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Chris Harrison Dishes on the 'Bachelor Pad' Finale and the Upcoming 'Bachelor'

Chris Harrison, the Rosemaster himself, acknowledged that in the promo for this coming week’s “Bachelor Pad” finale, calling it “disturbing” really resonated with the fans.  He said that he couldn’t really elaborate much more on what he meant when he said that because it would give it away, but that “it’s different than the garden variety drama” that the show is known for each week and each year and it’s something we’ve never seen before.  Sounds juicy!

Chris harrison 

Also, I know there has been A LOT of speculation as to who the next “Bachelor” is going to be and he said that the decision has still not been made although the field has been narrowed down considerably.  Whenever he mentioned Roberto, he would always say “was” being considered and I asked him about that but he seemed to mean that he was being considered and not that it was past tense.  I don’t know if I totally buy that.  I think we are looking at Sean Lowe, Ryan Lochte (I hope not!) and possibly someone new!  Harrison said that they are always going through the applications of guys wanting to be the next “Bachelor” and the possibility that it is someone we haven’t seen before does remain!  That would be exciting.


He added that they are not waiting for the “DWTS” premiere to make their announcement and he hasn’t heard anything about that, but we do know it won’t be made during the “Bachelor Pad” finale.  He said he found all of this out at a dinner with producer Mike Fleiss last night.  He seems to feel that the decision will be made any day now.


 As for the big “Bachelor Pad” finale coming up on Monday, he said that Rachel handles herself really well and looks absolutely fabulous in a stunning black dress when confronting Michael about the fact that he said he came there for love, but then gave her the old heave ho after the taping was over.  He also said in the promo that he didn’t come on to find a wife.  OK, Michael maybe not a wife but going on to find love usually means a relationship that lasts more than a few weeks.


Harrison also spoke about getting Chris in the hot seat and confronting him about his “atrocious” behavior.  Apparently he reveals that his family was disappointed in the way he acted and he got carried away.  Harrison said that there were many times he almost felt the need to remind Chris that hey, those cameras and lights following him around are not there for decoration and that his friends and family would see the footage. 


Tomorrow, I’ll post the full transcript and there is much more about the finale, the love connections on the show, and an update on how Chris Harrison thinks that Jef and Emily are doing despite the numerous published reports and interviews with Jef’s brother saying that they are on the rocks.


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

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