believe considering what goes on there but you actually get to spend time with that person that you are interested in every day, all day long.  You're not spending incremental time with them for 15 minute here, 20 minute there, and then going back to a house full of crazy people that are all competing for the same person.


                That is not at all how you form a healthy relationship unfortunately.  So I think getting to spend that much time with someone, that's really how you get to know them.  So it was obviously much, much easier for us to kind of form and develop a healthy relationship in that environment believe it or not.


Question:            I wanted to ask you what do you think it was strategically a bad move to get so comfortable with Lindzi because we heard from Patti that you kind of isolated yourself a little bit.  Do you think you could have stayed longer if you held back a little bit maybe?


Kalon McMahon:              I don't know.  At the end of the day, my personal life is much more important to me than the game show.  So if we are going to be criticized for developing a real relationship, I'm certainly not going to be offended if (Ed), who we saw how he conducted himself on the show in regards to his relationships with women, I'm not going to be offended if he points out that it was a bad move strategically that Lindzi and I genuinely enjoyed our time together.  If that meant, because--


                Honestly, we just kind of had different lifestyles in house.  We weren't necessarily drinking every day.  We were just kind of hanging out and doing our own thing and I have no problem with that.


                So I mean, if that led to us being kicked off then that's fine.  I won't lose any sleep over that.  But honestly, I think the reason we were kicked off is because everyone acknowledged that if we made it to the finals that no one was going to win against us because we were well-liked by everyone in house especially the fans.


                We were kind of the only people including (Michael) probably that were absolutely just viewed by the fans.  I don't know why walking into the house anyone would think of the fans any differently than any of us.  So knowing that we had their vote in the bag and realizing the dynamic that existed I think it just boiled down to Weaver honestly the most well-liked couple in the house and no one would have wanted to go up against is the finals.  I think that’s what it boiled down to.


Question:            OK.  That makes sense.  I also really wanted to ask you about your chest before is the rose ceremonies each week because it seems like you could just tell everyone what they wanted to hear and somehow convince them that you were telling the truth to them.  How did you do that?  Are they all just really to lay?


Kalon McMahon:              Honestly, I think the way the show is framed it gives me too much credit.  Lindzi and I honestly went into the rose ceremonies every night probably with a clear idea in our head who we were voting for because it was usually the obvious decision.  It usually just simply made sense other than one or two times. 


                And like Michael illustrated in a lot of his talks, it is much easier because I'm not a confrontational person, it is much easier to just simply tell someone, excuse me, what they want to hear, agree with them, and then kind of go on about your business. 


                Because until the very end, the voting was secret.  No one knew who you were voting for until (Chris0 had the brilliant idea to take (Erica) into the voting booth with him and then that changed the dynamic of everything. 


                But, I mean, I didn’t consider it lying or being deceitful.  It’s just kind of the name of the game.  It’s a awkward game that you wouldn’t play in real life so in order to thrive, you kind of just have to tell people what they want to hear.


Question:            What's the most challenging thing you think you have experienced on The Bachelor Pad so far? 


Kalon McMahon:              Oh wow, that's a good question.  You know, there wasn't too much that was necessarily challenging.  After my experience with “The Bachelorette” in my—in that season,  everything was so refreshing and I was -- because initially I was really hesitant to the show because I was like if it's anything like “The Bachelorette” I really don't want to be involved with that.


                Once I pulled the trigger and committed to do it and got there and saw the dynamic of the show everyone that was in the house I was honestly so happy and so refreshed that anything that happened I was OK with.


                So, to say anything was challenging, there wasn't really anything challenging.  I can see somehow some of the people leaving the show if they were genuinely surprised they were leaving or if they were having to leave someone behind with their feelings were hurt leaving the show obviously unexpectedly could be very, very challenging.


                Fortunately for (Lindzi and I) we were both kind of mentally ready to go and at the same time knew we were leaving so we weren't shellshocked.  So we weren't surprised.  We were devastated, and we got to leave together.


                So for us, there really wasn't anything challenging.  Other than that I guess maybe the challenges themselves which were all pretty funny and interesting.  And obviously we completely flopped at the spelling bee.  So maybe the spelling bee was the toughest challenge for me.


Question:            OK, cool.  And also do you think that Emily and Jeff will actually end up getting married and being together for the rest of their lives because not many couples have actually made it to that point.


Kalon McMahon:              Yes, unfortunately, apparently that's the reality of this reality show is that not enough couples seem to thrive.  I certainly hope so simply because (Jeff) believe it or not was one of my closer friends in the house and I think is a really, really amazing guy.  He's one of the cooler guys I've met and he is someone that I would be friends with in real life if we cross paths somehow.


                Unfortunately, I don't think (Emily) would appreciate that so I don't see us ever been buds again but for the sake of (Ricky) being exposed to this I certainly hope it is a healthy relationship that develops from this so that they can look back and say it was absolutely worth it.  And I think (Jeff) would honestly be a great dad because I think he's a big kid himself.  So I can certainly see that being a good dynamic for them.


Question:            OK, just so we all know.  Are you 100% officially dating Lindzi because there are a ton of rumors online right now that you guys have broken up.  So I'm just trying to clear that up.


Kalon McMahon:              Oh, yes, no, we are absolutely 100% dating.  That's what's so funny about the Internet.  You can't believe everything you read.  I read some other article that said my net worth was $3 million.  That's certainly not true either.  You can't believe everything you read.  I wish.  I guess, absolutely.  We have spent plenty of weekends together.  We talk on the phone all day every day and whenever I get a chance she either comes down here or I go up to Seattle.


                The reality is it is unfortunately a long-distance relationship but as far as those go it’s the best, healthiest relationship we could ask for at this point so we can progress and consider maybe collaborating cities one of these days.


Question:            So obviously you know this whole formula doesn't work since you did find love with Lindzi but if things didn't work out the two of you, would you ever do The Bachelor?


Kalon McMahon:              That's a good question.  You know, I don't know if you could hear the other conversations I've had with other people, but I honestly believe that if you are genuinely interested and love in the show concept, the Bachelor Pad was honestly a healthier environment for that because you get to spend all day with that person that you are starting to date.


                It may be different if you are on that side if you are the actual bachelor or bachelorette with 25 people that you are pursuing, but my experience on “The Bachelorette” I just didn't enjoy it that much.  I didn't see how when (Arrie) and some of the other guys would come back from these date dates telling me that they are falling in love that they are having feelings.  I just didn't see how they were spending enough time someone to really get to know them in a real manor.


                In the Bachelor Pad there's plenty of time and room to escape and kind of do your own thing and spend real time with that person that you are interested in, kind of without cameras around, without other people around, you can just enjoy each other's company and see if anything develops.


                So with that said, and with Lindzi and I being in an absolute committed relationship, no, I can't say that I’d be interested in being The Bachelor.  But at the same time, the first one to be aware that I know (ABC) also have no interest in making a new Bachelor.


Question:            Oh, you never know that.


Kalon McMahon:              I don't think that’s ever anything I’d have to worry about.


Question:            All right.  And then, what most attracted you to Lindzi.


Kalon McMahon:              Well that’s easy.  What most attracted me to Lindzi was that we literally have identical personalities.  We make all the same stupid jokes, we both have no filter, and we both get each other’s same stupid jokes.


                And what’s so frustrating to me is that they never show that side of Lindzi.  I mean they just kind of show her being this sweet bubbly innocent girl, but they don't give her enough credit.  I mean she is hilarious in both seasons that they never showcased that side of her.


                And that’s what I absolutely fell in love with.  She is one of the funnier outspoken most witty girls I’ve ever come across and that’s why I was so attracted to her because we both make those same awkward jokes that we get that half the other room might not get but we get each other.  So that’s absolutely why we ended up together. 


Question:            So it was apparent that you and (Erica Rose) went on Bachelor Pad with a pre-existing kind of love hate relationship.  Could you talk about how you felt about (Erica) once you entered the house and then how your friendship or lack thereof rather with her developed over the course of the game?  Because when we talked to (Erica) she basically said she thought you two were friends, but after watching the footage back she claimed you called her fat a couple times and stuff and apparently she doesn’t feel that way anymore.


Kalon McMahon:              Yes, unfortunately for (Erica) and she probably believes a lot of things.  But--just because we are from the same city and we have some similar friends, that doesn't necessarily mean we are friends.  I for many, many years now have made a very deliberate effort to distance myself from (Erica) because I simply didn't agree with the way she presents herself in real life and on TV.


                I just don't find her to be a classy, interesting girl.  And I really just didn't want to be kind of guilty by association simply because we were on the same television show.  And she went on some Website or blog or whatever saying Kalon and I are friends and he is like the male version of me and then she did this classless, classless act where she went and sold some story to Star Magazine about my as ex-girlfriend and I--who she was actually in law school with at the time and claimed to be best friends with and then she was the first to admit that that's the only reason they will let her on Bachelor Pad was because she instigated some tabloid drama with me.


                I am a civil person and I think (Emily) said it best when she said it should be a politician.  Yes, I am never going to be rude to someone's face.  I'm never going to be rude to someone's face but after she went out of her way to do that, then I could no longer bite my tongue.  So the first day when I walked in the house and I think she probably did it for shock factor.  Unfortunately for (Erica, Erica) really does believe that any publicity is good publicity but I'm the first person to tell you that that's not the case.


                Fortunately once we were in the house and we got past that drama I think Erica realized her place in the house and that she was in a much better position if she was just nice to people and kind of happy to go along.


                Then you saw that footage where she is being mean to the fans and calling David ugly and stupid and just a girl in her position should be trying to make friends not alienate people.  I don't have a lot of respect for her as a person the way she conducts herself, like I said in life and on the television show. 


Question:            OK, sure.  And based on prior seasons, it seems like pre-existing relationships that developed before contestants go on Bachelor Pad played a pretty big role in how successful they were in sticking around in the game.  So it seems pretty unusual that you,( Chris, and Tony) all managed to go on the show not really knowing anybody and then ending up making it to the top 10.  So why do you think this season was different and your mind talking about what you're thoughts are on that?


Kalon McMahon:              Yes.  And there are certainly a lot of different dynamics going on.  A lot of them I was not necessarily aware of for the first week or two because I didn't necessarily know who everyone was.  I wasn't aware that (Rachel and Jacqueline) were such good friends.  I had no idea that (Erica and Sarah) were such good friends. 


                And as the weeks kind of progressed we were realizing they were kind of all dictating each other's throats and me being kind of one of the outsiders initially I was completely unaware of that dynamic.  So fortunately I lasted long enough to figure that out before I fell victim to it.


                And yes, when we did walk in the house the first night obviously (Chris, Tony), and I were like hey, if we stick together and we kind of do have a strong force here; not a majority but at least enough to kind of guide some (votes) to get a somewhat down the road.  But then you saw that be abandoned pretty quickly because one of the first weeks (Chris) came to me saying hey let's vote off (Tony) because (Tony)and Lindzi were originally partners and he was like hey, let's vote off (Tony) so you can be partners with Lindzi and I said, hey man, we don't need to do that.  Tony already came to me and said if you want to be partners with Lindzi that's fine. 


                We need to maintain this little mini alliance we have going.  And then as the weeks progressed (Chris) kind of just became a wildcard.  You saw him target (Tony).  You saw him target me.  And then again you saw him since when he had the opportunity to send -- you'll see it progress, but—and then trying to think of the other dynamic.  You'll see it progress because who you think are best friends in alliances and are going to save each other definitely kind of pans out towards the end.


Question:            OK.  Do you think the (super fans) edition played a role in that in that they were the newbies and not you guys in way?


Kalon McMahon:              Yes.  And they probably took the target off our backs initially for those first few weeks and at the same time I'll go back to what I said about (Erica) and some of the other people.  I really didn't approve of or appreciate how they targeted them as people just because they were new. 


                It's fine to target them from a strategic standpoint and say we want to vote them off.  That's one thing, but to say you don't deserve to be here.  I never for one second believe that because we participated in the show that a lot of these people considered themselves celebrities now.  That's not the case at all. 


                We couldn't even have the opportunity to make the show if it wasn't for people like (Swap) and like (David) and I think that's why you saw in the second episode I went out of my way -- I really kind of kept my hands clean initially.  I went out of my way to say hey, we are not voting off (David).  He is a really, really nice guy. 


                I saw how much it meant for him to be there and he'd he hadn't done anything wrong.  He was just trying to be active, or proactive in keeping himself there and there's nothing wrong with having a game plan to do that. 


                So when I kind of saw a window where I could keep him around and send someone else home that really wasn't contributing to our dynamic I said let's do that and knowing and seeing how much of a loyal guy he was, knowing that when it came down the road he'd have our back.


                I thought it was fun and interesting to have them partake in the show and they were obviously so appreciative.  The only ones that I didn't particularly care for were the twins.  They were absolutely unbearable to live with in the house and I have no tolerance for drunk people that scream and cry and are emotional.  I got no tolerance for that.  So they were the only ones that I didn't appreciate being around.


Question:            Absolutely.  (Rachel) was completely distraught once (Michael) left the house and she even threatened to quit a couple of times.  What did you think about their relationship because when we talk (Erica) she thought it was more based on strategic purposes rather than on true feelings in a real connection?  What are your thoughts on that?


Kalon McMahon:              Yes I was genuinely -- I thought it was absolutely real.  (Michael) was one of my closer friends in the house.  He was the nicest, most genuine, funny person that I have met from this whole franchise and I have hung out with him a few times since.


                He is an awesome, awesome guy and he was certainly kind of a coach or leader of the house or whatever you want to call it and I was made aware of this story from last year and what happened with his fiancée and then her marrying some other guy.  So I genuinely had a spot in my heart for him and wanted nothing but the best for him.


                So when I saw this kind of relationship developing between him and Rachel -- Rachel is an awesome girl as well.  We got along really well.  So I was really hoping it was genuine and real and then I kind of realized when they left that he's going to be in California and she's in New York so I know how hard a long-distance relationship is because I'm doing it with Lindzi right now.


                So I think those emotions you saw were absolutely real.  When you are in that house sharing it with someone you care about all day, every day, and then all of a sudden you are ripped apart from each other and I think what’s made it so frustrating is it wasn't really anything they had control of.


                Their relationship was being ended by a third-party, (Erica) who was supposed to be a friend of Michael and that's what was so frustrating about that.  The words that Erica had for Michael after her departure again goes back to showing her true character.  She demonstrated zero class, zero empathy so when she gets upset that someone said something about her, it's a bit hypocritical.  Because she just runs around running her mouth and I just have no tolerance for that.


                So I was really sad to see them end in the way that they did and I was the first one to admit when everyone was saying we are trying to send Lindzi home that I had that same conundrum.  If she leaves, am I going to leave?  Because honestly what's the point in being here if you're not together?


                So I absolutely sympathized with that struggle that they had and I wish them the best because they're both awesome, awesome people.


Question:            OK.  And lastly, while you were on the show, what did you think about (Blakely and Tony’s) relationships and also what about (Jacqueline and Ed’s)?.


Kalon McMahon:              You know, (Blakely and Tony')s relationship is kind of something that no one saw coming because they are kind of polar opposites in their demeanors.  (Blakely0 is a very, very strong overwhelming demeanor and (Tony) is kind of one of the nicest, most genuine soft-spoken guys have been around.  So it's an interesting demeanor.


                Like I said, I'm never one to judge someone's relationship.  For some reason everyone say’s, I can't believe Kalon and Lindzi ended up together.  They're so different.  And I don't get that from an outside perspective.  Because I look at Lindzi and I and I see we are kind of really, really similar people.  So I guess that just shows that people don't know us that well.  But—so I wish them nothing but the best and I can certainly see a real relationship kind of thriving there.


                And then (Ed Jacqueline's) relationship was a little different.  Kind of reminds me of that college summer fling relationship where whatever happens, happens and literally every day is different and they would kind of wake up in the morning and the like wow, what happened yesterday.


                (Ed) is a hysterical character so I can't imagine what it would be like to maintain a relationship with him from (Jacqueline) standpoint, but they do a good job keeping it together for the show and for the challenges and stuff.  So there must be some sort of trust and (confidence) there.


Question:            Hi, again.  I just wanted to check what you wanted to get out of Bachelor Pad going into it.  Were you there to find love or were you there for the money and then did that change once you were in there and you met Lindzi?


Kalon McMahon:              Absolutely.  I was the first one to admit in every single one of my interviews and anyone I talk to before I did the show that I was absolutely there for the money, 100% because following my stint on (Emily's) season I kind of lost faith in the idea that you can't find a healthy relationship under the confines of this show.  I just didn't see it being realistic.


                Like I highlighted earlier, you got to spend a very, very small increments of time with this person that you are supposed to be ready to propose to in a matter of weeks.  It just didn't seem like a realistic healthy way to achieve a genuine relationship.


                And then once I got on the Bachelor Pad and realized how different the dynamic of the show is, it's a much more natural environment.  There is much less structure to the show.


                The only thing that really structures are the challenges.  Everything else is just kind of free-for-all.  You do what you want with your time.  You have the conversations you want with the people you want and you literally have days to just develop your own personal relationship with people and whether you choose to spend that time developing alliances or a romantic relationship, that's completely up to you.  Everyone else stays out of it and you are not responsible for anything other than showing up for the challenge and showing up for the rose ceremonies.


                So once I realized that dynamic in an obviously met Lindzi, then yes, that did change.  My relationship with Lindzi became the priority but at the same time I realized that the only real way you were going to even have a shot at winning that money is if you have a good relationship with someone that you can trust.  So it kind of became a two-for-one.  I realized that if I really did want the money that the only way I was going to achieve that is if I had someone like Lindzi in my corner.


                And that's not to say that I would have formed a relationship with anyone just realizing that it's kind of a prerequisite to win, I kind of lucked out.  Because initially I was kind of concerned.  I was like wow, there might not be anybody in this house that would connect with, and had it been anybody but Lindzi I probably would not have.


                So Lindzi is absolutely probably the only reason that I made it as far as we did but at the same time when we left I was OK with it.  Watching the show back you see how distraught and sad almost everyone is leaving the house. 


                I think we were the only couple that kind of left the house with a smile on our face being OK, we're OK you with back to real life.  This is honestly when our relationship really starts because everything else was just kind of a foundation.  If nothing else, Bachelor Pad was just kind of a launchpad for our relationship.


                So everything that happens after that was the real relationship that we are going to expect in real life.



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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