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Full Transcript of Interview with Kalon McMahon from 'Bachelor Pad'

Here is the full transcript of the interview with Kalon McMahon from "Bachelor Pad"!  If you didn't like him on "The Bachelorette" I think your opinion of him may change after the combination of watching "Bachelor Pad" and this interview!  He was very candid, open and honest.


Question:            OK, so during your season of “The Bachlorette”, obviously a lot of people had a strong reaction to you and did like you very much, but you were extremely likable on Bachelor Pad.  So I'm wondering if you wanted to change your strategy coming in or do you think Lindzi brought out the best in you?


Kalon McMahon:              Well, to be completely honest I don't know if it was necessarily either.  I can't say that I had a specific strategy going to either show.  We filmed them very, very close so I was still the same person.  It was just a very different environment.  I was much more comfortable, much happier, much more outgoing on The Bachelor Pad just because simply of the dynamics.


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Kalon Talks About Falling in Love on 'Bachelor Pad' with Lindzi

Kalon gave an interview to reporters today and he had the nicest things to say about his new lady Lindzi and his experience on "Bachelor Pad".


Kalon said that he didn’t have a specific strategy for “Bachelor Pad” or for “The Bachelorette” but that the reason he seemed different is because he was in a different environment each time.  He said that he just naturally had a better connection with Lindzi than he did with Emily.


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Spelling Out Your Feelings on 'Bachelor Pad'

10 people now remain inside the “Bachelor Pad”.  Chris Harrison said that now people would have to compete as couples and vote together as couples and get voted out as couples.  That’s crazy!  I love how the game keeps changing.  Nick and Rachel now have to team up as a couple because Michael was eliminated last week. 



Sarah and Chris decided to go and gloat about how they are still in the house.  Ed, Blakeley and Jaclyn all want Chris out of the house.  He’s going to have to win this week’s challenge to stay in the game I think.



The next day, the competitors all get on a yellow school bus and drive to a performing arts center.  Inside, they learn that they will be competing in a spelling bee!  This is going to be hilarious!  They have to spell the words by alternating letters with their partners.  That’s crazy hard!  The top kid spellers in California were there to judge and the bell ringer kid was disgusted with how bad they all were, it was so funny!  Believe it or not it was down to Chris and Sarah and Ed and  Jaclyn.  The winners were Chris and Sarah!  I have to admit, I’m really glad they won…I love to hate Chris!

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Full Transcript of Interview with Erica Rose

Here is the full transcript of the interview from last week's conference call with Erica Rose!


Question:            So, we wanted to sort of start by asking how – when did you suspect that Michael was lying to you and had you trusted him up to that point?


Erica Rose:          Yes.  I started suspecting that Michael was lying to me based on his reaction when – well, first of all, when he told me that Chris voted for me and then, Chris came up and he was like, "I haven't voted yet.  And I'll take you into the voting room right now, you know, and to show you that I'm not voting for you."


                And you know, I was like, OK, Michael is probably lying.  And then, when I came out to the voting room with Chris, I could tell Michael was really upset about it.  And so, then I knew something was up because, you know, if you hadn’t voted for me and you didn’t want me to leave then he wouldn’t care that Chris took me in the voting room.


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Erica Rose talks about her Bachelor Pad elimination

The latest castoff from the third season of Bachelor Pad spoke via conference call Thursday afternoon. Erica Rose was the victim of house leader Michael Stagliano's diabolical plot to take her out while convincing her that man-slut Chris Bukowski was behind it. But Stags' plan backfired when Chris took Erica into the voting room so she could see for herself that he was casting his ballot for Lindzi.


Chris' smart move both saved his skin and revealed Michael's lies, and Erica took aim at the biggest gun in the house, taking Stags out of the game with her. She also had some harsh words before she left, telling Michael that he was manipulative and dishonest, and that the best move Holly ever made was dumping his loser ass and marrying a real man like Blake. Ouch. Michael just looked on, stunned, and said, "This is not going well."

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Power Couples Rule the House, Until the Rules Change on 'Bachelor Pad'

Blakeley felt empowered after last week’s rose ceremony and she made it clear that Chris was no longer her partner.  She is now going to rally the troops against him to get him out of the house.  Tony was cozying up to Blakeley so it appears that may be her new partner.  While Chris was sulking in his bed, Sarah came over to “comfort” him and he scolded her to “take her shoes off” before climbing into his bed.  Sheesh!  He’s lucky to have anyone crawling up in there after his behavior!



Michael says Chris is on his way out and it’s clear that it is his time to go.  Chris said it was Ed, Nick or Kalon who lied to him and he wants to try to figure out who it was.  Kalon denies that he didn’t vote the way he wanted him to and just patronizes him.  Chris calls him out on it and says that he wants to “punch him in the face” and Kalon fires back at Chris for coming up with bad ideas and tells him he’s a “loose cannon”.




After that Chris tries to go after Ed for lying to him and they blow up at each other.  Ed basically tells him that he’s not going to let Chris “dictate” what he does. After arguing Ed admits that he did vote for Jamie because she was after him and Ed said that he wasn’t going to apologize anymore.  He thinks he didn’t lie; he just made a “last minute decision”.  Hmm, that’s kind of lying I think and he seems annoyed he got called out on it.  But really, what does Chris expect, as he pointed out last week during the conference call this is a game show and you have to do what it takes to win.  I guess he meant only he is allowed to do the lying and he doesn’t like being lied to.  Well, there you have it.


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Full Transcript of Interview with Chris Bukowski

Here is the full transcript of the interview with bed-hopper Chris Bukowski!  It's a great interview with a little hilarious part in the middle where one of the interviewers started to ask him about the Glee Project by mistake, ha!  Also, he addresses whether or not he would ever want to be "The Bachelor".


Question:            So I'm sure you're aware that many viewers think you've been coming across pretty differently on Bachelor Pad, than you did during Emily's season of The Bachelorette, especially with the whole Blakeley, Jamie, Sarah thing and all that.


Chris Bukowski:                                Right.


Question:            So, can you talk about whether there was actually a change in your personality.  And if so, I guess, my question is was it on purpose?  Like was it just because you are trying to win the money and didn’t really care about anything else or was there more to it than that?


Chris Bukowski:                                Right.  Well, I definitely had a different approach.  You know, going into Emily's season I was there for love.  And I was very close to find that and I did but I didn’t work out.  And I was actually really surprised how everything went with Emily’s season.  And it wasn't easy for me.


                And going into Bachelor Pad, there's only one thing in my mind and that was winning the money.  And to do that, there's got to be some things you got to lie a little bit and you got to play the game. 


                And I want to say my personality changed in my real life.  But obviously on the show you see a different side of me that’s "just kind of wants the money."  I mean you don’t really get opportunity to win money and I'm just trying to win it.


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Chris Bukowski Talks About 'Bachelor Pad'

Chris Bukowski spoke about his relationships on "Bachelor Pad" (if you can call them that) and what we can expect to see coming up on the show.


He said that he's aware that there is a lot of backlash from his bedhopping ways but doesn't really seem to understand why.  He said that he is just playing the game and that he wasn't there for love.  In fact he said, "'The Bachelorette' is for love, 'Bachelor Pad' is a game show".  He claims that Jamie and Blakeley knew that he felt this way but some how ended up getting their feelings involved any way.

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Chris Adds a Third Woman to His Bed-Hopping Mix

As per usual, this week started right where last week’s episode left off and David realizing he’s the only fan left on the show.  Ed also is freaked out that he came so close to elimination and was sharing how shocked he was at Reid.  Jaclyn says that she’s on cloud nine because she likes Ed and he’s getting to stay in the house.  David is hoping he can win the challenge to stay in the house and he tries making a deal with Jamie to get a rose if she wins the next challenge.



Chris harrison game
Chris Harrison announces that they all have to fill out surveys that have some very personal questions on them.  They all can tell that there is doom and tears on the way.  Kalon joked that every answer is either him or Erica, ha!

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Full Transcript of Interview with Jaclyn Swartz

Here is the full transcript of the interview with "Bachelor Pad" contestant Jaclyn Swartz!

Jaclyn bpad


Question:            So, I guess we wanted to find out, which former bachelor or Bachelorette contestant surprised you the most on Bachelor Pad?


Jaclyn Swartz:    The answer is definitely easy for me.  I think that Blakely definitely has surprised me thus far in the game.  I mean, you guys all obviously saw my reaction to her being in the house, then my reaction to what I thought of her as a friend.  And to be honest, coming into the house, I really just thought that we would completely butt heads and that I would want her out of the house immediately.


                And as I got to learn more and more about Blakely, as the game progress and, you know, up and – up through week three, I saw a side of her that I never saw before I this game, is pretty conniving.  And, you know, you have to lie a lot.  You have to be able to trust certain people and Blakely led me to believe that she is trustworthy.  So, our friendship definitely took a turn for the better.


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