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Deceit Wins Over Loyalty on 'Bachelor Pad' Finale

This shocking, most disturbing “Bachelor Pad” finale ever, was that and even more.  Let’s recap on how Rachel really got the short end of the stick this season in basically every way.



It came down to Nick and Rachel and then Chris and Sarah in the finals.  They brought back all of the contestants to rehash everything that happened on the show this season in a “tell all” kind of format.



Michael was in the hot seat first and he said that what Erica said when he was eliminated by her was uncalled for.  Erica says that she stands behind what she said.  He added that he and Rachel had a great time but it just didn’t “you know”.  He said he thought things were amicable, and Jaclyn said that she is still very hurt.  He didn’t think there was enough there for a long term relationship.  Michael said that Rachel was falling in love with him and he just wasn’t with her.  The consensus among the other women in the house is that he pretty much led Rachel on.  We’ll hear from Rachel on this topic later.




Jaclyn says that she forgives Rachel for eliminating her but she will never forget it.  She said that she and Rachel are still friends but that their relationship isn’t the same.  She said that she really didn’t know how she was going to vote, although I have a feeling she’ll come through for her friend.



Next, it was an ooey gooey recap of Blakeley and Tony’s love story on the show.  They remained dating since the finale too!  They are a pair that you might not have put together but if you think about it, they really do complement each other in an opposites attract kind of way.  Then Blakeley and Jamie had it out and Jaclyn jumped in and told Jamie that she is “very socially awkward and doesn’t know how to speak to women”.  Chris Harrison then directed the conversation back to Tony.  When she spoke about Tony, she started to cry and said he’s too good to be true and let’s her be the real her.



After a commercial break, Chris Harrison said that he’s never seen Blakeley so real and raw talking about Tony, the man she loves.  She says that it is for real and that she’s never felt so strongly about someone before.  Tony said he liked her right away but she partnered right away with Chris and he was bummed out because Blakeley put him in the friend zone three times but then he decided to be persistent.  They announced that they are moving in together and then Tony shocked Blakeley by getting down on one knee!  He proposed!  Blakeley kept looking around and it was hilarious!  But then, she said “Absolutely!”  It was wonderful!  I’m so happy for them!  Plus, she got a HUGE Neil Lane diamond engagement ring!  Score!




Then, it was time to bring out the final four!  Rachel said that there was some relationship stuff that needed to be discussed, so she wanted some answers.  She put everything out there very clearly and Michael said that he realized that he wasn’t falling in love once he was off the show.  She said that she thought that they would be in Blakeley and Tony’s position.  He claims that he was being honest with her.  After that whole thing, she says she found out he was in a long distance relationship with someone from Chicago and that crushed her because he was willing to do long distance for that girl but not her.  Rachel broke down and cried and my heart just breaks for her. 


It was funny that Nick was sitting there and he joked, “Yeah, who’s that guy” because everyone was focusing on her and Michael.  He says that the whole situation with her and Michael was tough for them to deal with as far as the game goes.  He said it was kind of his plan to stay out of the drama the controversy and that’s how he wanted to play the game.  He said he needs the money and he didn’t want to lose it by doing anything stupid.



Chris said that it was hard to see everyone there and it was really tough to watch everything on TV.  The Jamie and Blakeley situation was hard for his friends and family to watch.  His family didn’t have anything good to say about it and he tells the girls that he’s heard it from his father that it wasn’t how he was raised and that he was basically sorry.  Jamie tells Chris that Emily dodged a bullet when she let him go and saw through him because he would not be a good father for little Ricki.  Yikes.  All he had to say back was “It’s unfortunate that you think that way”.  He tells them all that he’s had enough of everyone getting down on him and he feels really sad about it.


Almost everyone votes for Nick and Rachel except for Kalon, Dave, and Erica who voted for Chris and Sarah.  Jaclyn’s vote for Rachel and Nick put it over the top and they moved on to the next round. 



Rachel said that she does trust Nick now because they really came together and they have formed an awesome friendship.  Nick said that he thought they were on the same page.  They went to their separate rooms and mulled over picking up either the “Keep” or “Share” boards.



They both came back out on stage and Rachel went first.  She revealed that she chose “Share”.  Nick then went into a really long speech about how all of the cast members said that he didn’t matter.  He added that Rachel tried to leave him three times and then he revealed that he shockingly picked “Keep”.  OMG!  Things went crazy!  They had to blur Rachel’s mouth because she swore.  I’m pretty sure she said, “Are you F-ing kidding me?!”  Rachel said, “You are only here because of me” and Nick refuted it and she called him “A disgusting human being”.  Chris Harrison was speechless.  Rachel said that she was “devastated”. 



Kalon of course congratulated Nick.  Tony asked him if he would regret it tomorrow and if he felt bad, and Nick said he wasn’t out to hurt her but he doesn’t regret it.  Michael said he felt bad that Rachel got hurt twice and Rachel said that he didn’t help at all.  Jaclyn accused Nick of being short with Rachel and insincere and I have to agree a little bit.   I mean, he could have said he was sorry, but he wasn’t so he didn’t.



After they walked off stage, Rachel chased after Nick and he didn’t really want to stand there and listen to Rachel so he kept walking away from her.  He said he had nothing to explain.  He said if it wasn’t the best move why did everyone applaud, um, Nick, they were shocked!  Nick left into a waiting limo while Rachel stood backstage and cried.  Nick said, “She’s a very sweet girl but this is Bachelor Pad”.  Then it showed all of the contestants saying bad things about Nick as it faded to black, I guess he had the last laugh…and he is laughing all the way to the bank!



"The Bachelor" will be back on in January.  Until then...



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese






I cannot believe Nick acted like that towards Rachel. Fine if he wanted to keep the money, because he did have some good points, but he didn’t need to be rude to her. I get why he chose to keep all the money, Rachel didn’t even want to be there after Michael left. She was even considering leaving. I missed the finale last night so this morning I made sure to watch it on my Hopper with the Auto Hop feature. It automatically skips the commercials for me, so I got ready for work while watching it. The feature saves me time, so I had a chance to grab coffee on my way to work at Dish. I have to say I was a bit shock he took all the money for himself, but if you are there for the money I am sure that is what any greedy person would do.

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