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Power Couples Rule the House, Until the Rules Change on 'Bachelor Pad'

Blakeley felt empowered after last week’s rose ceremony and she made it clear that Chris was no longer her partner.  She is now going to rally the troops against him to get him out of the house.  Tony was cozying up to Blakeley so it appears that may be her new partner.  While Chris was sulking in his bed, Sarah came over to “comfort” him and he scolded her to “take her shoes off” before climbing into his bed.  Sheesh!  He’s lucky to have anyone crawling up in there after his behavior!



Michael says Chris is on his way out and it’s clear that it is his time to go.  Chris said it was Ed, Nick or Kalon who lied to him and he wants to try to figure out who it was.  Kalon denies that he didn’t vote the way he wanted him to and just patronizes him.  Chris calls him out on it and says that he wants to “punch him in the face” and Kalon fires back at Chris for coming up with bad ideas and tells him he’s a “loose cannon”.




After that Chris tries to go after Ed for lying to him and they blow up at each other.  Ed basically tells him that he’s not going to let Chris “dictate” what he does. After arguing Ed admits that he did vote for Jamie because she was after him and Ed said that he wasn’t going to apologize anymore.  He thinks he didn’t lie; he just made a “last minute decision”.  Hmm, that’s kind of lying I think and he seems annoyed he got called out on it.  But really, what does Chris expect, as he pointed out last week during the conference call this is a game show and you have to do what it takes to win.  I guess he meant only he is allowed to do the lying and he doesn’t like being lied to.  Well, there you have it.




Blakeley tea cups
This week’s challenge is the tea cup challenge and Chris Harrison announces that the losers this week will NOT get a vote against them going into this week’s elimination.  I guess that is over since the group is getting smaller.  Blakeley is super confident going into this elimination challenge because she worked at “Hooters”.  Chris says she worked there for the past 35 years, ha ha!!! That would be from birth practically!


The ladies are up first.  Erica goes into it really not caring at all because she thinks that Blakeley has a huge advantage.  Then, Blakeley drops her HUGE stack of cups!  Oops!  Time to start over!  Eventually, Blakeley and Sarah are neck and neck with 6 cups stacked a piece.  Sarah was disqualified because she touched her cup at one point and then Blakeley won!  Oh my goodness!!!  How crazy!




Guys tea cups
Then it was the guys’ turn to go and Sarah is really hoping that Chris will win and Blakeley is pinning all of her hopes on Tony.  Chris comes close but just can’t seem to get the hang of it and Tony wins! 

Tony tea cups
So now Blakeley and Tony who are partners both won!



Chris knows he is on the chopping block and not only that, but he appears to be taking Sarah down with him.  Blakeley decides to take Tony on her date, so she gets to give a guy a date rose.  She decides to give it to Kalon for backstabbing Chris.


The date card comes for Kalon and it said “Please choose one of these pretty women to go on a date with you” and of course he picked Lindzi.  He got to give Lindzi an amazing diamond and sapphire set to wear and Kalon got a Bentley to drive on their date.



They get to have a beautiful rooftop dinner that is private and just for them.  He said that he doesn’t know how he would be able to compete with this in real life if he was ever able to take her out.  He was so happy that they got to have a romantic date out of the “Bachelor Pad” house.  He admits that on “The Bachelorette” he had to force his feelings for her and he said it’s so great to be on a date with someone he is actually, maybe “in love with”!  WOW!  He’s dropping the L-word early!  This truly is a different side to him.  They both seem to bring out the best in each other.




Blakeley tony camping
It was then Blakeley and Tony’s turn for a date, and they got a camping date!  They drove a jeep out to a trailer!  This is truly different than the jewelry and a Bentley!  Inside they had the gear to camp with.  The funny thing is, they actually have some sparks flying and it’s not the campfire!



Michael rachel
Michael and Rachel haven’t had a date in a bit, so Michael plans a little date right there at the house for them.  He set up a romantic area and they snuggled outside under a blanket and talked all about their future plans and how much they like each other.



Back on the campout, there are raccoons running around and it’s a real camping atmosphere.  That doesn’t stop Tony from making it a romantic spot.  He turns on the radio in the Jeep and blasts some country music for them to dance to.


Because Tony won a challenge he got a rose to give to a woman of his choice.  He consulted with Bentley and had his mind made up.  Chris jumps up and wants to try and talk to Tony last minute right as he is about to make his announcement.  Tony decides to stick with his partner, does not give the rose to Sarah, but gives it to Jaclyn!  That means that by default Ed is probably going to be safe as well.  Things do not look good for Chris and Sarah at this point.



Chris Harrison announces to the group that it will be just one woman they are voting for.  The guys and girls will both vote a woman out.  But wait, there’s more!  The woman who is eliminated will pick the guy who goes home with her, she eliminates the guy!  The group is stunned!



The guys in Chris and Michael’s alliance decide to try to rally the troops against Erica Rose.  They think that Erica will think that Chris is planning this coup and when she gets voted off then she will take Chris with her.  Let’s see if Chris and Sarah can stop that information from getting to Erica and confusing her.



Ed and Jaclyn are having a tense moment for Ed being insensitive to her and she cries.  He said in front of everyone that he didn’t want anything romantic to happen in the house, and this is AFTER he hooked up with her the other week.  How embarrassing!  He basically dumped her in front of everyone and asked her to be “just friends”.  She asks him what he wants her to do and she says his hesitation is enough for her to know that he isn’t interested in her.




At last, it was time for the votes to be revealed.  It was down to Erica and Lindzi.  Erica was voted off!  So Erica goes up and gives a dishonesty talk and says that she wants to break up an alliance by choosing Michael.  She says that hopefully that will make the house fairer.  Michael did not see that one coming!  Rachel is devastated and crying.  Michael tells Rachel to not be silly and to stay because now that he’s been voted off she doesn’t want to stay.  Then Erica was saying that Michael was dishonest and she told him that the smartest thing Holly ever did was dump him and marry Blake because he is a real man.  WOWZA!  That was SO harsh.  Michael did not deserve that!  It’s true that he is manipulative but only in the game.  He’s disgusted that he helped keep her around as long as she was on and he said well now everyone can see her true colors.  I guess so!  Those comments by her were definitely below the belt.



Rachel is acting like someone died or something!  It sucks, sure, but really, try to win the money! 



Next week, it’s the spelling bee competition!  That’s going to be disastrous ha!  Ed and Jaclyn have a one on one date but apparently he tells her that he is pursuing someone back home so he’s not available (despite his hookups).  I wonder if he will still have that special someone back home after these episodes air!



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese



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