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Spelling Out Your Feelings on 'Bachelor Pad'

10 people now remain inside the “Bachelor Pad”.  Chris Harrison said that now people would have to compete as couples and vote together as couples and get voted out as couples.  That’s crazy!  I love how the game keeps changing.  Nick and Rachel now have to team up as a couple because Michael was eliminated last week. 



Sarah and Chris decided to go and gloat about how they are still in the house.  Ed, Blakeley and Jaclyn all want Chris out of the house.  He’s going to have to win this week’s challenge to stay in the game I think.



The next day, the competitors all get on a yellow school bus and drive to a performing arts center.  Inside, they learn that they will be competing in a spelling bee!  This is going to be hilarious!  They have to spell the words by alternating letters with their partners.  That’s crazy hard!  The top kid spellers in California were there to judge and the bell ringer kid was disgusted with how bad they all were, it was so funny!  Believe it or not it was down to Chris and Sarah and Ed and  Jaclyn.  The winners were Chris and Sarah!  I have to admit, I’m really glad they won…I love to hate Chris!



Ed and Jaclyn as runners up got a date, and Chris and Sarah also got a date of course for winning.  They are so excited to have won because they knew it was critical for their survival.  Blakeley is so upset that they won she cries. 

Chris and Sarah pull up in a private car to a red carpet.  They take off in a plane and land in the Santa Margarita ranch in California right in the middle of wine country.  They go on a cute train ride and then take a walk on the grounds.  They eventually stop to have a picnic, but then decide to go swimming in a little pond there instead.  They strip off their clothes and take a dip. Oooh la la.



Back at the house, Rachel is STILL crying over the fact that Michael is gone from the house.  She is also devastated that she thinks she is on the chopping block.  Rachel can hardly put her makeup on she is crying so much!  Nick tries to get Rachel’s head back in the game, but that seems to be an uphill battle.



On Chris and Sarah’s date, they head to dinner by a barn, by candlelight.  That’s very brave considering all of the dry hay there.  They talk about Chris’ experience on “The Bachelorette” and Sarah tries to figure out if she’s his rebound chick or if this is the real deal.  Chris says it is unexpected, but he is very happy to be with her and he hopes they have more dates in the future.



The girls of the house decide that they want to keep Rachel around and they think that Lindzi isn’t really in their click, so they decide to rally the troops to get them out.  That’s sad!  I was looking forward to seeing more of their romance!



Then it was time for Jaclyn and Ed’s date and she plans to talk to Ed to find out where they are at in their “relationship”.  I think it’s pretty clear where they are at, but apparently she still thinks something is there.  Poor Jaclyn!  All of the other girls in the house can’t believe she is fine going on an overnight date with him after what he said the other week.



They took off in a limo and headed to a small plane that took them to a dirt runway and they land in a deserted field.  They sit down and have a talk on a blanket.  He apologizes for saying what he said the way he said it to her and she said that she found it to be pretty blunt.  Jaclyn asks him about his feelings and he tells her he’s pursuing someone at home for a while.  He admits that he broke up with the girl to come on “Bachelor Pad” to hook up basically, but he wants to get back together with her when he gets home.  Seriously?  That sucks.  He is such a dirty dog!  That girl back home should think more of herself than to allow him to act like this on national TV and then get back together with her!  Ed apologizes to her for not telling her sooner.



At the house, Tony is putting the moves on Blakeley.  He tries to pull a “Michael” and set up a private date for her at the house.  I hate when she talks in her “baby” voice to him, gives me the icks.  They have a nice time drinking wine and kissing.  I hope things work out for them!



Meantime, on the most uncomfortable date ever…Jaclyn and Ed head off to dinner.  They put on some happy faces and sit down.  She’s actually still considering spending the night with him!  What is wrong with her!  How many times can he tell her that he isn’t interested?!  Then Ed talks down to her and says that all this is, is a “Facebook Status” thing and he basically says that she needs to “get real” because it’s “Bachelor Pad”.  Jaclyn says that she doesn’t want to look like a whore.  Ed tells her that she is the closest person to her there, he wants to sleep with her, he trusts her, and says that they have an amazing chemistry.  He basically says that sleeping with each other solidifies their trust.  OMG this is insane.  He says they are a couple, but he wants to play the middle of the road.  I love that she calls him a “douche” lol, this is just too much.  ICK, she ends up kissing him because she is so weak! Gross!!!



Jaclyn and Ed get roses to give out.  They get to give them to a couple to save them and obviously they are hoping to see that favor returned.  They tell everyone they want to chat with them before they make their big decision.  They give the roses to Blakeley and Tony.  Great.  Now the house will be really, really uncomfortable.



Kalon and Lindzi try their hardest to stay in the house, but it seems like a lot of people want to vote for them.  Rachel and Nick are hoping that they won’t be the ones to go because they seem pretty sure that Rachel’s alliances will get them through.  Kalon and Lindzi keep telling everyone that they are a “real” couple and Rachel and Nick are not and Rachel has even said that she doesn’t like being there without Michael.  Nick also starts to go a little crazy and starts revealing some weird things in their conversations which are off putting to Blakeley.  He reveals that at one point he had voted for her.



Then silly Rachel calledMichael on the phone.  Nick says she can’t believe that she is doing that.  He’s mad, but does he not get that he probably shot himself in the foot with that conversation with Blakeley?  Those two are a big mess! 



As the results were about to be read, did anyone else think, “My goodness I am so sick of hearing Rachel say how much she misses Michael?”  This is so annoying!  I hope they go home just so I don’t have to hear that anymore.  Jaclyn and Ed were safe so then it was down to Rachel and Nick and then Kalon and Lindzi.  In the end, Lindzi and Kalon were eliminated!  UGH!!!  I’m so annoyed.  Oh well, hopefully they will be gone next week.  We’ll see. 



Oh wait a minute!!!  Kalon got out of his limo and got in Lindzi’s!  Yay!  How great is that!  They are so sweet!  I really hope things work out for them in the future.  Inside the limo, they both say that they are falling in love with each other.  Oh I love them!  They are the real winners J



Ok focusing on next week, I think I am going to root for the underdogs Chris and Sarah.  The winner of the challenge will have a ton of power next week.  It looks like they might be doing some kind of karaoke competition or something.  There are some big tears next week, we’ll have to wait and see what sets that situation off.



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese




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