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New Interview with 'Bachelor Pad's' Jaclyn Swartz

Jaclyn Swartz took part in the weekly conference call interview for “Bachelor Pad” today and she revealed some interesting things. 

Jaclyn bpad

She said that Sarah hooking up with Ed who is her partner on the show was a really difficult thing for her.  Jaclyn said that she was initially “drawn” to Ed because he was “fun and cute” and that it was really tough to see him hook up with someone else.  She said that after the hookup she went and spoke to Ed who assured her that it wouldn’t happen again.  She said that she and Sarah are also on great terms.  That is so weird!  I don’t know if I could be so nice to someone that just hooked up with someone I liked or was interested in…and not to mention, Jaclyn then hooked up with Ed!  It doesn’t seem to bother her though and said that she and Ed’s personalities “just clicked”.


As for her hookup with Ed, she said because she and Ed were so drunk, she doesn’t remember him being so comically loud!  Jaclyn said she has no doubt that it was actually Ed yelling out when she watched the show back but she didn’t remember it that way.  Apparently neither of them remembers very much from that night!


Jaclyn added that she was really surprised by Blakeley so far in the game.  She said that she initially thought they would butt heads a lot, but that as she got to know more about her and saw different sides of her, their friendship took a turn for the better.  So there’s a possible alliance of the future maybe!


Lastly, Jaclyn says that she tried to warn Reid to not tell her stuff and try to get people to vote for Ed.  She said that she found it to be really sneaky and even stupid on Reid’s part because she and many of the other girls hadn’t voted yet so it wasn’t too late to change the game.  As you remember, Reid was sent home.  She added that Ed is sensitive and didn’t think that there would be so much lying going on.


I hope to have the full transcript of her interview up tomorrow!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese



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